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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Profit Seeking Businesses Are Irrelevant

A rather significant thunderstorm, with accompanying hail stones, ravaged parts of the western Denver metropolitan area last week.  I was at home at the time and watched things develop.  The storm was weak as it passed over my home, barely wetting the sidewalk as it went by, but it quickly developed into a powerful storm.  By the time it got to the Golden area it was dropping hail stones as large as baseballs.  Several people I know were in the area when the storm hit and their cars are destroyed.  Many homes suffered serious damage as well.  I was not surprised when I read that the Colorado Mills Shopping Mall had been shut down for a couple of days as repairs were made to skylights that had been broken and flooding mitigation took place.  However, I was surprised by what I read in my Denver Post this morning.
The damage was so extensive at the Colorado Mills that the owners of the mall have announced that it will be closed for several months.  They hope to be able to open the mall for business again sometime this fall.  Clearly the damage to the mall was much worse than I had originally assumed.  The article I read went on to describe the people who are going to be hurt by the closure of the mall.  I too had thought about the problems that would come up for the business owners operating in the mall.  Being forcibly shut down throughout the busy summer months could possibly drive some of them into bankruptcy as well as create significant financial hardship for others.  What a shame, I thought to my self.  Sadly, the author of the story in the paper had a different view of the disaster.
After describing what had happened and explaining that the mall would be closed for a protracted period of time the author of the article went on to define who the victims of that nasty thunderstorm were.  Who do you believe would be listed as the first victim?  Who do you think would be considered to be the primary victim?  Did you assume, as I did, that the business owners operating in the mall would be those given the most sympathy as they suffer through a difficult time?  The answer to the question of who the primary victim is might surprise you.  Then again the answer might be exactly what you thought as well.
The first victim listed of the thunderstorm-induced closing of the Colorado Mills mall was the City of Lakewood.  You got that right!  Civil government was the primary victim of the closure of the mall.  Why, you might ask?  Because the mall produces $350,000/month in sales tax revenue for the city.  So as the profit seeking businessmen and businesswomen who run retail businesses in the mall struggle to stay afloat the main thing the socialistic citizens of Lakewood are concerned about is the reduced revenue to the City of Lakewood.  They are worrying and fretting over which city services might have to be curtailed as they are now looking at an even worse budget shortfall than usual.  All they can think about is how those citizens who are on the City of Lakewood dole are going to survive now that their golden goose has been laid up.
The second victim of the closure of the mall, according to the article, are the people who had been employed by the profit seeking businesses operating there.  Just like the good socialists they are, the folks who are appraising the damage ignore the true victims (the business owners) and emphasize the noble laborer who now finds himself momentarily out of a job.  Now I don't deny that losing your retail job for a couple of months can be a hardship for some families, especially those already on a tight budget.  But the belief that the employees suffer more from the closure of a business than the business itself does is ludicrous and indicative of an extreme anti-capitalist mentality.  Why am I not surprised?  An unemployed retail clerk can look for work elsewhere.  The business owner in Colorado Mills does not have that option.  He will necessarily suffer serious financial losses.
The true victims of the storm were unmentioned in the newspaper report.  It was as if they don't even exist.  The profit seeking businesses are what produce the tax revenue the city is so dependent upon.  The profit seeking businesses are what produce the jobs that are momentarily lost.  The profit seeking businesses are the source of everything that happens at Colorado Mills mall.  Yet when the mall is forced to close the businesses operating there remain unseen and the victims of the closure are the usual list of socialist victims, namely, city governments and employees.  What an immoral country we live in today.

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