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Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Pastoral Political Advice For You

A week or so ago King Donnie issued an Executive Order to the Internal Revenue Service telling that immoral agency to stop enforcing the rule that forbids pastors of churches from making specific political recommendations.  Maybe you were aware of the rule.  I don't know when the rule was first created but its intention was to ensure that no church leader could ever endorse a candidate for political office without jeopardizing the tax-exempt status of his church.  Since losing tax-exempt status would create financial havoc for most Christian churches, the leaders of those churches complied with the new law and stopped endorsing political candidates.  The fact that this new law was a gross violation of the right to free speech was apparently lost on everyone.  That does not surprise me as the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is a post-Christian nation and taking away the civil rights of Christians is business as usual in this immoral and God-hating country.
Mary Casper, of Bailey, was upset enough at King Donnie for abolishing the Christian gag order law that she wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post to express her anger.  I suspect many people would agree with Mary, as she likes to be called.  She wrote, "In the last election, many religious leaders prioritized the abortion issue over health care, poverty, immigration and refugee rights, not to mention education, the environment and other concerns."  It is not hard to see why Mary is so mad.  Mary worships at the throne of civil government.  She loves and adores socialism.  Allowing Christians who believe things contrary to her religious doctrines is an act of blasphemy that must be suppressed.  Telling the IRS to look the other way when Christian pastors make specific political endorsements for candidates that Mary despises is just too much for Mary to endure.
Like most citizens of the SDA, Mary believes it is morally good to murder babies.  She also believes that it is morally right to force me to pay the health insurance bills of other people who do not want to pay them themselves.  She also believes it is morally right to force me to pay for food stamps for people who make the rational decision to not work and go on welfare.  She also believes it is morally right to force me to pay for the education of her children.  She thinks it is just dandy when the Sheriff shows up at my door and evicts me from my home if I disagree with her about who should be paying for her kid's teachers.  She also believes that mankind is destroying the earth and only anointed and ordained career politicians and bureaucrats can "save" it from the depredations of evil profit seeking corporations.  Like I said, Mary is a socialist and nobody is going to convince her to change her religion and abandon her god.
I only mention Mary in passing.  I am more interested in the fact that the IRS will now allow pastors to issue advice to congregants about who to vote for.  In the past many pastors got around the IRS restriction by printing up "scorecards" about how the various candidates had voted throughout their careers.  Those who voted along conservative lines were clearly distinguished from those who voted along liberal lines and, although no specific endorsement was made, it was quite clear who one should vote for.  Even the IRS admits that the old law was rarely enforced.  It was more the fact that it could be enforced that angered Christians and drove them to create their politician ranking systems.  Now none of those games have to be played and Christian leaders can come out of the closet and endorse their favorite conservative candidates.
I opposed the old law as a violation of my right to speak my mind wherever and wherever I please.  But unlike most Christian leaders (I am not claiming to be a Christian leader.  I am not.), I also oppose giving political endorsements from the pulpit.  Indeed, I oppose giving political endorsements at all.  My reason for refusing to endorse particular candidates is simple....they are all immoral and voting for them is immoral as well.  Below you will find what I posted to this blog on September 30, 2016.  My opinion has not changed since then.  Furthermore, I believe you should change your opinion on the doctrine of voting and agree with me.  Read this post and see if you agree:

