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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Olympics Are A Politicized PED-Fest

I use the acronym 'PED' to represent two different things.  Usually when you see the word it represents personal electronic device and refers to those things everyone seems to be incessantly holding in their hands to which they are quite clearly addicted.  Users of PEDs look at them thousands of times per day.  They look at them while they are driving along the road and at every stop light.  They look at them while they walk along and while they are sitting in restaurants with people they allege are their friends.  PED addiction is an enormous problem in our world but since everyone but a handful of us are addicts nobody seems to notice.
The other use for PED is performance enhancing drugs.  In my world PEDs are most closely associated with professional bike racing, which many people consider to be the most corrupt and immoral sport in the world.  Lance Armstrong went a long way to destroy the reputation of the professional peloton.  As Chris Froome appears to be pedaling his way to his third Tour de France yellow jersey no less a statesman than Greg LeMond continues to accuse him, his entire Sky team and the majority of the riders in the race of doping.  Are they using PEDs?  I don't know.  I sure hope not.
I am no fan of the Olympic games.  I have commented on them in this blog in the past but am too lazy to look up the links for you today.  What I am going to complain about today is different than what I have complained about in the past.  I just finished reading an Associated Press article with the headline of, "45 more athletes test positive from 2008, 2012 Games."  I think you can guess where this post is going.  Here is more from the article:
"Forty-five more athletes, including 25 medalists from the 2008 Beijing Games and eight medal winners from London, have been caught for doping after the retesting of samples from the last two Olympics, the IOC announced Friday.  The new cases bring to 98 the total number of athletes who have failed tests so far in the reanalysis of their stored samples from Beijing and the 2012 Olympics in London....On Thursday, the Court of Arbitration for Sports upheld an IAAF ban on Russia's track and field athletes from the games...amid calls by anti-doping bodies to exclude Russia entirely from Rio over the allegations of systematic state-run doping."
Talk about the kettle calling the pot black!  PED use is pandemic in all participants in the Olympic games and the powers that be who control the games decide to single our the Russians for exclusion from the games for PED use.  What a joke.  But it is not a surprising joke.  The Olympic games have always been used by governments and career politicians to further their causes and keep themselves in the public spotlight.  Shall we all admit it?  The Olympic games are nothing more than a venue for the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to assert hegemonic control over the other nations of the world.  SDA politicians use it to punish their enemies and reward their allies.  What, in theory, was supposed to be a-political in nature is nothing more than another political dog and pony show.  Banning the Russians from participation for doing exactly what the great majority of the other countries are doing with PEDs is the highest form of hypocrisy.
The newspaper report refused to name the guilty parties from the past.  You can be sure that many, if not most, of them are from the SDA.  The reason for that is simple.  The Olympic games are a form of war against SDA enemies.  It is crucial for SDA "athletes" to garner more medals than the athletes from countries we consider to be our enemies.  Using the superior technology available from committed SDA scientists the participants in the games from the SDA have been able to utilize PEDs without getting caught, at least until now.  The technology to discover the use of PEDs continues to improve as well.  As old urine and blood samples are tested a decade after the gold medals were passed out the inevitable truth that all Olympic athletes cheat for their countries comes out.
The countries that are selected to host the games every couple of years are stunning examples of socialist economics.  When some poor country like Brazil is informed it will be the host, the inflationary spigots are opened and the local economy is destroyed in a vain effort to produce the capital necessary to create a gold plated Olympic venue that will impress all the materialists of the world.  Inevitably the construction projects are completed in a slipshod fashion and participants from wealthier nations around the world look upon the venue with mockery and scorn, comparing them to the shiny things in their own country which are clearly so much finer.  After the fun and games depart from the country what is left of the buildings and stadiums created for a two week event are permitted to crumble back into the dust as the poor citizens of the country face staggering rates of inflation without any clue where it is coming from or why it is there.
