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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Amerikans Hate Freedom

Yesterday's post was about how only a tiny minority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika believe that Edward Snowden's exposure of rampant and massive spying upon the citizens of this country by our own government indicates that we have a serious moral problem.  Most of the sheep who live in this geo-political zone think it is just dandy when their rulers monitor their every step, their every financial transaction and, in some cases, their every thought.  I argued yesterday that the primary reason the citizens of this sad and immoral country are pleased to have their rulers spy on them is their mistaken belief that being spied upon somehow increases their personal security in an insecure world.  Let's think about that for a while today.
Human beings are generally imbued with a slave mentality.  This slave mentality is enhanced by a variety of internal and external influences.  As a result of the presence of this slave mentality the great majority of human beings prefer to be in a state of slavery as opposed to a state of freedom.  The slave mentality convinces the slave that the single cost of slavery, the forfeiture of his freedom, is worth the wide range of alleged advantages he believes he possesses as a result of being a slave.  Becoming and remaining a slave is much more desirable than living as a freeman in a world with no guarantees.  The slave gladly hands over his freedom in exchange for a promise of security, even if the promised security is specious.
We see examples of the slave mentality everywhere.  College campuses today are rife with this mindset.  The snowflakes (not my word but a good one indeed) who attend college in this terrified country are themselves terrified of free speech and the free actions of some of their fellow students.  They are offended by everything and anything that they do not want to hear or see that makes them feel bad about themselves (the ultimate act of human evil).  So what do they do?  They flee to their masters, the professors and administrators of the colleges, and ask to be enslaved.  Their masters are  happy to oblige them with a slew of new rules and regulations that stifle the free speech and personal freedoms of all students so as to not harm the delicate mentalities of the slaves.
The entire governmental system of the SDA is designed to inculcate slavery and suppress freedom.  The institution of democracy is itself a slave creating institution.  At first look it might appear as if democracy is for free men since everyone is given an opportunity to vote for the people who will rule over them and the rules they will be required to obey.  At second look it becomes quite apparent that, in a democracy, the majority of the voters use the system to enslave themselves by forcing others to obey the dictates of their new rules and regulations.  For example, when a voting bloc is successful at getting a new tax passed against another group of SDA citizens the first thing that happens is that first bloc becomes dependent upon the revenue created by the new tax extracted from the second, smaller, bloc of voters.  In addition, the first bloc always lobbies for the new tax as a means to avoid the responsibility of living as free people in a free land.  The only thing the first bloc of voters desires out of the political system is a free lunch, which is always provided if a majority can be obtained.  That is slavery, pure and simple.
What is the first thing that happens when one person does not like what a free person does in a free society?  I think we all know the answer to that question.  The first thing that happens is that first person says, "there ought to be a law about such and such."  If a majority of the voters happen to agree with what the first person believes there will soon be a law about such and such.  In the SDA laws are not created to establish justice.  We all know and recognize that laws in this country are created to give one group of citizens some sort of advantage or power over the rest of the citizens in this envy filled land.  Creating laws to turn our fellow citizens into slaves has the direct impact of making slaves of those who create the laws in the first place as they become utterly dependent upon  the new laws to protect them from the machinations of the free market.
The ultimate sign of the intense hatred felt by the slaves who populate this despicable country is their equally intense hatred for the free market.  Free men love the free market.  Slaves hate the free market.  Free men are saddened when impediments to free market activity are created by the government while slaves rejoice as the regulatory state impinges upon all of life's ventures.  The free market is the ultimate litmus test of your belief in freedom.  In the free market each individual is required to bring some sort of skill in service to the rest of the citizens of this land or suffer the consequences.  Lazy, arrogant, stupid, selfish and state-worshiping slaves abhor the idea that they are actually required to do something in service to their neighbors in order to earn a profit.  Conversely they adore the idea of the state, by means of a confiscatory system of taxation, taking money from the politically unprotected minority of "rich" people and giving it to them.  Once again everyone becomes a slave in service to the civil government.  And once again it is only a tiny minority of the percentage of the population of this country who perceive this enslavement as a negative.  Almost nobody who lives in the SDA believes in the moral propriety of a totally free and unfettered free market.  I conclude that almost nobody who lives in the SDA believes in freedom.  I also conclude that most citizens of the SDA are contented slaves.
There is a country on the face of the earth today that has taken slavery to the highest pinnacle of success.  All socialist countries are somewhere on the path to becoming a country defined as completely unfree but this country has actually accomplished that goal.  That country is North Korea.  The photograph shown below was taken by NASA and shows what it looks like when one peers down upon the part of the earth where China, North Korea and South Korea are found during the night.  The inky blackness you see in the middle of the photograph is that area of land known as North Korea, as it is sandwiched in between China to the north and South Korea to the South.  What you see there is a direct result of the slave mentality.  If SDA citizens stay on the path they are on today we can expect that same sort of darkness in our lives.  I guess that darkness will end up being a blessing as it will prevent us from seeing just how bad things really are. 
Image result for satellite photograph of north and south korea at night

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