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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Changing My Gender Every Day

I change my underwear every day.  That was something my mom taught me to do and I have done it my entire life.  There is something wrong about not having a clean set of underwear each day.  Plus, what happens if I get into a car wreck and have to be taken to emergency surgery?  Can you imagine the embarrassment associated with going into emergency surgery with dirty underwear?  Today however, after reading about the shenanigans going on in North Carolina and New York City, I have decided to start changing my gender everyday as well.  Let me tell you about my decision in today's post.
I read an article on the internet yesterday informing me that North Carolina is losing millions of dollars in revenue due to discrimination against Christians who believe LGBTXYZ tolerance is sin.  Well, that is not exactly how the article was written.  The article was written from the perspective of sexual perverts who despise the God of the Bible with a passion.  You see the God of the Bible believes that He created human beings as male and female exclusively.  He is no doubt surprised to find out that His original creation of two easy to understand genders no longer is recognized in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I will have more on that later.
The God haters who are immorally, hatefully, intolerantly, non-inclusively and unsustainably bullying the good people of North Carolina are doing so because the North Carolina legislature had the courage to refuse to provide public toilets for transvestites.  That has brought the wrath of all people who describe themselves as moral, loving, tolerant, inclusive and sustainable (and who also oppose bullying) upon the Christians of North Carolina.  There is no place for biblical truth in the public square.  God's opinion about transvestism is clear (He opposes it) but the moral luminaries who rule our country today will have nothing to do with God's opinion on the matter.  To express their outrage against a position held by the vast majority of mankind for the vast majority of human history they have decided to boycott the state of North Carolina.  That boycott is doing financial harm to the citizens of that state, the article said.
A year or so ago I posted an article to this blog in which I quoted several laws from the books of regulations governing the hapless citizens of New York City.  The new laws I was interested in required all people involved in public transactions to take into account the self-announced gender of all people prior to addressing them.  Anyone who was not addressed according to his self-perceived gender was deemed to be a victim of hateful intolerance and his persecutor was subject to fines and lawsuits for hatefully intolerant speech towards those paragons of moral virtue.
Yesterday, while reading an unrelated article, I stumbled across an article about the number of genders that exist in the human race.  That prompted an internet search on my part.  I wondered....just how many genders do human beings come in?  What I found surprised me.  There is no agreed upon number of human genders.  Some articles said there are 61 genders.  Another said 54.  Yet another said 31, although it admitted the list is probably not exhaustive.  One thing is sure however, the antiquated biblical notion of two genders no longer exists.  The citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika have spoken and God is wrong.  According to the majority, which determines what is moral and what is not, there are dozens of different human genders in our country and it is the civic responsibility of the government to protect each and every one of them from the Christian belief that they are immoral.  In addition, there should be no limit to how many taxpayer dollars are spent protecting sexual perverts from the simple and basic idea that they are behaving immorally when they create long lists of new genders.
The list of 31 genders was based upon New York City's analysis of human sexuality.  The city has determined, for purposes of enforcing its anti-gender discrimination laws, that there are at least 31 different human genders.  The list of genders and the article in support of them can be found here.  Here is the complete list of human genders recognized as existing in New York City for you to consider:
  1. Bi-gendered
  2. Cross-dresser
  3. Drag King
  4. Drag Queen
  5. Femme Queen
  6. Female-to-Male
  7. FTM
  8. Gender Bender
  9. Genderqueer
  10. Male-to-Female
  11. MTF
  12. Non-Op
  13. HIJRA
  14. Pangender
  15. Transexual/Transsexual
  16. Trans Person
  17. Woman
  18. Man
  19. Butch
  20. Two-Spirit
  21. Trans
  22. Agender
  23. Third Sex
  24. Gender Fluid
  25. Non-Binary Transgender
  26. Androgyne
  27. Gender Gifted
  28. Gender Blender
  29. Femme
  30. Person of Transgender Experience
  31. Androgynous
I recognize numbers 17 and 18.  Everyone I have ever known falls into either category 17 or 18.  I guess I have spent most of my adult life walking around with my eyes closed since I can't think of anyone I have ever known who falls into a category other than 17 or 18.  Yet now I am being told that there are massive numbers, in the millions, of people who fall into categories other than 17 or 18.  How could I have missed something, or someone, so obvious?
Unfortunately the list provided by the City of New York did not provide any definitions for the various groups.  How am I going to know when I am in the presence of a gender other than 17 or 18 if there is no definition of what it looks like?  For example, I wonder what the difference is between the Gender-Bender and the Gender-Blender?  My best guess would be that Gender-Benders work in taco shell factories and Gender-Blenders work for Hamilton Beach.  And what is a Gender Gifted person?  Does he/she/it go around giving out genders to others who have been good?  I believe that a good name for a Gender Gifted person would be Santa.  In fact, maybe Santa is gender gifted.  The Gender Fluid person intrigues me.  I think I saw one at my local Jiffy Lube shop a month or so ago.  He/she/it changed the oil in my car.  It did a good job.
I wonder what a two-spirit gender is?  Whoever is gifted with that particular gender is probably schizophrenic as he/she/it seeks to figure out which heart to follow.  I don't know for sure but I think the Pangender is probably related to Peter Pan.  Those people just refuse to grow up.
(Speaking of growing up.  I was listening to Rush Limbaugh while driving between jobs last week and he quoted several public opinion surveys that were answering the question, at what age do you conceive of yourself as an adult?  The question was given to Millennials and the average age that Millennials believe they had attained adulthood is 30.  That explains a lot, doesn't it?) 
I once knew a fellow named Butch.  He worked on a ranch in Wyoming.  He was a man's man.  He worked in the fields and drank Coors beer at night.  He punched cows and lassoed doggies.  He was a man of few words.  He was also friendly towards this city slicker when I had the opportunity to toss back a few cold ones with him.  Little did I know that Butch was a gender.  I guess I have a lot to learn about life in our world today.  Here I was having a beer with a genuinely unique gender and I didn't even know it.  I have decided that I will be a Butch today.  Want to join me for a beer tonight?

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