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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, April 7, 2017

King Donnie Is Starting World War III

When Donnie Trump was a candidate for King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika he angered the neo-cons among us by being friendly with their enemies.  His kindly overtures towards Vladdie Putin were especially disturbing to the warmongers in entrenched government positions who  are highly dependent upon keeping both hot and cold wars going in perpetuity.   Now that candidate Donnie is King Donnie everything has changed.  The power has gone to his head and he has become as corrupt as everyone else who has held the position before him. 
According to a report on, "President Donald Trump ordered the attack by 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syria military air base in response to Tuesday's deadly chemical weapons attack allegedly carried out by Assad's military on a rebel-held area.  Kattouf (former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Theodore Kattouf told CNBC on Friday, found here) said the strikes against Assad's government sent 'just the right message.' James Stavridis, a retired admiral who served as NATO's supreme allied commander, told CNBC on Friday that the attack showed the U.S. is not afraid to use force.  'Let's face it: Part of the audience here is not just Russia, Iran and Syria. Part of the audience is (Chinese) President Xi (Jinping),' Stavridis said on 'Squawk Box.' As missiles hit a Syrian air base, Trump was meeting with the Chinese president in Florida. 'Perhaps it is no coincidence that the strikes get launched while President Xi is down in Mar-a-Lago. Pretty good signal that the United States intends to play hard with North Korea,' Stavridis said."  Let's consider these developments for a while today.
What is going on in Syria is not the business of the SDA.  If you believe that domestic problems in foreign nations are the business of the SDA, please explain why every domestic problem in every foreign nation is not our business.  We have no business being involved with Syria or the Syrian people.  How would you feel if Russian missiles reigned down upon that city in Missouri where a cop shot an unarmed black kid last year?  I suspect most patriotic citizens of the SDA would be outraged if Vladdie decided that it was his business to protect the black people of Missouri from attacks at the hands of the jack-booted thugs who rule over us.  Yet when the SDA military does the exact same thing to the citizens of a sovereign foreign country the eyes of the patriots in this land fill with mist.  The justification for attacking Syria is that innocent people were being hurt and it was our business to stop and/or punish those who were doing it.  Why does that same argument not apply to Vladdie if he wants to drop bombs on Missouri?  When others do it it is evil.  When we do it it is good because everything we do is good, by definition and by virtue of the fact that we are an exceptional people, unlike anyone else in the history of the world.  The fact remains however that cops are killing the citizens of the SDA at an alarming rate.  Go here for the facts.  Who is going to protect us from these armed death squads if the Russians do not come to our aid?
What I found most interesting about the act of war perpetrated by King Donnie upon the Syrians was the response of James Stavridis when he said that the attack was designed to prove to the other governments and their Kings around the world that King Donnie is quite happy to continue to expand the Amerikan Empire.  When a new King is crowned in the SDA it is vitally important for that King to go and attack somebody as quickly as he can in order to establish that he is a big tough guy willing to kill whoever he wants whenever he wants.  The neo-cons in this country were terrified that King Donnie would not have the willingness to kill the citizens of sovereign foreign nations for fun and profit like his predecessors did.  Now they can relax, King Donnie has proven once again that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He loves dropping bombs on foreigners and interjecting himself in to the private affairs of sovereign nations.
Meanwhile, Theodore Kattouf is telling CNBC that King Donnie's actions send "just the right message" to Iran, Russia, Syria, North Korea and China!  What is that message?  I can't see how it can be anything other than the King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and Commander in Chief of the Amerikan Empire believes he has the right to engage in acts of war against any country in the world when it pleases him to do so.  In other words, it is business as usual in the Amerikan Empire.  No foreign citizen is safe.  Rest assured, the Amerikan Empire will meddle in the affairs of foreign nations anytime it wants to and nobody is going to stop it.  We are the biggest bully on the block and we will kill as many stinkin' foreigners as we need to to prove that fact.
The missile attack upon Syria is designed to be a message to Iran (because they are building a bomb), Russia (because Putin wants to bomb the SDA), Syria (because they will not bow down to the SDA), North Korea (because they are building nuclear armed missiles) and China (because they engage in a trade war with us and win!).  I can't think of a more explosive state of affairs than the belief that the SDA military needs to bomb various countries around the world as a show of strength to those countries that actually stand up to us and our bullying ways.  King Donnie started off down the right path by refusing to rattle the sabre and offering to meet foreign leaders without first having bombed some of their cities.  He has been turned by the neo-cons and he is now being praised by John McCain of all people!  I once thought that future Queen Hillary would start WWIII.  I now believe King Donnie will be given credit for starting WWIII.
I look forward to WWIII.  If I die in the war that is fine with me.  If I don't die in the war I really hope that the SDA is thoroughly thrashed and no longer rules as the greatest and deadliest empire the world has ever known.  I long to live in a country in which the career politicians and military leaders mind their own business and leave the citizens of other countries alone.  King Donnie is perfect proof that that will never happen in the SDA until the SDA empire is destroyed.  May the destruction be swift.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Coming Out Nonsense