The commercials on the television have been going on for some time now.  They show handsome and beautiful athletic bodies, draped in the red, white and blue, standing on the podium and being graced with round pieces of metal.  They show close-ups of the faces of the drugged athletes with tears streaming down their faces as they listen to their national hymn being played over the loudspeakers.  They have interviews with 15 year old boys and girls who ignorantly inform us that they have "dedicated their entire life" to winning that piece of metal.  What a sad and disgusting scene it all is.  If you care about freedom, if you care about dignity, if you care about personal property, if you care about honor, if you care about truth, if you care about the beauty of real human athletic competition, then, by all means, do not watch one second of the Olympic Games.  They are about the exact opposite.

Genetically Engineered To Believe In Democracy?

A reader sent me a link to this article.  The article describes the possibility of imposing a eugenics program upon whoever is selected to be the first person to go to Mars.  It sounds like crazy talk but don't take my word for it.  Here is some of what the article had to say:
"It sounds like science fiction: A citizenry genetically engineered to be democratic. It’s not implausible. Last month, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report  touting the promise of a biological engineering technique called gene drive— ... it seems like only a matter of time, though, before gene drive becomes a mature technique. After all, it’s just a way to encourage—or block—the inheritance of select genes in a given population. Once it has, what’s to stop gene drive from being used for all sorts of other applications, including ones that enhance the fitness of organisms rather than weakening them? The underlying technology for it, CRISPR Cas9—a gene-editing tool adapted from the prokaryote immune system—can precisely, easily, and cheaply snip strands of DNA, allowing for customizable genomes. With such an accessible technology, it seems likely humans will start to not just take away bad things—like illnesses transmitted by mosquitoes—but also add good things....Of course, it only makes sense to select civic-minded people to be colonists in the first place. But it stands to reason that a human colony on Mars made of democracy lovers would still benefit from gene drives reinforcing qualities associated with civic participation, ensuring that the colonists would be politically engaged enough for a direct democracy to flourish"
Did you get all that?  Apparently some folks who know much better than we do what is good for us have determined that our political predisposition is, at least in part, genetically determined.  That being the case it is now a simple matter to slice and dice our individual gene pools to create a creature powerfully predisposed to believe in democracy, the god that failed.  The article goes on to assert that, "Consider the ideal Mars colonist. Elon Musk’s SpaceX was founded to colonize the Red Planet, and he recently said that colonists on Mars should engage in direct democracy because 'the potential for corruption is substantially diminished in a direct, versus a representative, democracy.'  Makes sense. Now all Mars needs are women and men who are up for the task."   I know a few people, including myself, who would dispute the concept that a "direct democracy" is potentially less corrupt than a "representative democracy" but let's set that idea aside for now.  Now, thanks to modern eugenics, some politically connected power brokers and their all-star eugenicists are looking for opportunities to craft an uber-man.
Does this proposal bother anyone besides me?  Just because some people have the ability to do something does not mean that something should be done.  I always get a bit leery when men start talking about messing around with the gene pool to create a superior human being. Just who is to decide which character trait is superior?  Many of the things valued by people today, like arrogance, pride, democracy, selfishness, athletic ability, sense of humor, physical attractiveness (whatever that is) and materialism are traits I would rather see micro-evolution remove from the human gene pool.  Of course that will never happen because there is a theological truth all eugenicists always omit and ignore in their misguided plans for the future.  There is a little thing called original sin that makes it impossible for men to do anything good, regardless of how well crafted their gene pool's may be. Everything men do, and every political system they adopt, will always be corrupted because of original and actual sin. 
The concept of engineering humankind to be predisposed to accept and practice the immoral principles of democracy intrigues me.  Indeed, the more I thought about what the author was writing the more I came to realize that the need for a new program to inculcate democracy into human beings is non-existent.  All human beings, by virtue of original sin, are already predisposed to believe and seek to practice the immoral and God-hating principles of democratic government.  Let me explain.
