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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"March For Science" Socialism

Let me be upfront about today's post.  I am not sure I am right about what I am writing.  This is probably the first blog post I have ever written about which I am not 100% certain what I am writing is true.  There is a good reason for my ignorance.  I spent all of last week sequestered on desert peaks and desert golf courses, not listening to the news.  Despite my best effort to avoid having to hear any news I did see one report about a nationwide "March for Science" event that apparently took place last week.  After I got home I read several letters to the editor of my local newspaper extolling the virtues of that march.  Based upon the information I gathered from that lone news report and the couple of letters I read this morning I have an opinion I would like to share with you today about last week's March for Science.
Apparently most people have no clue what science is anymore.  Hand in hand with the abject ignorance of science is an equally powerful ignorance about the scientific method.  Science is nothing more than the attempt to figure out how and why things operate the way they do.  The scientific method consists of coming up with theories to explain how and why things operate the  way they do and then working like crazy to prove those theories wrong.  The primary goal of science is to discover the truth about how the world works and the primary method to discover those truths is to prove as many theories about how things work false.
The nature of scientific inquiry is such that proving something true is almost impossible.  On the other hand, it is generally a much simpler process to prove something to be false.  For example, if you posit the theory that the sky is always blue all I have to do to disprove your theory is find a single example where that is not true.  In order for you to prove your theory to be correct, however, you need to show how the sky is always blue, everywhere and all the time.  Since you are not an omniscient nor an omnipresent being you will never be able to prove your theory to be true.  On the other hand, if millions of scientists working hundreds of millions of hours are unable to come up with evidence that proves your theory to be wrong, you are free to say that your theory is well supported and probably true.
The limited reports I received about the nationwide March for Science that took place last week indicated to me that ignorant folks took to the streets in support of two primary goals:  1) support for the religion of anthropocentric global warming and, 2) support for taxpayer funding for the study of anthropocentric global warming.  In other words, the March for Science was nothing more than a public demonstration in favor of a particular example of socialized religion.  I hardly see why that is a worthy cause.
Government and science, just like church and state,  should never be mixed.  There is no place in a civilized society for taxpayer funding for scientific pursuits.  Taxpayer funding of scientific pursuits inevitably leads to faulty scientific practices and scientific "conclusions" that are exclusively politically motivated.  The religion of global warming is a case in point.  The "conclusions" drawn by taxpayer financed "scientists" as they discover man-made global warming all over the world also happen to conveniently provide them with a steady source of income and a government retirement pension in the future.  Incentives such as those should cause any rational scientist to question the conclusions of the taxpayer financed group.
The adherents to the religion of global warming have recently changed the name of their religion.  They now call themselves the church of climate change.  That is like calling oneself the church of blue skies.  Yes, the skies are blue but what are you going to do about it and why does it matter?  Climate changes.  So what?  Anytime a group deliberately obfuscates their intentions by means of an innocuous label you can be sure that the taxpayers are about to be fleeced.
The believers in "climate change" running about talking about the various obscure doctrines of their religion are really believers in the doctrines of man-caused global warming and its associated belief in the ability of government, given enough taxpayer dollars, to change the course of meteorological history.  Those poor worshipers of State power who took to the streets last week clearly declared their allegiance to the wedding of church and State when it comes to the doctrines of global warming.  They believe that I should be forced to pay the bills for them as they practice their decidedly unscientific religion by searching for man made sources of an alleged warming of the temperature of the earth.  If I refuse to do so I am declared to be a heretic, a "denier" in their terminology, and sentenced to excommunication from their church.  Unlike what would happen in a real church when a member is excommunicated, the church of global warming insists that I continue to be forced to pay for their services despite the fact I am no longer a member.  That is the heart of socialism, of course.
Science does not need to be marched for.  Science does not need federal funding.  Science does not need people defending it or accusing others who disagree with some of its propositions.  Science, like just about everything else in this socialized and sinful world, needs to be left to its own devices.  It will do quite well on its own.  So please, stop marching for science and stop seeking to use the coercive power of government to take some of my income and use it to pay government employed "scientists." 

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