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San Juan Mountains
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Real Globalism Problem

King-elect Donald Trump, or Donnie as he likes to be called, made a speech yesterday at some place in Indiana.  The Carrier Corporation, which makes heating and air conditioning systems I believe, had just been given a huge state tax break in exchange for a promise to keep some jobs in Indiana as opposed to shipping them to Mexico.   According to, "Trump's deal with United Technologies includes $7 million in financial incentives provided by Indiana to keep 1,100 jobs at Carrier, the company's heating and air conditioning unit, in the state. However, Carrier still plans to move roughly 1,300 other jobs to Mexico and close another facility in Indiana."  So the taxpayers of Indiana are financing the less efficient domestic business operations of Carrier by being forced by their political rulers to cough up $7 million dollars so Donnie can look good for the people who voted for him.  If I lived in Indiana I would be angry.
As future King Donnie said in a speech to the folks whose jobs he had just "saved", ""Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Not going to happen. It's not going to happen, I'll tell you right now."  Well now we know what the consequences will be.  During the campaign Donnie repeatedly told unemployed workers that he would force domestic profit seeking corporations to bring jobs back from foreign countries.  He also delivered strongly worded statements that he, as King, would not allow companies to ship jobs overseas.  The rank and file citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika liked that idea and cast their votes for Donnie.  Yesterday we saw the first fruits of the new King's policies.  King-elect Donnie is a crony capitalist of the worst kind.  He cuts special deals with special groups using taxpayer money and then he takes all the credit for "saving jobs."  What an idiot he is.
King Donnie believes it is a good idea to use millions of taxpayer jobs to "save" hundreds of jobs that need to be shipped overseas if the consumers are to be served.  The consumers get it both coming and going under Donnie's policies.  They are forced to pay higher prices for inferior goods produced in the good, old SDA and then they have their tax dollars transferred to those companies producing the inferior goods.  Nothing good ever comes from government intervention into the marketplace but envy-filled citizens of the SDA do not have the economic eyes to see the damage that is being done.  They will get precisely what they deserve.  Meanwhile, Donnie continues his crusade against economic globalism.
Jennifer Rubin is a conservative columnist for the Washington Post.  She wrote a column a week or so ago crying about how classic conservatives have been replaced by jingoistic populists parading around in conservative clothing.  In the course of her whining she made several comments about globalism that caught my attention.  She wrote, "Trump showed that much of the base of the party was driven far more by resentment of elitist arrogance, by a rejection of globalism, and by economic and cultural insecurity than by a commitment to conservative economic or political principles."  I believe she is spot on in her assessment.  Globalism, as the term is being used these days, means profit seeking corporations attempting to increase profits by using the cheapest labor available, wherever in the world it might be found.  Economic protectionists like King Donnie believe that is immoral and use the coercive power of civil government to prevent the free market from operating in the best interest of the consumers of this ignorant land.
Rubin continued, "The solution, however, is not nativism or populism; the former is contrary to the ethos of America, and the latter is sheer bunk.  Trade does not destroy millions of jobs, immigrants are not stealing our country, and the world is not going to get along without us if we shirk our international obligations."  Jennifer shows her true colors as a warfare-statist Republican in this comment.  She is correct, as warfare-statist Republicans usually are, when she writes about economics.  Free trade does not destroy jobs, it creates them.  Hindering free trade does not save jobs, it destroys them.  She is horribly wrong when she writes about international relations.  Jennifer believes in Amerikan exceptionalism.  As a devotee of that religion she believes that the government of the Amerikan empire has a moral duty to stick its nose into the domestic affairs of just about every other country in the world.  Jennifer believes that the SDA military has something called "international obligations."  She also believes that foreign nations cannot survive if we do not rule over them.  Now that is the real globalism problem.
Amerika as been at war with foreign countries for 216 of its 240 year history.  None of those wars was defensive in nature, making all of them immoral.  According to, "Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant 'Little Americas' to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined."  According to, "The US has killed more than 20 million people in 37 'Victim Nations' since World War II."  Amerikan economic sanctions against Iraq in the mid 1990s killed an estimated half million children.  Anytime anything happens anywhere in the world the King of the SDA has to say something about it, as if any of those things are his business.  Everywhere the Amerikan Empire, and its military arms, goes there is death, destruction and mayhem.  It never does anything morally good.  
