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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Career Politicians Will Never Cut Spending

Maybe you heard about the federal spending deal that was cut Sunday night that allows the federal government to stay in operation until September.  We have all been down this path before and most of us no longer pay any attention to it.  We are told that the government is going to "shut down" if a new spending bill is not passed.  My how I would love to see the day the federal government really and truly ceases to operate.  What a wonderful day that would be!  But alas, all talk of a government shut down is mere smoke and mirrors to keep our attention focused on career politicians as they tell us how we can't exist without them.  Sadly, at least 51% of the citizens of this land believe them.
I took some time to examine what was in the new spending bill.  The Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House.  Surely now they would press their agenda and engage in massive spending cuts.  Surely now all of the immoral intrusions of the federal government into our lives would be defunded.  Surely now the Republicans would make good on their promises to drain the swamp, reduce the size of government and, above all, dramatically cut total government spending.  And, I hoped, surely now they would introduce legislation banning abortion.  After all, that is something just about every Republican has been promising us for decades.
According to this website, here is what the new spending bill contained (or did not contain):
  • No Funding For Trump's Border Wall:  This did not come as a big surprise.  By now I think everyone but the true believers in Trump recognize that his "build a wall" mantra was nothing more than a way to garner votes.
  • No Provision to Defund Planned Parenthood:  Republicans profess to despise Planned Parenthood but they continue to spend taxpayer dollars on the institution responsible for the murder of millions of Amerikan citizens.  Business will continue as usual with that group.
  • A 1% Cut in EPA Funding:  King Donnie wanted to cut the funding to the Environmental Protection Agency by 31%.  He got a 1% cut with no firing of personnel.  The career bureaucrats at the EPA are screaming bloody murder because they believe a 1% cut is reprehensible.  Boo hoo for them. 
  • Continuing Funding for Obamacare Subsidies:  After all of the hullabaloo about repeal and replace the Republicans actually extended Obamacare.  Not only were they incapable of getting rid of the odious program of socialized medicine, they committed themselves to its continuation.  Like I have written before, an entitlement can never be taken back.
  • A 6% Increase in Funding for the National Institutes for Health:  A total of $34 billion dollars of taxpayer money is now being given to the government agencies responsible for keeping socialized medicine alive.  
  • $15 Billion Increase in Military Spending:  King Donnie requested $30 billion and got half of what he wanted.  Although the SDA spends $600 billion on the military already, the Republicans in Congress thought that was not enough to pay for the costs associated with expanding the empire even more around the world. They are probably right.
  • Increases In Domestic Spending:  In addition to increased military spending, which is to be expected from Republicans, domestic spending increases as well. As the website article wrote, "Trump has called for $18 billion in cuts to domestic discretionary spending, but instead will have to sign a bill that grows the size of government. Several provisions in the omnibus — including the $4.6 billion Appalachian coal miners health extension and $2 billion in disaster relief — ensure that the budget will continue to rise even separate from the defense spending."
  • No Legislation To End Abortion:  I am aware this is not a budget item but it is the Republicans who keep bringing it up.  Every election cycle they profess to oppose abortion, especially when speaking to ostensibly Christian groups.  Then as soon as they are elected all talk about abortion ends.  This time is no different.  Hey, Christians, how long will you allow yourselves to be duped?
Do you notice anything about the new budget?  It is essentially the same as the budgets during King Obama's tenure.  This has been going on for quite some time now.  The Republicans and the Democrats, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, are essentially the same.   They are united by their common aspiration to be in control of the political power in this immoral and democratic land.  Both parties recognize that remaining in power in a democracy requires the constant transfer of wealth from the politically unprotected top 49% of the income population to the politically powerful bottom 51%.  All career politicians realize that the only way to stay in power is to keep giving the voters more and more "free" stuff.  Every career politician in the universe recognizes that he runs a serious chance of not being reelected if he even talks about cutting spending.  So spending is never cut.
I have only one word for the Republicans and that is 'Hypocrites.'  They lie every time they move their lips.  They promise one thing knowing full well they will never deliver what they promise.  They care about one thing alone and that is keeping their own personal power.  They promise to cut spending while they bask in the glory of their adoring constituents who praise them for bringing the bacon home.  Ultimately the career politician is just sinfully doing what the citizens want him to do.  Until the citizens of this envy-filled land rise up, cast off their envy and make the conscious decision to live as free people things will only get worse.  Trust me on this one, things will only continue to get worse and career politicians will never cut spending.

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