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Friday, May 19, 2017

Why Is Anything Our Business?

I heard a report on the radio the other day, while driving between jobs, that King Donnie had issued a statement about Syria's King claiming that he is a "bad man" who needs to be removed from office.  The report went on to say that the world will be unjust and spinning off its moral axis until someone, presumably the military forces of the Amerikan empire, removes Assad from power.
I just read a report that King Donnie issued sanctions against seven members of Venezuela's version of the Supreme Court of Jokers.  In doing so Donnie announced that they were bad men and that the world would not be properly aligned until the people of Venezuela throw off their current leadership and adopt democracy.  How not letting these seven Venezuelans purchase Campbells soup will help the Venezuelan people was not explained.
We have all been reading reports recently about how King Kim Jong Un is an evil man who is destabilizing the entire world.  His refusal to kowtow to the Amerikan Empire by continuing to fire various missiles into the ocean around his country has driven King Donnie to tell us all that he is a bad man who needs to be removed from power.  To date, as far as I am aware, King Donnie has not proposed that the military forces of the Amerikan Empire do the removing.  Maybe Greenpeace can do the job.  Isn't it their job to defend all those hapless fish that are being blow up?
King Donnie routinely tells various Chinese officials how they should run their country.  He accuses them of fighting illegal trade wars and devaluing their currency, thus bringing about the apparently undesirable effect of making Chinese imports cheap and affordable for citizens in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
The military forces of the SDA are currently involved in "peacekeeping" operations in Morocco, Liberia, Sudan, Republic of the Congo, Mali, Central African Republic, Haiti, India, Pakistan, Cyprus and Kosovo.  I wonder how many citizens of those foreign countries have died as a direct result of SDA peacekeeping?  Ultimately it does not really matter.  They are just stinkin' foreigners.
I have a very simple question for you today.  Why are any of the above situations any of the business of the SDA?  There was a principle that I learned as a child that has served me well throughout my entire life.  It was called "mind your own business" and it is simple enough to understand and apply.  Anytime something comes up in my life I ask if what is taking place is any of my business.  If it is not I have no opinion on what is taking place and I ignore it.  How can life be any simpler or easier than that?
Most people spend most of their lives gossiping about and involving themselves in the business of others.  I understand that fact is integral to human nature and accept it as a fact of life in a sinful world.  It therefore does not surprise me when we move from individuals to groups of people the same thing happens.  Groups spend most of their time minding the business of other groups.  That too is a part of sinful human nature.
When we come to civil government things are no different.  Governments are always meddling in the affairs of other governments.  Little things called wars have been a common pattern of behavior throughout human history.  Making matters worse for all the citizens of the world is what happens when the most powerful empire of the time decides to interject itself into the affairs of sovereign countries all over the world.  The SDA is the biggest and baddest empire the world has ever known.  The SDA military can do what it wants, when it wants, to almost whomever it wants at any time.  Only that handful of countries that have nuclear weapons and don't like us are exempt from the harassment coming from the hands of the SDA military and political establishment.
Does anyone have an answer to my question?  Can anyone give me a moral reason why the rulers of this empire should involve themselves in the affairs of other nations?  One other principle my mama taught me is that it is always wrong to do something in a group if that thing is wrong to do as an individual.  She instructed me well and kept me from adopting the evil philosophy of socialism as I grew up.  I knew right from the start that it is wrong to steal from my neighbor to pay my bills so it was not hard for me to understand that I can't vote away my neighbor's property to pay my bills either.  I also understood that what happened in my neighbor's house was none of my business.  It was therefore easy for me to understand that what happens in North Korea, Liberia, Sudan, Mexico, Syria, Russia or China is none of my business as well.  Why does something that is none of my business as an individual suddenly become my business simply because I am a member of a group called the "citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika?"  Some day I would love to have someone answer these questions for me. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Profit Seeking Businesses Are Irrelevant

A rather significant thunderstorm, with accompanying hail stones, ravaged parts of the western Denver metropolitan area last week.  I was at home at the time and watched things develop.  The storm was weak as it passed over my home, barely wetting the sidewalk as it went by, but it quickly developed into a powerful storm.  By the time it got to the Golden area it was dropping hail stones as large as baseballs.  Several people I know were in the area when the storm hit and their cars are destroyed.  Many homes suffered serious damage as well.  I was not surprised when I read that the Colorado Mills Shopping Mall had been shut down for a couple of days as repairs were made to skylights that had been broken and flooding mitigation took place.  However, I was surprised by what I read in my Denver Post this morning.
