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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, March 31, 2017

Bully A Smoker Today!

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the following voluntary behaviors are actually mental illnesses:
  • Alcohol Abuse/Dependence
  • Barbiturate Dependence
  • Caffeine Induced Anxiety Disorder
  • Cannabis Dependence
  • Cocaine Dependence
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Opioid Dependence 
  • Nicotine Withdrawal (but not nicotine dependence)
If the professional association of shrinks who rule in this land are correct, drunks, pill poppers, coffee consumers, marijuana smokers, cocaine users, heroin users and Yuppies (obsessive compulsive disorder) are all mentally ill.  If each of  the members of each of those groups is truly mentally ill, then they are not morally responsible for their actions when under the influence of their illness.  Whenever any member of the above groups does something that the rest of us would consider to be sinful or immoral they are given a free pass if it relates directly to their mental illness.   I am not guilty of a sin when I barf over the theater patron sitting next to me when I get the flu.  On the other hand, if I just barfed on the theater patron sitting next to me for the fun of it, I would be guilty of some sin or crime.  A mental illness gives me an excuse to do things I want to do but would not be able to get away with if I were not considered to be sick in the head.
Conspicuously absent from the list of mental illnesses is nicotine dependence.  On the other hand, nicotine withdrawal is recognized as a mental illness, thus allowing all people who are trying to quit smoking to be as rude and irritable as they want to be without any negative consequences for their anti-social behavior.  According to the government approved cabal of shrinks who cook up new and improved mental illnesses,  nicotine withdrawal is a mental illness but nicotine dependence is not.  I find it wildly ironic that the federal government believes sane people smoke cigarettes but those who attempt to stop smoking cigarettes are mentally ill.  That being the case, why would the government endorse mental illness by exhorting its citizens to quit smoking?  I don't know the answer to that question.  What I do know is that by not including nicotine dependence or addiction on the list of government approved mental illnesses the federal government gives itself a license to persecute and prosecute people who smoke.  Let me tell you about that today.
Today's Ask Amy column contains an interesting letter from a woman in Canada who is fed up with smokers.  Here is some of what she wrote to Amy: "I work in a small office with three other employees.  They all smoke.  If I had known they smoked, I would not have hired them. Studies show that smokers are less productive and have higher rates of illness than nonsmokers....My problem is my resentment and irritation toward them.  All winter long, one or the other is coughing, hacking, sniffling or getting over an illness, which I believe is linked to their smoking...They smell terrible!  I resist the urge to move backward when they are speaking directly to me.  I frequently have to sit next to them at their desk for training or other purposes.  I dread this contact.  I could ban smoking breaks, because they are not entitled to these in their contract or our employment standards....How should I handle this?"
I find it very interesting that Christians are forced, by federal, state and local statute, to hire homosexuals, transvestites and witches. Any Christian businessperson who discriminates by not hiring someone from a protected group, generally based upon sexual or religious preferences, can be fined and/or imprisoned for doing so.  Canuk, as I will call her, clearly states her intention and desire to discriminate against smokers when it comes to hiring.  If she had her way she would have refused to hire these three employees simply because they smoke.  If she had refused to hire them because they are smokers she would have broken no laws, unlike the Christian who might refuse to hire a transvestite.  The law provides no protection for smokers and employers are free to abuse and bully them as much as they please.
Canuk somehow believes she is a medical doctor.  She has diagnosed the physical illnesses of these three employees and proudly pronounced them to be the direct result of their smoking.  The possibility that these three folks might be sick more often than her because she is unusually healthy is not considered.  The further possibility that these three folks might be sick more often because they are forced to stand outside any time they want to smoke a cigarette is not deemed possible.  An additional possibility that these three people might have little ones at home, who all parents know constantly bring home a plethora of bugs and diseases, is not even on the radar.   Nope, Canuk is convinced that these three individuals are a drain on her resources because they are constantly sick as a result of their smoking.  For that she wishes to deny them their civil rights.
