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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Republicans Are Not To Blame

The political posturing taking place over Donnie-care is monopolizing the coverage of all the major news outlets.  Liberal outlets gleefully report how the Republicans do not have the courage to "repeal and replace" Obamacare.  Conservative outlets, depending upon their degree of conservatism, either praise the Republicans for attempting to craft a Donnie-care deal that will pretty much look like Obamacare or curse them for refusing to repeal and replace, with the contents of the "replace" portion being a gigantic question mark.  No matter how you cut it though, the Republicans look like a bunch of fools.  They have been passing bills, without dissension from within the Republican camp, for the past six years that would have immediately repealed Obamacare, knowing that the Senate and King Obama would never allow them to make progress forward.  It was a good way to gain political capital with the people back home while not having to really do anything of substance.  But now they control the entire political apparatus and they do not have the guts to repeal Obamacare and go back to some sort of quasi-free market health insurance market.
I have a personal interest in Donnie-care.  According to numerous sources I fall into the sex and age cohort that will experience the greatest increase in health insurance premiums.  Most estimates for men of my age predict that my monthly premium will rise by 250% under the terms of the proposed Donnie-care.  Since I make too much money to qualify for taxpayer financed subsidies I will be forced to pay the entire bill myself.  I pay $600/month today for Obamacare. Donnie-care will therefore cost me $1500/month, more than any of my regular monthly bills, if current estimates are correct.  I find that disturbing and I suspect a lot of others in my predicament do as well.  Indeed, Donnie-care makes Obamacare look pretty good to me right now.
A big problem is that nobody is willing to trust the free market.  Both Republicans and Democrats are committed Statists and will never even consider allowing the free market to sort out the health insurance market woes experienced by so many in this immoral and sad land.  By automatically ruling out a free market solution to a problem created by government, the government sets itself up for certain failure.  What all career politicians refuse to admit is the simple fact that there is no such thing as a new and improved Obamacare.  Indeed, there is no such thing as any socialized health insurance program that will actually work in the real world. Repeal and replace will not work.  Plan A followed closely by Plan B and then Plan C will not work.  Keeping Obamacare will not work.  As far as health insurance in this country goes, we are all doomed.  The only thing that can save us is the free market but the free market is precisely the one thing everyone in power believes must be permanently avoided.
Ultimately the issue boils down to a simple truth...we are all socialists now.  We have all been feeding at the trough of Obamacare for several years and nobody wants those freebies to go away. Everybody has adapted to the present system and change is the last thing anyone wants.  It does not matter that Obamacare is prohibitively expensive when compared to what the free market would produce.  All that matters is that the citizens of this envy filled land are thoroughly accustomed to socialized health insurance and nothing is going to change that.  The Republicans know this and they also know that if they do mess around with people's Obamacare they will face political opposition in the mid-term elections.  Since getting re-elected is the only thing a career politician really cares about the Republicans in control of Congress have a real propaganda problem on their hands.  They want to appear as if they want to repeal and replace Obamacare but then they will, for some last minute reason, protest that their hands are tied and we are stuck with Obamacare against both their will and ours.
The Republicans are not to blame for what is going on in Congress in regards to socialized health insurance programs.  They are an easy target and the liberal press will make as much hay as it can on the issue but ultimately the Republicans are not to blame for the health insurance debacle.  The blame for what is transpiring in the halls of Congress falls squarely on the shoulders of the majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  According to a poll taken by USA Today, a full 58% of Amerikans want to keep Obamacare.  Not surprisingly, only 8% of Amerikans want a free market solution to the health insurance dilemma.  And that, my friends, is the real issue here.  The majority of the citizens of this land are dedicated socialists and it is high time we acknowledge that truth.  Socialized health insurance is here to stay.  More socialized programs encompassing other parts of the economy are sure to come.
I believe the best way to deal with a socialist is to give him everything he wants.  The great majority of the citizens of this country are socialists and it is time they all get precisely what they deserve. That way the economy will collapse more quickly and free market principles can be taken up once gain, rising from the ashes of a dead economy executed by socialism.  To aid the economic collapse of this socialist land I propose we make Bernie and Elizabeth co-royalty and allow them to do whatever they please with the laws of this land.  Let them be recognized as economic czars and give them total power to do whatever they want.  With those two at the helm we are sure to experience a sudden and catastrophic economic collapse along the lines of Venezuela.  Then, after we have all lost our nest eggs and a lot of excess body weight, those of us who believe in freedom and personal responsibility can pick up the pieces and start afresh. I would guess that we would have a decade or two to rebuild things before the socialist parasites once again would take over and take everything we produce.

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