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San Juan Mountains
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kudos to the Eight Richest Men on Earth.

Kudos to the eight richest men on earth.  They have amassed enough wealth that their combined net worth exceeds that of the entire lower half of the net worth population of the world.  And a profound thank you to each of them as well.  Without them our lives would be considerably harder and more impoverished.  They have created millions of jobs for people all around the world.  They have produced hundreds of billions of dollars of goods and services and sold them to willing customers for prices the customers were willing to pay.  They have engaged in voluntary and free transactions both on the production and sales sides of their companies.  Everywhere they have gone they have made people better off.  And they accomplished all of these things without any coercion, regulations or laws requiring people to buy their products.  Nobody was imprisoned for not purchasing their goods and every citizen of the world is satisfied with the outcome of their activities.  Well, almost every citizen of the world.  Actually there is quite a large group of people who are dissatisfied with their activities.  They are envy-filled socialists and they are up in arms.  Let me tell you about it.
A group of eggheads and pseudo-intellectuals get together in Davos, Switzerland this time each year to talk about things that rich folks, eggheads and pseudo-intellectuals like to talk about.  I never pay much attention to their activities because I am not an egghead.  And the last time any form of the word 'intellectual' was used in reference to me it in was in a sentence preceded by the prefix "sub."  And the last time anyone described me as being rich it was in this sentence, "You are rich with ignorance."  Nevertheless, and despite my density, an article in the local newspaper caught my eye the other day.  It told me that a group of government worshiping socialists, that go by the trade name of Oxfam International, had descended upon the folks in Davos with the intention of trying to make them feel guilty for being rich.
Apparently the eight richest men (sorry ladies, they are all men, and quite probably sexist to boot) have a combined net worth that is equal to the poorest 3.6 billion people who live on the earth today.  I will not dispute Oxfam's numbers and assume they are correct.  Bill Gates leads the list of evil men with a net worth over $40 billion.  The combined net worth of the top eight men comes to around $300 billion which, interestingly enough, would fund about six months of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika's budget dedicated to waging war and expanding the empire around the world.  When considered in those terms it does not sound like all that much money.  But when socialists are involved they always spin the facts in a way to incite envy in the hearts of sinful men.  According to Winnie, the Executive Director of Oxfam International, "It is obscene for so much wealth to be held in the hands of so few when one in ten people survive on less than $2 per day."
What I find to be obscene in this scenario is Winnie's apparent inability to comprehend free market economics.  For a lady who speaks for the poor and oppressed around the world she sure does not understand much about how the world works.  The eight richest men in the world became the eight richest men in the world because they have served the physical needs of more of their fellow men than anyone else in the world.  These men should be getting awards for what they have done.  Instead, they are being declared evil men and accused of obscene behavior for doing more to help the physical needs of their fellow men than anyone else in the history of the world.
Winnie does not see things the way I do.  Like so many these days she believes profit seeking corporations are evil for the simple fact that they make a profit.  The more profitable a profit seeking corporation becomes the more evil its owners become.  She is blind to the fact that it is the oppressive activity of evil civil governments around the world that keep people in poverty.  She ignores the truth that the perpetual warfare that defines civil government around the world is a leading cause of abject poverty.  Instead, she confidently declared, "Inequality is trapping hundreds of millions in poverty; it is fracturing our societies and undermining democracy."  Let's consider her three assertions for a moment."
How is is that these eight fellows are guilty of the crime of "trapping hundreds of millions in poverty?"  Winnie does not say.  In fact, she makes no attempt to prove her assertion whatsoever.  She just throws it out there and the reporters at Davos dutifully record what she said as if it were one hundred percent true.  I am not satisfied with short quotes.  Winnie needs to give me some examples.  I challenge Winnie to provide just one example of one person living on the face of the earth today that has been trapped in his or her economic situation because of the actions of one of those eight men.  I believe that Winnie would quickly discover that her alleged victims of the obscene wealth of those eight men do not exist.  On the other hand, I could easily come up with a list of hundreds of thousands of people who have been enriched by those eight men as they sold their labor services to their companies via voluntary service contracts.  Winnie's allegation plays well to the envy-filled mind of the socialist but it is based upon nothing but hot air and inflammatory rhetoric.
Winnie also believes that those eight rich guys are somehow guilty of "fracturing our societies."  Once again she makes no attempt to explain how they have done that and she also makes no attempt to give any concrete examples that illustrate her claim.  I would like for Winnie to explain to me how eight guys running around doing nothing but engaging in voluntary and free transactions with millions of people around the world are somehow guilty of fracturing society, whatever that means.  I think I might have some idea about what Winnie means when she says that societies are being fractured but the lone culprit for the fracturing that I witness on a daily basis is civil government.  Syria is a fractured society.  Iraq is a fractured society.  The imperial armies of the SDA did the fracturing in those poor countries.  The SDA itself is terribly fractured these days as competing special interest groups all seek to obtain a larger share of the wealth that is stolen from the top 50% of the income population and distributed to the select few, in exchange for their votes of course.  Yes, I do see a lot of fractured things around me these days, but profit seeking companies are not the ones responsible for the damage.  All the damage is a result of civil government and the people who worship it.
I love Winnie's final accusation that eight rich guys are "undermining democracy."  Does Winnie even know what democracy is?  Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for lunch.  Democracy is the tyranny of the majority when the majority is always poorer than the minority.  Democracy is theft by majority vote, with no way to protect your assets if you are in the minority.  Democracy is the greatest source of legalized plunder in the civilized world today.  It is immoral through and through.  If these eight rich guys are truly undermining democracy they should receive medals recognizing their service to humanity by seeking to destroy an evil institution.
Sorry Winnie, your envy-filled and sinful tirades against eight true economic heroes does not play well in the land of the free.  Unfortunately it does play well in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  What a shame.

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