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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Threats We Face Around The World

The latest Republican created spending package for the next six months included an increase in the amount of money spent on the military, as I observed in yesterday's blog post.  Here is how the current competition stacks up as far as military spending by governments around the world is concerned:

Republican reaction to the increase in spending was positive.  According to a CNBC report yesterday, "This means that we can finally make real important strides to increase and improve our readiness," House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Tuesday. "It means we can get our service members the tools and the resources they need to confront the threats that we face all around the world."  Ryan's comment got me to thinking......hummm.....just what sorts of threats do we face around the world?  Let's consider that idea for a bit today.
Here is a graphic showing all of the countries in the world where the Amerikan Empire maintains at least one military base:
Image result for graphic of us military bases worldwide

Ryan's comment and the graphic above create one very important question.  It is the old question of the chicken and the egg.  When considering the existence of threats all around the world, did those threats come into existence as a result of the prior presence of SDA military bases in those countries or are the SDA military bases in those countries there as a result of a prior existing threat to the SDA homeland?  In other words, did we have enemies around the world before we built military bases in or near their lands or did they become our enemies after we decided to make military incursions in their regions?  How that question is answered tells us a lot about the nature of the Amerikan Empire.  Clearly if the threats only came into existence after the SDA built a military base in another country then the threats would go away by simply removing the military bases.  That would be a very inexpensive solution to the problem of threats around the world.  Conversely, if the military bases are there to fight a threat to SDA security that already existed, they need to remain there until the threat is eradicated. That could end up costing SDA taxpayers a lot of money.
Another important question goes to the philosophy of civil defense.  Paul Ryan believes that the SDA is threatened by forces all over the world and therefore needs hundreds of billions of dollars to protect its citizens.  Does Ryan believe that a credible threat to the safety and security of SDA citizens residing on SDA soil comes from the governments and their military forces in countries such as Somalia, Algiers, Finland, India, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia or China?  I rather doubt it.  The key expression in my question is "residing on SDA soil."  The only moral theory of war and civil defense that has ever existed in the western world is that which believes that acts of aggression against foreign nations are only justified when an attack against our nation is imminent or already taking place.  Conversely, a moral theory of war has always asserted that attacks upon foreign nations that were not directly related to a defense of the people and property of the homeland are immoral and constitute the evil act of empire building.  What do you think the SDA is doing in all of the countries shown above?  Is SDA military defending your life and property by fighting threats all around the world or is it building an empire?  I do not believe the answer to that question is a difficult one.
There is no doubt that there a many legitimate threats to SDA interests around the world, as Paul Ryan has observed.  What is in doubt is how those threats can be considered to be directly related to a moral theory of self defense.   Is there anyone out there who would like to do that?  If so, I would love to hear from you.  Until then I will continue to maintain that the threats we face around the world are 100% the creation of the empire building activities of the SDA and none of them would continue to exist if we simply made up our mind to mind our own business and withdraw from their lands.  The threats that Ryan perceives could be eliminated by simply withdrawing the Empire from around the world and minding our own defensive business exclusively.  Doing so would save hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars per year and greatly increase the security of the SDA homeland. By the way, isn't that what the Department of Homeland Security is supposed to be doing anyway? 

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