When the founding fathers of the United States of America set out to create a new form of government they were well aware of the two competing forms in existence at the time.  Monarchical rule inevitably resulted in tyranny as the old principle of absolute power corrupting absolutely was proven true over and over again.   On the other hand, the evils associated with the tyranny of the majority were also paramount on their minds and they did everything they could, as it turns out quite unsuccessfully so, to prevent the republic they crafted from degenerating into a democracy.  The original separation and balance of powers created by the fathers was designed to keep political power from being isolated in the hands of a despotic member of the executive branch.  That principle has been abandoned and we operate with a functional monarchy in the executive branch today.  Let us all admit that the president is really a King, or a Queen once Hillary is crowned.  But we also operate in a pure democracy when we select our King and tell him which programs of legalized theft to create.
The primary goal of a republican form of government is to protect the civil rights of the minority from the depredations of the majority.  My rights to my life, my freedom and my property should not be infringed upon by majority vote.  Just writing that sentence dramatically illustrates how far we are from a republican form of government.  Every election in this sad and immoral country is nothing more than an auction to distribute future stolen goods, as some famous person from the past once said.  The rights of the 49% are trampled underfoot by the thieving desires of the 51% majority.  Under the terms of democracy whatever the 51% says is good, right and true is good, right and true.  Under democracy whatever the political majority wishes to take from the political minority is fair game.  The entire system is based upon the practice of theft and the suppression of the civil rights of the minority.  It is about as immoral a political system as human beings can have.  The only difference between the tyranny of a monarch and the tyranny of the majority is how many people are enriched at the expense of the politically unprotected minority.
The folks intent upon creating a new race of human beings dedicated to using the principle of majority rule to determine for themselves what is moral and what is not, to force others to bow to their will in filial submission and to steal the property of the minority at will are spinning their wheels unnecessarily.  Thanks to original sin human beings are already perfectly fit to be democrats. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mind Your Own Business - Part 2

(Part One of this post can be found here.)
Let's get the shock factor out of the way right up front......nigger.  There, I wrote it.  Are you over it yet?
A story about a recent use of the word 'nigger' was deemed worthy of page 2 coverage in my Denver Post two days ago.  The headline said, "Papa John's apologizes for receipt's racial slur."  I don't know how a profit seeking company can apologize, given the fact that it has no vocal cords or the ability to speak, but somehow the newspaper found out that a pizza chain called Papa Johns had issued an apology for somehow using the word 'nigger.'  Here is the story:
"A racial slur used on a Papa John's pizza order has outraged Denver's black community and has led to an apology from the company.  The $6.22 pizza was ordered Tuesday from Papa John's Green Valley Ranch location, which is owned by Peyton Manning, a corporate spokesman said.  The computer generated receipt included the N-word in place of the customer's name."  Well there you have it.  Some employee at Papa John's in Green Valley Ranch has committed a capital offense.  The cops need to find out who did this terrible act of domestic terrorism, arrest him and make sure that he "accidentally" dies while being held in prison awaiting trial.
I don't know how something called a "black community" can be outraged about something.  I don't even know what a "black community" is.  I suspect it is some group of black people and their white sympathizers who are seeking to use the coercive power of government to get special privileges for themselves by casting themselves as victims of evil white people like me.  The interesting thing about this story is the fact that the pizza was ordered by a black teenage male and the Papa John's employee who took his order was also a black teenage male.  They knew each other.  The problem began when the pizza was delivered and the teenager's mom decided to throw a hissy fit because she saw the word 'nigger' on the order ticket.
According to the story in the paper, "The teen's mother saw the order ticket and called Brother Jeff Fard, a community activist to ask for help, Fard told the Denver Post on Wednesday."  So that is how it went down.  Do you know what a "community activist" is?  It is a person who specializes in minding the business of others for the political, social and financial gain of himself and the handful of people who allow him to be their mouthpiece.  All community activists who have ever existed have several characteristics in common.  They all worship the power of government.  They all believe that the majority should rule.  They all seek to use the coercive power of government to get things from other people that would never be given to them if government were not involved.  In a word, they are parasites.  All community activists seek to get "most privileged victim" status from the government so the wealth of the productive class can legally be transferred to them. 
