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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, February 17, 2017

SDA Government Displays Gross Hypocrisy With Russia

Today's blog post is not a creation of my own. I found this story so compelling I have put together some links to other posts that I read yesterday and that I believe you must read if you really want to understand the truth about the propaganda being spewed forth about Russia by our career politicians.     
Various branches of the spying apparatus of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika are attempting to incite war with Russia.  Various career politicians are in cahoots with those spy agencies as they seek a return to the good old days of the cold war.  Thank you John McCain.  One of the most powerful claims being made by the SDA spooks is that Russia caused Donnie to be elected King.  They are rattling the sabre at Russia and making grandiose claims that the evil Putin influenced the outcome of the last election.  How publicly releasing accurate documents that truthfully portrayed the activities of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during the last election actually influenced the outcome of the election is not described.  Why it is a bad thing for voters to make informed decisions is not explained.  Nevertheless, I believe most SDA citizens believe that Russia is attempting to overthrow the SDA political process as a precursor to world domination and the destruction of the Amerikan empire.  In addition I believe most SDA citizens believe that the hands of SDA career politicians and spooks are perfectly clean when it comes to clandestine activity in the political processes of foreign countries.  It is inconceivable that the morally pure and righteous SDA would ever attempt to influence an election in a foreign country, right?
Go here for the story about how the SDA spooks attempted to control the outcome of the 2012 election for King of France.  Go here for the Wikileaks story that exposed the SDA efforts.  Go here for the first page of the document exposing the SDA's immoral activities.  Click through the pages to read the sordid details if you desire more proof.
I have a very simple question for our rulers.  Why is it that what is good for the goose is not also good for the gander?  Okay, that is an archaic reference.  Let me bring it up to date. Why is it evil if the Russians seek to influence our elections but good when we attempt to influence elections in other countries around the world?  Why are the Russians evil, and why are we good, when we are both attempting to do exactly the same thing?  I am, of course, assuming that the Russians, under that devil known as Putin, actually attempted to influence the outcome of the SDA election for king.  That is by no means a foregone conclusion.  Wikileaks denies that any information about the DNC came from the Russians while, at the same time, SDA spooks insist it all came from the Russians.  Who do you believe?
Allow me to answer my previous question.  Russia is evil and the SDA is morally perfect despite the fact we are both engaging in exactly the same type of activities because the SDA is the world's most powerful empire and Russia is not.  The most powerful empire in the world always determines what is moral and what is not.  Those who disagree with those moral pronouncements from on high soon find themselves being bombed to oblivion or starved to death.  The SDA military has not yet started dropping bombs on Russia but the rulers of the SDA have initiated sanctions designed to starve the Russian people to death if they will not bend to our will.  Patriotic Amerikans swell with pride as they think about the sanctions that have been imposed upon Russia.  That is the nature of empire and that is most certainly the nature of the world we live in today.  Are you proud of your government?  Do you love the empire?  Do you wish war with the Russians?  Then you are a perfect citizen of the SDA.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why Fly A Flag At A Funeral?