Allowing profit seeking businesses to operate with liberty is a good thing.  Hindering their operations with government rules and regulations is always bad.  It is a good time to consider the idea of following the dictate of Thomas Jefferson and engaging in free trade with all nations and having entangling alliances with none.  That would be a brilliant foreign policy.  Do business with the good folks who live in foreign lands and leave our bombs at home.  It is never good business to kill your customers.  The SDA military, running willy-nilly around the world and murdering foreign nationals at will, is the real globalism problem.  Don't believe me? Ask any stinkin' foreigner and you will get the same answer....the Amerikan Empire is evil to the core.  

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another Day Of Meaningless Drivel

Friends of mine (yes, I have a few) tell me that I am a dinosaur because I am likely the only person remaining in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika who receives a paper newspaper each day.  Not only that, I still read it each day.  I also still prefer to read books that I hold in my hand and flip real paper pages than electronic versions of the same, but that is another post for another day.  Still, sometimes I wonder why I continue to receive a daily newspaper.  Let me tell you why.
On Friday, November 18th I sat down with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and my Denver Post.  The following six "news" stories were found on the first and second pages of the first section of the paper:
  • The headline read "Cost of sanctuary" and went on to describe the potential loss of federal taxpayer dollars if the City of Denver decides to become a "sanctuary city" and refuse to honor federal orders to deport certain people for various reasons.  Included in the story was this quotation, "Denver Mayor Michael Hancock echoed that position in an interview Wednesday.  'We are not going to do the job of the federal government.  What we are going to do is make sure we remain an inclusive city.'"  I remember when inclusive used to mean to include things.  Do you remember those days?  Inclusive is another word that has been stolen by the post-modern powers of this vague and ambiguous country and robbed of its content.  If I understand the meaning of the term correctly, and I probably do not, to be inclusive today means to have the civil government provide special privileges for illegal aliens, homosexuals, transvestites and assorted other sexual perverts.  Strangely absent from the list of protected persons are Christians and believers in the free market.  Mayor Hancock wants Denver to remain an "inclusive" city but he also wants to feed at the federal trough.  He can't have it both ways.  
  • An article found just below the fold on the front page was entitled, "Easy retirement?  A reality for only a privileged few."  "Privileged" is another word that has been stolen by the socialists, robbed of its original meaning and stuffed full of anti-free market propaganda.  Those who will be able to continue to pay their bills in their retirement years are able to do so not because they worked hard, suspended current wants for future needs, invested diligently and adopted a long term mentality.  No, they are rich because of some unknown force that caused them to obtain privileges they have no right to have.  It is now time for civil government to come along and take away the money sitting in the hands of the privileged and distribute it to those who are not privileged.  Those who are not privileged are those who, despite making good incomes and being able to provide for their financial futures if they had been willing to do so, squandered their current incomes on present wants and desires.  Now the responsible among us will be taxed to pay for their irresponsibility.
  • Another article just below the fold was about Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and her unwanted and counter-productive intrusions into the oil and gas businesses being conducted in the geo-political zone known as Colorado.  According to Jewell, "Colorado compromises hashed out over years for drilling in the White River National Forest will stick and the change of administrations shall make no difference."  She went on to describe her most important work of meddling in the affairs of the free market as, "What we have gone from is a project-by-project approval process that didn't step back and look at the big picture to one that takes a longer and smarter view.  That is what the American people expect us to do.  We have put in motion, through resource management plans, through environmental impact statements, through long-range planning......" I fell asleep at that point.  After bouncing my head off my bowl of Cocoa Puffs I awakened to realize that I am a member of the Amerikan people and what Sally has done to the free market oil and gas companies operating in Colorado is not what I would have wanted her to do.  I want her to leave them alone.  At least I am left with the comfort that Sally is smarter than I am.  I know she will only do good by me.
  • The top of the second page treated me to a story entitled, "Woman guilty of forging signatures."  The story informed me that, "A woman charged with forging names and signatures on election petitions in the Denver area for the failed U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Jon Keyser pleaded guilty in the case Thursday and faces up to six years in prison.  Maureen Marie Moss, 45, admitted to two counts of forgery, a Class 6 felony."  What in the world is a Class 6 felony and what distinguishes it from a Class 5 felony?  Remember when the law used to be knowable, or at least predictable?  I have no clue what any of the levels of violations of the rules are anymore.  A Class 6 felony does not sound very serious to me but the six years in prison poor Maureen is looking at would say otherwise.  I conclude that it is a good idea not to mess with the political apparatus of the god-like civil government. Doing so can result in spending years of your life rotting away in prison.