Fard, despite the fact that this was a harmless case of communication between two black teenage males, said that he was offended by the use of the N-word and that there was "no excuse" for it happening.  I can think of many excuses for why it happened, and all of them make plenty of sense.   If Fard was so offended by "what happened" (always in the passive voice, isn't it?)  why didn't he talk to the two teenage males involved in the highly offensive and censorable speech rather than running to the media with his complaint?  He said, "Certain things are not funny regardless of who uses it.  It's totally unacceptable."
As a result of Fard's heroic efforts the story also reported that, "Denver politicians, community activists and church pastors took to social media to shame the company."  Well there you have it.  A couple of kids call each other nigger and a profit seeking corporation is to blame.  Isn't it strange that profit seeking businesses are to blame for everything community activists believe is wrong in the world?  All Papa John's is trying to do is give people a quality pizza for a reasonable price.  But that is not what Fard sees.  Fard sees a vast right wing conspiracy to bring back the word 'nigger' and turn the black man back into slaves of the privileged whitey.  Apparently he also believes that Papa John's needs to be shamed for the activities of its employees.  I wonder if he would apply that principle to government employees?  I don't think so.  They are always given a free pass, plus, they are all heroes. 
Can only a nigger call another nigger nigger?  Let me put it another way, can only a ginger call another ginger ginger?  I am a ginger.  Or at least I used to be before the ravages of time took away my flowing red locks and replaced them with somewhat less flowing gray locks.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I was referred to as "ginger."  I heard the word so many times while I was growing up I thought I lived in a spice factory.  And do you know what?  I never took offense when somebody called me a ginger, even when they meant to be derogatory by using the g-word.  I believed, as my Mama taught me, that sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.  And do you know what?  Mama was right.  I have never been hurt by a word, although I have been hurt by several sticks and stones over the years.
What is the point of this rambling post?  The point is in the title.  Another thing my Mama taught me was to mind my own business.  The moment I started to get on my high horse and take up the real and imaginary offenses of other people she would tell me to mind my own business. She had to tell me that many times as a youth but I finally learned the lesson.  In the old days, just a generation ago, the principle of minding one's own business was sacred.  We all knew and understood that life is hard enough without taking up the offense of everyone else in the world.  We also knew that our own character was sufficiently flawed to the point that any effort that needed to be expended to improve human nature needed to first be expended on ourselves.  Since I have not yet attained perfection, although several people have told me that they believe I have, I continue to work on my character and leave you to work on your own.  In other words, I seek to mind my own business and I really wish you and the rest of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika would do the same, and that includes all you community activists.

Doris Sanders Does Not Understand Von Miller's Economics

Last week my good friend Doris Sanders wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post.  To understand the context of her letter you should be aware that the Denver Broncos had just decided to pay linebacker Von Miller a huge sum of money to continue playing for the team the next several years.  I forget exactly how much money Miller is slated to receive but the guaranteed money, all important in football contracts, makes him the highest paid player other than a quarterback in the history of the league.  I believe he will earn somewhere around $60 million over the next couple of years.  As you would expect, many people believe that it is their business how the Denver Broncos football team spends its money and they were quick to weigh in with their opinions on the matter.  Here, in its entirety, is what Doris had to say:
"Von Miller's contract for $114.5 million is a sad reflection on our values as a nation.  We the fans are willing to pay a football linebacker that kind of money; yet we really squawk if we are asked to pay a few dollars more in taxes for education, mental health, homelessness, better roads and infrastructure -- the list goes on and on.  Take a moment to think about how far that money could for for the issues mentioned above, and many more.  Doesn't it say something about our priorities as a nation?"  Let's consider Doris' comments for a while today.