The damage was so extensive at the Colorado Mills that the owners of the mall have announced that it will be closed for several months.  They hope to be able to open the mall for business again sometime this fall.  Clearly the damage to the mall was much worse than I had originally assumed.  The article I read went on to describe the people who are going to be hurt by the closure of the mall.  I too had thought about the problems that would come up for the business owners operating in the mall.  Being forcibly shut down throughout the busy summer months could possibly drive some of them into bankruptcy as well as create significant financial hardship for others.  What a shame, I thought to my self.  Sadly, the author of the story in the paper had a different view of the disaster.
After describing what had happened and explaining that the mall would be closed for a protracted period of time the author of the article went on to define who the victims of that nasty thunderstorm were.  Who do you believe would be listed as the first victim?  Who do you think would be considered to be the primary victim?  Did you assume, as I did, that the business owners operating in the mall would be those given the most sympathy as they suffer through a difficult time?  The answer to the question of who the primary victim is might surprise you.  Then again the answer might be exactly what you thought as well.
The first victim listed of the thunderstorm-induced closing of the Colorado Mills mall was the City of Lakewood.  You got that right!  Civil government was the primary victim of the closure of the mall.  Why, you might ask?  Because the mall produces $350,000/month in sales tax revenue for the city.  So as the profit seeking businessmen and businesswomen who run retail businesses in the mall struggle to stay afloat the main thing the socialistic citizens of Lakewood are concerned about is the reduced revenue to the City of Lakewood.  They are worrying and fretting over which city services might have to be curtailed as they are now looking at an even worse budget shortfall than usual.  All they can think about is how those citizens who are on the City of Lakewood dole are going to survive now that their golden goose has been laid up.
The second victim of the closure of the mall, according to the article, are the people who had been employed by the profit seeking businesses operating there.  Just like the good socialists they are, the folks who are appraising the damage ignore the true victims (the business owners) and emphasize the noble laborer who now finds himself momentarily out of a job.  Now I don't deny that losing your retail job for a couple of months can be a hardship for some families, especially those already on a tight budget.  But the belief that the employees suffer more from the closure of a business than the business itself does is ludicrous and indicative of an extreme anti-capitalist mentality.  Why am I not surprised?  An unemployed retail clerk can look for work elsewhere.  The business owner in Colorado Mills does not have that option.  He will necessarily suffer serious financial losses.
The true victims of the storm were unmentioned in the newspaper report.  It was as if they don't even exist.  The profit seeking businesses are what produce the tax revenue the city is so dependent upon.  The profit seeking businesses are what produce the jobs that are momentarily lost.  The profit seeking businesses are the source of everything that happens at Colorado Mills mall.  Yet when the mall is forced to close the businesses operating there remain unseen and the victims of the closure are the usual list of socialist victims, namely, city governments and employees.  What an immoral country we live in today.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pay Attention To What People Do

You have probably heard the old expression that one should pay attention to what people do and not to what they say.  That is a good maxim if we are to understand human behavior.  Human beings say lots of things that mean absolutely nothing.  In fact, the only thing that really matters is what we do.  The disconnect between what we say and what we do exists for a reason.  People want to project a public image of being one way while, at the same time, they want to behave in a way that is contrary to that public image but consistent with their true beliefs.  That type of behavior has historically been called hypocrisy and it dominates human behavior.  Rare indeed is the person who will do what he says he will do.