A man named Scott Von Lanken was brutally murdered in downtown Denver on January 31st of this year.  Scott was working as a security guard for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) when he was killed.  He was 56 years of age and leaves behind a wife and adult twin daughters.  The murderer apparently was simply roaming around Union Station in downtown Denver looking for someone to kill.  Scott ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Scott was also a pastor at Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland.  All reports are that Scott was a well liked, even beloved, pastor at his church.
The Denver Post carried a front page story about Scott's funeral on Tuesday, February 7th.  Along with the story was a photograph of the mourners coming out of the church as the casket was being placed into the hearse.  The photograph shows Scott's wife and daughters and what are apparently some of their close friends.  The photograph also shows several Loveland Sheriff's Department officers standing at attention.  In addition to the people present in the photograph there are at least ten flags of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika visible.  I am sorry for the Von Kanken family's loss.  I am sorry that a good man was cut down in the prime of life in a senseless act of murder.  I am sorry for the people who loved and respected Scott Von Lanken.  And I am angry that Sheriff's officers and Amerikan flags were present at his funeral.  Let's talk about that today.
Before I begin my rant let me say straight up that Scott's family was free to memorialize him in any way they saw fit.  My anger at the presence of gun-carrying employees of the civil government and the many examples of the holy icon of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika has nothing to do with how they decided to remember Scott.  I don't even know if the family was responsible for the presence of the officers and the flags.  All I know is that they were there and I find that very disturbing.
The gun-toting thugs who enforce the immoral laws of the SDA upon us have made a cottage industry out of attending funerals all across the land.  One of my favorite stories was about a couple of cops from Denver who were arrested in, if I recall correctly (and I probably don't), South Dakota while driving to a funeral for some cop who was killed there.  As they were pulled over they were tossing six-packs out the window of their vehicle.  They were speeding and extremely drunk.  It was a nice little vacation for them until the media found out what they had done.  And that is precisely my point.  Uniformed and gun carrying government employees are paid by taxpayers like me.  Please explain to me why you have the right or the responsibility to spend the time I am paying you to do you job going around the country to funerals for people you do not even know.  In Scott's case, please explain to me why Loveland Sheriff's department thugs found it necessary to attend the funeral of a pastor and employee of Denver's RTD.  It seems to me that the taxpayers are being ripped off and our enforcers of the rules are being given multiple vacation days that we did not give them in their original employment contracts. I find that very disturbing.
What does the SDA flag symbolize to you?  When you look at the flag do you think about your wife and kids?  Do you think about your brothers and sisters?  Do you think about your parents?  Do you think about your church?  Do you think about any of your fellow church members?  Do you think about your neighbors?  Do you think about neighbors you used to know?  Do you think about your business?  Do you think about your customers?  Do you think about the stock market?  Do you think about television shows or movies?  Do you think about the mountains or the ocean?  Do you think about New York or Los Angeles?  Do you think about your last airline flight?  Do you think about your car?   Do you think about your favorite hobbies?  I suspect most people would consider the list of questions I just asked to be absurd.  Nobody thinks about any of those things when they look at the flag.  And that is precisely my point.
I believe almost every citizen of the SDA thinks of one of only two things when she sees a flag.  Those two things are politics (and the politicians who infest the political system) or the military. In other words, when people see the flag they think of the all-powerful, all-knowing, always beneficent State.  The flag symbolizes their god.  If I combine both politics and the military I believe it is fair to say I now have the Imperial Empire of Amerika.  In other words, the flag represents the Amerikan Empire as it defends its interests and expands around the world, blessed and praised be its name forever and ever, amen.
If I am correct about the meaning of the holy icon of the SDA, and I believe that I am, then flying a flag at a funeral for a citizen of the SDA who was neither a politician nor a soldier is nothing more than a assertion of the power and authority of the State over the rank and file citizens who populate this idolatrous land.  It is also an acknowledgement that the god of this country is the State.  If I am wrong about the meaning of the holy icon of the SDA, please tell me what it really does symbolize.  Include in your answer an explanation for why politicians and soldiers are always draped in the flag.  Also please explain why so many citizens fly flags at their homes on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Presidents Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day and Veterans Day while nobody flies a flag on New Year's, St. David's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.
I conclude that flying a flag at a funeral for a person who was neither a politician nor a soldier is nothing more than idolatrous worship of the State.  For those who are Christians, flying the holy icon of the Amerikan Empire at a funeral is especially blasphemous.  Why should the symbol of every murderous and immoral war of empire expansion ever undertaken by the rulers of this country be present at the funeral of a Christian?  If a flag must be flown at a funeral let it be the Christian flag.  Let it be something that represents the biblical truth that moral wars are always defensive in nature.  Let it be something that represents the biblical truth that God is not pleased with the Empire.   But that, of course, will never happen.  The Christian Church in the SDA is nothing more than the False Prophet in service of the Beast.  But why did that truth have to be shown so starkly at Scott's funeral?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Amerikans Hate Freedom