I heard on the radio yesterday that Barry Manilow has come out as a homosexual.  You need know nothing more about the fragile psyches of homosexuals than the nonsense associated the ritual known as coming out.  If anyone is not aware of what coming out means I will inform you.  Coming out is the moment in the life of a homosexual when he/she makes the decision to tell the people in his/her life that he/she is a homosexual.  It is attended with much hand-wringing and trepidation as the homosexual goes down his/her little black book and sets appointments with every name in it in order to meet face to face with each person and make his/her declaration.  Can you think of anything dumber than this ritual?  I can't.
Homosexuals claim that they are just like everyone else.  Homosexuals claim that they are normal. Homosexuals claim that there are lots of them around and all of us heterosexuals should treat them like normal people.  That being the case, why do they insist upon making such a tremendous deal about their homosexuality?  Why do they insist upon forcing it down our throats?  Why do they engage in the ritualistic practice of coming out?  Coming out is totally contradictory to everything they profess to believe about themselves and is one of the best indications that they are all emotional wimps who desperately desire the affirmation of everyone around them in regards to their perverted lifestyles.
I remember a year or so ago when someone in my extended family, on my wife's side, decided that he was going to come out.  He set appointments with many of the family members and proceeded to sit down with each one of them and declare that he was a homosexual.  Everyone in the family was already aware of that fact but he felt the need to do it anyway.  After the first coming out contact was made the person inflicted with the meeting immediately got on the phone and informed the rest of the family that they were going to be next.  The entire process was a joke and a travesty.  Nobody that I know of wanted to meet with this person and listen to his confession.  Nobody that I know of wanted to be forced to affirm his lifestyle in order to make him feel good about himself and his voluntary sexual behavior.  But they were all forced to do it anyway.  What a jerk he was.
I remember the day, in fact it is today, when people believed that sexual behavior was a private matter.  Nobody that I am aware of feels compelled to go around telling the people they know about their private sexual practices.  I have never been told by anyone that I know how often they have sex or with whom they have it.  I have never been told anything about the private sexual practices of any of the people that I know and I am glad about that.  Sexual behavior is private and not for public proclamation.  Homosexuals don't understand that basic principle of civilized behavior.  They insist upon forcing their sexual practices upon the rest of us so that we feel compelled to affirm their perversity.  What jerks they all are.
What would make a person schedule appointments with people he knows in order to tell them about his sexual practices?  Answer:  Extreme insecurity.  Question:  Why are homosexuals so insecure they feel the need to come out?  Answer:  They know their behavior is immoral and they desperately want the affirmation of others as they vainly attempt to convince themselves they are good and proper people.  If homosexuals are really what they claim to be we would know nothing about them or their sexual preferences.  If homosexuals are really what they claim to be there would never be a coming out meeting anywhere on the face of the earth.  But homosexuals are not what they claim to be.  They are riddled with guilt about their sexual practices and they desperately want to be told they are good people.  I would pity them were it not for the fact they seek to force others, including myself, to affirm their immoral lifestyles.  Then, if someone is unwilling to do so, that person is labeled a "hater" and shunned for his intolerance.  There is a lot of hate and intolerance associated with homosexual behavior and all of it, I am afraid, comes from the homosexual camp.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dimon Is Wrong About Economic Mobility

