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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our King Is A God

If you ever doubted that the rank and file citizen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika bows down before the throne of the King and worships and adores him as a god, doubt no more.  The recent arguments and fights between those who support our new King and those who loved the old King are a perfect illustration of the reality of religious worship of civil government and its career politicians in this idolatrous and evil land.  Let me give you an example of that today.
Robbie Garland of Aurora, Colorado wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post recently in which he made several interesting statements.  Allow me to quote his letter here in full:
"Letter writer Bradley Mitchell writes that we are better off than eight years ago because now the GOP controls government.  That is unknowable, subjective and speculative.  I offer objectives reasons we are better off because of President Obama.  Seventeen million jobs have been added, which is the second most of any president, Bill Clinton having added the most.  Deficit reduction from $1.3 trillion to $458 billion, $858 billion tax cut in 2010, stimulus package that ended the recession, Dow Jones more than doubled, unemployment rate reduced from 8 percent to 4.9 percent.  Here in Denver, property values have risen dramatically.  There are hundreds more achievements by Obama, but I have made my point.  After four years of GOP control, let's revisit these objective, knowable measurements of achievement."
Well there you have it.  The King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is directly responsible for creating jobs, reducing government spending, cutting taxes, inflating the money supply to create economic growth, causing stock prices to rise, reducing unemployment, causing real estate values to rise and "hundreds" of other things Robbie believes he is capable of doing.  Let's consider each of Robbie's religious beliefs, in the order he presented them.
The King cannot create a single net job.  Government spending can create the illusion of new jobs being created but the taxes used to pay for those jobs take money from the economy and create a net loss of total employment when all things are considered.  Only profit seeking businessmen are capable of creating jobs in the economy.  Despite this fact, profit seeking businessmen are universally despised by those who worship civil government and the King.  That is what envy will do to the mind of a man.
All spending bills come from Congress.  All tax bills originate in the House.  All the King does is sign off on spending and tax bills that come from Congress.  King Obama had nothing to do with reducing government spending or cutting taxes.  Furthermore, I have a hard time seeing how an almost half billion dollar annual deficit, admittedly down from over a trillion dollar one, is a good thing. Religious worship can blind a mind to the truth.
The "stimulus package" was a creation of the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is entirely separate and independent of the King and his Court.  In addition, the inflation created by the Fed did not end the recession that it had previously created.  It only made it harder for profit seeking businesses to bring about new economic growth.  The recovery from the Great Recession has been slow entirely because of the stimulus package Robbie extols.  Corporations ended the recession, although they are routinely despised by the envy-filled socialists who populate this evil and immoral country.  Don't expect a true believer to see the truth.
How in the world can anyone believe that the King is responsible for stocks going up?  Stocks are traded billions of times a day by millions of people.  Each person who trades stocks does so for his own reasons.  The overall direction of the stock market is determined by what the majority of those who trade stocks believe about the future value of those stocks.  That has nothing to do with the King.  Profit seeking businessmen are responsible for the rise in the stock market, not career politicians. 
The rate of unemployment, if what the government quotes even comes remotely close to what is taking place in the real world, has nothing to do with actions by the god-King who rules over us.  Unemployment declines when more people work.  More people work when profit seeking businesses create more jobs.  If the unemployment rate has truly declined, you need to thank corporations for that reality.  Have you thanked a profit seeking corporation lately?  You should.
Real estate prices in Denver have risen largely due to the fact that do-good environmentalists have created so many rules and regulations about what can be built most developers have left town in search of greener pastures.  So Robbie is right up to a point.  But it was not the King who was responsible for the rise in real property values.  It has been the actions of politicians and their immoral and harmful rules that has given the Denver real estate market a boost in apparent value.  Oh, by the way, wasn't it the government artificially inflating the value of real estate that caused the Great Recession in the first place? 
Everything Robbie believes to be good is directly attributable to profit seeking corporations.  Yet Robbie ascribes glory, honor and power to the King of the SDA for all of these good things.  What is that if not religious worship?  What is Robbie if not an idolater?  What are the citizens of the SDA if not religious zealots out to love and adore their deities, especially their King?  In case you are not aware, worshiping a false god will get you into a lot of trouble in the next life.  You might want to think about that the next time you bow down to the god-King of this land.

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