  • The headline on the second page said, "Dear case in a holding pattern."  Dear, for those of you who do not know, is the fellow who went into a Colorado Springs abortion mill and shot the place up last year.  According to the story, "Accused Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear remains incompetent to stand trial, the judge overseeing his case said Thursday morning, continuing the indefinite holding pattern in the prosecution against him almost a year after his attack."  Dear's case is on hold because the judicial system has determined that he is mentally incompetent.  What is the basis for their belief that he is mentally incompetent?  That question was answered in the story.  It said, "The 58 year old continued his trend of courtroom outburst during the roughly 45 minute appearance.  'Four thousand babies are murdered every day by Planned Parenthood,' he said while being led into court."  Well there you have it.  In the SDA believing that abortion is murder renders you mentally incompetent.
  • Another story on the second page informed me that, "Apartment renovation released asbestos."  You have to read this one to believe it.  "The company that owns Overlook at Mile High apartments and one of its executives have been charged with allegedly endangering the lives of Denver residents in early 2014 by releasing asbestos into the ambient air during a period of time when the Denver Broncos played two playoff games at nearby Sports Authority Field."  Wow!  That sounds terrible. What did the evil profit seeking businessman do?  According to the story, "subcontractors were sanding floors in Tower 3 and Tower 8 at the Overlook at Mile High, causing the asbestos spill."  Spill, eh?  What did they do?  Shovel piles of asbestos into the sky?  The story went on to describe the horrific scene, "We have no information that anyone suffered any harm and we have agreed to medical monitoring to make sure this never happens again."  The owners of the apartment complex have shelled out over $1 million to the civil government to settle the claim against them.
After two pages of the daily news I had to take a break.  I realized that the paper was chock full of nothing but meaningless drivel.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Never Buy Bonds

For some reason that I have never been able to understand, investors continue to purchase bonds and bond mutual funds.  I understand the popular wisdom, which is almost always wrong, that as one ages it is important to shift a portfolio from stocks to bonds.  The general rule of thumb according to most of the folks I read is to maintain a percentage of bonds in my portfolio equal to my age.  So if I am 60 years of age my portfolio should contain 60% bonds and 40% stocks.  What a terrible idea that is.  I can't think of a better way to sacrifice total return in my retirement years than switching to bonds and bond funds.  Let me tell you why.
Basic economics tells us something very important about bonds.  Bonds come in two types:  government and corporate.  You should own neither of those types of bonds.  You should never own a corporate bond for the simple economic reason that equity must always outperform debt or the company issuing the debt will cease to exist.  Why would you own a corporate bond when you can own the company by purchasing its stock?  You know with absolute certainty that the stock, or equity, performance must be greater than the bond performance or the company will default on its debt and go out of business.  Buying a corporate bond guarantees you a lower rate of return than the stock of the company issuing the debt.  It makes no sense at all.
Government bonds are the dumbest things in the universe to buy.  Unlike profit seeking corporations, governments do not produce anything.  At least corporations can pay the interest on their bonds with real profits.  Government does not realize any real profits.  The only way a government bond can be paid off is by either taxing the people holding the bond or inflating the money supply of the people holding the bond.  In both cases the government bond holder is paying his own interest.  Whether it be via taxation or the thieving practices of inflation, government bond holders pay themselves the interest due on their bonds by one of those two processes.  If you would like to purchase a bond from me and then allow me to use the money and pay your interest either by stealing some of your money and giving it back to you (called taxation) or printing the money for your interest payments on a printing press in my basement (called inflation) I am very interested in selling you a Welsh bond. 
Long term returns on bonds are terrible.  Look at the graphic below.  The average rate of total return on bonds for the past 200 years is 5.2%. Compare that rate of total return to the rate of total return for the S&P 500 stock market index.  Over the last 100 years the stock market has returned 10.0%/year.  The stock market has also generated a 10%/year rate of total return since the year I was born.  Since the year I graduated high school and started my own investment portfolio the stock market has averaged 12%/year in total return.  Why would any person in his right mind invest in a vehicle that is essentially guaranteed to deliver lower long term rates of total return?  I am afraid I can't answer that question.  I truly do not know why anyone would ever purchase a bond fund.
There is one other thing you need to know if you plan on buying bonds, either individually or in a fund.  When interest rates rise the value of a bond falls.  Conversely, when interest rates fall the value of a bond rises.  Look at the graphic below.  Notice anything interesting about the rate of interest since 1981?  Right!  The bond market has been in a prolonged (35 year) bull market.  Interest rates are presently near zero.  Which direction do you think the rate of interest is going to go next?  And what will that do to the value of your bond fund?  Enough said.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Is The Big Deal About Abortions?

