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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Reallly Stupid Proposal

Monday's Denver Post had an above the crease front page story entitled, "Height of go green."  The by-line of the story said, "Should the city of Denver require rooftop gardens to help slow human-caused climate change?  Voters might decide this year."  What followed has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever read in my life.  Let's consider this stupid idea here today.
A couple of radical environmental wackos have decided that anthropomorphic global warming is true.  That is the first amazingly stupid thing they believe.  The world may indeed be getting incrementally warmer but to believe that human beings are responsible for that change is the epitome of human hubris and ignorance.  Madison Backens (a female) is a 22 year old biology student at the University of Colorado/Denver.  She is the primary sponsor of the proposed new law.  The campaign manager for the proposed  new rule is a 30 year old idiot named Brandon Rietheimer.  These two believe they can change Denver for the better and stop human-caused global warming at the same time.  Following the example of San Francisco (is there a better role model?) these two human dynamos are proposing a new zoning ordinance that would "require gardens atop most new buildings of at least 25,000 square feet."
A report I heard last week said that Denver is now the eight least affordable housing market in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The primary reason Denver housing is so unaffordable has to do with the existing rules and regulations in regards to the construction of large scale apartments and condominiums.  I have posted to this blog on that topic previously, found here, here and here.  Less expensive multi-family housing construction in Denver has ground to a halt for all of the reasons stated in the three posts cited above.  Just last week I read another story about how Denver's regulations about constructing "affordable housing" has brought about a state of affairs in which developers of downtown condominium complexes are charging more for the high end condos in order to subsidize the low end condos they are required to build to meet the city's "affordable housing" requirements.  The developers readily admit that they can't sell a low end condo for what it costs to build it so guess who ends up footing the bill?  As expected when government gets involved in building projects, wealth is transferred from the "wealthy," whoever they are, to people connected to the government in some fashion.  It pays to be a favored son of the civil government.  It is all immoral, unjust and an act of robbery but it is the law.
Now Maddy and Branny, as they like to be called, have entered the picture with another deleterious proposal for the Denver housing market.  Maddy said this in her defense of her brainless proposal, "I am very passionate about climate change, and with our recent election, its time for our citizens to take the initiative and battle some of the climate changes we are experiencing."  Can this woman get any dumber?  Does she really believe a new law forcing developers to put a ridiculous garden on the roofs of their apartment complexes is going to stop global warming?  The developers, of course, will be forced to pay for the gardens but who will maintain them?  I would also like to know what would be permitted to be grown there.  Can a resident of the complex grow marijuana there?  How about tomatoes?  Or does a prospective urban farmer have to get approval from Maddy and Branny before planting something in his rooftop farmland?  I suspect Maddy and Branny have already calculated which crops are most effective at combating global warming and they will probably come forth with a list of approved crops as a part of their ballot proposal.
I am a citizen, just like Maddy, and I am very passionate about the fact that if the world is getting warmer I like it.  I want a warmer world. Human beings have always been better off when the world has been warmer.  There are more agricultural products grown when the world is warmer.  People get more exposure to the sun and more vitamin D in their bloodstreams as a result of warmer temperatures.  High levels of vitamin D keep people from getting cancer, diabetes and MS.  People are generally happier when it is warmer.  When is the last time you heard someone complain about the winter being too warm?  Warmth is good. Warmth is our friend.  We, the citizens of the SDA, should embrace warmth with a passion.  Why should Maddy be allowed to pass a law to attempt to bring about a colder world?  Why should she not be arrested for infringing upon my right to a warm world?  I think there should be a new law and I might just try and get it on the ballot for a November 7th vote.  My proposal is that anyone who does anything to try and prevent global warming should be banished to Siberia each winter until they change their minds about man-caused global warming.  Is that a great proposal or what?

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