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Friday, May 12, 2017

Reporter Gets What He Deserves

Samantha Schmidt of the Washington Post reported a story yesterday about an incident in the Capitol building of West Virginia.  Here is some of what she wrote, "As Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price walked through a hallway Tuesday in the West Virginia Capitol, veteran reporter Dan Heyman followed along side him, holding up his phone to Price while attempting to ask him a question.  Heyman...repeatedly asked the secretary whether domestic violence would be considered a pre-existing condition under the Republican bill to overhaul the nation's health care system....'He didn't say anything so I persisted,' said Heyman.  Then, an officer in the Capitol pulled him aside, handcuffed him and arrested him.  Heyman was charged  with 'willful disruption of state government processes' and was released on $5,000 bail....Heyman insists he was simply fulfilling his role as a journalist and feels that his arrest sets a 'terrible example' for members of the press seeking answers to questions."  There is so much wrong in this report I have to write about it today.
First of all, is "domestic violence" considered to be a "pre-existing condition" under Obamacare?  I have never heard of that provision before.  In search of an answer I googled the above question.  Here is what I found on CNN's website:  "Jody Neal-Post has been reading about the health care law debate with worry these days. She's worried about how the new health care law won't carry protections for all people with pre-existing conditions. She is relatively healthy, but before Obamacare, she had a hard time getting insurance because of what some companies considered a pre-existing condition: She is a domestic violence survivor."  Well there it is! When some guy beats his ho the ho has a right to my money for some reason that I do not understand.  Praise Obamacare!
Second of all, there is no such thing as a "health care system" in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  All that exists in this immoral land is socialized medicine in which the state has decided to take money from productive members of society like myself and give it to non-productive members of society to use to pay their health insurance bills.  I will pay $14,800 this year for health insurance.  Health insurance is my second biggest fixed expense and I an estimating that in 2018 it will become my biggest fixed expense.  The average family of four will pay $14,370 in health insurance premiums this year.  That is roughly 20% of the average income for a family of four.  Career politicians and recipients of subsidies consider this to be a good state of affairs.  Those who make the average income for a family of four make too much money for Obamacare subsidies so they end up paying the bills for those who make less.   Reporter Heyman wanted to make sure this process of fleecing the middle class will continue under the Republican socialized medical plan so he badgered Price with his question, hoping to get some sort of reaction from him.
Reporters, for the most part, are obnoxious jerks.  The report stated that he was "attempting to ask him a question" when, in fact, he was quite successful at asking Price the same question multiple times.  The issue is not whether reporter Heyman had the right to ask Price a question.  The issue is when Heyman's questioning progressed from questioning to badgering.  In my experience most reporters are experts at badgering.  When a person refuses to answer a question the first time it is asked the reporter should accept that and walk away.  They never do.  Instead, they ask the same question over again, a little bit louder.  When they still get no answer they escalate things even more. 
Heyman was arrested for "willful disruption of state government processes."  That is a lovely charge.  As citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika we should all be aware that career politicians are gods and we are not to disturb them.  The only time we should address one of our deities is when they have first addressed us.  Otherwise we are willfully disrupting their divine activities.  Those who do so will be arrested. 
I learned several lessons from this story.  I learned that career politicians are gods.  I learned that cops, despite their mantra about "serving and protecting" the citizens of this country, really protect career politicians.  I learned that reporters are obnoxious jerks. That was not a surprise.  And I learned that the best thing for the citizens of this immoral country to do is keep our heads down, our mouths shut and hope that the powers that be leave us alone.  Hopefully the Empire will soon come crashing down and we can begin again, the next time as free men and women. 

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