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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, May 15, 2017


By now everyone in the civilized world has heard about the WannaCry bug that has caused havoc with computer systems all around the world.  Not being a member of the civilized world (I don't use a cell phone and I have no idea how to send a text) I was the last to hear about this computer virus.  From what I have read WannaCry is something called ransomware.  Ransomware, as I learned in the last couple of days, is a malicious computer program that is used to take over the operation of another person's computer.  WannaCry apparently locks down all the files in a computer and then the people who have taken over the computer demand a cash payment to open the files and release the computer.  It is just like a kidnapping only it does not involve humans.  I marveled at how creative the entire process is.  I am amazed at the abilities shown by this group of people known as hackers and cyber-terrorists.  But, as Maxwell Smart used to say, "if only they had used their powers for niceness instead of evil."
The news reports that I have read describe how the WannaCry virus exploits a weakness in Microsoft Windows to gain access to computers using that operating system.  Microsoft was aware of the problem back in March of this year and issued something called a "patch" that fixed the problem so that the virus cannot take over a computer of someone after the patch has been installed.  I checked to see if my computer had been updated and it had.  Have no fear, the Mad Welshman will continue to post drivel to this website despite the best efforts of WannaCry to silence my voice for freedom, common sense and biblical truth.
I also read several news reports about how this whole thing started.  Strangely, nobody is pushing what I consider to be the most important part of the entire story.  Do you know who first discovered the flaw in the Microsoft software?  It was none other than the heroic folks working at the National Security Agency of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  They discovered the flaw that created the potential for someone to create a virus like WannaCry and were using it for their own purposes until something happened they did not expect.  Someone hacked them and stole their information.  It was only after they were hacked that they notified Microsoft about the problem.  Whoever stole the information from them is now using it to terrorize computer systems and the people who operate them around the world.  Thanks NSA!
Edward Snowden, a truly heroic figure who is fighting around the clock to protect and inform the couple dozen or so lovers of freedom remaining in this land, issued a statement about what the NSA has done.  Here is what he said, "They knew about this flaw in U.S. software, U.S. infrastructure, hospitals around the world, these auto plants and so on and so forth, but they did not report it to Microsoft until after the NSA learned that that flaw had been stolen by some outside group."  A news agency reporting Snowden's words noted, "The U.S. National Security Agency could have headed off the global ransomware attack that has crippled hospitals, train stations and other infrastructure around the world..."
How about that!  The NSA, created to protect us from terrorist attacks, enabled a group of cyber-terrorists to attack us by allowing them to steal information they were either using or planned on using to spy on us.  What cosmic justice is on display here.  The end result of our anointed protector's action is that people all over the world are now being attacked by the creators of WannaCry.  Now I wonder....why would the NSA be looking for vulnerabilities in Microsoft operating systems in the first place?  Then, after finding a serious problem, why would the NSA refuse to tell Microsoft that they discovered a vulnerability in Windows?  Indeed, why would the NSA wait until it was too late to stop the people behind WannaCry before taking action to protect us?  The whole thing kind of makes me wonder who the NSA is really working for.  Oh yeah, I remember, the NSA exists to protect and empower the political class in this immoral country by spying upon citizens like you and me.  I keep forgetting that little fact.

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