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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Amerikans Are United

I am sick and tired of hearing people whine and moan about how Amerika is divided.  All of the major news outlets are making a huge deal about something that does not even exist.  Every time I tune into one of their stations I am witness to a never ending stream of propaganda describing how we are experiencing civil division at a level unseen in the history of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The coronation of King Donnie has a lot to do with it, of course, as the liberals who dominate the news media are doing all that they can to convince the rest of us that we are perched on the edge of the destruction of Amerikan civilization.  But they are all wrong.  What divides us is far less than what unites us.  Don't believe me?  Let me give you some examples.
Here is a complete list of the things that divide the citizens of this immoral and profligate country:
  • How to divide up the money that is taken from the top 49% of the income population.  The liberals want to spend more on social programs and the conservatives want to spend more on expanding the empire.  But both agree that tremendous amounts of money should be spent on both areas.  In reality, there is very little difference between the two groups when it comes to dividing up the booty.
  • How to define morality.  This is the only real difference between the two camps in this land.  Progressives want to stamp out all vestiges of Christian morality and the conservatives want to retain a sanitized and secular version of Christian morality.  This divide is real but it has little to no real impact upon the citizens of the land.  Debates about who can use public bathrooms and if Christian businesses have to bake cakes for God-hating homosexuals truly effect very few people.
In comparison to the two, or one and a half, things that divide the citizens of this land there are at least a dozen things that unite us every single day.  Here is an incomplete list of the things that unite the citizens of this immoral and profligate country:
  • Everyone agrees that government is grand and worthy of worship.  Everyone turns to civil government as the source of all good.  Everyone believes that the solutions to life's problems are to be found in government legislation.  The refrain, "there ought to be a law," is the first thing on the lips of all loyal citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
  • Everyone worships the military and everyone associated with it.  Just try to say something negative about the armed services and the people who populate it and you will find out precisely what I mean.  There is no end to the worship of the military in this militaristic empire.
  • Just like the military, the police and some group that is now called "first responders" are all venerated as heroes.  They are nothing more than government employees in jobs that are not nearly as dangerous as they would have us believe.  Nevertheless, we are constantly told they are all great people and that we would soon be overrun by terrorists and natural disasters were it not for their valiant efforts on our behalf.  
  • All the citizens of this country are dedicated to the expansion of the Amerikan Empire.  All of the citizens of this land love the Empire and want to see it grow.  There may be some disagreements about how fast, and where, the Empire should grow but nobody but a handful of freedom lovers, pejoratively labeled "isolationists" by the loyal citizens of the land, ever dares to criticize the fact that the Empire exists and is constantly expanding.
  • Government is believed to be the source of economic prosperity by almost all citizens of this economically ignorant country.  Our career politicians drone on endlessly telling us how many jobs or how much economic growth they have created.  Every assertion they make is a blatant lie but the citizens of this land, blinding by love of government, believe everything they are told.
  • Politicians are altruistic and "public service" is the most noble of careers, according to the state-worshiping citizens of this idolatrous land.  Don't let the fact that public opinion surveys inform you that politicians are ranked low on the "trustworthiness" scale.  The truth is to be seen in the way people behave, not in what they tell pollsters.  People still flock to government and political jobs and people still believe that those who fill those jobs are doing so out of a desire to serve us, the citizens of this enslaved country.  
  • One thing that everyone but a couple dozen of us agree upon is that the Law of God as found in the Bible is never to be the law of the land.  Neither is it to be consulted when considering what should be the law of the land.  Christians and God-hating pagans alike come together and hold metaphorical hands when it comes to the principle of rejecting God's law as the proper moral and legal standard for this immoral and illegal country.
  • Closely related to the rejection of God's law is the associated principle on which there is also general agreement, namely, that Christians are to remain silent in the public square.  Christian views on various social, economic and political issues are not permitted.  The myth of neutrality reigns supreme.  Christians have adopted the myth of neutrality and put down the central truths found in the Bible in favor of a humanistic approach to running a country.  God-haters have convinced Christians that there is some common ground where they can meet and discuss issues in a productive fashion.  That notion is utterly false but the Christians have adopted it nonetheless.
  • Everyone agrees that free markets are dangerous and need to be regulated by government bureaus.  Strangely, this principle finds almost universal agreement, even among those who consider themselves to be proponents of the free market.  In advocating government regulation of free markets the citizens of this horrible country specifically ignore the fact that consumers regulate the free market far better than government bureaus ever will.  But the citizens of this land do not trust the consumers and they hate freedom so the government is called in to protect us all from evil, profit seeking corporations.  
  • Associated with the call for government to regulate the free market is the call for government to regulate all of our lives.  Almost everyone quickly runs to government looking for special privileges and powers over the others citizens of the land.  Whenever someone does not like something that might take place he calls for a career politician to do something to protect him and his interests, all in the name of "public safety and welfare," of course.  The people scream out for regulations and those who rule over us are happy to provide them.  Government has become the source of personal security, even though it is completely incapable of delivering that particular commodity.
  • Since 9/11 Amerikans are in total agreement that the primary job of government is to protect us from "bad guys," whoever they are.  The historic concept that government exists to protect the rights of the minority from the tyranny of the majority has long since been abandoned.  The historic concept that the government that governs the least governs the best is dead.  The accurate understanding that government is incapable of providing personal security has disappeared down the memory hole. In its place we have become a nation of sheeple who gladly give up our freedom in exchange for a specious promise of government provided personal security. 
  • The religious doctrine of Amerikan Exceptionalism unites all but the bold and crazy few who populate this land.  Nobody but the occasional Welshman believes that Amerikans are pretty much like everyone else in the world.....sinful human beings who, in our case, have way too much power.  Merely suggesting that we are not morally, culturally, militarily, philosophically, athletically and governmentally superior to everyone else in the world is seen as an act of seditious treason. 
I could go on with many more examples of how we are united as a nation but I think you get the point.  So when you hear some media outlet with an ax to grind telling you that we are a divided nation, just take a moment to consider that we are all adherents of the same religion.  We all worship the same Beast, praised be his name forever, amen.

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