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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Meat and Babies

Two "protesters," aka "criminals," entered a meat market in the People's Republic of Boulder a couple of days ago and destroyed ~$1,000 worth of fresh meat.  According to Mitchell Byars of the Daily Camera, "Chanting 'meat is murder,' two people ruined about $1,000 worth of meat products at Ideal market in Boulder on Sunday after placing flowers on top of raw lamb, pork and beef, police said. An unidentified man and a woman walked into Ideal Market shortly after 6 pm Sunday and 'laid flowers on the slain animals residing in the butcher cabinet,' while filming themselves chanting things like, 'Meat is murder!' 'This is not love!' and 'Meat is not food!'...The store cannot sell the meat due to tampering, said Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly."  Let's consider this event for a moment today.
Please allow me to begin with the absurd and immoral law that ends up forcing the owners of the meat market to suffer a $1,000 loss.  Why does the government have a law that states that the simple act of placing a flower on a piece of meat constitutes something it calls "tampering" that then causes the meat to be unsalable?  Does not common sense declare that the owners of the store could have simply washed the meat and represented it for sale?  What possible reason can there be for a government law which forces the store owners to throw away their meat simply because it was touched by a flower?  Somebody needs to call King Donnie and inform him about this grossly immoral law.  Maybe he could write an Executive Order overturning it.
What caught my attention about this criminal act of trespassing and property destruction is the two yahoos who perpetrated it.  There was a photograph of them accompanying the story.  They looked like your typical Millennials who don't have a brain in their unkempt bodies.  They have been swept up in the greatness of their cause and they are going to make a statement, even if their statement does financial harm to human beings.  They are truly idiots.  If they are ever caught I believe a reasonable punishment for them would be to force them to eat $1,000 worth of lamb, pork and beef.
The three chants they recorded themselves vocalizing were "Meat is murder, this is not love and meat is not food."  Let's take them in reverse order.  If meat is not food why do so many people eat it?  Is not the definition of food that which people voluntarily consume?  Since so many billions of people make the rational and voluntary decision to consume meat does it not make sense to call it food?  The chant that meat is not food dramatically illustrates just how exceedingly stupid and ignorant these two representative of the animal rights movement are.  Clearly meat is food and chanting otherwise is not going to change the facts.  These two criminals live in an imaginary world and if they could they would impose their imaginary world upon the rest of us.  Now that would be a true act of violence against humankind.
"This is not love" is an interesting thing to say.  What is not love?  Selling meat?  Eating meat?  Killing animals in order to get meat?  They didn't say.  I suspect their definition of what is not loving would include all of the above.  I wonder what their idea of love is?  If killing animals is unloving and human beings are required to be loving and if government (taxpayer) dollars are to be used to perform loving actions then it would follow that these two mental midgets believe state taxes should be dramatically raised to keep every animal that will die in the Colorado mountains this winter from dying.  Now that will be a real chore.  What do these activists believe should be done when a lion kills a deer?  Is the lion guilty of murder?  Should the lion be killed for its crime?  The "this is not love" chant essentially boils down to an emotional assertion and nothing more.  These two brainless fools are simply saying they do not like what they see and they are going to destroy property to make themselves feel better.
The "meat is murder" chant is really what made me write today's post.  I don't know what the statistics are but I would guess that the overwhelming majority of women who are involved in the animal rights movement have had an abortion at some point in their lives.  In many cases I would speculate that they have had multiple abortions throughout their miserable lives.  These moral reprobates have been creating a false universe in their minds for them to live in for so long they have degenerated to the point that they believe killing animals for food is murder while killing babies for fun and profit is morally good.  The day of judgment will be severe for them.
God has an opinion about murder.   His opinion is that murderers should be put to death. The primary reason God commands civil government to immediately put murderers to death is not to punish the murderers with a severe and inhumane punishment.  God is not a sadist, as so many who hate Him believe. The primary reason God orders civil government to execute murderers is so the murderers can immediately appear in God's court for His judgement.  The act of execution is primarily the act of separating the murderer's soul from his body so God can render His perfect judgement of that person.
The two human beings who destroyed the meat believe I am a murderer because I eat meat.  It therefore follows that I should be executed for my sin.  I would guess that if they could be forced to answer my question they would not require my death for the sin of being a carnivore.  What then do they believe the punishment for eating meat should be?  While they are at it, why should their desired punishment be the proper punishment?    I don't recall ever hearing any animal rights activist answer those two questions.  I would like an answer.  Just what, precisely, should civil government do to those who murder animals?  And then, while they are at it, I would like to know why killing babies is not murder.  Oh yes, I forgot....killing babies is not really killing babies.  The Supreme Court of Jokers of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika has declared that the Constitution has a place in it giving women the right to conspire with their government licensed doctors to kill their babies.  Perhaps even more importantly, the majority of the citizens in this democracy believe killing babies is right dandy.   Since the majority determines what is moral it necessarily follows that killing babies is moral.  In fact, abortion is nothing more than a procedure to remove excess tissue from a human body, exactly like liposuction.  The judgment will be severe.

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