Yesterday's post was about how only a tiny minority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika believe that Edward Snowden's exposure of rampant and massive spying upon the citizens of this country by our own government indicates that we have a serious moral problem.  Most of the sheep who live in this geo-political zone think it is just dandy when their rulers monitor their every step, their every financial transaction and, in some cases, their every thought.  I argued yesterday that the primary reason the citizens of this sad and immoral country are pleased to have their rulers spy on them is their mistaken belief that being spied upon somehow increases their personal security in an insecure world.  Let's think about that for a while today.
Human beings are generally imbued with a slave mentality.  This slave mentality is enhanced by a variety of internal and external influences.  As a result of the presence of this slave mentality the great majority of human beings prefer to be in a state of slavery as opposed to a state of freedom.  The slave mentality convinces the slave that the single cost of slavery, the forfeiture of his freedom, is worth the wide range of alleged advantages he believes he possesses as a result of being a slave.  Becoming and remaining a slave is much more desirable than living as a freeman in a world with no guarantees.  The slave gladly hands over his freedom in exchange for a promise of security, even if the promised security is specious.
We see examples of the slave mentality everywhere.  College campuses today are rife with this mindset.  The snowflakes (not my word but a good one indeed) who attend college in this terrified country are themselves terrified of free speech and the free actions of some of their fellow students.  They are offended by everything and anything that they do not want to hear or see that makes them feel bad about themselves (the ultimate act of human evil).  So what do they do?  They flee to their masters, the professors and administrators of the colleges, and ask to be enslaved.  Their masters are  happy to oblige them with a slew of new rules and regulations that stifle the free speech and personal freedoms of all students so as to not harm the delicate mentalities of the slaves.
The entire governmental system of the SDA is designed to inculcate slavery and suppress freedom.  The institution of democracy is itself a slave creating institution.  At first look it might appear as if democracy is for free men since everyone is given an opportunity to vote for the people who will rule over them and the rules they will be required to obey.  At second look it becomes quite apparent that, in a democracy, the majority of the voters use the system to enslave themselves by forcing others to obey the dictates of their new rules and regulations.  For example, when a voting bloc is successful at getting a new tax passed against another group of SDA citizens the first thing that happens is that first bloc becomes dependent upon the revenue created by the new tax extracted from the second, smaller, bloc of voters.  In addition, the first bloc always lobbies for the new tax as a means to avoid the responsibility of living as free people in a free land.  The only thing the first bloc of voters desires out of the political system is a free lunch, which is always provided if a majority can be obtained.  That is slavery, pure and simple.
What is the first thing that happens when one person does not like what a free person does in a free society?  I think we all know the answer to that question.  The first thing that happens is that first person says, "there ought to be a law about such and such."  If a majority of the voters happen to agree with what the first person believes there will soon be a law about such and such.  In the SDA laws are not created to establish justice.  We all know and recognize that laws in this country are created to give one group of citizens some sort of advantage or power over the rest of the citizens in this envy filled land.  Creating laws to turn our fellow citizens into slaves has the direct impact of making slaves of those who create the laws in the first place as they become utterly dependent upon  the new laws to protect them from the machinations of the free market.
The ultimate sign of the intense hatred felt by the slaves who populate this despicable country is their equally intense hatred for the free market.  Free men love the free market.  Slaves hate the free market.  Free men are saddened when impediments to free market activity are created by the government while slaves rejoice as the regulatory state impinges upon all of life's ventures.  The free market is the ultimate litmus test of your belief in freedom.  In the free market each individual is required to bring some sort of skill in service to the rest of the citizens of this land or suffer the consequences.  Lazy, arrogant, stupid, selfish and state-worshiping slaves abhor the idea that they are actually required to do something in service to their neighbors in order to earn a profit.  Conversely they adore the idea of the state, by means of a confiscatory system of taxation, taking money from the politically unprotected minority of "rich" people and giving it to them.  Once again everyone becomes a slave in service to the civil government.  And once again it is only a tiny minority of the percentage of the population of this country who perceive this enslavement as a negative.  Almost nobody who lives in the SDA believes in the moral propriety of a totally free and unfettered free market.  I conclude that almost nobody who lives in the SDA believes in freedom.  I also conclude that most citizens of the SDA are contented slaves.
There is a country on the face of the earth today that has taken slavery to the highest pinnacle of success.  All socialist countries are somewhere on the path to becoming a country defined as completely unfree but this country has actually accomplished that goal.  That country is North Korea.  The photograph shown below was taken by NASA and shows what it looks like when one peers down upon the part of the earth where China, North Korea and South Korea are found during the night.  The inky blackness you see in the middle of the photograph is that area of land known as North Korea, as it is sandwiched in between China to the north and South Korea to the South.  What you see there is a direct result of the slave mentality.  If SDA citizens stay on the path they are on today we can expect that same sort of darkness in our lives.  I guess that darkness will end up being a blessing as it will prevent us from seeing just how bad things really are. 
Image result for satellite photograph of north and south korea at night

