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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why Fly A Flag At A Funeral?

A man named Scott Von Lanken was brutally murdered in downtown Denver on January 31st of this year.  Scott was working as a security guard for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) when he was killed.  He was 56 years of age and leaves behind a wife and adult twin daughters.  The murderer apparently was simply roaming around Union Station in downtown Denver looking for someone to kill.  Scott ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Scott was also a pastor at Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland.  All reports are that Scott was a well liked, even beloved, pastor at his church.
The Denver Post carried a front page story about Scott's funeral on Tuesday, February 7th.  Along with the story was a photograph of the mourners coming out of the church as the casket was being placed into the hearse.  The photograph shows Scott's wife and daughters and what are apparently some of their close friends.  The photograph also shows several Loveland Sheriff's Department officers standing at attention.  In addition to the people present in the photograph there are at least ten flags of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika visible.  I am sorry for the Von Kanken family's loss.  I am sorry that a good man was cut down in the prime of life in a senseless act of murder.  I am sorry for the people who loved and respected Scott Von Lanken.  And I am angry that Sheriff's officers and Amerikan flags were present at his funeral.  Let's talk about that today.
Before I begin my rant let me say straight up that Scott's family was free to memorialize him in any way they saw fit.  My anger at the presence of gun-carrying employees of the civil government and the many examples of the holy icon of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika has nothing to do with how they decided to remember Scott.  I don't even know if the family was responsible for the presence of the officers and the flags.  All I know is that they were there and I find that very disturbing.
The gun-toting thugs who enforce the immoral laws of the SDA upon us have made a cottage industry out of attending funerals all across the land.  One of my favorite stories was about a couple of cops from Denver who were arrested in, if I recall correctly (and I probably don't), South Dakota while driving to a funeral for some cop who was killed there.  As they were pulled over they were tossing six-packs out the window of their vehicle.  They were speeding and extremely drunk.  It was a nice little vacation for them until the media found out what they had done.  And that is precisely my point.  Uniformed and gun carrying government employees are paid by taxpayers like me.  Please explain to me why you have the right or the responsibility to spend the time I am paying you to do you job going around the country to funerals for people you do not even know.  In Scott's case, please explain to me why Loveland Sheriff's department thugs found it necessary to attend the funeral of a pastor and employee of Denver's RTD.  It seems to me that the taxpayers are being ripped off and our enforcers of the rules are being given multiple vacation days that we did not give them in their original employment contracts. I find that very disturbing.
What does the SDA flag symbolize to you?  When you look at the flag do you think about your wife and kids?  Do you think about your brothers and sisters?  Do you think about your parents?  Do you think about your church?  Do you think about any of your fellow church members?  Do you think about your neighbors?  Do you think about neighbors you used to know?  Do you think about your business?  Do you think about your customers?  Do you think about the stock market?  Do you think about television shows or movies?  Do you think about the mountains or the ocean?  Do you think about New York or Los Angeles?  Do you think about your last airline flight?  Do you think about your car?   Do you think about your favorite hobbies?  I suspect most people would consider the list of questions I just asked to be absurd.  Nobody thinks about any of those things when they look at the flag.  And that is precisely my point.
I believe almost every citizen of the SDA thinks of one of only two things when she sees a flag.  Those two things are politics (and the politicians who infest the political system) or the military. In other words, when people see the flag they think of the all-powerful, all-knowing, always beneficent State.  The flag symbolizes their god.  If I combine both politics and the military I believe it is fair to say I now have the Imperial Empire of Amerika.  In other words, the flag represents the Amerikan Empire as it defends its interests and expands around the world, blessed and praised be its name forever and ever, amen.
If I am correct about the meaning of the holy icon of the SDA, and I believe that I am, then flying a flag at a funeral for a citizen of the SDA who was neither a politician nor a soldier is nothing more than a assertion of the power and authority of the State over the rank and file citizens who populate this idolatrous land.  It is also an acknowledgement that the god of this country is the State.  If I am wrong about the meaning of the holy icon of the SDA, please tell me what it really does symbolize.  Include in your answer an explanation for why politicians and soldiers are always draped in the flag.  Also please explain why so many citizens fly flags at their homes on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Presidents Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day and Veterans Day while nobody flies a flag on New Year's, St. David's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.
I conclude that flying a flag at a funeral for a person who was neither a politician nor a soldier is nothing more than idolatrous worship of the State.  For those who are Christians, flying the holy icon of the Amerikan Empire at a funeral is especially blasphemous.  Why should the symbol of every murderous and immoral war of empire expansion ever undertaken by the rulers of this country be present at the funeral of a Christian?  If a flag must be flown at a funeral let it be the Christian flag.  Let it be something that represents the biblical truth that moral wars are always defensive in nature.  Let it be something that represents the biblical truth that God is not pleased with the Empire.   But that, of course, will never happen.  The Christian Church in the SDA is nothing more than the False Prophet in service of the Beast.  But why did that truth have to be shown so starkly at Scott's funeral?

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