McDonalds is a case in point.  Almost everyone I know likes to bad-mouth McDonalds.  They love to tell me that McDonalds produces junk food and they don't eat junk.  They love to tell me that they stay away from saturated fats and eat only foods generally deemed by the Welsh as fit only for rabbits and small birds.  I once had a young girl lecture me on why I should not eat at McDonalds. She told me the story she had learned at government school about how one person ate only at McDonalds for a year and became horrendously fat as a result of doing so.  When I asked her if she had heard the other story about how another man ate only at McDonalds for a full year and ended up losing weight and she called me a liar.  She is well on her way to ignorance and worship of the Beast.
I go to McDonalds a lot and one thing I can tell you for sure is I am not the only one patronizing the store.  I can go there anytime of the day or night and the drive-thru line will be backed up all the way around the building.  If I go inside I will have to stand in line prior to being served.  So what is my point?  My point is that people bow to peer pressure and claim to be one way while, at the same time, behave in the opposite fashion.  It is fashionable to say bad things about McDonalds but when in the privacy of their own cars the people who profess to hate McDonalds will be seen ordering a Quarter Pounder in the drive-thru lane later that day.
Bruce Jenner is a gender-fluid person who was born a man and now claims to be a woman.  He rose to fame initially as a gold medalist in the decathlon.  Later on he decided he liked wearing women's clothing so he changed his name to Caitlyn and became a woman.  Good for him/her/it.
I consider Bruce, as his friends like to call him, to be a pervert.  I believe Bruce will burn forever in the Lake of Fire if he does not repent of his sexual perversion.  I am in a distinct minority when I say that transgenderism is a perversion that will be judged by God and should be judged by the law of the land.  The vast majority of the citizens within the Socialist Democracy of Amerika profess to believe that transgenderism is just dandy and people like me are Neanderthals who need to be silenced of our hate speech.  I have often wondered if most people really believe what they say.  Now I have evidence that, on this issue at least, they predictably do not.
Here is part of a story I read in the newspaper late last week, "A year after Caitlyn Jenner announced her new name and gender, the popularity of the name Caitlyn plummeted more than any other baby name, according to Social Security's annual list of the most popular baby names.  In fact, the four names that dropped the most were all variations of the same name....all four versions of Caitlyn fell out of the top 1,000."  So here is my question.  If most folks believe Bruce is a heroic figure and a role model for society, why do the great majority of Amerikans make the voluntary decision to not name their children after his gender-fluid moniker?
I will answer my own question.  Most citizens of this country are intrigued by Bruce like they are intrigued by side show freaks at carnivals.  Most folks also believe what they are told by the popular media so when queried about their personal thoughts about Bruce they declare him to be a hero.  But when they are in the privacy of their own homes and choosing a name for their child the last thing they are going to do is name her after a sexual pervert.  That tells me all I need to know. When it comes to acceptance for gender-fluidity I have a lot of people on my side, regardless of what they say.

Airheads Discuss Public Policy

Did you see the story about the alleged gaffe committed by the new Miss Amerika?  Her name is Kara McCullough and she was representing Washington DC when she was crowned last Sunday night as the new Miss Socialist Democracy of Amerika person.  She works for the federal government in DC, thus making her a perfect Miss Amerika.  I wonder if the pageant is even on television anymore?  In the old days the Miss Amerika pageant was "must watch TV."  These days it is a total bore and I don't know of anyone who cares in the least what happens.  I can't recall the last time I saw any of it.  Nevertheless, Kara "ignited a firestorm," according to CNBC, with a comment she made during the inane interview portion of the show.
