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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Christians Aren't Killing Themselves In Droves

There is a show on television called "This is Life," starring Lisa Ling and airing on CNN.  Over the past couple of weeks, and along with what seems to be half of the citizens of Denver, I have been suffering with a cold/cough combination that has seemingly gone on forever.  Being unable to sleep at night due to coughing fits I have spent time propped up in bed watching late night television.  During one of my coughing fits I tuned into Lisa's show.  It caught my eye because she was hanging out with a bunch of Satan worshipers who were dedicating a new statue of Satan at their house of worship.  What followed in the show neither shocked nor amazed me.  Let me tell you a bit about it today.
I don't know if it was Lisa's goal to present this particular church of Satan as consisting mostly of homosexual members, or if this particular church of Satan is mostly made up of homosexuals, or if I got a completely wrong idea about the relationship of some homosexuals to Satan but I finished watching the show with the powerful impression that at least this one group of homosexuals was dedicated to worshiping Satan because they thought it was consistent with their lifestyle choice. I found that most interesting.  I also found it quite consistent with their hatred of the God of the Bible.  Good for them.
Most of the part of the show that I watched consisted of an interview of a lesbian who was really angry with Christians.  Apparently, if I remember her story correctly, her brother had been a homosexual who was raised in a Christian home.  After he announced to the world that he was a homosexual his parents and fellow church members properly obeyed God's will and shunned him.  Not happy with that state of affairs he made the irrational decision to kill himself, which he promptly did.  His sister, the lesbian being interviewed, held the Christians in his life responsible for his suicide.  She believed they were guilty of murder.  
After observing what her brother had voluntarily decided to do with his life she quite irrationally and sinfully became angry with the entire Christian Church.  She decided that any God that would forbid homosexual behavior and chastise homosexuals for being homosexuals was a tyrant and not worthy of worship.  So this particular lesbian left the Christian Church in search of a god that would tell her she is just dandy.  She found that god when she discovered Satan.  Good for her.  A good portion of the show was dedicated to how happy she was now that she had found Satan and turned her life over to him.  He is everything she ever wanted in a god and life is good.  He has a wonderful plan for her life and all she has to do is worship him, which she now happily does.
Lisa was invited to attend the grand unveiling of the new statue of Satan.  She was the only non-member permitted into the building.  She described the service as mostly consisting of people who got drunk and had sex with each other, some heterosexual and some homosexual, until it was time to unveil the statue.  Then the curtain was lifted and everyone cheered their god, quickly returning to their drunken debauchery.  It sounded like a right edifying worship service and the lesbian pronounced herself to be quite satisfied with the way it was conducted.  That was the end of the show but it got me to thinking...
One of constant refrains of limp-wristed homosexual sissies is that they are viciously persecuted.  Another constant refrain of that politically protected group is that Christians are the primary culprits when it comes down to who is doing the persecuting.  I have a hard time seeing how they are persecuted when they appear to me to be one of the most celebrated, if not the most celebrated, special interest group in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika in our time.  Nevertheless, because not every single person in the universe runs up to them to affirm their lifestyle choices they consider themselves to be a terribly persecuted class.  Anytime some horrible Christians refuse to endorse their lifestyle choice they kill themselves, since that is the only reasonable thing to do in the face of such horrific persecution.  Why they care what a bunch of stupid Christians believe about them is never expressed.  Why killing themselves simply because somebody disagrees with their lifestyle choices is never explained.  Why suicide is the only way to deal with a legitimate disagreement about how to live life is never elucidated. 
Let's gain a bit of perspective about persecution, shall we?  According to the website , "Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, according to a new study from The Center for Studies on New Religions. The study found that over 90,000 Christians were murdered in 2016, 30 percent of whom at the hands of Islamic terrorists. The findings are unsurprising, as there has been a devastating upward trend in such persecution. According to the Christian advocacy group Open Doors, there has been a rise in the global prosecution of Christians for the last four years.  'Religious nationalism is sweeping the globe according to figures released today as part of the Open Doors 2017 World Watch List,' said Open Doors UK & Ireland CEO Lisa Pearce.  'Persecution levels have been rising rapidly across Asia and the Indian subcontinent, driven by extreme religious nationalism which is often tacitly condoned, and sometimes actively encouraged, by local and national governments,' she added."
I wonder why Christians are not killing themselves in droves?

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