Yesterday Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, released the firm's annual report in which he noted, in what was a generally positive and optimistic report, several problems hindering economic growth in the Socialist Democracy of  Amerika.  He wrote, "Businesses are overburdened with regulations, the nation's infrastructure needs help, and the education system is leaving too many behind, he added. Among the other ills: Taxes are making U.S. companies less competitive globally, income disparity is widening, and social mobility is decreasing."  I happen to believe that Dimon is a pretty sharp guy.  In fact, I think he is one of the sharpest businessmen in the world today.  Despite my admiration for Dimon I am constrained to point out that two of the economic "ills" he has diagnosed my country as having are merely phantoms that do not exist in the real world.  Those two errors pertain to what he calls social mobility (I call it economic mobility) and income disparity.  Let's consider those two items for a while today.
Economic mobility is the ability for one generation to rise to an income cohort higher than its parent's generation.  Income cohorts are typically divided into five groups of 20 percent.  A person born into the bottom income cohort is said to be economically mobile, or socially mobile if you wish, when he rises to any level above the one he was born into.  Socialists and other haters of freedom like to proudly assert that economic mobility is decreasing in our country.  They like to believe this untruth because it gives them yet another reason to run to their god of civil government and beseech it to intervene into the economy.  On the item of economic mobility Mr. Dimon is simply wrong.  Consider the following study:
"The study, by a clutch of economists at Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley, is far bigger than any previous effort to measure social mobility. The economists crunch numbers from over 40m tax returns of people born between 1971 and 1993 (with all identifying information removed). They focus on mobility between generations and use several ways to measure it, including the correlation of parents’ and children’s income, and the odds that a child born into the bottom fifth of the income distribution will climb all the way up to the top fifth."

"They find that none of these measures has changed much (see chart). In 1971 a child from the poorest fifth had an 8.4% chance of making it to the top quintile. For a child born in 1986 the odds were 9%."
As you can see, we do not live in a country with a caste system.  Just the opposite is the case.  People born into the lower income cohorts have a slightly better chance at rising to the upper income cohorts today than they did in the past. Those seeking to use this excuse for more government intervention into the marketplace had better search elsewhere.

Income disparity is Dimon's second hobgoblin.  An article on income disparity, found here, has this to say about the apparent problem:
"In 1928, the top 1% of families received 23.9% of all pretax income, while the bottom 90% received 50.7%.  But the Depression and World War II dramatically reshaped the nation’s income distribution: By 1944 the top 1%’s share was down to 11.3%, while the bottom 90% were receiving 67.5%, levels that would remain more or less constant for the next three decades. But starting in the mid- to late 1970s, the uppermost tier’s income share began rising dramatically, while that of the bottom 90% started to fall. The top 1% took heavy hits from the dot-com crash and the Great Recession but recovered fairly quickly: Saez’s preliminary estimates for 2012 (which will be updated next month) have that group receiving nearly 22.5% of all pretax income, while the bottom 90%’s share is below 50% for the first time ever (49.6%, to be precise). A century ago, Saez notes that the highest earners derived much of their income from earnings on the accumulated wealth of past generations. By contrast, '[t]he evidence suggests that top incomes earners today are…working rich, highly paid employees or new entrepreneurs who have not yet accumulated fortunes comparable to those accumulated during the Gilded Age.'  Americans aren’t unaware of these trends. More than half (61%) of Americans said the U.S. economic system favors the wealthy, while just 35% said it’s fair to most people, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in March. A similar share (66%) of Americans said the gap between rich and poor had increased in the past five years; nearly three-quarters of respondents said the rich-poor gap was either a 'very big' (47%) or 'moderately big' (27%) problem."
So let me get this straight....The top 1% of the income population today is earning less of the total income than that same group earned in 1928 and this is a problem for some reason.  I don't know if the people in the bottom 99% complained about this fact as much as those people do today but it did not appear to be a major social problem at the time.  Everyone's income was rising so rapidly during the "roaring 20s" that only the most hardened socialist had any inclination to complain about the differences in rate of increase.  In addition, the primary reason the top 1% of the income population earned 23.9% of the total income in 1928 was due to the fact that those folks had high net worth figures that created massive amounts of income from what are unfairly called "passive" income sources, namely investments.  What were those people expected to do to avoid the fake problem of too much income?  Were they expected to simply destroy their investment portfolios so the income derived was more in line with the expectations of the people beneath them?
Today's rich person, in contrast, earns his money the old fashioned way, he works for it.  Despite the fact that today's rich person rises into the top 1% of the income population because he earns a high salary, envy filled citizens of this immoral land hold that against him and declare his income to be a "very big" problem.  Now why should that be?  Should high earning entrepreneurs be punished for giving people things they want to buy for a price they are willing to pay?  Should entertainers, sports figures and celebrities be robbed of their incomes simply because they have the misfortune of having millions of fans?  What have these highly productive people done that requires them to be punished for the sin of making more money than others?
The problem that Dimon refers to is not a problem of income inequality.  The problem is really about general human sinfulness and the sin of envy in particular.  People are making more money than ever so who cares if the gap between the highest and the lowest is widening?  Only an envy filled person would see that as a problem.  Consider this:

