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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, June 17, 2016

What Even Donald Trump Is Not Willing To Say

I was talking with my wife last night, we do that every once in a while, and she informed me that the social media world was filled with posts from people who hate the God of the Bible writing about how they believe Christians are responsible for the actions of Omar in Orlando.  I was not surprised.  Later on last night I sat down for my daily dose of Bill on Fox News and he read several newspaper headlines making essentially the same claim.  One headline blamed Christians outright and several others described the "culture of hate" that exists in this country, ostensibly as a result of the influence of Christians who actually believe what the Bible has to say about homosexuality.  All of this is strangely reminiscent, in my puny little mind, of how the Christians were blamed for burning Rome.  The Empire is collapsing and who is to blame? Christians!
I am sick and tired of God-haters saying all sorts of things and doing nothing.  It is time for them to put up or shut up.  The Christians in this country who continue to obey the God of the Bible are not going to change their opinion about homosexuality and homosexuals.  That means it is time for those of you who hate us with a passion to start the persecution against us.  Quit complaining about our beliefs and start passing laws to make them illegal.  Quite whining about what we preach and teach and make that preaching and teaching illegal.  Get some good, solid hate crime legislation passed and start arresting Christian ministers for preaching the contents of the Bible to their parishioners.  All of you heterophobes (a person with a paranoid fear of those who believe the Bible's teaching on homosexuality and homosexuals)  are such a wimpy bunch of sissies!  Stop chattering like a bunch of brainless monkeys on a banana high and start arresting us, punching us, attacking us and, ultimately, killing us.  We are ready for it.  We are ready to die for our God. We have been called to die for him and we are prepared to do so.  We will not fight back when you attack us.  We will not attempt to seize political power and persecute you.  We will be like Jesus described us to be....sheep led to slaughter.  We will fulfill our role, will you fulfill yours?
To help inflame your anger and hatred for Christians like me I would like to tell you something today that even Donald Trump is not willing to say.  We all know that there is almost nothing that the Donald will not say.  There is one thing, however, that he will not say.  He, and the rest of the God-hating citizens in the post-Christian Socialist Democracy of Amerika will never assert or believe that Omar's activities in Orland were the direct result of God's righteous decree and an act of judgment against homosexuals for their behavior.  Unlike the Donald, many Bible believing Christians are willing and able to make and believe this claim. 
I know what I just wrote inflamed you with anger.  Stop complaining and do something about it.  Call your Congressman and order him to craft a new law that removes the 1st Amendment rights of all Bible believing Christians.  We should not be allowed to say or write such things.  We are all horrible people who deserve to die for what we believe.  Christians need to be fined, incarcerated, tortured and killed for believing the doctrines of historic Christianity that are found in the Bible.  To inflame your hatred for me and my brothers and sisters even more, let me tell you a couple of facts:
  • The God of the Bible exists and your attempts to deny that truth will only increase His wrath against you.  You know that He exists and you are denying that truth in unrighteousness.  That fact that you are outraged by what I just wrote proves that I am correct.  If the God of the Bible really did not exist you would be no more angry with me for saying that He does than if I had said the sky is pink.  Your anger betrays your suppression of the truth.
  • The God of the Bible has revealed His opinion on many matters, including the practice of homosexuality. God's opinion about homosexuality is that it is sin.  In addition, it is a sin that is so serious in His eyes He commands the death penalty, at the hands of the civil government and not vengeful renegades, for those who practice it.  The fact that civil government does not punish homosexuality will be one of many grounds God uses to judge career politicians, lawyers, judges and bureaucrats for their sin of rejecting His perfect moral law. 
  • God is absolutely and completely sovereign over everything that happens in the history of the world.  This doctrine is known as God's eternal decree and it, until Evangelicals decided to abandon it, was a part of the necessary-to-be-believed doctrines in the historic Christian faith.  The doctrine of God's eternal decree declares that everything done by every human being has been specifically decreed by God to take place so that it is impossible that anything else could have taken place but what actually did take place.
  • God consistently uses evil people to judge other evil people.  He judged the Assyrians with the Babylonians.  He judged the Babylonians with the Persians.  He judged the Persians with the Greeks.  He judged the Greeks with the Romans.  He judged the Romans with the marauding hordes of Vandals and Mongols.  He will judge the SDA someday.  In fact, He is probably already doing so in the destructive and invasive actions of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries.  He has done this throughout the history of the world and He continues to do this today.  Omar of Orlando is a prime example of this truth.  God used evil Omar to execute evil homosexuals and bring judgment upon the immoral and idolatrous citizens of the SDA.  
On television last night Bill opined (one of his favorite words) that 49 "innocent people" were killed by Omar in Orlando.  I have news for Bill and you.  There are very few innocent people in the world.  Yes, it is true, Omar was a murderer and he had no right to murder the people in Orlando.  But the people Omar murdered were not innocent in the eyes of the God of the Bible (quick, call your legislator and ask him for a law to stop people like me from writing hate words like these).  According to the God of the Bible all men are guilty of sin and worthy of death.  Also according to the God of the Bible, He has chosen some men, called the elect, to be saved from their sins and not die.  In the process of time God applies the work of Jesus upon the cross to the elect members of His Church by means of  a spiritual process called justification.  In justification He forgives them of their sins and imputes the righteousness of His Son to them.  At that point those people are truly innocent.  Everyone else is guilty.  If you do not want to be found guilty then take this opportunity to repent.
I guess this is enough hate speech for today.  Now it is your turn to do something.  Make every effort to criminalize what I have just done in this evil and reprehensible blog post.  Political action is your way.  Your political efforts and actions acknowledge who your god is.  It proves that you worship at the throne of civil government and despise freedom.  It also proves that you are a member or supporter of the Beast of Revelation and you would love nothing more than to persecute and prosecute Christians.  It is time to bring human history to an end and you can have a big part in that process, right up until the moment you cry out for the mountains to fall upon you to hide you from the wrath of the Lamb.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Do They Really Hate Us Because We Are Free?