Why is gossiping about another person by telling Amy that that person "smells terrible" not a sin?  By what objective standard of olfactory excellence does Canuk determine that these people exude a noxious odor?  I happen to like the smell of stale tobacco smoke.  Why is Canuk right and I am wrong?  Can you imagine the outrage that would be the direct result of asserting that homosexuals smell terrible?  How about saying that fat people smell terrible?  How about declaring that some fat people apparently do not sweat very much?  All of those assertions would be examples of hate speech and subject to fines and imprisonment in civilized societies but in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika you can say anything you want about smokers and nothing is ever done about it.
Canuk is so outraged by the aroma emanating from these smokers that she wants to control their behavior outside of the work environment.  She proudly states that she would like to ban breaks if she could.  I think we all know that smokers take advantage of breaks to have a smoke.  This causes Canuk to see red.  This will not do.  They must be punished for their sins.
Canuk concludes her letter by writing, "I know I am not perfect but I do not have habits that have such an impact upon others."  Really?  How about your habit of not hiring smokers? What about your habit of proclaiming that smokers smell terrible?  What about your attempts to control the behavior of smokers even when they are not in your presence?  Canuk is oblivious to her own obnoxious and harmful behaviors.  To use a term that is so very popular in the SDA today, Canuk is a bully and nothing else.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

What Is Wrong With The Word 'Atheist?'

An atheist is a person who asserts that God does not exist.  That is a very interesting assertion for a human being of limited knowledge to make but there are plenty of people who make it nonetheless.  I recall a story, during the peak of the Cold War with Russia, when a Russian cosmonaut was sent into space.  As he was making numerous revolutions around the earth someone asked him if he could see God anywhere.  He proudly announced that God was nowhere to be found.  Apparently that was proof enough for him and his handlers.  I don't know if the story is true or not but it does serve as a good example of the arrogance of the atheist.
A man in Indiana stupidly wanted to give more of his money to the civil government in exchange for the dubious privilege of having a license plate on his car that said "ATHE1ST."  Why people are willing to give up their cold, hard cash in exchange for the opportunity to have a license plate that tells people something about themselves mystifies me.  Don't they know the first Welsh rule of human behavior?  Everyone should know that everyone always thinks only about themselves all of the time.  That means nobody cares about his bumper sticker or what he is saying about himself.
The Associated Press picked up the story of how his request for that particular vanity plate was rejected by the authorities in Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  As any reasonable true believer in state power would do, the rejected man contacted the Amerikan Civil Liberties Union about the matter and they decided to appeal to the bureau, asking it to overturn the first decision and grant his right to own and display the license plate of his choice.  Here is how the story was told in the short news article:
"A man who initially was denied an Indiana license plate reading "ATHE1ST" now has the personalized plate.  The state's Bureau of Motor Vehicles denied Chris Bontrager's first request in February without citing a reason.  The bureau's denial letter to Bontrager noted the agency could refuse a personalized plate if it had a connotation offensive to good taste or decency, was misleading or deemed improper.  Bontrager believed the decision was religiously motivated, and he filed an appeal.  He said the ACLU of Indiana helped the appeal process move quickly.  The effort culminated in him receiving the new license plate Monday."
Since Chris' initial request was rejected we are forced to assume that the bureaucrats involved with processing his request considered the word 'atheist' to be offensive to good taste or decency.  At the very least they had to believe that the word was "improper," whatever that means.  There is no way they could have rejected his request based on the other disqualification for a novelty plate, namely that it was "misleading," since Chris is clearly an atheist.  The initial decision of the Indiana BMV got me to thinking.....just what is offensive to good taste, offensive to decency or improper about the word 'atheist?'
I do not see how the word can be considered to be improper since it does precisely what a word is expected to do.  Chris believes with absolute certainty that God does not exist and an atheist is a person who believes with absolute certainty that God does not exist.  That means the proper word to use for a person who believes that God most certainly does not exist is 'atheist.'  Both Chris and the bureaucrat who initially rejected his request are fully aware of this fact so I must also conclude that impropriety was not the reason for the initial rejection.