The interview portion of the show is where the whittled down list of potential winners are asked a question designed to allow them to say they would like to bring about world peace during their term as Queen.  According to the report on CNBC, "McCullough, 25, referenced that fact (the fact that she has a government job, ed) in her instantly controversial answer after being asked during the pageant's question phase about whether or not people have a right to affordable health care."  Kara's response to the question about whether Obamacare/Repubcare is a civil right was, "I'm definitely going to say it's a privilege.  As a government employee, I'm granted health care and I see firsthand that for one to have health care you need to have jobs. We need to continue to cultivate this environment that we're given the opportunity to have health care as well as jobs to all American citizens worldwide."  Well there you have it.  The woman chosen as the perfect representative of the Amerikan woman has outraged the socialists by declaring that socialized medicine is not a civil right.  Good for her.
Unfortunately for her, she  answered the question with an equally socialistic response.  The question asked by the host, who I have no idea who it was, was clearly designed to make a political statement about how socialized health insurance is a civil right.  I refer to the host as an "it" only because I don't know if it was a he, she or a gender-fluid.  Apparently the other candidates who were interviewed marched in lockstep with Bernie Sanders and proudly announced that health insurance should be socialized.  A hush fell over the house when Kara took a different position and the response to her answer on Twitter was immediate.  Here are some of the comments:
  • Huge fan of being a black woman and a scientist and advocate for science education, but dang she could use a class on social issues.
  •  Do not take your political advice from this . Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.
  •  DC just lost my vote. Healthcare shouldn't be a privilege for only people with jobs.
  •  So A non-feminist who also thinks Healthcare is a privilege is now supposed 2 be a role model to lil girls?
  •  Then she doesn't deserve to be 'Miss USA'. Healthcare is an obligation and should be the RIGHT of EVERY American, not just the wealthy.
Kara stirred the socialized health insurance hornet's nest and immediately got stung.  She dared to believe that I should not be responsible to pay for your health insurance bill simply because I make more money than you do.  Unfortunately for Kara (and this was completely missed by all the air-heads who commented on Twitter), she took an even more socialistic position than Obamacare/Repubcare in her response to the question.  Did you catch it?  Yes, she declared that socialized health insurance is not a civil right and that health insurance should be connected to having a job.  Uhmmm....I wonder what would happen to people like me who have never had a job?  I have been self-employed my entire adult life.  I guess I don't count.  But look at what Kara said about jobs.  She said, "We need to continue to cultivate this environment that we're given the opportunity to have health care as well as jobs to all American citizens worldwide."  Let's consider her comment, despite its awkward construction,  for a moment.
Besides the fact that people who do not work for someone else, Kara's definition of a job, are left out in the cold in this discussion, Kara believes that "we," whoever that is, have a moral responsibility to "cultivate" an "environment" to create "jobs" for "all Amerikan citizens worldwide."  Now that is a grandiose socialistic dream, wouldn't you say?  If you are an Amerikan living anywhere in the world it is the responsibility of the federal government of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to create a job for you.  Then, once your job is created, you too can have health insurance.  Only a by-product of the government school system and a career government employee could have come up with the answer Kara gave.  The air-heads on Twitter should have been praising her for her response since she goes much further than Obama ever did and embraces the full-blown socialism of Bernie and Liz.  She wants the government to create jobs for all of us.
Lost in the discussion about health insurance is the fact that health insurance became connected to employment many years ago when one particular Congress decided to punish profit seeking businesses for allegedly paying their CEOs too much money.  Congress actually passed a law capping cash salaries to corporate CEOs.  Corporations responded by loading up employment contracts with dozens of fringe benefits and at the top of the list was Cadillac health insurance plans.  Were it not for government interference in the free market so many years ago health insurance would not be connected to employment at all.  Thank you government for making a problem that you created even worse.  I can't wait to see how you will mess things up even worse in the future. 
