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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Eight Years For Nothing

An Aspen man was sentenced to eight years in prison last week.  That got me to wondering.....just how much time do most convicted felons spend in prison?  As I thought about that I started wondering....just how much time is spent in prison for various felony offenses?  To satisfy my curiosity I went to the source of all important information in the world.  Yes, I consulted the vast bureaucracy of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  According to the Bureau of Judicial Statistics, a bureau I didn't even know existed, the following offenses have the following average prison sentences:

The average murder sentence is slightly under 21 years.  The average rape sentence is 13.5 years.  An armed robber will serve slightly over 8 years in prison.  Violent and aggravated assaults will earn most folks about 5 years in prison, as will burglary.  Drug possession offenses average slightly over 3 years and if you happen to sell some drugs you are looking at 5 years.  The average prison sentence for the category known as weapons offenses, whatever that is, is exactly 4 years.
God says that murderers are to be executed swiftly.  There are no exceptions to His law in regards to murder.  The government of the Amerikan Empire disagrees and gives murderers an average sentence of just over 20 years.  That means if a murderer commits his first murder when he is twenty years of age he will be able to commit another when he is forty, another when he is sixty and yet another if he lives to be eighty years old.  Innocent people die at the hands of murderers when the civil government refuses to obey the law of God.
Drug offenses are non-offenses in the eyes of God.  God's law makes no provision for punishing anyone for using any type of drug.  God holds men accountable for what they do to others when they are under the influence of drugs, something which the civil government specifically does not do, but does not punish men for using drugs in the first place.  Those languishing in prison today because of drug offenses are imprisoned unjustly in the eyes of God.  The judicial branch of government in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika disagrees.  The majority of the citizens of the Amerikan Empire also disagree with God.  Guess who is right.
The man in Aspen who was sentenced to 8 years in prison is serving a sentence roughly equal to armed robbers and those who commit sexual assaults other than rape.   Can you guess what he did?  It might surprise you!  According to the Vail Daily this poor soul was sentenced to 8 years in prison because he "filled a 2 liter soda bottle with gunpowder, .22 caliber bullets, .25 caliber bullets, a .410 shotgun shell and dozens of small pieces of lead shot, then wrapped the whole thing with black plastic electric tape and left it in his home near Aspen."  That is it.  That is all that Dustin Brown did.  When the police found out about the gunpowder filled bottle in his home they swept down upon him and arrested him for his offense.  When the judge heard that he had put gunpowder into a plastic bottle he asked Dustin what he planned to do with the bottle.  Dustin informed the judge that his plan was to "put the bottle in the water and then blow it up because it would be fun."  The judge then sentenced him to eight years in prison for wanting to have fun.
During his sentencing hearing Brown told the judge that he "made some stupid decisions."  I suspect he said that to try and lighten his sentence.  I don't see what is so stupid about putting a bunch of incendiary material into a plastic bottle and blowing it up.  In fact, that sounds like fun to me.  I would have liked to have been there when Dustin blew up his bottle.  But the law of the SDA does not see things that way.  It is illegal to have fun in the SDA in this post-9/11 era when any bit of gunpowder is now defined as a bomb.
Dustin Brown will serve 8 years in prison for putting gunpowder and bullets into a plastic bottle.  The law of this insane and immoral land declares what he did to be a felony.  The fact that Dustin had no ill intent with regards to his powder filled bottle is irrelevant since the law declares him to be guilty of building a bomb with the intention of doing harm to people and property whether he intended to do harm or not.  As a teenager I blew up lots of things.  I put gasoline into some stuff and gunpowder into others.  I shot things and ignited things to see what would happen.  I had lots of fun.  Little did I realize at the time that what I was doing could have earned me a felony conviction and 8 years in prison if the jack-booted thugs who enforce the immoral laws of this God-hating country had discovered what I was up to.  Poor Dustin.  He is serving 8 years in prison simply because he wanted to have some fun in a way the government does not permit.  I wonder what God thinks about that?

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