Chris believed that his request was rejected for "religious" reasons.  That is an interesting thing to believe.  He may be on to something but, at the same time, he is missing something.  Everything in life is religious.  Chris happens to be an adherent to the religion of atheism.  He makes dogmatic statements about non-scientific beliefs in regards to the state of the universe.  He makes faith based claims which are completely unprovable about the nature of  the existence, or non-existence in his case, of spiritual beings with extreme power.  Chris' religion is just like any other religion in that it requires faith in order to believe it since proving a universal negative (God does not exist) is impossible.  So Chris was asking the State for permission to display a religious license plate and, at least at first, the State disapproved.
I don't know why the bureaucrat with the authority to make the decision initially denied his request but I suspect he found Chris' petition to be offensive to good taste and decency entirely because it make the proud assertion that the God of the Bible does not exist.  I would guess that we have a classic case of competing religions here and Chris lost the first round of the fight but ended up winning the second.  I would bet a dollar or two that the bureaucrat rejected Chris' request because he thought he was defending the God of the Bible from this blasphemous man.  If I am right, and I am probably not, then the government employee with good intentions was wasting his time and fighting an unnecessary battle.
God does not need to be defended by us.  He has already weighed in with His opinion on the matter of the religion of atheism.  He has said, "The fool has said in his heart 'there is no God.'"  God realizes that men claim He does not exist.  He goes on to tell us that men engage in atheism quite purposefully as they seek to "suppress the truth in unrighteousness" about Him and His moral claims upon our lives.  God also tells us that unless an atheist repents he will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.  That is God's just punishment for the stubborn refusal of the atheist to acknowledge God and worship Him as He demands.
So should Chris be permitted to display his license plate?  I think so.  I also think he should add a bumper sticker immediately below the license plate.  It should say something like "Hell Bound," or "Future Citizen of the Lake of Fire," or simply "Fool." 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Changing My Gender Every Day

I change my underwear every day.  That was something my mom taught me to do and I have done it my entire life.  There is something wrong about not having a clean set of underwear each day.  Plus, what happens if I get into a car wreck and have to be taken to emergency surgery?  Can you imagine the embarrassment associated with going into emergency surgery with dirty underwear?  Today however, after reading about the shenanigans going on in North Carolina and New York City, I have decided to start changing my gender everyday as well.  Let me tell you about my decision in today's post.
I read an article on the internet yesterday informing me that North Carolina is losing millions of dollars in revenue due to discrimination against Christians who believe LGBTXYZ tolerance is sin.  Well, that is not exactly how the article was written.  The article was written from the perspective of sexual perverts who despise the God of the Bible with a passion.  You see the God of the Bible believes that He created human beings as male and female exclusively.  He is no doubt surprised to find out that His original creation of two easy to understand genders no longer is recognized in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I will have more on that later.
The God haters who are immorally, hatefully, intolerantly, non-inclusively and unsustainably bullying the good people of North Carolina are doing so because the North Carolina legislature had the courage to refuse to provide public toilets for transvestites.  That has brought the wrath of all people who describe themselves as moral, loving, tolerant, inclusive and sustainable (and who also oppose bullying) upon the Christians of North Carolina.  There is no place for biblical truth in the public square.  God's opinion about transvestism is clear (He opposes it) but the moral luminaries who rule our country today will have nothing to do with God's opinion on the matter.  To express their outrage against a position held by the vast majority of mankind for the vast majority of human history they have decided to boycott the state of North Carolina.  That boycott is doing financial harm to the citizens of that state, the article said.
A year or so ago I posted an article to this blog in which I quoted several laws from the books of regulations governing the hapless citizens of New York City.  The new laws I was interested in required all people involved in public transactions to take into account the self-announced gender of all people prior to addressing them.  Anyone who was not addressed according to his self-perceived gender was deemed to be a victim of hateful intolerance and his persecutor was subject to fines and lawsuits for hatefully intolerant speech towards those paragons of moral virtue.
