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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Untold Story

Are you as tired as I am with the old story about how the richest couple of human beings on the face of the earth own most all of it?  I don't see much point in making points such as that one unless the goal is to foster envy in the hearts and minds of those who are not in the top 49% of the income population of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Inevitably the story is always the same....some evil rich people became rich off the backs of the noble poor and the noble poor want the government to do something about it.  What do they want?  They want a confiscatory progressive tax system designed to punish the productive and reward the lazy.  Since we live in a democracy where 51% of the population can vote away the property of the politically unprotected 49% of the population the envy-filled citizens of this immoral country and their political lackeys have managed to do precisely what they set out to do. They have legalized theft, provided the person being robbed belongs to the top 49%. Don't believe me?  Look at this:

This information is old since it is being provided to us by a government organization.  Government bureaus have no incentive to be timely in anything they do because they will get paid, with taxpayer dollars, whether they do their jobs or not. Regardless, the above graph shows the situation that existed in this sad country in 2013.   Take a moment to examine it and then strive mightily to convince yourself that the truth it represents is good, proper and moral.
The top half of the taxpayers in this land pay almost all of the federal taxes.  That means the bottom half of the taxpayers of this land get a totally free ride when it comes to federal spending programs.  Not surprisingly, the bottom half of the income population is made up mostly of people who receive much more from the government than they pay into it.  Conversely,  the top half of the income population is made up mostly of people who pay much more into the government than they receive from it.  The socialist dream has been realized in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The rich are being robbed by the State and the poor are being enriched by the State.  Meanwhile, all who work for the State are becoming very rich.
I believe taxes should be fair and that all people should pay their fair share of the bill for the wonderful and magnificent government services we all receive in this generous and loving land.  That means the blue column and the yellow column in the above graph should always be equal in height.  That would be fair.  Each income cohort would be paying taxes equal to their share of the income.  But that is not what we see.  On the contrary, the top 1% of the income population pays 38% of the federal tax bill while earning only 19% of the income.  Conversely, the bottom 50% of the income population pays 3% of the federal tax bill while earning 11% of the income.  Where is the fairness in that?
The closest the federal tax system comes to being fair is with the folks who fall between the top 5% and 10% of the income population.  Those folks earn 11% of the income and pay 11% of the taxes.  But who, among the viciously envious citizens of this land, believes that people earning enough money to be in the 5-10 percent cohort are paying their fair share of the taxes?  Nobody that I know of.  Everyone I read and hear tells me those people are vile, disgusting, sub-human and worthy of death for their unwillingness to turn over their money and property to people who simply do not want to be bothered with the necessity of work.  What a great country we live in. 
Excuse me, I have a janitorial job to go do.  I will rejoice that only 30% of my income will be taken from me and given to lazy people while I work.  I will praise the noble poor because they refuse to work for me in a job as disgusting as janitorial work.  But most of all I will bless the holy and powerful name of the State, may it be praised forever.  The State is my shepherd, I shall not want.

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