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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, April 7, 2017

King Donnie Is Starting World War III

When Donnie Trump was a candidate for King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika he angered the neo-cons among us by being friendly with their enemies.  His kindly overtures towards Vladdie Putin were especially disturbing to the warmongers in entrenched government positions who  are highly dependent upon keeping both hot and cold wars going in perpetuity.   Now that candidate Donnie is King Donnie everything has changed.  The power has gone to his head and he has become as corrupt as everyone else who has held the position before him. 
According to a report on, "President Donald Trump ordered the attack by 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syria military air base in response to Tuesday's deadly chemical weapons attack allegedly carried out by Assad's military on a rebel-held area.  Kattouf (former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Theodore Kattouf told CNBC on Friday, found here) said the strikes against Assad's government sent 'just the right message.' James Stavridis, a retired admiral who served as NATO's supreme allied commander, told CNBC on Friday that the attack showed the U.S. is not afraid to use force.  'Let's face it: Part of the audience here is not just Russia, Iran and Syria. Part of the audience is (Chinese) President Xi (Jinping),' Stavridis said on 'Squawk Box.' As missiles hit a Syrian air base, Trump was meeting with the Chinese president in Florida. 'Perhaps it is no coincidence that the strikes get launched while President Xi is down in Mar-a-Lago. Pretty good signal that the United States intends to play hard with North Korea,' Stavridis said."  Let's consider these developments for a while today.
What is going on in Syria is not the business of the SDA.  If you believe that domestic problems in foreign nations are the business of the SDA, please explain why every domestic problem in every foreign nation is not our business.  We have no business being involved with Syria or the Syrian people.  How would you feel if Russian missiles reigned down upon that city in Missouri where a cop shot an unarmed black kid last year?  I suspect most patriotic citizens of the SDA would be outraged if Vladdie decided that it was his business to protect the black people of Missouri from attacks at the hands of the jack-booted thugs who rule over us.  Yet when the SDA military does the exact same thing to the citizens of a sovereign foreign country the eyes of the patriots in this land fill with mist.  The justification for attacking Syria is that innocent people were being hurt and it was our business to stop and/or punish those who were doing it.  Why does that same argument not apply to Vladdie if he wants to drop bombs on Missouri?  When others do it it is evil.  When we do it it is good because everything we do is good, by definition and by virtue of the fact that we are an exceptional people, unlike anyone else in the history of the world.  The fact remains however that cops are killing the citizens of the SDA at an alarming rate.  Go here for the facts.  Who is going to protect us from these armed death squads if the Russians do not come to our aid?
What I found most interesting about the act of war perpetrated by King Donnie upon the Syrians was the response of James Stavridis when he said that the attack was designed to prove to the other governments and their Kings around the world that King Donnie is quite happy to continue to expand the Amerikan Empire.  When a new King is crowned in the SDA it is vitally important for that King to go and attack somebody as quickly as he can in order to establish that he is a big tough guy willing to kill whoever he wants whenever he wants.  The neo-cons in this country were terrified that King Donnie would not have the willingness to kill the citizens of sovereign foreign nations for fun and profit like his predecessors did.  Now they can relax, King Donnie has proven once again that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He loves dropping bombs on foreigners and interjecting himself in to the private affairs of sovereign nations.
Meanwhile, Theodore Kattouf is telling CNBC that King Donnie's actions send "just the right message" to Iran, Russia, Syria, North Korea and China!  What is that message?  I can't see how it can be anything other than the King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika and Commander in Chief of the Amerikan Empire believes he has the right to engage in acts of war against any country in the world when it pleases him to do so.  In other words, it is business as usual in the Amerikan Empire.  No foreign citizen is safe.  Rest assured, the Amerikan Empire will meddle in the affairs of foreign nations anytime it wants to and nobody is going to stop it.  We are the biggest bully on the block and we will kill as many stinkin' foreigners as we need to to prove that fact.
The missile attack upon Syria is designed to be a message to Iran (because they are building a bomb), Russia (because Putin wants to bomb the SDA), Syria (because they will not bow down to the SDA), North Korea (because they are building nuclear armed missiles) and China (because they engage in a trade war with us and win!).  I can't think of a more explosive state of affairs than the belief that the SDA military needs to bomb various countries around the world as a show of strength to those countries that actually stand up to us and our bullying ways.  King Donnie started off down the right path by refusing to rattle the sabre and offering to meet foreign leaders without first having bombed some of their cities.  He has been turned by the neo-cons and he is now being praised by John McCain of all people!  I once thought that future Queen Hillary would start WWIII.  I now believe King Donnie will be given credit for starting WWIII.
I look forward to WWIII.  If I die in the war that is fine with me.  If I don't die in the war I really hope that the SDA is thoroughly thrashed and no longer rules as the greatest and deadliest empire the world has ever known.  I long to live in a country in which the career politicians and military leaders mind their own business and leave the citizens of other countries alone.  King Donnie is perfect proof that that will never happen in the SDA until the SDA empire is destroyed.  May the destruction be swift.

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