According to this website, which if you check it out you will see uses statistics from pro-abortion organizations and always makes estimates that would under report the actual number of abortions being performed around the world, here are the facts about abortions as we sit here today:
  • There have been 993,000 abortions in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika so far this year.
  • Of those 993,000 abortions, 9,368 of them were performed on infants that were conceived via rape or incestuous sex.  That is less than 1% of all abortions performed in the SDA so far this year.
  • Since 1973 there have been 59,580,000 abortions in the SDA.  That represents almost 19% of the current total population of this immoral country.
  • Since 1973 17,900,000 black babies have been aborted.  Although blacks make up only 17% of the population of the SDA, they are responsible for 30% of all abortions performed since 1973.  I thought black lives mattered but, apparently, they do not.
  • 1.436 billion babies have been aborted around the world since 1980.  Each year about 40 million babies are aborted around the world.
  • Although the great majority of abortions are performed in the first trimester, of the almost one million abortions performed on Amerikan citizens so far this year, approximately 48,000 of them were on babies that were over four months past conception.  
  • Vietnam, Russia and Ukraine lead the world with the most per capita abortions.
  • Zambia, India and South Africa have the lowest rate of per capita abortions in the world.
  • Approximately 25% of all pregnant women in the SDA abort their babies.
Here is a list of the top 7 genocides in the last 100 years:
  1. Holodomor (Ukraine - 1933).......................7,500,000
  2. Holocaust (1939-1945)...............................6,200,000
  3. Cambodia (1973-1979)..............................3,000,000
  4. Bengali (1971)...................................... ......3,000,000
  5. Belarus (1941-1944)...................................1,970,000 
  6. Armenian (1915-1922)................................1,500,000
  7. Soviet Ethnic Cleansing (1920-1951).......1,500,000
The total number of human beings killed in the top seven genocides in the last 100 years is a little less than 25 million.  That is less than the total number of aborted babies in the SDA since 1973, a period of a mere 43 years.  Many, if not most, people become outraged or extremely sad when discussing the issue of genocide.  The examples given above are taught to students in government schools as some of the worst atrocities ever committed by human beings in the history of the world.  The Holocaust, in particular, is singled out as the worst thing human beings have ever done to each other.
On the other hand, government schools teach their students that abortion is morally good and a reasonable thing to do if a young woman finds herself pregnant and not sure what to do about it.  (Repenting of her sin, marrying the father and having the baby is never suggested as a possible plan of action.) The same government school that condemns Hitler praises Planned Parenthood and gives its students the phone number to the local clinic where an appointment can be made to abort a baby.
Abortion proponents believe that abortion is not murder.  Abortion proponents believe that the living tissue extracted from the uterus of a woman is not a human being, therefore murder cannot be committed when that tissue is extracted.  Abortion proponents acknowledge that the extracted tissue is living but deny that it is a human being.  Abortion proponents believe that having an abortion is identical to having a liposuction procedure.  In both cases some unwanted living tissue is sucked out of the human body and that is all there is to it.
For those who believe that abortion is not a big deal, I have several questions.  I realize that almost nobody reads this blog and I further realize that any person reading this blog who believes abortion is not a big deal will refuse to answer these questions.  I will ask them anyway. 
  1. When does the living tissue that is sucked out of a woman's body become a human being?
  2. How do you know, other than wishful thinking,  that your answer to question number one is correct?
  3. Have you ever had a liposuction procedure and, if so, did you feel guilty about it to the point you needed to see a therapist?
  4. Have you ever had an abortion and, if so, did you feel guilty about it to the point you needed to see a therapist?
  5. If you answered "yes" to question number 4, what is the big deal about abortion?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Homosexual Hypocrisy Reaches New Heights

Limp wristed homosexuals are extremely thin skinned.  They demand that everyone who comes into contact with them affirm their perverted lifestyle choices and if they don't, they threaten to either commit suicide or sue the offensive people who do not bow down to them into oblivion.  The many cases in which heterophobes (homosexuals with a pathological fear, and its related hatred, for heterosexuals) have taken Christians to court to force them to comply with their demands are already legendary in this God-hating land.  According to these degenerates they have won "most prefered" status in the eyes of their god (civil government) and they had better be treated as such.  Those who refuse to bow down to them will be punished.  Of course, all of this is done in the name of diversity and inclusion and the reality that it is all about the brute exercise of immoral power is never acknowledged. 