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

King Donnie Wants To Execute Snowden

I read an article on the internet last week (so it must be true) that King Donnie's man crush, Vladimir Putin, is willing to turn over Edward Snowden to SDA authorities as a "gift" to our new King and as an act of good will to the citizens of this immoral land.  For his part King Donnie has made his position on Edward Snowden clear.  Last summer he said, "I think he's a total traitor and I would deal with him harshly.  And if I were president, Putin would give him over." In October 2013, Trump tweeted: "Snowden is a spy who should be executed."  Well there you have it.  Our King wants to kill Edward Snowden. Our King believes he is a traitor to the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and the punishment for being a traitor is death.  On the other hand, if Snowden is not a traitor, in fact, if he is truly a hero, then the King's desire to kill him is nothing more than a desire to commit premeditated murder.  Let's consider this for a while today.
According to the article found here, "For his efforts, about 64 percent of Americans familiar with Snowden hold a negative opinion of him, according to KRC Research poll results shared with U.S. News. Thirty-six percent hold a positive opinion, with just 8 percent holding a very positive opinion. The survey was commissioned by the American Civil Liberties Union, which provides legal representation to Snowden, who received asylum in Russia after the U.S. canceled his passport."
According to the article found here,  "Few believe Edward Snowden is a hero for revealing that the federal government had innocent Americans under surveillance, according to a Rasmussen poll.

In the poll:
  • 15 percent of likely voters believe Snowden is a hero.
  • 30 percent say he is a traitor who endangered lives.
  • 48 percent believe he is somewhere between a whistleblower and traitor
The article went on to say, "Members of the House Intelligence Committee did not agree, and said in a letter to Obama that Snowden's leaking of stolen records was 'perhaps the largest and most damaging public disclosure of classified information in our nation's history.'"
So which is it?  Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor?  If Snowden would or could be tried in the court of public opinion he is most certainly a dead man.  If it were up to the career politicians and bureaucrats who run this country Snowden would be executed for exposing their activities.  Not surprisingly, the answer to my question is determined by your presuppositions about the role of civil government in our lives.  If you believe that it is the job of civil government to "protect" us from all enemies, both real and imaginary, then you will gladly give up your 4th Amendment rights and allow the government to spy on you in order to "protect" you.  On the other hand, if you believe in freedom you are willing to assume the risks associated with living in a world in which the government of the SDA would not attempt to protect you from anything at all.  You realize that government is incapable of providing protection, just as the Supreme Court of Jokers determined many years ago in regards to alleged "police protection."  If you are not aware of that story, look it up.  The court determined that the police have no responsibility to protect the citizens of a particular geo-political zone whatsoever. Good for them.  I prefer it that way as well.
Let's consider what Snowden did.  According to Wikipedia:
"On June 5, 2013, media reports documenting the existence and functions of classified surveillance programs and their scope began and continued throughout the entire year. The first program to be revealed was PRISM, which allows for court-approved direct access to Americans' Google and Yahoo accounts, reported from both The Washington Post and The Guardian published one hour apart.[105][114][115] The Post's Barton Gellman was the first journalist to report on Snowden's documents. He said the U.S. government urged him not to specify by name which companies were involved, but Gellman decided that to name them 'would make it real to Americans.'[116] Reports also revealed details of Tempora, a British black-ops surveillance program run by the NSA's British partner, GCHQ.[114][117] The initial reports included details about NSA call database, Boundless Informant, and of a secret court order requiring Verizon to hand the NSA millions of Americans' phone records daily,[118] the surveillance of French citizens' phone and Internet records, and those of 'high-profile individuals from the world of business or politics.'[119][120][121] XKeyscore, an analytical tool that allows for collection of 'almost anything done on the internet,' was described by The Guardian as a program that 'shed light' on one of Snowden's most controversial statements: 'I, sitting at my desk [could] wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email.'[122]
It was revealed that the NSA was harvesting millions of email and instant messaging contact lists,[123] searching email content,[124] tracking and mapping the location of cell phones,[125] undermining attempts at encryption via Bullrun[126][127] and that the agency was using cookies to 'piggyback' on the same tools used by Internet advertisers 'to pinpoint targets for government hacking and to bolster surveillance.'[128] The NSA was shown to be 'secretly' tapping into Yahoo and Google data centers to collect information from 'hundreds of millions' of account holders worldwide by tapping undersea cables using the MUSCULAR surveillance program.
(Note:  My ignorance prohibits me from correcting the font and spacing changes that take place in this post.  Please bear with me.)
Nobody denies what Snowden did.  There is no dispute about the veracity of the information he revealed.  In addition to the items mentioned above he also revealed that spies within the civil government of the SDA had been spying on our allies around the world.  That accounts for the fact that Snowden is deemed to be a hero at a much higher rate in Europe than he is in the SDA.  If you really want to understand what Snowden revealed just take some time to click through the links in the above quotation.  Every single item described in the above section details how the civil government of the SDA is spying upon the citizens of the SDA, all in the name of protecting you from "terrorists."  
The 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (a document all elected officials swear an oath before God to uphold and then throw into the trash can the moment after they are installed to office) says, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."  I ask you a simple question, or series of questions...are the activities engaged in by your government and revealed by Snowden examples of violations of the 4th Amendment or not?  Are ongoing surveillance programs that probe into your personal life without your knowledge examples of unreasonable searches or not?  Are wiretaps and the reading of your personal electronic communications a violation of the 4th Amendment or not?