Yesterday, while reading an unrelated article, I stumbled across an article about the number of genders that exist in the human race.  That prompted an internet search on my part.  I wondered....just how many genders do human beings come in?  What I found surprised me.  There is no agreed upon number of human genders.  Some articles said there are 61 genders.  Another said 54.  Yet another said 31, although it admitted the list is probably not exhaustive.  One thing is sure however, the antiquated biblical notion of two genders no longer exists.  The citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika have spoken and God is wrong.  According to the majority, which determines what is moral and what is not, there are dozens of different human genders in our country and it is the civic responsibility of the government to protect each and every one of them from the Christian belief that they are immoral.  In addition, there should be no limit to how many taxpayer dollars are spent protecting sexual perverts from the simple and basic idea that they are behaving immorally when they create long lists of new genders.
The list of 31 genders was based upon New York City's analysis of human sexuality.  The city has determined, for purposes of enforcing its anti-gender discrimination laws, that there are at least 31 different human genders.  The list of genders and the article in support of them can be found here.  Here is the complete list of human genders recognized as existing in New York City for you to consider:
  1. Bi-gendered
  2. Cross-dresser
  3. Drag King
  4. Drag Queen
  5. Femme Queen
  6. Female-to-Male
  7. FTM
  8. Gender Bender
  9. Genderqueer
  10. Male-to-Female
  11. MTF
  12. Non-Op
  13. HIJRA
  14. Pangender
  15. Transexual/Transsexual
  16. Trans Person
  17. Woman
  18. Man
  19. Butch
  20. Two-Spirit
  21. Trans
  22. Agender
  23. Third Sex
  24. Gender Fluid
  25. Non-Binary Transgender
  26. Androgyne
  27. Gender Gifted
  28. Gender Blender
  29. Femme
  30. Person of Transgender Experience
  31. Androgynous
I recognize numbers 17 and 18.  Everyone I have ever known falls into either category 17 or 18.  I guess I have spent most of my adult life walking around with my eyes closed since I can't think of anyone I have ever known who falls into a category other than 17 or 18.  Yet now I am being told that there are massive numbers, in the millions, of people who fall into categories other than 17 or 18.  How could I have missed something, or someone, so obvious?
Unfortunately the list provided by the City of New York did not provide any definitions for the various groups.  How am I going to know when I am in the presence of a gender other than 17 or 18 if there is no definition of what it looks like?  For example, I wonder what the difference is between the Gender-Bender and the Gender-Blender?  My best guess would be that Gender-Benders work in taco shell factories and Gender-Blenders work for Hamilton Beach.  And what is a Gender Gifted person?  Does he/she/it go around giving out genders to others who have been good?  I believe that a good name for a Gender Gifted person would be Santa.  In fact, maybe Santa is gender gifted.  The Gender Fluid person intrigues me.  I think I saw one at my local Jiffy Lube shop a month or so ago.  He/she/it changed the oil in my car.  It did a good job.
I wonder what a two-spirit gender is?  Whoever is gifted with that particular gender is probably schizophrenic as he/she/it seeks to figure out which heart to follow.  I don't know for sure but I think the Pangender is probably related to Peter Pan.  Those people just refuse to grow up.
(Speaking of growing up.  I was listening to Rush Limbaugh while driving between jobs last week and he quoted several public opinion surveys that were answering the question, at what age do you conceive of yourself as an adult?  The question was given to Millennials and the average age that Millennials believe they had attained adulthood is 30.  That explains a lot, doesn't it?) 
I once knew a fellow named Butch.  He worked on a ranch in Wyoming.  He was a man's man.  He worked in the fields and drank Coors beer at night.  He punched cows and lassoed doggies.  He was a man of few words.  He was also friendly towards this city slicker when I had the opportunity to toss back a few cold ones with him.  Little did I know that Butch was a gender.  I guess I have a lot to learn about life in our world today.  Here I was having a beer with a genuinely unique gender and I didn't even know it.  I have decided that I will be a Butch today.  Want to join me for a beer tonight?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

God Bless Everyone

I was driving from one cleaning job to another last week when I came upon a car with a bumper sticker that said, "God Bless Everyone."  I took a quick peek at the driver to see if the car was being piloted by Tiny Tim.  As far as I could tell it was not.  But then it was hard to tell who was driving the car as the person behind the wheel was hidden by darkened windows and seemed to be hunched over his/her PED (personal electronic device), intently sending and receiving texts of great importance I assumed.  Perhaps he/she was tweeting King Donnie. 