Think about the absurdity of connecting health insurance to employment.  I realize it has been that way for so long most people are incapable of conceiving of anything different but it is truly a stupid idea.  Why should my health insurance be paid for by my employer?  If my employer is expected to pay for my health insurance then why isn't he also expected to pay my homeowners insurance, my auto insurance, my life insurance, my disability insurance and my personal liability insurance?  I also think my employer should be on the hook for my boat insurance, my RV insurance and my motorcycle insurance as well.  And while we are on the topic of insurance, why should there be no insurance policy covering the risk of having to purchase a new car at some point in the future?  A new car is a huge expense and we all need to buy a car at some point in our lives.  I need a car to get to my job.  No red-blooded Amerikan should be forced to go without a car.  Having a car is a civil right and insurance makes them affordable for all citizens of the SDA.  I believe we need new car purchase insurance policies and I believe employers should be required to pay for them.   If private insurers are unwilling to provide these policies then the federal government should step up and create them for us.  Just think "crop insurance" or "flood insurance" here and you will see how it can work.  It is time for all of us to let our rulers know that we will not be oppressed any longer.  We demand universal car purchase insurance!  Are you with me?

Monday, May 15, 2017


By now everyone in the civilized world has heard about the WannaCry bug that has caused havoc with computer systems all around the world.  Not being a member of the civilized world (I don't use a cell phone and I have no idea how to send a text) I was the last to hear about this computer virus.  From what I have read WannaCry is something called ransomware.  Ransomware, as I learned in the last couple of days, is a malicious computer program that is used to take over the operation of another person's computer.  WannaCry apparently locks down all the files in a computer and then the people who have taken over the computer demand a cash payment to open the files and release the computer.  It is just like a kidnapping only it does not involve humans.  I marveled at how creative the entire process is.  I am amazed at the abilities shown by this group of people known as hackers and cyber-terrorists.  But, as Maxwell Smart used to say, "if only they had used their powers for niceness instead of evil."
The news reports that I have read describe how the WannaCry virus exploits a weakness in Microsoft Windows to gain access to computers using that operating system.  Microsoft was aware of the problem back in March of this year and issued something called a "patch" that fixed the problem so that the virus cannot take over a computer of someone after the patch has been installed.  I checked to see if my computer had been updated and it had.  Have no fear, the Mad Welshman will continue to post drivel to this website despite the best efforts of WannaCry to silence my voice for freedom, common sense and biblical truth.
I also read several news reports about how this whole thing started.  Strangely, nobody is pushing what I consider to be the most important part of the entire story.  Do you know who first discovered the flaw in the Microsoft software?  It was none other than the heroic folks working at the National Security Agency of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  They discovered the flaw that created the potential for someone to create a virus like WannaCry and were using it for their own purposes until something happened they did not expect.  Someone hacked them and stole their information.  It was only after they were hacked that they notified Microsoft about the problem.  Whoever stole the information from them is now using it to terrorize computer systems and the people who operate them around the world.  Thanks NSA!
Edward Snowden, a truly heroic figure who is fighting around the clock to protect and inform the couple dozen or so lovers of freedom remaining in this land, issued a statement about what the NSA has done.  Here is what he said, "They knew about this flaw in U.S. software, U.S. infrastructure, hospitals around the world, these auto plants and so on and so forth, but they did not report it to Microsoft until after the NSA learned that that flaw had been stolen by some outside group."  A news agency reporting Snowden's words noted, "The U.S. National Security Agency could have headed off the global ransomware attack that has crippled hospitals, train stations and other infrastructure around the world..."
How about that!  The NSA, created to protect us from terrorist attacks, enabled a group of cyber-terrorists to attack us by allowing them to steal information they were either using or planned on using to spy on us.  What cosmic justice is on display here.  The end result of our anointed protector's action is that people all over the world are now being attacked by the creators of WannaCry.  Now I wonder....why would the NSA be looking for vulnerabilities in Microsoft operating systems in the first place?  Then, after finding a serious problem, why would the NSA refuse to tell Microsoft that they discovered a vulnerability in Windows?  Indeed, why would the NSA wait until it was too late to stop the people behind WannaCry before taking action to protect us?  The whole thing kind of makes me wonder who the NSA is really working for.  Oh yeah, I remember, the NSA exists to protect and empower the political class in this immoral country by spying upon citizens like you and me.  I keep forgetting that little fact.