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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cory vs. Un: This Time It Is Personal!

A couple of days ago aspiring neo-con Cory Gardner, a Senator from Colorado, issued some comments about North Korea's allegedly divine leader Kim Jong Un.  (At least the North Koreans declare their belief in their god without apology.  Citizens of this country can learn from their practice and be upfront about what we believe about our career politicians.  They are all gods so let's admit it, shall we?) He was being interviewed on MSNBC's show Morning Joe when he made the comments.  In particular he said that Un, as his friends like to call him, is a "whack job." But don't just take my word for it.  Here is some of what he said, "This is a crazed maniac at the helm of one of the world's nuclear regimes, trying to become a nuclear regime.  We shouldn't be in the position of flattery."  I don't think Un took Cory's comments as flattery.
A couple of days later the Korean Central News Agency issued this statement about Cory, "Gardner perpetrated wicked blasphemy against the dear leader.  For a psychopath like the Gardner to hurl evil accusations at our highest dignity, is a serious problem....That a man mixed in with human dirt like Gardner, who has lost basic judgment and body hair, could only spell misfortune for the United States."  Now that is a quality curse, don't you think?
Un believes that Cory is "mixed in with human dirt."  I wonder what that means?  Just what is "human dirt?"  I know what real dirt is but I have no idea what human dirt might be.  Then Un issues the ultimate insult when he declares that Cory has lost "body hair."  Where I come from those are fighting words.  The Welsh are proud of our massive amount of body hair and saying that a man has lost his body hair is akin to saying he is not really a man.  If I were Cory I would be angry.
In fact, Cory responded to Un's insults by issuing a statement in which he called him a "madman" and then demanded new sanctions against North Korea.  In other words, Cory wants to escalate the war that the Socialist Democracy is already fighting against North Korea by tormenting the poor citizens of that land with starvation, plague and death.  Didn't we do enough to them in the Korean war? Why do we need to do harm to those poor people today?
We are not that far from the Korean war.  There are no doubt plenty of people in North Korea who were alive when the military forces of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika obliterated their country.  According to Wikipedia, "The U.S. dropped a total of 635,000 tons of bombs, including 32,557 tons of napalm, on Korea, more than during the whole Pacific campaign of World War II.  Almost every substantial building in North Korea was destroyed as a result.[310][311] The war's highest-ranking American POW, U.S. Major General William F. Dean,[312] reported that the majority of North Korean cities and villages he saw were either rubble or snow-covered wasteland.[313][314]   U.S. Air Force General Curtis LeMay commented, 'we went over there and fought the war and eventually burned down every town in North Korea anyway, some way or another, and some in South Korea, too.'[316] Pyongyang, which saw 75 percent of its area destroyed, was so devastated that bombing was halted as there were no longer any worthy targets.[317][318] On 28 November, Bomber Command reported on the campaign's progress: 95 percent of Manpojin was destroyed, along with 90 percent of Hoeryong, Namsi and Koindong, 85 percent of Chosan, 75 percent of both Sakchu and Huichon, and 20 percent of Uiju. According to USAF damage assessments, 'eighteen of twenty-two major cities in North Korea had been at least half obliterated.'[319] By the end of the campaign, US bombers had difficulty in finding targets and were reduced to bombing footbridges or jettisoning their bombs into the sea."
What do you think? Do the people of North Korea have a good reason to suspect the intentions of the SDA military or not?  Do they have a good reason to distrust the Amerikan Empire or not?  Not content with previously killing off a third of the citizens of North Korea, Cory now wants to impose sanctions to kill even more.  When does it stop?  When every last North Korean is dead? 
Official statistics kept by the SDA military only estimate the number of enemy soldiers killed.  Civilian deaths are generally ignored.  According to this website, "North Korea lost close to thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s. US military sources confirm that 20 percent of North Korea’s  population was killed off over a three period of intensive bombings. After destroying North Korea’s 78 cities and thousands of her villages, and killing countless numbers of her civilians, [General] LeMay remarked, 'Over a period of three years or so we killed off – what – twenty percent of the population.' It is now believed that the population north of the imposed 38th Parallel lost nearly a third its population of 8 – 9 million people during the 37-month long hot war, 1950 – 1953, perhaps an unprecedented percentage of mortality suffered by one nation due to the belligerence of another."
For comparison purposes, "During The Second World War the United Kingdom lost 0.94% of its population, France lost 1.35%, China lost 1.89% and the US lost 0.32%."  How would you feel about the country that killed off one out of every three or four of your fellow citizens just a generation ago?  If you said nasty things about the country that bombed you into oblivion do you believe your comments would be justified?  Furthermore, do you believe your political leaders would be acting rashly if they sought to develop a nuclear capability in order to defend your country against another SDA attack?
I am not defending Un for he most certainly is a typical career politician.  I read the other day that one of his favorite execution methods when he conducts his regular purges is to place his enemies on a target in the middle of a field and blow them up with anti-aircraft fire.  He does this for sport and pleasure.  His orders are not leave one hair (there is that emphasis upon hair again) of the executed person on the face of the earth.  On the other hand, I most certainly understand why he would want the bomb.  If a third of my country's citizens and the majority of its cities had been destroyed less than 70 years ago I would distrust the empire that wrought the damage just as much as he hates the SDA today.  

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