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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, February 3, 2017

King Donnie Threatens To Invade Mexico

Last Friday King Donnie placed a phone call to the President of Mexico.  Here, in part, is what he had to say to him:  "'You have a bunch of bad hombres down there,' Trump told Pena Nieto, according to the excerpt seen by the AP. 'You aren't doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn't, so I just might send them down to take care of it.'"  Let's consider our King's comment for a bit today, shall we?
Let me begin by establishing exactly who and what King Donnie is.  King Donnie, as most people would at least reluctantly acknowledge, is the recognized "leader of the free world."   I have always found that appellation most interesting.  How did our King end up becoming King of the entire world, except Russia, China, Iran and North Korea?  When did any of the citizens of the countries of the world ever vote for him to be their King?  Of course I jest.  We all know that our King is the de facto King of the entire world, with the exceptions cited above, because he is the King of the  world-wide Amerikan Empire. With the exception of the four countries listed above, all the rest of the countries of the world are nothing but vassals of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Those nations that do not comply with our demands are bombed or sanctioned into oblivion. 
Let me continue by establishing exactly what King Donnie is legally and morally permitted to do.  The Amerikan Empire is immoral for the simple reason that all empires are immoral.  The presence of Amerikan military bases around the world is immoral for the simple reason that the military should only be used to defend the lives and property of SDA citizens living within the geo-political zone known as the SDA.  The interference that routinely takes place as Amerikan politicians and bureaucrats delve into the affairs of sovereign nations around the world is immoral for the simple reason we have no right to interject ourselves into anyone else's business.  Indeed, any activity by any branch of the government of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika that intervenes in the sovereign affairs of any other country in the world is immoral.  Any war, either engaged in directly by the military or indirectly via sanctions, that is not exclusively defensive of the people and property of the citizens of the SDA who are living within the geo-political confines of the SDA is immoral.  There are no exceptions to this moral principle.  Furthermore, King Donnie is legally and morally bound by the laws of this country, which he has sworn an oath to uphold, to do only what is described in the Constitution of the United States of America.
In a previous blog post (April 3, 2012) I wrote, "Article II of the US Constitution describes the powers that are assigned to the Executive branch of the Federal government.  Section 1 describes how the President is to be chosen.  It says nothing about any type of power.  Section 2 describes the actual powers of the presidency.  The President shall be the Commander in Chief of the military forces.  The President has the right to require a written report from his military commanders.  The President has the right to issue pardons.  He has the power to make treaties with foreign countries, with two thirds Congressional consent.  He has the power to appoint Ambassadors and Supreme Court Justices, with Congressional consent.  The President has the power to 'fill vacancies' in positions that would normally be appointed by Congress when Congress is not in session.  Lastly, the President has the power to convene Congress and address the State of the Union.  That is it.  Nothing more.  According to the Constitution of the United States, if the President attempts to do anything more than what has just been described above, he is in violation of his vow to support, defend and uphold the Constitution and should be impeached."
Where in the above enumerated list of presidential powers, duties and responsibilities does it say that the King has the right and responsibility to be the leader of the free world?   Indeed, where does it say that he has the right to create jobs, enact tax policy, establish tariffs, or build infrastructure?  The office of President, which has now morphed into the office of a King, was severely restricted by the Constitution.  The Executive branch of government was never designed to do anything other than oversee the actions of the Legislative branch, by either signing or vetoing the bills that come out of Congress, and little else.  In other words, our King has very little to do when the Constitution he swore an oath before God to uphold is actually enforced.  Of course the Constitution is never enforced.  It is a worthless document that is paraded around only for ceremonial purposes.
This brings me back to King Donnie's threat to invade Mexico.  The King of the Amerikan Empire is mad at the Mexican President for some reason.  Rather than leaving him and Mexico alone our King calls him up and threatens to send SDA military forces into his country to bring about some desired result.  Why the sovereign affairs taking place within Mexico are any of the King's business is never described.  Why the King is not engaging in an act of war by threatening to send military forces into another country without any provocation or justifiable defensive reason is not explained.  All we know is that our King, simply because he is the King of the biggest and baddest empire the world has ever known, can pretty much call up anyone he wants and threaten to kill them if they do not do what he wants.
