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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Stupid Week: The Grand Finale

What a stupid week it has been.  Just when I thought things could not get any dumber someone comes along and does something even more stupid.  I read a story this morning in the "Ask Amy" advice column in my Denver Post.  The question, brought by "Concerned Mother," left me scratching my head in complete befuddlement.  So, without any further ado, allow me to finish Stupid Week with the grand finale of all stupidity, as described by a concerned mother:
"I am a proud mother to my gay son who lives across the country.  We love him unconditionally.  My son married his partner, John.  They have been together for several years.  Recently, my son came to his father and me with shocking news that my family is still reeling from.  John is a trans man (that means a woman for those of you who don't understand the new terminology, MW) who has had 'top surgery,' and is actually three months pregnant.  John is going to keep living as a man, even during the pregnancy, which they told us was planned.  We have met John many times and neither he nor my son had given any indication that John was born a woman."
When you stop laughing and have had a moment to wipe the tears from your eyes, please read on.
"My other son said he was 'disgusted' by the situation, and won't have contact.  My husband and I feel hurt, misled, and are confused, bur really want to focus on getting everyone to move past this and to accept them.  No one will participate in any sort of therapy, and I worry that the family will never recover. How can I bring everyone together?"
Well there you have it.  Welcome to the modern world of shifting gender identity.  Just when you thought it was safe to affirm the lifestyle choices of heterophobes (homosexual people with a pathological fear of heterosexuals), you discover that some of them are actually trannies!  Does it get any better than this?  Let's take some time and muse upon this wildly stupid situation here today.
Apparently everyone in this family was downright "proud" to affirm the immoral and God-hating lifestyle choices of their son/brother as he wed his true love, a man named John.  But John was not what he appeared to be.  I was not aware of this but apparently transvestites are capable of converting back and forth between the two sexes in two parts.  Lo and behold, John is not a true homosexual man.  In fact, he is really a she and he/it has converted the upper half of her body to manhood while retaining a female bottom half.  To make things even more bizarre, John (the female transvestite homosexual half-man half-woman creature) teamed up with the concerned mother's truly homosexual son to have a baby.  Why a homosexual man like the mother's son would want to have a baby with his "male" life partner was not described.  Why a trannie woman would want to marry a homosexual man was not explained.  Why either one of them wanted to be in a relationship in which one of them was half man/half woman was not explicated.
Now the concerned mother has a problem.  The great pride she felt at how tolerant her entire family was in accepting the homosexual "marriage" of her son and John has been replaced with disgust, hurt and confusion as the facade of tolerance and acceptance shown previously has come crashing down under the revelation that John is a quadra-gender.  A quadra-gender is a new word that I just coined.  It refers to women who want to marry homosexual men by converting half of their bodies into a man while retaining the lower working parts as female in order to have a child that will no doubt be raised in an amazingly tolerant, healthy and accepting family environment.
I guess concerned mom has a good point.  If the family members were willing to accept and "unconditionally love" their son/brother when he married John, why has anything changed?  How is being a homosexual any different, other than the obvious things, than being a quadra-gender?  Certainly if the family members had been able to muster up the tolerance to accept the perversion of homosexual marriage it is not big deal to muster up the tolerance for a quadra-gender union, is it?   I wonder....what moral standard are the family members using that allows them to praise the son for being a homosexual married to another homosexual but that does not allow them to praise him for being married to a quadra-gender?  That is the problem with moral relativism.  Once the moral perfection of God's law is abandoned, what passes for moral in the eyes of each relativist is simply nothing more than that which each individually is emotionally comfortable with.  Homosexuality is comfortable.  Quadra-genderism is not.  Homosexuality is good.  Quadra-genderism is bad.  That is ethics in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika at its finest.
I am really looking forward to next week.  I wonder if anything can top the story of the concerned mother?  I don't know how but I have been surprised every day this week as things just got stupider and stupider every day.  Wow.

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