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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, May 5, 2017

Interfering In Sovereign Elections

Presumptive Queen Hillary has been squawking about how Vladdie Putin stole the election from her last year.  Hillary and her supporters love to use the technique of ambiguous language to convey an idea that is nowhere near the truth.  They repeatedly state that "Russia hacked the election."  Just what is that supposed to mean?  A nation, like "Russia," does not hack something.  People hack things.  Claiming that people in Russia, theoretically working for Vladdie, were able to "hack" into the election process in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and alter the outcome of the voting process is crazy.  Hillary uses the word "hack" to intimate that someone actually changed election results when in reality all that happened is somebody hacked into her emails and made them available to the public.   Hacking into her email account and "hacking" an election are two very different things.  Listening to Hillary supporters talk would make one think that they are not capable of recognizing the difference between the two.
Even the possibility that Vladdie might have had some influence over the outcome of the last election for King of the SDA has driven career politicians from both parties to madness.  What appeared to be warming relations between Donnie and Vladdie now appear to have frozen over, mostly because of the "hacking" issue.  One thing the socialist citizens of this country will not tolerate is any attempt by any stinkin' foreigner to have an impact upon the outcome of our most high and holy ritual of selecting the next Emperor.  How dare them interfere in the sovereign process of selecting our next god!  Merely thinking that someone like Vladdie might have done something of that sort seems to be sufficient reason for most folks to go to war and start killing some dirty foreigners.
What would you think if, on the eve of our last election, Vladdie had purchased television advertising time and made an impassioned plea for you to vote for one of the candidates?  How would you feel if you saw a commercial of a smiling Vladdie telling you to vote for either Donnie or Hillie?  I suspect most patriotic Amerikans would see red and immediately phone their Congressmen demanding a new law be created forbidding foreigners from campaigning for SDA candidates.  I believe there would be calls for powerful economic sanctions upon the nation of the offending foreign ruler.  The most patriotic among us would probably call for a declaration of war against the offending nation.
I tuned into a cable news network this morning and witnessed something truly amazing.  It was a television commercial running on French television.  The French, as you are probably aware, are going to choose their next King/Queen in the next couple of days.  All advertising for each candidate is required to stop by the end of today, according to French rules.  As you would expect, both candidates are running commercials non-stop in order to get their various messages across to the electorate.  So the mere fact that the Amerikan news channel had a video of a French commercial endorsing one of the two candidates is not unusual or shocking in any way.  What is unusual and shocking is who paid for the commercial and who was in it.
The commercial I saw this morning was of a French speaking (he also spoke English) Barack Obama telling the French citizens to vote for the male candidate in the election.  Like most Amerikans I pay little to no attention to what goes on in the rest of the world so I don't recall the names of the two candidates.  All I know is that one is a man and one is a woman, I think.  They could be gender-fluid.  Although I cannot prove it I would guess that the commercial presently airing on French television endorsing one of the French candidates for King/Queen is being paid for by Amerikan taxpayers.
What I found most amazing is that nobody thought that it was it was even mildly inappropriate that the former Emperor of the Amerikan Empire should be purchasing television time in France to tell the French people how to vote.  It all seemed quite normal and appropriate to everyone.  So for all of you patriotic citizens of the SDA who think that it is just dandy for our former Emperor to meddle in the elections of foreign countries I have a couple of questions.  Why is it immoral for a foreign nation to seek to influence the outcome of our elections but not immoral when one of our rulers seeks to influence the outcome of an election in a foreign country?  Why should the French not be very angry with us for the simple fact that our former Emperor is telling them what to do?  How can Barack's actions not be considered an act of interference in a foreign election?  How is Barack any different than Vladdie, if Vladdie did indeed "hack" the election?
If your answers to the above questions involve some form of the argument that Amerikans are "exceptional" and the rules of civilized relations between sovereign nations do not apply to us, please explain how that is so.  It is outrageous that our former King would be on French television telling the French people how to vote in their upcoming election.  We should be as equally outraged with his actions as the Democrats are outraged about Vladdie's alleged activities in our last election.  But there is no outrage.  There is nary a whimper of complaint about what Barack has done.  The obvious fact that Amerikans believe it is right and proper to live by a different standard than the one they impose upon the rest of the world is proof positive that the SDA is an Empire.  In case you are not aware, being an Empire is not a good thing to be.

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