What amazes me is how nobody is upset by the actions being taken by our King.  How can he get away with such audacious actions?  Why is nobody calling him to account?  Even worse, why do most "patriotic" Amerikans believe King Donnie is doing a good thing when he throws his military weight around the world?  Let me give you a comparison.  How would you feel if King Putin called up King Donnie and told him that there are some bad comrades in the SDA and if King Donnie is not prepared to round them up and kill them then King Putin will send some of his own henchmen to do the job instead?  Is there an Amerikan alive who does not believe that King Putin's declaration is an act of war against the SDA?  Is there any Amerikan who would not immediately call for war against Russia?   Yet when our King does the same thing to a country that cannot possibly defend itself against even the most minor military attack from the SDA the citizens of this immoral empire swell with pride and praise themselves for their moral goodness.  If you are not disgusted by the action taken by your King last week you are a perverted sinner who needs to repent of your imperialism.  Repent and stop worshiping before the throne of civil government, aka The Beast.
"...and they worshiped the dragon, because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying 'Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?'...and all who dwell on the earth will worship him, every one whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain.  If any one has an ear, let him hear."

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Evil Billionaires Are Running The Government

One of the more interesting things about the various cabinet appointments being made by King Donnie is the reaction of the envy filled citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to the relative net worth of many of his appointments.  The King is drawing from his social circle as he selects his advisors and since he is a billionaire many of his appointments are billionaires as well.  What the net worth of an individual has to do with the quality of his advice as a member of the King's court is not clear to me but many people are up in arms that King Donnie has not been appointing paupers to his cabinet.  Why paupers are better qualified to offer up advice to the King is also not explained. 
Kent Kirkpatrick of Broomfield wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post a week or so ago in which he voiced an opinion about the King's appointments that I believe is representative of all socialists in this immoral country.  Here is what Kent had to say, "I did not vote for Donald trump, but I hope he has a successful presidency and can deliver on some of his more bipartisan campaign promises.  One of his major promises was to restore America jobs sent overseas, including increasing US manufacturing jobs. to this end, he has appointed several billionaires to Cabinet posts responsible for this rejuvenation.  Like Trump, they have been guided solely by self-interest and are the very people, part of the 0.1 percent, who have made their money by shipping jobs overseas, cutting workers' benefits, lobbying against raising the minimum wage, and taking an ever increasing portion of the pie.  I would like to think we are living in a fantasy where leopards could change their spots.  Unfortunately, we are not."  Let's consider envy-filled Kent's comments for a while today.
Kent believes that King Donnie's appointments are evil men because they are "guided solely by self-interest."  I wonder....what guides Kent?  Is he guided exclusively by altruism?  If so, how does he pay his bills?  How does he remain a productive member of society if he does not pursue the self-interested activity of seeking profits by serving others?  Or maybe Kent is not a productive member of society.  Maybe he is on the government dole.  Maybe Kent votes for career politicians who promise to take some of the income of profit seeking and self-interested individuals and give it to him.  That is called theft by the way and it is a very self-interested way to behave.   Regardless, I know for a fact that Kent is a hypocrite.  How do I know that?  Because every human being who has ever lived has been guided exclusively by self-interest.   The noble, moral and glorious principle of self-interest is what Adam Smith described as the guiding hand that brings about all economic growth and prosperity.  A pox upon those who do not praise the virtues of self-interest. And another pox upon those who confuse self-interest with selfishness. 
Kent believes that those human beings who make up the top 0.1% of the wealth population are evil and should be killed.  Well, he didn't actually say they should be killed.  But he does believe that the civil government should steal most of their money and give it to good men like him.  Why this is true Kent does not say.  Like a good socialist Kent simply assumes that wealth is evil, unless it is being redistributed to him, in which case it is good as soon as his grubby hands are placed upon it.  Somebody has to be in the top .1% of the wealth population.  Why are those who find themselves in that position bad men and women?  Kent does not say but all socialists who read his comments nod their heads in agreement with his view.  That is called group-think and it is very common among socialists.
