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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Fruits Of Progressive Politics

Those folks who call themselves progressives do so to distinguish themselves from those who believe that the old ways were generally good ways.  Progressives presuppose that every behavior from the past was immoral and needs to be changed to keep up with some utopian view of what human behavior should actually look like.  Those who are not progressive are labeled regressive or conservative to make the point that they refuse to embrace changes that are allegedly good for all of us.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The old ways are the good ways and the progress made in the society of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika during my lifetime is all bad.  Just for the fun of it I am going to give you ten examples of "progress" made by the progressives that are, in realty, simply a descent into sinfulness.  All of these changes have taken place during my lifetime.  Please consider the following ten behaviors that were previously considered sinful but are now considered normal:
  1. Abortion.  1973 was the year the Supreme Court of Jokers of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika decided that a woman could conspire with a government approved medical agent to murder her pre-born baby and not be legally guilty of murder.  That watershed case clearly established the progressive agenda of turning traditional morality on its head by turning the opposite behavior into a virtue.  Evangelical Christians in this country still stupidly invoke God to bless us, despite our rampant hate for Him and His law.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  God will never bless a nation that murders over a million of its own citizens every single year and calls that behavior good.  
  2. Shacking Up.  Shacking up is the slang expression we used to use to describe what happens when unmarried couples live together in order to make it easier for them to engage in premarital sex.  Although it is nearly impossible for a young person to understand today, premarital sex used to be considered to be a grievous sin.  Today, however, it is considered to be a good thing as shacking up allows a couple to decide if they are compatible enough to get married.  After living together for many years couples then decide whether they want to marry or not.  Many do not so they move on to their next living arrangement.  Those who engage in the practice of shacking up, which is most everyone these days, do not realize that God considers their behavior to be an act of marriage and will judge them for adultery when they move on to their next sex partner.
  3. Drunkenness.  It used to be shameful to be a drunk.  Today, thanks to the incessant stream of psychobabble emanating from the mouths of government approved medical agents, drunkenness is somehow considered to be a disease like syphilis or lung cancer.  The ability of the progressives to completely destroy language and the meaning of particular words is on display here.  Behaviors that were previously considered to be moral choices are now symptoms of an underlying physical, chemical or biological disease.  Make no mistake, God will not be mocked.  If you are a drunk you will be judged for your behavior.  If you catch a cold you will not.
  4. Military Worship.  This is probably the most recent change on this list.  Since 9/11 the citizens of this country have become completely incapable of taking a critical view about the role of the SDA military and the actions of the SDA soldier.  The movement began when the "support our troops" propaganda campaign started during our invasion of Iraq in search of non-existent weapons of mass destruction.  No longer was it considered important to ask if the actions of the troops were moral.  All that mattered now was that we must support them no matter what they do.  That opened the door to the disgusting spectacle of soldier worship that we all live with today.  How I long for the good old days of the Vietnam war when most of the citizens of this country treated soldiers according to what they deserved, which was nothing but contempt and ridicule.
  5. LGBTXYZ Normalization.  It was not that long ago that homosexual behavior was illegal.  That does not mean that homosexual behavior did not take place, as I am quite sure that it did.  It does mean that homosexual behavior was confined to the closet, where it belongs.  Progressives have been so successful at turning a previously immoral action into a virtuous one that anyone, like myself, who dares to criticize a homosexual, transvestite, queer, weirdo, freakazoid, or any other type of pervert is now considered to be the immoral one.  Make no mistake.  God will not be mocked and His opinion on this matter has not changed.  The judgement will be severe for those who normalize and sanctify sexual perversion. 
  6. Democracy.  I know, this one is hard to believe.  I was raised to believe that the United States was a Constitutional Republic that had a Constitution that existed to protect and preserve the rights of the minority groups in this land.  Nobody ever talked about how the majority should rule over the rest of us.  Nobody ever even used the word democracy.  Nobody believed we lived in a democracy.  Now all of that has changed.  We have constant and perpetual political war in this country for the very simple reason that we have become a functional democracy where the majority obtains the right to plunder the minority until the next election cycle changes the power structure.  Voting is now done to either steal from one group in order to gain something for myself or to protect one group from the depredations of another.  The progressives have successfully convinced the historically ignorant citizens of this immoral land that it has always been this way.  
  7. The Specter of Over Regulation.  There have always been government regulations but the scope of government regulations today far supersedes any other time in the history of this envy-filled country.  I sold strawberries on the street as a boy without obtaining a government license and nobody ever complained or sought to have me arrested.  My brothers and I walked or biked for miles from our home without ever having our parents arrested for child abuse.  Today everything is regulated and those regulations are created, via the democratic process, to give one group special privileges and deny those privileges to another.  There is no reason why a hairdresser should be required to have a government license except to exclude competition by people who want to dress hair and do not have a license.  The same can be said for doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, real estate brokers and a host of other licensed professions.  We are over regulated because people practice democracy and use government to give themselves a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  All of it is immoral.
  8. The Preponderance of Arrogance.  My generation was raised to respect our opponents.  Sportsmanship was an important part of our early instruction and the lessons learned by being a good sport, while either winning or losing, were also expected to carry over into our adult lives.  Today sportsmanship no longer exists, having been replaced with an in-your-face, trash-talking, bragging, selfish arrogance that is hard for me to watch.  Being a gentleman is no longer the proper way to live.  Indeed, the progressives have enshrined arrogance as a virtue and praise those who most frequently display it.  How sad it all is.
  9. Demandingness.  I am not sure if that is a word or not but it gets to my next point.  Demandingness is that behavior whereby each person demands that everyone else acquiesce to his will.  When others do not submit to the will of the person doing the demanding he rushes to government for protection or the granting of civil rights that will allow him to successfully execute his demands.  I visited a local bike shop the other day.  While visiting I noticed that the shop had a coffee pot and I inquired about obtaining a cup of coffee.  I was informed that I could have a cup of coffee on the house but I could not have any coffee drink that included steamed milk because the local government official had dropped by the bike shop and informed the owners that serving coffee with steamed milk products in it is illegal without a license.  The bike shop owners later learned that a lady who has a coffee shop down the block from the bike shop had spied upon them and notified the authorities that they were serving coffee with steamed milk products in it.  That sinful and hateful lady has learned the perfect lesson of demandingness as she used the power of civil government to control the behavior of others and bend them to her will.
  10. The Glorification of Obsessive/Compulsive Behavior.  People used to feel sorry for obsessive/compulsive people because they saw just how much damage o/c behavior does to the lives of those who practice it.  Yes, everyone recognized that o/c people accomplished great things but they also realized that the price paid to reach those accomplishments was steep, usually resulting the the destruction of their families and, sometimes, poverty.  Today o/c people make the front page of the newspaper and go viral on the internet with regularity.  Anyone who can do something that requires o/c behavior is now labeled as dedicated to a singular purpose and praised for what he accomplishes.  The obsession with "conquering" Everest is a fine example of this behavior.  The compulsion to climb all of the 14ers in a new record time is another.  The o/c desire to run a marathon a week for a year is another.  These people make the news and are described as heroic by those who worship them but most of the time they are just using their o/c habits to anesthetize them to the harsh realities of life that surround them.  All Yuppies, about whom I have written much over the years, are fine examples of this horrific malady.  May God have mercy upon their souls.


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  2. Autumn Cote:
    You said the magic word when you wrote "there is no fee!" As a Welshman I find that tease to be irresistible. I have no idea who WriterBeat is but you are certainly free to post my ravings anywhere you want. Many people have found great utility in printing many of my posts and using them to wrap fish or line bird cages. Thank you for reading.