"Although it is impossible for state worshipers to understand, those of us who do not practice their civil religion actually have some very good reasons why we make the rational and conscious decision to forgo voting.  Today I would like to give you some of those reasons.
  • No person should ever vote because the act of voting is immoral.  Voting is immoral because rank and file citizens do not have the authority to vote.  Why do rank and file citizens not have the authority to choose those who will rule over them?  Because the God ordained nature of the universe is that authority flows down from God to His covenantal representatives, not upward from the people to the rulers they elect.  Democracy is immoral for the same reason congregational church government is immoral.  Both forms of government believe that original authority is vested in the individual and somehow gets transferred upward by means of the vote.  He who collects the most votes accrues the most authority and the right to rule over those who are under him.  The biblical model for authority is the exact opposite.  Jesus declares that all authority is vested in Him.  That is the starting point.  He then declares that He delegates His authority to specific individuals within the three covenantal institutions (church, family and state) that He has created.  He provides the rules for the form and function of those three institutions and the rules related to the continuity of each institution do not include voting by the membership.  According to biblical principles of authority, successor authority figures should be chosen by the current authority figures and appointed to their offices before the current crop retires.  I realize that this has been a long paragraph and nobody in the universe believes a single thing I have written here so let me go on to another good reason for why you should not vote.  Go ahead and vote if you want to be guilty of subverting legitimate authority.
  • Some famous person from the past once said that elections are nothing more than auctions for goods that have not yet been stolen, or something to that effect.  He was right of course.  There are two classes of people who vote:  those who want to use the coercive and legal power of the state to steal from their neighbors and those who want to use the power of the state to somehow try to protect themselves from their neighbors depredations.  Since more people want to steal goods from others than those who are actually robbed and since the majority always wins in a democracy, it therefore necessarily follows that the act of voting is an act of violence and really constitutes theft.  You need look no further than the fact that the top 49% of the income population funds 98.5% of the entire federal budget for proof that what I am writing here is correct.  As Hillary loves to drone on and on about her imaginary "institutionalized racism," so the fact of institutionalized envy is dramatically proven every time there is an election.  Go ahead and vote if you want to be guilty of the sin of envy.
  • Voting for the lesser of two evil people is still voting for an evil person.  The Bible says that Christians should not even greet false teachers in order to avoid "participating in their evil deeds."  When you vote you are giving your approval to the person you vote for.  That means you are participating in their evil deeds.  So go ahead and vote if you want to participate in his evil deeds.  Go ahead and vote if you want to do something that even you believe is evil. 
  • When you vote for any candidate today you are voting for a man or a woman who believes in humanistic law.  All candidates for political office in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika deny the moral and legal legitimacy of theonomy.  Theonomy is the position that Evangelicals profess to believe but never practice.  All Evangelicals, by definition, believe that the Bible is "sufficient for all matters of faith and practice."  That means they believe that God has given us His opinion about all matters of faith and life that we need to order our churches and governments properly.  That opinion is found in the Bible and, in regards to civil government, in the most holy and perfect law of God.  Although all Evangelicals profess to believe that the Bible contains everything they need to know for "life and godliness," when it comes time to put that into practice they reject what they profess to believe and adopt the principles of antinomianism instead.  Antinomians deny the moral legitimacy of the law of God when it comes to the civil government.  Along with all of the other God haters in this land, Evangelicals adopt the doctrines of religious pluralism and reject God's law while enshrining man's law, with all of its immoralities and inherent contradictions, as the law of the land.  When you vote you authorize that process of immorality.  So go ahead and vote if you want to reject the Word of God and enshrine the immoral law of man over you.
  • All candidates for political office must claim to be patriots.  That means they must believe in the doctrine of Amerikan "exceptionalism."  Amerikan exceptionalism denies the reality that all men, even Amerikans, are sinners and in need of redemption.  Those who believe in Amerikan exceptionalism, which is just about everyone these days, believe that whatever Amerikans do is good, right and proper simply because they are Amerikans and therefore morally, intellectually and spiritually better than everyone else in the world.  If you want to disagree with God's opinion about the nature of man and enshrine yourself as a morally superior being, go ahead and vote.
  • All candidates for political office must also believe in the moral legitimacy of the Amerikan empire.  No candidate will ever be elected by campaigning on the promises to remove all military bases from foreign lands, stop meddling in the affairs of foreign nations and engage in free trade with stinkin' foreigners from any country in the world.  When you vote you vote to maintain and expand the Amerikan empire, no matter how many of those stinkin' foreigners you have to kill to do so.  You believe that if they disagree with us they deserve to die for their sin.  You also vote for the blow-back that is inevitably associated with empire.  Those stinkin' foreigners don't take kindly to being occupied, raped and murdered.  Eventually they come looking for us and when they find us they are not happy.  So if you want to keep murdering innocent foreigners and if you want to keep giving them reasons to become "terrorists," go ahead and vote.
  • Civil government in the SDA is designed to give all citizens cradle to grave security, at the expense of the top 49% of the income population.  The government claims to be our messiah and the great majority of the citizens in this idolatrous country believe that claim.  They look to government every time there is a natural disaster.  They look to government when they want funding for government schools.  They look to government when they want someone else to pay for their abortions.  They look to government for retirement income.  They look to government for health insurance.  Idolatrous citizens look to their god for everything these days.  Government has responded to those requests by attempting to give the envy filled citizens everything they desire, in exchange for a vote.  The net result is the top 49% of the income population witnesses the theft of ~50% of their annual income which is then transferred, less 10% for handling, to those who voted for legalized thievery.  So go ahead and vote if you wish to be an accessory to theft.
  • The book of Revelation teaches that civil government, especially the civil governments of the world's greatest empires, make up the entity known as the Beast.  The Beast is empowered by an imprisoned Satan and authorized to wage war against the Church.  I know I am getting into some really weird theology that even Christians do not believe these days.  Bear with me.  I am describing the tenets of amillennialism, an eschatological doctrine that previously dominated Christian thinking but that has been thrown under the bus in this age of dispensationalism.  To make a long story short, engaging in the act of voting is voluntarily agreeing to participate in one of the activities of the Beast.  So if you want to be a part of the Beast, go ahead and vote.  Warning:  hitching your wagon to the Beast will have seriously negative eternal consequences.
I do not want to anger God by assuming I have authority that He has not granted to me.  I am not interested in my neighbor's property and I further believe that it is my moral duty to help him protect his property from the onslaught of thieves and robbers.  I do not believe that a less evil deed is somehow a good deed and I do not want to participate in the less evil deeds of others.  I do not want to incur the wrath of God by ignoring His law.  He has told me how to behave and the last thing I want to do is bind myself to obedience to a code of law that oftentimes directly contradicts what He says is the right thing to do.  I most certainly do not want to participate in the process by which men are appointed to deny the law of God and create humanistic law to put in its place. I deny that I am superior to Mexicans, Canadians, Bolivians, Australians, Frogs, Krauts and Koreans simply because I was born in the geo-political zone called Amerika.  I deny that the God of the Bible is blessing the empire and its wars of imperial expansion.  I deny that it is God's will for this land to be involved in the internal affairs of the great majority of all of the sovereign nations in this world.  I believe that it is always wrong to steal from my neighbor, even if he has an abundance and I am in need.  I deny that I have a moral claim upon my neighbor's property simply because I am part of a majority group.  I believe it is wrong to rob my neighbor at gunpoint and that it is equally wrong to rob him by majority vote.  I also believe that the Amerikan empire is the current and most magnificent (in an evil way) example of the Beast, as described in Revelation, that the world has ever seen.  I want no part of that and neither should you.  Do yourself a favor and stop voting before it is too late."

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