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Monday, February 6, 2017

It Is Time To Tax Churches Into Oblivion

King Donnie has sputtered and huffed and puffed and made some comments about his desire to abolish the Johnson Amendment.  The Johnson Amendment, for those of you like me who have no idea what it is, was created by former King Lyndon Johnson and it prohibited churches, and other non-profit organizations, from endorsing political candidates under punishment of losing their tax exemption status if they did so.  In the case of churches it was generally argued that the strict wall of separation between church and state requires the law, thus ensuring that no political speech emanating from preachers is ever subsidized by the taxpayers.  Certainly a more heinous criminal act cannot be conceived of, can it?
Gary Schluter of Fort Collins believes that King Donnie is way off base with his comments about ending the Johnson Amendment.  He writes this to the Denver Post:  "President Donald Trump wants to repeal the 'Johnson Amendment' and allow churches to become more political in backing candidates directly from the pulpit.  I say that we take this even further and repeal churches' tax exemptions as well.  If the churches can get involved in politics, then the very ground they sit on should be taxed. Talk about a way to give a huge tax boost to struggling cities, counties and states."
Gary hates the God of the Bible with a passion.  Gary loves civil government, especially cities, counties and states.  God will deal with him as He sees fit.  Gary also wants to punish the people who believe in and follow the God of the Bible for their belief that they have a right to talk about politics in their churches.  Gary, like almost all God-haters in this God-hating country, believes that Christians have no right to enter the public square and voice their opinions about political matters unless they first promise to never refer to anything God has said about any matter as found in the Bible.  They call this being "neutral" and require it of all Christians who dare to say anything of a political nature.  Sadly, many Evangelicals have adopted Gary's myth of neutrality and agree to never say anything that comes from the Bible in the public square.  Of course that makes Christians totally culturally irrelevant, which is precisely what Gary desires.
Gary understands nothing about the doctrine of taxation.  That does not make him unique. Scarcely one in a million citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika understands what a tax is.  Allow me to enlighten him, and millions of others.  A tax is a statement of authority over another entity or group of people.  When the civil government properly tells me that it has the right to take 10% of my income to support its activities, it is asserting its God-given authority over me to do so.  When the civil government improperly tells me that it has the right to take some percentage greater than 10% of my income to support its activities, it is asserting an illegitimate authority over me and will be punished by the God of the Bible for doing so.  When the church tells me that I must tithe (a tithe is 10%) my income to the church it is asserting its legitimate authority over me by demanding that precise amount of money from me to finance its activities.  When the church, more precisely its leadership,  asserts that God has no opinion about how much its members should give it is abrogating its responsibility to inform its membership precisely what God requires of them.  In all cases the right to tax is a God-given right established to finance the activities of each group.
Nobody ever considers the nature of the war that has been fought between the Church and the State over the centuries.  Ever since the establishment of the Christian Church as the official church of the Roman Empire, the Church and the State have fought over which institution is superior to the other.  Although considered laughable by modern men, God's opinion on the matter is that the Church is the superior institution and that the State should submit to its moral declarations.  The God-hating citizens of the SDA reject God's Word on the matter and establish themselves, by the illegitimate and immoral means of democracy, as the final authority in all matters, thus declaring themselves to be gods.  God will deal with all believers in the doctrines of democracy as well.
The reason the State has no right to tax anything that belongs to the Church is simple.  The State is inferior to the Church and an inferior institution has no legitimate right to tax a superior one.  The fact that churches are still tax exempt in this country is a historical accident that has come down to our age from a time when people actually believed what I just wrote.  At the same time however, modern men will have no tolerance for the Church when it comes to people from within the Church instructing them about how they should behave.  Hence we have the Johnson Amendment and the prohibition against engaging in political speech from the pulpit.  The Johnson Amendment is a stark testimony to the fact that tolerance, inclusiveness and unity are hollow words used by God-haters to persecute the Christian Church. 
I agree with Gary.  I believe it is time we recognize the fact that the SDA is a post-Christian society, if it was ever a Christian society to begin with.  The God-haters have won and they control the show.  Let's give them what they want.  Along with Gary I would support a confiscatory real estate tax upon all Church property.  Something double the current rate for residential property would be nice.  In addition I support a 50% income tax on all church receipts.  Moreover, no contributions to the church should ever be tax deductible.  By imposing just these three simple tax laws, that recognize what most people already believe about the church anyway, the civil government could effectively drive the Christian Church in the SDA underground.  It is time for the gloves to come off.  It is time for the State to show its true colors.  It is time for the State to tax churches into oblivion.  And may the State, in all its power and glory, be praised forever and ever, amen.

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