Homosexuals and their elected career politicians hate the God of the Bible and all people who represent Him.  Let me give you an example that proves what I am arguing as well as proving that homosexual hypocrisy has now reached new heights.  Go here for the link to the complete story I quote in part below.  According to the article I just referenced:
"People magazine recently reported news that a number of prominent fashion designers have refused to work with Melania Trump because they do not approve of her, or more likely, her husband’s politics and language. Given Donald Trump’s often offensive way of speaking about, well, almost everything, that is understandable. Thus, they conclude, if you design and make clothes for Melania Trump, especially the outfit she will wear to the inauguration, you are, in some small way, endorsing Donald Trump and all he stands for. So designers like Sophie Theallet have decided that because they 'stand against all discrimination and prejudice,' they cannot work for Melania."
Hummm.....Sophie is going to take a stand against "discrimination and prejudice" by discriminating against Melanie, whom she has already pre-judged to be an evil woman.  Interesting.  I think you can see where this is going, can't you?  Where is the outrage against these sissy fashion designers who refuse to work for someone because of that person's race, religion or sexual preference?  Where are the calls for tolerance for those with whom they disagree? Where is the praise for the diversity evident in the above quotation?  Of course all of those things are missing. Why?  Because the homosexuals have won and they have established the new intolerance.  Those who hold to what are generally described as "conservative" principles are now to be ostracized and marginalized.  All of that talk about tolerance was mere rhetoric designed to help them obtain power.  Now that they have the power the new intolerance is beginning.  Expect more.
The article goes on to cite an example of another Christian couple that has suffered persecution at the hands of heterophobes by means of the civil government.  Here is the story:
"Consider Barronelle Stutzman, a florist in Washington who has served and employed people of all backgrounds, including homosexuals, for her entire career. However, after she declined to provide flowers for a homosexual wedding, in accordance with her faith, both the ACLU and Washington state attorney general have sued not just her business, but her personally. That mirrors the situation of Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein. They baked a cake for a woman who was so happy with their work that she and her partner asked Melissa to bake their wedding cake. The Kleins politely explained that due to their faith, they could not endorse a wedding that violated their beliefs. In response, the state sued them, put a legal order on them banning them from talking about their desire to work according to their faith, and said they 'needed rehabilitation.' The fine the state assessed and the subsequent hate mail and threats forced the Klein’s to close their business and led Aaron Klein to go to work as a sanitation worker to pay their bills."
What a lovely world we live in today.   There is such great evidence of tolerance, diversity and inclusion everywhere I look.  Do you see it too?  And what a beneficent and kind government we all have the privilege of living under.  Isn't it wonderful that the civil government took it upon itself to force a Christian couple to provide goods and services to a couple against their will and their beliefs?  Isn't it grand that the Christian couple were described as mentally ill for believing the doctrinal truths of historic Christianity?  I can't wait for the day when Christians are not simply described as "needing rehabilitation" but will actually be sent off to taxpayer financed mental hospitals where we will be drugged and shocked into submission to the all powerful and wise State. 
Examine closely what the State has done in this case.  Despite the fact that the utterly worthless document known as the Constitution of the United States of America allegedly grants citizens of this immoral and disgusting country the right to hold and practice their religious beliefs, the couple in this case were refused that right.   In addition, that utterly worthless document also allegedly grants the citizens of this country the right to free speech.....unless it is Christian speech, which is strictly forbidden.  Why would the State claim that a Christian couple is not even allowed to talk when the content of that talk is Christian doctrine?  Because talking about historic Christian doctrines, things that have been believed by millions of people for thousands of years, is now classified as "hate speech." 
It is time for the State to take off the kid gloves and get to work.  It is time to exercise its brute power over all Christians.  There is no rational or legal reason why Christians should be forced to comply with State dictates only when homosexuality is involved.  To be consistent all Christian preaching, teaching and behavior should be illegal and subject to sever punishment or "reindoctrination" at the hands of the all-knowing and beneficent State.  I am sick and tired of their extreme wussieness.  It is time for the State to persecute Christians with a vengeance.  Come on you sissies, stop chattering like a bunch of mindless monkeys and get to work.  Throw us all in jail, take all of our possessions and kill as many of us as you can, all in the name of diversity, inclusion and tolerance of course.