Doris begins by talking about "our values as a nation."  I didn't realize a nation could have values, whatever they are.  I know what my values are.  I believe in the Bible.  I believe murder, abortion, adultery, homosexuality, transvestism, witchcraft, theft and propagating false doctrines are sins, some of which should be punished by death.  I don't think very many other people in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika agree with me so when Doris writes about "our" values I am forced to conclude that she means the values held by the majority.  After all, we are a democracy.  Whatever the majority believes is valuable is valuable.  Whatever the majority rejects is meaningless.  Right now the majority of the folks in this envy-filled land believe that the top 49% of the income population should pay the entire cost of funding the federal government.  I believe that constitutes theft but the majority says it is a good thing.  The majority also believes that homosexuals should have special government privileges and that Christians should be required by law to affirm their lifestyles.  That position is not consistent with my values but I am in the minority so I lose.  The majority believes that marijuana should be illegal, except in Colorado and Washington where the majority believe that marijuana is just dandy.  In that case I don't know what to believe because the majorities contradict each other.  I guess I need to take a poll of the majorities and see who wins before I can know what is right and what is wrong. 
Doris says that she, as one of the fans of the Broncos, is personally responsible for drafting the contract that Miller signed.  She wrote, "we the fans are willing to pay..."  Last time I checked the only things the fans pay for are tickets to the games and all of the clothing paraphernalia associated with modern sports teams these days.  The Denver Broncos, under the leadership and authority of John Elway, is where the money is coming from to pay Miller, not fans like Doris.  Doris is correct that revenue from ticket and clothing sales paid by fans is a part of the income used by the Broncos to pay Miller's contract but that is a far cry from the fans actually paying the bill.  A huge portion of revenue earned by professional football teams comes from commercial television contracts.  If people like to watch football, and the majority of SDA citizens apparently do, football teams can make a lot of money selling their product to commercial television stations. 
Doris is upset that people like me "squawk" when I am forced, under penalty of law, to pay taxes that are used to finance government schools that I don't use as well as paying for my neighbor's daughter's abortions.  Doris' argument is not a new one.  It comes up all the time whenever some celebrity gets paid an enormous amount of money to be a celebrity and people like Doris whine about how that money could be better spent on people who work for the government.  Usually they include the police and fireman so I am thankful that Doris did not include those two groups on her list of most important classes of people.  I am going to focus on Doris' belief that the money "paid by the fans" to Von Miller should have been used to pay government school teachers instead.  That belief, held by the majority of the citizens of the SDA I suspect, is economically ignorant.  When the economics of the matter are properly understood it becomes quite clear that none of those precious priorities Doris writes about are out of whack.
I do not value Von Miller very much.  I will sit through television commercials that air while the Broncos are playing.  As one fan watching 16 games per year of commercial television I am probably responsible for a couple of the dollars that Miller earns.  Miller, unlike your local government school teacher, has millions of fans.  I don't know how many people around the country count themselves as Broncos fans but at least several million citizens of Colorado do.  If each of those fans are like me and they value Miller to the tune of a buck or two per year, we can now account for a good portion of his annual salary.  What everyone always gets wrong about celebrity is the fact that people who are celebrities derive huge sums of money from the fact they have millions of fans, each of whom pays a very small amount to be a fan.
On the other hand, a government school teacher might have 20 students and make $40,000 per year.  If the teacher was operating in the free market that would mean that each of the student's parents values the teacher at the rate of $2,000 per year, a good deal more than they value Von Miller's weekly performances.  Since the government school system is coercive and not free it is hard to say what teachers would be valued by people who are not forced to pay them against their will.
To answer that question we can look at the private school market.  The handful of people I know who work in private schools usually make about half of what government school teachers make.  Kudos to government school teachers for using the coercive power of government to feather their nests at my expense.  Oops, there I go again, I am squawking.  So if a private school teacher makes $20,000 to teach 20 students the parents of those students value the teacher at the rate of $1000/year.  Once again we see that people value the teachers they hire to educate their children much more than they value watching Von Miller play football.  That does not seem like an example of misplaced priorities to me and it shouldn't to Doris as well. 