As I considered the meaning of the bumper sticker it occurred to me that the driver was expressing discontent with the proliferation of other bumper stickers found upon many vehicles that say, "God Bless Amerika" and "God Bless Our Troops."   I found myself in general agreement with the driver who was disturbed by the act of calling upon the God of the Bible to bless the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika simply because they are citizens of the SDA.  Such an action reeks of the presupposition of Amerikan exceptionalism as well as denying the fundamental theological truth of original sin.  It also borders on blasphemy as it invokes the God of the Bible to bless a nation that has murdered tens of millions of its own citizens in abortion mills as well as tens of millions of stinkin' foreigners in wars of imperial expansion.
I was unable to get on board with the program of asking God to bless the citizens of the world however.  As I thought about the idea that the God of the Bible should be invoked to bless all of the citizens of the world it suddenly occurred to me that He has already informed the citizens of the world of His intentions when it comes to the subject of blessing.   For those of you who are unaware, the Bible is the revealed Word of God and its contents accurately describe the totality of God's will for human beings.  Mixed in among many different topics found in the biblical texts is God's opinion about whether He will bless or curse the majority of the citizens of the world.  Let me give you a couple of those texts and you can form your own opinion about God's plans for our future.
Matthew 22 is a chapter that records some of Jesus' teachings on the Kingdom of God.  In particular it contains His teachings about the relative number of people who are members of the Kingdom of God compared to the number of people who will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.  He describes the process by which the gospel is preached to the entire world but the citizens of the world have no appetite for it, rejecting both the truth claims of the gospel and the Person of Jesus Himself.  He concludes by saying, "For many are called, but few are chosen."  This is one of the clearest passages in all of the Bible to prove the doctrine that the vast majority of humankind are damned because of their refusal to acknowledge Jesus as God.
The biblical book of Revelation, for those not blinded by the absurd and contradictory doctrines of Dispensationalism, gives the clearest answer to our question.  The book is arranged to be a series of seven different descriptions of the history of the world, each given from a different perspective.  Each begins with the start of the Christian Church and concludes with the end of human history.  During the period of time between those two events, which has stretched on for 2000 years now, God describes many things that will take place.  Paramount in His description of what will take place during the period of time in which we find ourselves is the truth that enormous numbers of people will be killed by three primary protagonists:  the sword, famine and disease.
Revelation 9 describes how a third of mankind is to be killed by the sword, famine and disease.  (Other passages describe how a quarter of all mankind will be providentially executed in exactly the same fashion.)  It also describes the aftermath of God's providential dealings with mankind.  Verse 20 says, "And the rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands...and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their immorality nor of their thefts."   In other words, God brings judgment upon men in a vain attempt to get their attention and cause them to stop worshiping the Beast of civil government.  Man hates God and despises His truth so they make the irrational and voluntary decision to enslave themselves to the Beast who, incidentally,  is quite pleased to kill off millions of human beings via war, starvation and disease.  Men would rather murder foreigners, murder unborn babies, commit adultery, and force the top 49% of the income population to pay all federal taxes (theft) than submit themselves to the revealed will of God found in the Bible. 
The history of mankind has been one of constant war, as various despots at the head of various governments wage war against one another perpetually.  The citizens of the lands over which these tyrants rule are the canon fodder for their wars.  Hundreds of millions of human beings have been killed in this way.  God says that it is His revealed will that these things take place.  Socialism and communism have starved hundreds of millions of the citizens of the world.  The starvation associated with socialism is a just punishment for those who believe in the power of civil government to manage the economy and cause all human beings to live in peace and prosperity.  God will not be mocked. God demands all worship be directed to Him alone.  Those who do not worship Him will be destroyed, in one way or another.