Real disposable personal income per capita has been steadily rising for generations.  Those who complain about the gap between the various groups of income earners are nothing more than socialistic malcontents who want the government to intervene in the free market to equalize things. The motivation for that desired action is sinful envy.  In case you are not aware, sinful envy is not a good motivation when formulating public policy.  Anyone remember the story of the little red hen?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lexi Thompson Was Robbed

Lexi Thompson is a 22 year old Amerikan golfer.  She plays on the LPGA and is one of the better players on the lady's circuit.  She is a bit of a prodigy given the fact that she became the youngest player ever to qualify for the women's US Open at the age of 12.  She became a professional player at the tender age of 15 and she has accumulated 7 LPGA tour wins since then.  Her 7 wins include one major, the ANA Inspiration tournament in 2014.  It was this year's edition of the ANA Inspiration tournament that I would like to write about today.
Lexi was back in Rancho Mirage this past weekend, seeking another major victory in the tournament she had won once before.  She established a commanding lead over the first three days and was coasting to an apparent victory on Sunday when disaster struck.  Nobody knows who sent the email.  Nobody knows the motivation of the anonymous person who ruined Lexi's chances at winning another major victory.  All we know is that some armchair golf fan noticed something peculiar about what happened on the 17th hole on Saturday and then waited until Sunday to notify the LPGA about what he had seen.
Lexi had missed a birdie putt on the 17th green during Saturday's round, leaving her ball about one foot short of the hole.  She walked up to the ball to tap it into the hole.  Before tapping the ball into the hole she marked her ball and picked it up to align the mark on her ball with the direction she intended to putt.  When she replaced her ball she did not put it down exactly where she had picked it up, as required by the rules.  Media reports say that she put the ball down less than an inch from where she had picked it up.  I have watched the video of the event and it appears to me to be closer to about 1/4 of an inch.  Regardless, her placement of the ball was completely immaterial to the putt that followed, which she easily made.  Nobody watching the putt noticed what she had done, including Lexi herself.  None of her playing partners saw the miscue.  None of the commentators saw what had happened.  It should have been a total non-event but some bozo sitting at home and drinking beer noticed what had happened and went ballistic on her.
This is where things get interesting.  Lexi finished Saturday's round and signed and delivered her scorecard to the officials.  The anonymous person who witnessed her rule violation made no attempt to notify the officials, or Lexi, before her round ended and she signed her score card.  Why did the self-appointed proctor of the rules wait a full day before notifying the LPGA of the violation?  Nobody knows.  Placing a ball on the green in a position other than the exact position it came from is a two stroke penalty.  Lexi should have been notified that she had violated the rule immediately, rather than waiting over a day before being informed.  Because she was not told immediately she ended up signing an incorrect scorecard, which brought about another two stroke penalty.
Lexi had finished the first 12 holes of her final round on Sunday and was obviously going to win the tournament.  After walking off the green on hole number 12 a rules official approached her and informed her that some television viewer had notified them that she had broken a rule during Saturday's round and that she was going to be penalized a total of four strokes; two for the violation itself plus two more for the act of signing an incorrect scorecard.  She was devastated, at first thinking it was some sort of cruel joke.  Word rapidly spread through the gallery that Lexi had just had four strokes added to her score and she now found herself behind the eventual winner of the tournament, a lady named So Yeon Ryu.  Despite the fact that she had just been emotionally clobbered by the bad news, she fought back, made a couple of birdies, and managed to finish the round tied with Ryu, thus forcing a playoff.  She lost on the first hole of the playoff and her "sure thing" victory at ANA Inspiration disappeared.
Golf is a cruel sport and the rules of golf are so meticulous that they sometimes punish players mercilessly.  I do not believe that to be a bad thing.  In this day and age of "anything goes" in sports it is good to have a sport that still applies the rules to everyone in an equitable fashion.  What bothers me about what happened to Lexi is not that she carelessly placed her ball in the wrong position on the 17th green on Saturday, thus properly incurring a two stroke penalty.  What bothers me is that a golf fan was able to email the LPGA a full day later and determine the outcome of the tournament.  I can only assume that the anonymous person who emailed the LPGA had it in for Lexi.  By waiting until the next day he ensured she would be penalized four strokes instead of two.  Had she been penalized just the two strokes on Saturday she would have still won the tournament but the four strokes were too much to overcome. 
Can you imagine any other sport where a fan can email the front office of the sporting association and bring about a change in the outcome of the game?  It is ridiculous that such a thing can happen.  What happens on the golf course should not be subject to the interpretation of the fans.  If fans can influence the outcome of the game I am going to start emailing MLB every time an umpire makes a call that goes against the Rockies.  Lexi's mistake was not caught by any of the people authorized to enforce the rules so it should have gone unpunished.  Furthermore, her mistake had absolutely no material impact upon the outcome of the tournament.  As far as I am concerned, Lexi Thompson won the ANA Inspiration on Sunday afternoon but was then robbed by an anonymous fan with an ax to grind.  That should never happen. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