Doris concludes by wondering how much Von Miller's non-guaranteed $114 million dollars would go if it were given to the government to be spent on various programs she favors.  The current national debt is a bit over $19 trillion.  Miller's $114 million would not make much of a dent in that.  The annual budget for the State of Colorado is a little over $10 billion.  Miller's salary would not pay much of that.  Doris would like to see Miller's money spent on "infrastructure," whatever that is.  I would not squawk as much as I do if that $114 million were used to repave the street in front of my house, if it would be enough to do the job.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Death Penalty For Vehicular Homicide

Here are the facts:

I am a cyclist, although I am merely a shell of my former self.  I do everything I can to avoid contact with cars and the people who drive them.  Go here and here for some of my story.  I am smart enough to know that any confrontation with a person driving a vehicle that weighs one hundred times more than I do is not going to end favorably for me.  Like most cyclists I am hated and despised by people who drive automobiles.  Like most cyclists I have been verbally and physically abused by drivers, although I have never been hit by a moving vehicle during my cycling career.  Sadly, that is not true for many of the people who ride with me.
137 cyclists per day are hit by cars.  Most of them do not die as a result of their injuries.  Roughly 2 cyclists per day die as a result of the injuries suffered when they are struck by an automobile.  The information from the government bureau quoted above does not cite who is at fault for the accidents.  I am sure that most of the drivers would claim that the cyclists were at fault because they were riding recklessly or taking up too much of the road.  My guess is that the overwhelming number of bicycle/car confrontations are the fault of the drivers of cars.
The total number of fatal car accidents has dropped by 33% in the last ten years.  During that same period of time the total number of fatal car/bicycle accidents, as a percentage of total fatalities involving cars, has gone up 22%.  I suspect that is probably because there are more cyclists on the road than there used to be.  I also suspect that more of those fatalities are the result of drivers looking at their PEDs (personal electronic devices) while they drive.  In the last year I have seen three different drivers, all Yuppies, drive off the road and onto the sidewalk, the curb and the gravel shoulder while looking intently at their PEDs.  I make a concerted effort to not ride on the roads unless I absolutely have to these days.
I have a simple proposal.  If a driver purposefully runs over and kills a cyclist that driver should be found guilty of murder and executed.  There are cases, numbered in the above statistics, in which that is precisely what happened.  Drivers enraged at cyclists for imaginary offenses we have committed have used their vehicles as weapons and murdered some of us.  A much smaller number of automobile/bicycle crashes have been the result of a genuine accident.  A genuine accident is something such as the driver suddenly having a heart attack or losing consciousness and hitting a cyclist while he careens off the road.  Accidents are accidents and, by definition, not intentional.  Accidents are accidents and, by definition, not a result of preventable negligence.  Accidents are sad events but they do happen.  It is a risk all cyclists take when they take to the road and there should be no punishment for a driver who hits a cyclist accidentally.
The great majority, I believe, of automobile/cyclist crashes are the result of negligence on the part of the drivers of the cars who hit us.  In cases where we are only injured or maimed the driver should be forced to pay for our medial bills and to also pay some sort of cash payment to cover our lost time from our vocations.
In those cases where the cyclists are killed, the drivers are found guilty of vehicular homicide.  The newspaper reports many more stories of that sort these days.  I hear many more stories of vehicular homicide than I used to.  When a driver kills a cyclist as a result of his negligence it is vehicular homicide and the punishment for that act should be death.  Biblical law requires the death penalty for homicide as a result of negligence and the civil government should as well.
We live in a time of massive PED addiction.  It is getting worse every day and I do not see any relief from the problem in the future.  Every "Stop" light I come to is the same story.  I look around at my fellow drivers and their heads are all bowed, as if in prayer, to see the latest text message asking them where they are.  When the light changes nobody moves until one of them has sent the return text asking the same question and looks up.  To give drivers an incentive to get off their PEDs and pay attention to the cyclists who share the road with them I believe a consistent enforcement of the death penalty for vehicular homicide would do the trick.

