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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, May 26, 2017

All You Need To Know About King Donnie

I was going to post a different article to my blog today when I saw a video clip of King Donnie on the news this morning.  I was shocked by what I saw.  Indeed, I was so shocked I can't get the image out of my mind.  If you saw the video clip you know what I mean.  If you didn't see the clip go here:
People are desperately attempting to figure out who King Donnie is.  Democrats hate him with a passion yet still don't understand his character.  Republicans who voted for him blindly love him and project inaccurate character qualities upon him that he does not have.   I posted an article to this blog a couple of weeks ago attempting to explain that King Donnie is an extremely insecure man who behaves with the emotional constitution of a two year old and the intellectual capabilities of a government school educated high school graduate.  All of those things combine to make him a perfect Emperor of the world and King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
The video clip listed above shows our King at the NATO summit this week.  The 27 representatives of NATO attending the conference were making their way to a place where they were going to be photographed.  Somehow Donnie found himself near the back of the group as they were walking along.  That was not acceptable to him so just like a 2 year old he started shoving people out of the way to make his way to the front, where he believes he belongs.  The man shoved out of the way is the representative from Montenegro.  He appears unperturbed by the gross crassness displayed by the Emperor of the Amerikan Empire.  That is a wise way to behave.  If he rebuked King Donnie for his horrific behavior he might find his country being bombed next week.
Those of you who watched the panel discussions, called "debates" by the media, during the election process had to notice that Donnie behaved like a little child while fielding the various questions.  He rarely had anything of substance to say about his plans for the Empire but whenever someone said something negative about him he was utterly incapable of holding his tongue.  He showed then that he has no emotional self control whatsoever.  He would always respond with some sort of insult, just like a child would respond.
Our King has no philosophy of government.  He has no philosophy of economics.  He has no philosophy of foreign relations.  He has not thought through a philosophy about anything.  He flies entirely by the seat of his pants all the time.  Being driven entirely by his emotions he is prone to say and do things that often contradict other things he says and does, and that does not bother him in the slightest.  In other words, King Donnie is just like the great majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
King Donnie managed to get himself elected by vigorously repeating a series of jingoistic mantras that appealed to the general populace of this ignorant and immoral country.    "Build the wall, "drain the swamp" and "bring home the jobs" all played well to the people Hillary accurately called the "deplorables."  "Deplorable" is defined as deserving strong condemnation because something is shameful, dishonorable, disgraceful or unworthy.  That pretty much sums up the character qualifies of most of the citizens of this land.  Remember, over half of the married adults in this land have committed adultery.  Remember, a huge number of women in this country have had abortions, some multiple times. Remember, over half of the citizens of this land believe theft by majority vote is a good thing.  What better describes the citizens of this land than deplorable?
I conclude that King Donnie is the perfect representative of the deplorable people of this country and he is doing a fine job representing the SDA at NATO.  Well done Donnie!  Now go shove someone else around and make sure you are always at the front of the line where you belong.