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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, May 19, 2017

Why Is Anything Our Business?

I heard a report on the radio the other day, while driving between jobs, that King Donnie had issued a statement about Syria's King claiming that he is a "bad man" who needs to be removed from office.  The report went on to say that the world will be unjust and spinning off its moral axis until someone, presumably the military forces of the Amerikan empire, removes Assad from power.
I just read a report that King Donnie issued sanctions against seven members of Venezuela's version of the Supreme Court of Jokers.  In doing so Donnie announced that they were bad men and that the world would not be properly aligned until the people of Venezuela throw off their current leadership and adopt democracy.  How not letting these seven Venezuelans purchase Campbells soup will help the Venezuelan people was not explained.
We have all been reading reports recently about how King Kim Jong Un is an evil man who is destabilizing the entire world.  His refusal to kowtow to the Amerikan Empire by continuing to fire various missiles into the ocean around his country has driven King Donnie to tell us all that he is a bad man who needs to be removed from power.  To date, as far as I am aware, King Donnie has not proposed that the military forces of the Amerikan Empire do the removing.  Maybe Greenpeace can do the job.  Isn't it their job to defend all those hapless fish that are being blow up?
King Donnie routinely tells various Chinese officials how they should run their country.  He accuses them of fighting illegal trade wars and devaluing their currency, thus bringing about the apparently undesirable effect of making Chinese imports cheap and affordable for citizens in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
The military forces of the SDA are currently involved in "peacekeeping" operations in Morocco, Liberia, Sudan, Republic of the Congo, Mali, Central African Republic, Haiti, India, Pakistan, Cyprus and Kosovo.  I wonder how many citizens of those foreign countries have died as a direct result of SDA peacekeeping?  Ultimately it does not really matter.  They are just stinkin' foreigners.
I have a very simple question for you today.  Why are any of the above situations any of the business of the SDA?  There was a principle that I learned as a child that has served me well throughout my entire life.  It was called "mind your own business" and it is simple enough to understand and apply.  Anytime something comes up in my life I ask if what is taking place is any of my business.  If it is not I have no opinion on what is taking place and I ignore it.  How can life be any simpler or easier than that?
Most people spend most of their lives gossiping about and involving themselves in the business of others.  I understand that fact is integral to human nature and accept it as a fact of life in a sinful world.  It therefore does not surprise me when we move from individuals to groups of people the same thing happens.  Groups spend most of their time minding the business of other groups.  That too is a part of sinful human nature.
When we come to civil government things are no different.  Governments are always meddling in the affairs of other governments.  Little things called wars have been a common pattern of behavior throughout human history.  Making matters worse for all the citizens of the world is what happens when the most powerful empire of the time decides to interject itself into the affairs of sovereign countries all over the world.  The SDA is the biggest and baddest empire the world has ever known.  The SDA military can do what it wants, when it wants, to almost whomever it wants at any time.  Only that handful of countries that have nuclear weapons and don't like us are exempt from the harassment coming from the hands of the SDA military and political establishment.
Does anyone have an answer to my question?  Can anyone give me a moral reason why the rulers of this empire should involve themselves in the affairs of other nations?  One other principle my mama taught me is that it is always wrong to do something in a group if that thing is wrong to do as an individual.  She instructed me well and kept me from adopting the evil philosophy of socialism as I grew up.  I knew right from the start that it is wrong to steal from my neighbor to pay my bills so it was not hard for me to understand that I can't vote away my neighbor's property to pay my bills either.  I also understood that what happened in my neighbor's house was none of my business.  It was therefore easy for me to understand that what happens in North Korea, Liberia, Sudan, Mexico, Syria, Russia or China is none of my business as well.  Why does something that is none of my business as an individual suddenly become my business simply because I am a member of a group called the "citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika?"  Some day I would love to have someone answer these questions for me. 

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