Kent is totally ignorant about how the world works economically.  In that sense he is a perfect socialist.  I have never met a socialist who has an economic clue.  Kent is a perfect representative of the socialist mindset when he believes that profit seeking businessmen "make money" by "shipping jobs overseas, cutting workers' benefits, lobbying against raising the minimum wage and taking an ever increasing portion of the pie."  Man is Kent dumb.  Allow me to instruct him in Economics 101. 
Profits come from only one source.  That source is giving consumers something they want to purchase for a price they are willing to pay.  In the absence of government coercion (found in things like health care and other grossly regulated business activities) a profit is only realized when a consumer is served.  Consumers are sovereign.  Let me repeat that for Kent since his ears are clogged with socialist drivel.  Consumers are sovereign.  All profits are derived by selling things to consumers.  Those who serve the consumers the best (hardly a self-interested activity as Kent defines the term) become the wealthiest.  King Donnie's Court is not filled with billionaires who became billionaires by sitting around thinking up ways to make other people's lives miserable.  Just the opposite is the case.  They became wealthy by serving consumers, something Kent would be well advised to think about doing himself.
Producers do not "lobby against raising the minimum wage" in order to enrich themselves.  Profit seeking businessmen and corporations oppose any attempt by government to interfere with the cost of labor in the free market for a very good reason.  Why do they oppose the minimum wage?  Because an artificially high wage prevents them from serving the consumers as efficiently as they would prefer to do.  Higher labor costs mean higher costs for the sovereign consumers and higher costs for the sovereign consumers means consumers are not served as well as they could be.  Profit seeking billionaires understand this principle while envy filled socialists do not.
Kent's doctrine of the pie is classic socialism.  Under his view the "pie" consists of all the wealth in a particular geo-political zone.  Also under his view this wealth has somehow just magically appeared.  Also under his view this pie of wealth is static, that is, it neither grows nor shrinks.  Under his view the pie is what we are all fighting for.  And under his view it is the role of government to give him a bigger piece of the pie.  Why that should be he does not say.  That makes Kent an evil man in my view. 
Kent refuses to acknowledge that the pie he envisions only exists because of the entrepreneurial activities of profit seeking and self-interested businessmen.  It did not just appear out of nowhere.  It was not created by government.  It is the productive members of society who make the pie.  Then, just like the tale of the Little Red Hen, the unproductive members of society, like Kent, come along and demand a piece of something they had nothing to do with creating.  That also makes Kent an evil man in my view.  Kent needs to repent of his envy and become a productive member of society.  Who knows?  Maybe someday he can become a billionaire too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our King Is A God

If you ever doubted that the rank and file citizen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika bows down before the throne of the King and worships and adores him as a god, doubt no more.  The recent arguments and fights between those who support our new King and those who loved the old King are a perfect illustration of the reality of religious worship of civil government and its career politicians in this idolatrous and evil land.  Let me give you an example of that today.
Robbie Garland of Aurora, Colorado wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post recently in which he made several interesting statements.  Allow me to quote his letter here in full:
"Letter writer Bradley Mitchell writes that we are better off than eight years ago because now the GOP controls government.  That is unknowable, subjective and speculative.  I offer objectives reasons we are better off because of President Obama.  Seventeen million jobs have been added, which is the second most of any president, Bill Clinton having added the most.  Deficit reduction from $1.3 trillion to $458 billion, $858 billion tax cut in 2010, stimulus package that ended the recession, Dow Jones more than doubled, unemployment rate reduced from 8 percent to 4.9 percent.  Here in Denver, property values have risen dramatically.  There are hundreds more achievements by Obama, but I have made my point.  After four years of GOP control, let's revisit these objective, knowable measurements of achievement."
Well there you have it.  The King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is directly responsible for creating jobs, reducing government spending, cutting taxes, inflating the money supply to create economic growth, causing stock prices to rise, reducing unemployment, causing real estate values to rise and "hundreds" of other things Robbie believes he is capable of doing.  Let's consider each of Robbie's religious beliefs, in the order he presented them.
The King cannot create a single net job.  Government spending can create the illusion of new jobs being created but the taxes used to pay for those jobs take money from the economy and create a net loss of total employment when all things are considered.  Only profit seeking businessmen are capable of creating jobs in the economy.  Despite this fact, profit seeking businessmen are universally despised by those who worship civil government and the King.  That is what envy will do to the mind of a man.
