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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, April 28, 2017

King Donnie's Flip-Flops

A lot of journalists and political pundits are complaining that King Donnie is not logically consistent in regards to his policies and procedures.  They are surprisingly surprised by Donnie's utter lack of logical consistency in anything that he does and says.  They profess to be flabbergasted by his contradictory economic policies and they confess a total inability to understand his political philosophy.  Lately many of them have been writing articles about how Donnie is oftentimes doing things that are exactly the opposite of what he promised to do on the campaign trail.  Let's consider this issue for a bit today.
What I fail to understand is how so many people can fail to understand that King Donnie is an opportunist with absolutely no rational bone in his body.  This truth has been obvious from the very beginning of his disjointed and irrational campaign.  He has no political philosophy except to "win," whatever that means to him.  He has no economic philosophy except to "win," whatever that means to him.   He has no consistent policy on trade and he is flying entirely by the seat of his pants with his foreign policy.  But this is not new.  Donnie has always been this way and people should not be surprised by his actions.
Donnie is a businessman with two primary goals:  1) to win any engagement he encounters and 2) to give the customers he courts what they want.  When Donnie decided to run for King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika he took his honed business skills and applied them to the political arena.  Since career politicians and those who report on them are ignorant of the real world, they claimed that they were incapable of figuring him out.  He is not hard to figure out.  There are only two things that need to be known to understand King Donnie.  Those two things are:  1) how can he win, in his own mind, the encounter he is presently engaged in and 2) how can he give the people he courts what they want? 
The King campaigned on friendly relations with Russia and now seems bent on casting Putin as Satan incarnate.  The King campaigned on getting out of the Middle East and now enjoys dropping bombs on Syria.  The King campaigned on peaceful foreign relations with countries around the world, preferring to do business with them rather than making them vassals of the Amerikan Empire but now that he is the Supreme Commander he is threatening nuclear war with North Korea.  The King pledged to start a trade war with China but is instead working on a minor re-write of NAFTA and hosting Chinese dignitaries at his mansion in Florida.  The King promised to build a wall on the Mexican border but instead has started a trade war with Canada.  The King pledged to "drain the swamp" but he appears to already be totally immersed in its quicksand. 
Even during his campaign he made contradictory promises.  He pledged to build a trillion dollars in infrastructure and balance the federal budget.  He pledged to cut taxes and, at the same time, not engage in deficit spending.  He presents a tax proposal that is long on rhetoric and extraordinarily short on specifics.  And who can ignore the doomed repeal and replace of Obamacare?  Now wonder even his supporters are beginning to question his rationality.  Don't bother.  King Donnie is not a rational creature.
Donnie's absurd and ridiculous promise to build a wall along the Mexican border may have been the single biggest reason he was elected, when coupled with his anti-immigration mentality.  The rank and file citizens of this largely ignorant country were quickly on board with his grandiose proposal.  He immediately sensed that "build the wall" was a plank that could get him elected so he used it incessantly.  Does that mean he really meant what he said?  Of course not!  It was just a way to "win" the election by courting the people who's votes he desperately wanted.  And it worked.  Today talk of the wall is a dim memory, destined to disappear into the dustbin of history, and Donnie has won.  He is the King.
Absolute power absolutely corrupts.  It did not take King Donnie long to be corrupted by the fact that he is the biggest baddest emperor who has ever lived.  His pre-election rhetoric about having friendly relations with nations around the world rapidly evaporated when he recognized he could bomb anyone he wants with impunity.   Once again remember that Donnie does what he does in order to win and court the favor of those he wants to like him.  He changed his foreign policy on Syria and N. Korea specifically to allow him to "win" and gain the approval of the neo-cons.  When John McCain is praising the actions of King Donnie you know all you need to know about Donnie's amazing ability to flip-flop. 
Expect more of the same.  Expect the unexpected.  Donnie will react to every situation into which he is thrust according to his twin principles of winning and currying the favor of people he wants to get something from.  As long as you remember those two principles Donnie will never surprise you.  If you forget them however, he will surprise you every day.

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