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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Government School Students Have Entitlement Complexes

I had just returned home from the gym yesterday and was making my way towards a hot shower when the doorbell rang.  Assuming that it was Publisher's Clearing House with a gigantic novelty check worth millions of dollars payable to me I stopped before heading to the shower to open the door.  That was my first mistake.  My second mistake was engaging the government school air-head who was standing on my front porch in a conversation.  Let me tell you about that interchange today.
I forget the name of the boy who was standing before me.  The only good thing I can write about him was the fact that he did not use the word 'like' repeatedly.  That was the only good thing.  He wasted no time launching into his spiel, not even asking my name or if I was particularly interested in standing in a cold open doorway while dripping wet from my workout.  I have a steel security door on my front porch for instances just like this.  I made no attempt to open the door as he clumsily attempted to hand me a card that contained a list of magazine subscriptions I could purchase in order to give him points to help him towards his goal of attaining some sort of "scholarship."  I learned all of this in a scant few moments as this young man would not shut up as he told me all about himself.
After a couple minutes of his monologue I interrupted with a question.  "What is in this for me?" I asked him.  Amazingly he didn't miss a beat.  He told me that I would have the pleasure of helping him earn additional points on the way to his goal of a "scholarship" to somewhere for some reason.  Things began to degenerate when I immediately informed him that I did not care about him or his scholarship and that I was mostly interested in taking a hot shower and he stood between me and the bar of soap waiting for me upstairs.
This boy was well trained.  He quickly dodged my blunt statement about his utter meaninglessness to me and tried the "support our troops" scam.  He informed me that if I purchased some subscriptions I would then be given the honor of receiving photographs and notes from some platoon of soldiers working for the military of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I told him that I consider soldiers of the Amerikan Empire to be murderers as they prosecute their immoral wars around the world.  He countered with a jolly "no problem" and proceeded to launch into a description of how I could get a photograph and letters from a local day care center instead.
After he described the day care option I told him that I was already supporting two grandchildren with tens of thousands of dollars a year in cash and prizes and that I was not interested in the children of other people, especially single mothers who were probably in that predicament due to their own sexual promiscuity.  That is when things finally turned south.  His merry banter immediately stopped (he is probably the kid of a single mom, I thought to myself) and he turned on his heel and walked away, all the while mumbling something about what a jerk I was.
I closed the door and headed to the shower.  I have to admit I was angry with this product of the government school system.  I probably should have reserved my anger for the government school teachers who have indoctrinated him but I did not have the displeasure of having to deal with them.  Instead I had to deal with a young man who has no idea how the world works.  He had come to my home, interrupted my schedule, expected me to stand in cold air while dripping wet, made no attempt to find out anything about me and proceeded to tell me how I could do things for him to make his life easier.  When I did not purchase what he was trying to sell he went away angry with me!  How can a person have a view of the world that is so distorted that he would go away from our interchange angry with me?  Incredible.
This was not the first time I have had an encounter of this type.  They all follow the same predictable pattern.  Some government school kid shows up at my door and proceeds to inform me that it is my moral duty to help him out in some way.  When I ask him what I gain from the proposed transaction he will readily admit that I gain nothing but an ephemeral sense of pleasure from doing him a good deed.  Why these kids cannot see that makes them nothing more than beggars I do not know.  Why they are not ashamed of themselves for what they are doing I do not understand.  Why they get angry with me when I explain to them the real world principle that if you want to get something from someone you must first have something to offer that person in exchange I can't comprehend.
I am driven to the conclusion that one of the lessons being taught to the students in government schools in my area is that in addition to expecting me to pay for their buildings, teachers and educational supplies, I am also expected to go above and beyond the call of duty and do special things for them even though I don't know them from Adam and don't care who they are in the slightest.  Clearly their teachers are instructing them that taxpayers like me are there to be fleeced.  Quite obviously they are being taught that taxpayers like me exist to serve their every need and whim.  And very sadly they have all been successfully indoctrinated in the concept that they are special and entitled to the time and property of others, even though they do nothing to earn it.  That makes them perfect future citizens for the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.

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