God has told us His plans for our future.  His plans consist of bringing temporal judgment upon the entire world by means of the Beast of civil government.  The Beast will kill people through war, starvation and the diseases associated with war and starvation.  The reason God kills so many human beings is directly related to their stubborn refusal to acknowledge Him as God and bow down before Him in worship.  I think you can now see the problem with the bumper sticker exhorting the God of the Bible to bless everyone.  He has already said that He has no intention of doing so.  Indeed, He has said just the opposite.  What we see around us every single day is the direct outworking of His sovereign decree to condemn the majority of humankind to the Lake of Fire for eternity.  If you want to avoid that future for yourself you would be wise to repent of your sin and worship the God of the Bible.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Universal Basic Income

Here is a great idea whose time has come.  Please allow me to introduce universal basic income.  Do you know what it is?  Let me tell you about it.   I am so excited by this new concept I can hardly stop my hands from shaking as I execute my key strokes while writing this blog post. According to this article, "...universal basic income (UBI), is currently one of the most hotly debated policy topics being floated as a means to address income inequality and the disruption that technology poses to the workforce....Advocates for UBI argue that a guaranteed paycheck could serve as a way to fight poverty and uncertainty in an evolving U.S. economy, and encourage workers to take more risks in the job market if they had some extra money as a cushion....The idea has gained prominent backers such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently told CNBC he supported UBI — joining a growing list of tech execs who've voiced support for the concept as a solution to unemployment that will be caused by future automation — the rise of the robots....Well-known libertarian Charles Murray agreed, saying that by the government eliminating spending on some programs, thereby generating revenue to spend elsewhere, 'we can afford to do this in America.'"
I can't see how anything can possibly go wrong with a government program guaranteeing all of the hard working families of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika an annual income, can you?  After all, we all know income inequality is a major social problem in our noble and free country these days.  Giving everyone free money will go a long way towards solving that immoral state of affairs.  We also know that evil profit seeking corporations care nothing about people and are gleefully laying employees off in favor of using robots that can perform the same tasks as the people previously employed.  It makes me so angry as I think about how evil those corporations are.  As a caring and compassionate nation we have to ask what is to be done with the poor souls who find themselves out of work due to the presence of robots. What should be done?  Give them a guaranteed annual income of course!  Why didn't I think of this?  I could have become King of the SDA if only I had been the first to come up with this amazingly brilliant idea.
As I consider the history of this country I realize that a guaranteed annual income could have kept horse and buggy drivers, as well as buggy whip manufacturers, in business right down to this very day.  Not only that, all of those poor family farms that have been forced into bankruptcy by the rapacious activities of corporate farms would still be with us if only they could have received an annual payment from the government.  The good folks who made console televisions complete with cathode ray tube screens would still be working as well, if only the career politicians of this land had had the foresight to guarantee their incomes before they found themselves out of a job.  I can think of so many noble career paths that would still exist today if a guaranteed annual income had been paid decades ago.  Telephone operators, telegraph operators, blacksmiths, sanitation engineers who followed horses around scooping up the manure they inelegantly left behind, milkmen who delivered a gallon of fresh milk to your door each day and soothsayers who could diagnose your physical ailment by reading the entrails of a goat  would all still be with us today if they had only received a guaranteed annual income. 
Skeptics claim that when people are paid not to work they will not work.  Skeptics are stupid.  I believe we all know that the noble human spirit is embiggened (if you do not believe that is a word, look it up in the Simpsons dictionary) by free cash payments from the government, motivating hard working families to go forth and work even harder.  Nothing makes me want to go to work more than free cash.  The moment a bag of cash is deposited on my front porch I immediately begin thinking about how to invest it into ventures that will serve the needs of humanity in a compassionate and inclusive fashion.  And I know I am just like everyone else.  Free cash for everyone will unleash a torrent of human kindness resulting in the creation of  environmentally friendly sustainable solutions for all of mankind's problems.
So I say a hearty "Yes" to universal basic income.  It does not matter that I do not know how it will be paid for.  It does not matter that I do not know where the government will get the money to do it.  It does not matter that inflation will be the inevitable result.  It does not matter that taxes will have to be increased on the evil rich (they don't pay their fair share anyway).  It does not matter that no other government give-away has ever worked.  All that matters is that universal basic income is an idea whose time has come.  Now, where do I sign up to get mine?