All spending bills come from Congress.  All tax bills originate in the House.  All the King does is sign off on spending and tax bills that come from Congress.  King Obama had nothing to do with reducing government spending or cutting taxes.  Furthermore, I have a hard time seeing how an almost half billion dollar annual deficit, admittedly down from over a trillion dollar one, is a good thing. Religious worship can blind a mind to the truth.
The "stimulus package" was a creation of the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is entirely separate and independent of the King and his Court.  In addition, the inflation created by the Fed did not end the recession that it had previously created.  It only made it harder for profit seeking businesses to bring about new economic growth.  The recovery from the Great Recession has been slow entirely because of the stimulus package Robbie extols.  Corporations ended the recession, although they are routinely despised by the envy-filled socialists who populate this evil and immoral country.  Don't expect a true believer to see the truth.
How in the world can anyone believe that the King is responsible for stocks going up?  Stocks are traded billions of times a day by millions of people.  Each person who trades stocks does so for his own reasons.  The overall direction of the stock market is determined by what the majority of those who trade stocks believe about the future value of those stocks.  That has nothing to do with the King.  Profit seeking businessmen are responsible for the rise in the stock market, not career politicians. 
The rate of unemployment, if what the government quotes even comes remotely close to what is taking place in the real world, has nothing to do with actions by the god-King who rules over us.  Unemployment declines when more people work.  More people work when profit seeking businesses create more jobs.  If the unemployment rate has truly declined, you need to thank corporations for that reality.  Have you thanked a profit seeking corporation lately?  You should.
Real estate prices in Denver have risen largely due to the fact that do-good environmentalists have created so many rules and regulations about what can be built most developers have left town in search of greener pastures.  So Robbie is right up to a point.  But it was not the King who was responsible for the rise in real property values.  It has been the actions of politicians and their immoral and harmful rules that has given the Denver real estate market a boost in apparent value.  Oh, by the way, wasn't it the government artificially inflating the value of real estate that caused the Great Recession in the first place? 
Everything Robbie believes to be good is directly attributable to profit seeking corporations.  Yet Robbie ascribes glory, honor and power to the King of the SDA for all of these good things.  What is that if not religious worship?  What is Robbie if not an idolater?  What are the citizens of the SDA if not religious zealots out to love and adore their deities, especially their King?  In case you are not aware, worshiping a false god will get you into a lot of trouble in the next life.  You might want to think about that the next time you bow down to the god-King of this land.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Dinosaur Ridge Fiasco

If you live in the Denver area you are probably aware of an obscure little part of town, on the west side of the metro area, called Dinosaur Ridge.  Most people refer to the place as Dino Ridge.  Dino Ridge has been in the news recently and serves as a perfect illustration of the grossly immoral zoning laws that rob property owners of their right to manage what they own as they see fit.  Let's consider that truth for a moment today.
Dino Ridge came into existence because some governmental entity decided to build a road over the hogback near Morrison, Colorado many years ago.  While cutting the pathway for the road a portion of the hogback was exposed that revealed some old dinosaur tracks in some dried mud.  For years nobody paid much attention to the area.  I only knew about it because I rode my bike over the hogback hundreds of times while out on various rides.  Then one day I noticed that somebody had constructed a fence around the tiny area (it is probably only about 100 feet by 100 feet in size).  I assumed someone didn't want people walking around on the tracks.  Good for them, I thought.
Some time later somebody built a small shelter near the tracks and shortly after that some group started doing lectures for school children.  I would listen in as I rode past and heard all of those government school children dutifully learning about the glories of evolution and the tremendous age of the earth.  Sometimes I would laugh and other times I would cry as I rode by.  Then, not so many years ago, somebody built a visitor center and managed to get the road closed to vehicular traffic.  The area officially became known as Dinosaur Ridge and the place officially became a National Natural Landmark, whatever that means.  I suspect that means it gets federal taxpayer dollars.  That would explain the sudden development of the area.  I resent the fact that I am being taxed to support Dino Ridge and you should too.
