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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Goodbye and Farewell

Today's post is my 1200th to the Mad Welshman blog.  I have been doing this with some regularity for five and a half years now.  During this time I have managed to enlist a dedicated following of about ten regular readers.  By any measure of success the Mad Welshman blog is a fabulous failure.  But then again, I didn't start this blog in order to succeed.  I started it to give me an outlet for my anger at the stupid things I see around me every day.
In recent months the self imposed responsibility to post to this blog five times a week went from being a pleasure to a burden.  Other responsibilities have weighed upon my limited time resources making it harder and harder to put up a steady stream of high quality drivel.  As I look back upon the 1200 posts to this blog it seems to me as if I have generally dealt with about a dozen different topics about a hundred times each.  I think by now I have made whatever point I was trying to make and I see no reason to continue repeating myself.
Just this morning, as I was going for my morning doughnut, I was almost involved in a car accident with a crazed Yuppie woman driving an SUV.  As it turned out she was in a hurry to get her morning cup of coffee and the rest of us were expected to get out of her way.  Just this morning I saw a photograph of a bunch of God hating Democrats huddled together praying for their Republican colleagues who were being shot at while practicing for a charity baseball game.  Why God haters expect the God of the Bible to hear their prayers mystifies me.  Just this morning I read a story in the paper about how almost 200 Democrats have filed suit against King Donnie, alleging that he has broken the Constitution by retaining his profit seeking businesses.  Just this morning I looked at my calendar and saw that it was Flag Day.  I assume that means I am required to fly the holy icon at my home today in order to avoid being classified as unpatriotic.  Just this morning I saw a news report that it was a Bernie supporter who took a gun to a Congressional Republican baseball practice and shot the place up.  Why is it that liberals always resort to violence?  Since getting up this morning I have been in a continual state of moral outrage but, unlike other days, I am not going to write about it today.
Thanks to all of you who have been regular readers of this blog.  Thanks to all of you who have made comments to this blog.  I always enjoyed reading what you had to say to me.  And thanks to anyone who reads anything posted in this blog in the years to come.  I will check back every once in a while and see if anyone has commented on any of my posts.  Since I know absolutely nothing about how to operate a website I suspect this blog will continue on this site until someone comes along and takes it down.  I have no idea if and when that will happen.  In the meantime, goodbye to you all and farewell.


  1. Sir Madwelshman, 10 people in this world is a success. I'm unsure how many a remant is but 10 seems like a good number.
    I for one will miss my daily visit with you. I don't think that God is through with you yet; as far as truth telling, using Gods Word as the standard.
    I will watch and will be rest assured, a man like you, whom only comes into a persons life maybe once, is not done until he is physically unable to speak.
    I hope you will rest well and will be rejuvenated at an later, yes maybe even a very important time in our lives.
    Thank you Sir and again daily I will miss hearing from you.

  2. Dear Welshy,

    It is with a sad heart and an understanding mind that I wish you farewell. Over the years you have provided a mostly untold story of the disgusting fallenness of sinful man. You have exposed the immorality of a god-hating government and its idolatrous citizens. You have provided fodder for many a thought and have caused my blood pressure to rise many a time. You have fueled my animalistic chimpanzee tendencies to attack those who fight against God and to rip them apart with my sharp teeth. Often it was only by the calming influence of my hairy little wife, Mata, that I was able to restrain myself.

    So long, good friend.

    Lancelot Link