They Hate Us Because We Are Free

I was working out at the gym Saturday when a story came on CNN that kicked me right in the stomach.  Fortunately I was working out very hard at the time on the step machine.  When I work out on the step machine I breathe heavily, I sweat profusely and my eyes become red from the dripping of salty sweat into them.  I don't believe anyone in the gym noticed that I was sobbing at what I was seeing on the television screen in front of me.  Let me tell you about that today.
The story was about a bombing raid conducted by the military of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The imperial forces of the Amerikan empire decided that a certain street in a certain town in Iraq needed to be obliterated.  There were important targets to be taken out and significant terrorists to be killed.  I do not know if the men behind the attack were successful at taking out their designated targets but they were successful at killing over a hundred Iraqi citizens, plus maiming hundreds more.  I saw images of small boys with cheeks shredded by shrapnel.  I saw a video of a small boy who's eyelids had been stitched closed after being torn apart by SDA bombs.  I saw dozens of parents weeping inconsolably for their dead children.  I was incapable of controlling my emotions as I watched the story so I looked away and purposed to write this post to my blog.
Amerikans are oblivious to the damage that is being done by their military to innocent civilians in Iraq.  Amerikan career politicians and career military men proudly declare how they have been successful at killing terrorists and various bad guys while barely acknowledging the collateral damage they are creating.  In those rare cases where they do acknowledge that innocents are being killed and maimed they always say the same thing; namely, that the collateral damage was worth it in pursuit of their overall goals and objectives.  I wonder if the innocent civilians in Iraq believe it is worth it.  Here are a few of them:

Image result for photos of injured iraqi children

Image result for photos of injured iraqi children

 Image result for photos of injured iraqi children

 Image result for photos of injured iraqi children

I am so sorry for what the military of my land is doing to these poor people.  I wish I could stop it but I can't.  Even worse, my tax dollars are being used to make the bombs and pay the soldiers who are doing this to these children.  Forgive me, if you can.