Dino Ridge is located between two motorsports arenas.  Bandimere Speedway is a drag strip and most famous for the annual Mile High Nationals, held in July.  It is a stone's throw from the dinosaur tracks.  The other way up the road, about a mile to the north, is Thunder Valley.  Thunder Valley is a nationally recognized motocross arena.  It is used frequently throughout the warmer months.  Between Dino Ridge and Thunder Valley is some undeveloped land owned by a fellow named Stevinson with plans for development.  That is when the trouble began.  I only mention the two motorsports arenas that border Dino Ridge to illustrate the rather obvious fact that the area is not a pristine natural area in the middle of the wilderness.  Dino Ridge is right in the middle of a loud, dusty, smelly and sometimes heavily used motorsports complex. 
The man who owns the property already had permission, via the zoning commissioners, to develop the location as a mixed use light industrial and commercial area.  At some point along the way he decided that he wanted to build a car lot on the property, in addition to the hotel, restaurants, warehouses and other items already approved by the county.  That decision sent the "friends of Dino Ridge" into a frenzy and they embarked upon a campaign to deny the owner the right to build a car lot on his own property.  To make a long story short, the idiots at Dino Ridge were successful in convincing the zoning commission to deny the owner the right to build a car lot on his property.  They complained that the lights from the parking lots where the cars were on display would destroy the pristine nature of their dinosaur tracks.  Frankly, I don't see how their argument holds water.  It seems to me that more ambient light would make the tracks visible to night visitors as well.  But who am I to tell an environmentalist anything?
What makes the story interesting, in addition to the usual envy,  is the fact that the owner of the property offered to build a new $700,000 visitor center, on his property, for the friends of Dino Ridge.  They rejected his offer.  What also makes the story interesting is the owner can still develop the property commercially, without the prior approval of the Dino Ridge tyrants.  The only difference is he cannot build a car lot on the property.  So guess what the evil folks at Dino Ridge have decided to do now.   You guessed it.  They are requesting that the owner be stripped of his property rights and forbidden to develop his land in any way.
Fortunately it does not look like they will be successful.  The zoning commission recognized that the land was already zoned commercial-industrial and that taking away that designation today would constitute a "taking" that is illegal under the current law.  Don't expect that to stop the envy filled hate mongers at Dino Ridge however.  They won't quit until they have stolen every last cent of value from the owner of the land near their deified natural landmark.
Gerald Shin, of Littleton, wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post shortly after the commissioners handed down their decision.  He was upset with an editorial in the paper the previous day which pointed out the Pyrrhic nature of the Dino advocates victory.  I quote him here today because he is a perfect example of what it means to be a God-hating socialist in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika today.  He wrote, "I am a native Coloradoan and have lived in unincorporated Jefferson county for 38 years.  I am opposed to the development proposal for the northwest quadrant of the Dinosaur Ridge area.  I would prefer that the area remain untouched.  Natural areas in the Denver area are disappearing quickly.  Greg Stevinson's proposal seems to send the message:  I want this or else you will get something worse.  This also seems to be the same message as the Denver Post's editorial.  Is this cooperation?  Is this giving the public what they want?  Is this a good neighbor?  Do we need another hotel?  Do we need more car lots?  Do we need more retail stores?  Can we come together to buy and preserve this gem?"
Gerald is an envy-filled socialist.  I have lived in Colorado longer than he has and I want the property where his home is located to be preserved as open space forever.  I wonder what he thinks of that proposal?  I think his property should be condemned and razed so my pristine view of nature is unspoiled by his ugly property.  If I can get enough people to agree with me we can use the coercive power of government to destroy Gerald's home.  I wonder what he would do then?
I also have some questions for Gerald.  Why is what a man wants to do with his own property any of your business?  Did you "cooperate" with your neighbors when you built your home in unincorporated Jefferson county?  Did you get their permission prior to building?  If not, how can you call yourself a good neighbor?  Are you as much of a hypocrite as you seem to be? Who designated you to be the determiner of what the public wants?  How did you determine that the public, whatever that is, does not want a hotel near Dino Ridge?  I am a part of the public you write about and I think a nice resort hotel would be a wonderful addition to the area.  Why am I wrong and why are you right?
