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San Juan Mountains
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Coming Out Nonsense

I heard on the radio yesterday that Barry Manilow has come out as a homosexual.  You need know nothing more about the fragile psyches of homosexuals than the nonsense associated the ritual known as coming out.  If anyone is not aware of what coming out means I will inform you.  Coming out is the moment in the life of a homosexual when he/she makes the decision to tell the people in his/her life that he/she is a homosexual.  It is attended with much hand-wringing and trepidation as the homosexual goes down his/her little black book and sets appointments with every name in it in order to meet face to face with each person and make his/her declaration.  Can you think of anything dumber than this ritual?  I can't.
Homosexuals claim that they are just like everyone else.  Homosexuals claim that they are normal. Homosexuals claim that there are lots of them around and all of us heterosexuals should treat them like normal people.  That being the case, why do they insist upon making such a tremendous deal about their homosexuality?  Why do they insist upon forcing it down our throats?  Why do they engage in the ritualistic practice of coming out?  Coming out is totally contradictory to everything they profess to believe about themselves and is one of the best indications that they are all emotional wimps who desperately desire the affirmation of everyone around them in regards to their perverted lifestyles.
I remember a year or so ago when someone in my extended family, on my wife's side, decided that he was going to come out.  He set appointments with many of the family members and proceeded to sit down with each one of them and declare that he was a homosexual.  Everyone in the family was already aware of that fact but he felt the need to do it anyway.  After the first coming out contact was made the person inflicted with the meeting immediately got on the phone and informed the rest of the family that they were going to be next.  The entire process was a joke and a travesty.  Nobody that I know of wanted to meet with this person and listen to his confession.  Nobody that I know of wanted to be forced to affirm his lifestyle in order to make him feel good about himself and his voluntary sexual behavior.  But they were all forced to do it anyway.  What a jerk he was.
I remember the day, in fact it is today, when people believed that sexual behavior was a private matter.  Nobody that I am aware of feels compelled to go around telling the people they know about their private sexual practices.  I have never been told by anyone that I know how often they have sex or with whom they have it.  I have never been told anything about the private sexual practices of any of the people that I know and I am glad about that.  Sexual behavior is private and not for public proclamation.  Homosexuals don't understand that basic principle of civilized behavior.  They insist upon forcing their sexual practices upon the rest of us so that we feel compelled to affirm their perversity.  What jerks they all are.
What would make a person schedule appointments with people he knows in order to tell them about his sexual practices?  Answer:  Extreme insecurity.  Question:  Why are homosexuals so insecure they feel the need to come out?  Answer:  They know their behavior is immoral and they desperately want the affirmation of others as they vainly attempt to convince themselves they are good and proper people.  If homosexuals are really what they claim to be we would know nothing about them or their sexual preferences.  If homosexuals are really what they claim to be there would never be a coming out meeting anywhere on the face of the earth.  But homosexuals are not what they claim to be.  They are riddled with guilt about their sexual practices and they desperately want to be told they are good people.  I would pity them were it not for the fact they seek to force others, including myself, to affirm their immoral lifestyles.  Then, if someone is unwilling to do so, that person is labeled a "hater" and shunned for his intolerance.  There is a lot of hate and intolerance associated with homosexual behavior and all of it, I am afraid, comes from the homosexual camp.

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