Inflation Is Theft, The Fed Is A Den Of Thieves

The Federal Reserve of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is populated by no one but lying thieves intent upon the one purpose of serving their masters in the federal government.  To do so they rob the citizens of the SDA on a daily basis, transferring your wealth to themselves via a process almost nobody is able to discern.  Let's consider that truth for a little while today.
Folks talk about the machinations of the Federal Reserve as if it is some sort of difficult process to understand, clothed in secrecy and veiled in mystery.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  What the Fed does is simple to understand.  If you do not understand what the Fed does, consider these truths:
  • The federal government almost always spends more money than it takes in via taxes.  The career politicians who approve all of the profligate spending do so because each spending program buys them more votes, thus allowing them to remain career politicians.
  • Career politicians realize that they can only take so many eggs from the golden goose.  They heavily tax the top 49% of the income population, thus ensuring that the majority of the voters still support them, but they also realize that taxation is a hindrance to capital creation.  Career politicians want the economy to grow so they can continue to fleece it.  As a result, they limit their taxation to some level below the point where it would actually destroy the economy.
  • To give themselves to an unlimited supply of money to pay for their myriad boondoggles the Federal Reserve was created.  The Fed is the federal government's personal banker and it exists for just one make loans to the federal government.  
  • If the Fed made real loans, using real money that already circulates through the economy, we would have no problem.  The Fed does not use real money.  Instead, the Fed creates counterfeit money at will and feeds it to the career politicians to spend on their vote-buying agendas.  The actual process by which the money is created and funneled to the politicians, involving the Department of the Treasury as a complicit criminal, is unimportant.  All you need to know is that all money created out of thin air by the Fed is counterfeit money.
  • The money supply in a country should remain static.  A static money supply, coupled with a growing economy, guarantees ever decreasing prices and an ever strengthening currency.  Those are both good things, despite what the propaganda mills of the government and government approved schools of economoics try to tell you.  Each and every counterfeit dollar created by the Fed and "injected" (their terminology) into the economy reduces the value of the existing money supply.  For example, if there were one million dollars in circulation in the SDA yesterday and last night the Fed injected one hundred thousand new dollars into the economy, each dollar in existence the day before would be worth ten percent less today.  Conversely, the prices of goods and services purchased by those dollars would be ten percent higher today.  That is called inflation and inflation is the economically necessary result of counterfeit dollars being created by the Fed.
Here is a graph of M2.  M2 is a measure of the amount of money in circulation in the SDA economy.  This graph shows what has happened to the supply of money in the SDA economy over the past ten years:


You will notice that the supply of money has almost doubled in the past ten years, going from just under 7 trillion dollars ten years ago to almost 13 trillion dollars today.  Although economic growth and the ceaseless efforts of profit seeking businesses operating in the semi-free market have ameliorated a great deal of the damage done by that rate of inflation, the fact still remains that the dollar is being devalued.  You need to have $115 to purchase the same amount of goods or services you purchased for $100 ten years ago.  That $15 difference is evidence of theft.  Just like Wal-Mart has to raise prices to adjust for the shoplifters who steal from its stores, so the dollar goes up in total numbers to adjust for the counterfeit dollars created by the Fed.
This process is easy to stop.  Career politicians could pass a law tomorrow outlawing the Fed.  Ron Paul attempted to outlaw the Fed for years but was always ignored by his fellow career politicians.  There is a good reason for why the Fed will never be outlawed.  The majority of the people who live in this socialist democracy want free stuff from the federal government.  Most of the time they think the free stuff is being paid for by the top 49% of the income population and they are quite happy to use the government to steal from that politically unprotected class.  At the same time they are too stupid to realize that a portion of the cost for their free stuff is being borne by them as the value of their dollars constantly erodes under the impact of counterfeit currency.  As long as the majority of the voters in this immoral land believe they can get something for free from the federal government we will see the Fed operating as an immoral source of counterfeit dollars for the career politicians who run the show.  That makes all socialists, self-professed or simply de facto ones, complicit in the theft and robbery of the career politicians and the Fed.  We truly live in a den of thieves.