Gerald, you talk about "we" a lot. I am not one of your "we."  I believe we should leave people alone.  I believe we should mind our own businesses.  I believe we should let people do what they want with the property they own.  I believe we do harm to our neighbors when we use the coercive power of government to force them to bend to our will in regards to the use of their own property.
Gerald wants "we" to buy the land near Dino Ridge.  How much of his own money is he willing to put up to make the purchase?  I bet you the answer to that is "none."  When it comes down to paying for things "we" no longer includes Gerald I am quite sure.  I am not willing to pay a dime so don't include me in your "we" when it comes time to raise funds.  And most certainly do not attempt to use the taxing power of civil government to raise the funds to rob our neighbor.  That is called theft and you will be punished in the Lake of Fire for eternity if you die without repenting from that sort of activity. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

King Donnie's Mexican Wall Scam

So King Donnie has finally come out and told us how he plans on forcing the Mexican government to pay for the wall he has ordered to be built along the Mexican border.  Let's ignore for the moment the fact that there will be at least a dozen functional tunnels underneath the wall, all escorting illegals into the Socialist Democracy of Amerika with ease, before he finishes building it.  Instead, for today, let's focus upon the lie our King told us about how the wall was going to be financed.
King Donnie, as everyone knows, proudly declared that he would build a wall and that the Mexicans would pay for it.  When asked how he was going to force the Mexicans to pay for his wall he told us to have no fear, the master negotiator was on the job and we would soon have an announcement.  Meanwhile, the Mexican president told our King to take a flying leap.  There was no way the Mexican government was going to pay for Donnie's Folly, he said.
Last week our King told us how he is going to pay for his wall.  Effectively immediately the King has declared a 20% tariff on all goods imported from Mexico.  Apparently our King is too stupid to realize that a tariff is paid by the people who impose it, not those who are subject to it.  Mexican exporters will not pay the 20% tax.  The 20% tax on imported Mexican goods will be paid by the importers.  Furthermore, no importer will pay that tax if he does not first believe he can pass it on to the consumers who purchase the goods he is selling.  In other words, Donnie's Folly will be paid for by citizens of the SDA who make the voluntary decision to purchase goods imported from Mexico.  Maybe you do not think that is such a big deal.  Let me tell you why it is a big deal.
  • Over 80% of Mexican exports went to the US in 2015, and the US imported $295 billion worth of goods from Mexico, accounting for 13.2% of all US imports.  Effective immediately, the price for 13.2% of imported goods in this country just went up by 20%.  Thanks King Donnie!
  • In fact, the place many Americans could feel the most pain just might be the supermarket. Not only does America’s largest trade partner for fruits and vegetables happen to be Mexico, but our southern neighbor is also the second-largest trading partner for all food products imported into the US. According to the USDA, Mexico exported $21 billion of food and beverages to America in 2015.  Goodbye winter fruit and vegetables.  Most of us will no longer be able to afford them.
That almost $300 billion in imports during 2015 reported above can be broken down as follows:
  1.  $75 billion in automobiles.
  2.  $63 billion in electronic equipment.
  3.  $49 billion in machinery.
  4.  $12 billion in medical equipment.
  5.  $11 billion in furniture and lighting.
  6.   $6 billion in vegetables.
  7.   $5 billion in fruit. 
  8.   $5 billion in gems and precious stones.
  9.   $5 billion in plastics.
If you use Colgate toothpaste you will find the price of clean teeth going up by 20%.  If you buy cars wearing a badge from a company domiciled in the SDA, you will now pay 20% more for that vehicle, if you can afford to.  Most of us will make the decision to not buy the car.  What do you think that will do to jobs in the SDA?  You might want to tell your King what his policies are doing to you. 
Not only is starting a trade war with Mexico a terrible idea, the new 20% tax on goods imported from Mexico conclusively proves that King Donnie is either an economic idiot (he does not understand who pays the freight when a tariff is imposed) or a liar.  Neither quality is a good one for a King.  On the other hand, both qualities are perfect qualifies for the King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Go for it Donnie!  Start a trade war with every country on the face of the earth.  That is sure to make Amerika great.