Now I will answer my questions.  Everything Snowden has revealed is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment.  Therefore, everything that the spy apparatus of the SDA was doing that was revealed by Snowden is illegal.  It also therefore follows that those who declare Snowden to be a traitor simply because he exposed their illegal activities are the real traitors.  Nevertheless, their treasonous activities will never be punished.  The majority of the terrified citizens of the SDA prefer to remain slaves to their government handlers and all of the government handlers prefer to have slaves as citizens, thus guaranteeing that the 4th Amendment will never be enforced and we will all be spied upon by our rulers.  There was a time when the citizenry would object to what is taking place today.  That time is long gone. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Global Warming Affirmers vs The California Drought

Here is a copy of the US Drought Monitor report in regards to the drought conditions in California, and the rest of the west, approximately one year ago.  As you can clearly see, California was in big trouble.  If I had reproduced this map for several years prior to this one a very similar picture would be seen.  The drought in California had lasted for about five years.

Droughts are common throughout the world.  No place is immune from drought conditions.  My home state of Colorado experienced a terrible drought in 2005-2006.  I remember hiking above timberline during those summers on tundra that crumbled beneath my feet.  Yes, I was hiking off trail on tundra.  Sue me.  I remember streams that literally dried up.  I promised myself that I would never complain about rain again after experiencing the shockingly depressing conditions that come about as the result of a drought.  Water brings life. Drought brings death.
The drought in California happened at the same time as religious global warming affirmers, as opposed to deniers like myself, were becoming more shrill in their cry for massive government spending on programs they would operate and populate in a vain attempt to combat the non-existent warming trend.  Here are some of the headlines from those dry and depressing days in California:
  • Thanks El NiƱo, But California’s Drought Is Probably Forever, found here.  The story went on to say, "Drought is a tricky thing to define. It is not just a matter of how little water falls out of the sky. If it were, you would be forgiven for believing that California’s wettish winter had ended, or even alleviated, the worst drought in state history. But no. Despite the snow in the Sierra Nevada, the water filling Lake Shasta, and the rapids in the Kern River, California is still in a state of drought. For now, maybe forever."
  • A Wet Year Won’t Beat California’s Never-Ending Drought, found here.
  • California Braces for Unending Drought, found here.  The story went on to say, "With California entering its fifth year of a statewide drought, Gov. Jerry Brown moved on Monday to impose permanent water conservation measures and called on water suppliers to prepare for a future made drier by climate change."
  • There's No End in Sight for California's Megadrought, found here.  The story went on to say, "California's chief snow surveyor ventured into the Sierras this week to see how much water the state can expect from the spring melt—and he came back with very bad news. The devastating drought that the state's been dealing with the past few months will continue to devastate for the foreseeable future."
  • Long-suffering California can blame drought on global warming, experts say, found here.  The article went on to say, "Latest report finds climate change intensified the drought in California from 2012 to 2014 and predicts ‘enhanced drought’ throughout 21st century."
  • Climate Change Impacts California Drought, experts say, found here.  The story went on to say (this is my favorite), "El Nino is simply a warming in the Pacific Ocean that impacts weather across the United States, but even more specifically in California. It’s estimated that the 2015 El Nino will bring more rain to the state, but experts don’t know if it will be enough. This year’s El Nino is thought to be the direct result of global warming and climate change....In other words, although the rainfall from El Nino may bring additional rainfall throughout California, it likely won’t be enough to get the state out of its severe drought status."
Now let's consider some facts.   Here is today's US Drought Monitor Report for California and the west:
The drought in California is over.  "Precipitation over California in the water year so far (October 1 to January 31) is 178% of average for this date. The snowpack is 179% of average, as of Feb 8. Our reservoirs are at 125% of average capacity. (Story found here)
I only have one question.  Why do hysterical global warming affirmers continue to persist in their belief about the California drought when all of the scientific evidence proves their beloved "permanent" drought has ended?  Is it possible their religious presuppositions about global warming are influencing their conclusions?  Oops, that was a second question.  Sorry about that.  Hypocrisy is accusing someone else of doing something that you routinely practice.  Global warming affirmers are hypocrites.