Yesterday I wrote this, "None of the professional pundits analyzing the alleged problem of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries even bothered to address the issue of the SDA military presence as an occupying imperial force in the Middle East.  None of them stopped to consider that it is possible for the SDA to win this war against Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries simply by withdrawing military forces from their homelands and leaving them alone." I wrote that in regards to the alleged problem of Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers killing Amerikans on Amerikan soil.  The standard position, apparently believed by the all important majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, is that Islamists and their supporters are killing Amerikans because they hate "our freedom," whatever that means.
My good friend Peter Bruno of Arvada wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post last week expressing precisely that sentiment.  Here, in part, is what he wrote, "I am sick and tired of hearing the same rhetoric after every terrorist act performed by Islamist terrorists.  There are those who refuse to acknowledge who these terrorists are and their motivation.  No one wants to face the true facts that radical Islamist terrorists have been attacking innocent civilians in Western societies for decades and they continue to grow and hate in their warped ideology.  Their motivation is simple:  They hate our freedoms and way of life."  Really Peter?  These folks are killing some of us because they lie awake at night in their homes fuming with hatred for people who live thousands of miles away who they perceive to be living freely?  How can any sane person really believe that hatred for our alleged freedoms is a motivation to kill us?  Let me give you the real reason Islamist terrorists and their sympathizers are killing SDA citizens.
Here is a map of SDA military bases in the Middle East:

Here is a map of the sum total of all military bases on SDA soil operated by Middle Eastern countries:


Notice any difference in the maps?
According to this website, 4 million Muslims have died at the hands of SDA led military forces since 1990.   According to this site, the population of the Middle East is a bit over 200 million people, most of whom are Muslim.  That means SDA military forces have wiped out almost 2% of the population of the Middle East in the last 35 years.  By my last count nowhere near 4 million SDA citizens have died on SDA soil as a result of Islamic terrorist attacks.  According to this site, 3158 Amerikans have died on SDA soil as a result of Islamic terrorist attacks since 1995.  That represents about .001% of the SDA population, if I am doing my arithmetic correctly.  Do you notice any difference in those numbers?
I know this is a wildly unpatriotic idea but is it possible that Islamic terrorists hate us because we have occupied their countries, turned them into subjects of the SDA empire and killed them with alarming frequency and total impunity? 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Koran-Consistent Muslim Missionaries Have Won

I was watching Fox news the other night and Bill was fighting with Donald about what Hillary had said about the man who killed a bunch of people in Orlando the other day.  Specifically, Donald was asserting that Hillary had never voluntarily used the phrase "radical Islamic terrorist" in the context of the shootings.  Bill disagreed with Donald but they both agreed that a failure to use the phrase "radical Islamic terrorist" is a serious moral failing and proof positive that one is disconnected from reality.  Well call me a schizophrenic if you want to but I believe Bill, Donald and Hillary are all disconnected from reality.  The people generally put into the group known as radical Islamic terrorists by people like Bill and Donald are really Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries.  Please allow me to explain.
If you have ever read the Koran, and I have, you are well aware that the contents of the book can easily and best be described as radical.  If radical means that followers of Islam are to convert all nonbelievers or kill them then I think it is fair to say that all Koran-consistent followers of Islam are radical.  Liberal Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace and love but nothing can be further from the truth.  In this sense the same is true of Christians.  What passes for Christianity today in this country is a far cry from biblical Christianity.  The "Jesus loves you no matter what" crowd has long since dropped most orthodox Christian doctrines about judgment and the wrath of God and replaced them with a mishmash of feel good slogans designed to increase the membership of their clubs and pay the salaries of their professional staff.  Those select few who actually believe and live according to the teachings and doctrines of the Bible are always labeled as radicals by the great majority of post-Christian citizens in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
Significantly,  from the perspective of Islam itself, those Koran-consistent believers and practitioners of Islam are not terrorists when they place a gun to your head and order you to convert or die.  That is what Islam commands them to do.  If Islam is true then it necessarily follows that converting to Islam is the single most important thing a person can ever do.  To emphasize the importance of that decision a Koran-consistent believer will order a potential convert to convert or die.  That, from the perspective of Islam, is a truly loving thing to do.  After all, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
Christianity is similar to Islam in this fashion as well, only with one significant difference.  The Koran-consistent Islamic missionary orders you to convert or physically die.  The Christian missionary, who is also a radical, orders you to convert or face eternal death in the Lake of Fire.  The only difference is that the Muslim will kill you today and the Christian will wait for God to kill you in the future.
While I am on the subject I think it is important to point out one additional significant difference between the Christian and the Muslim.  The Koran-consistent Muslim believes in a Muslim civil government that will rule the world by force, killing all the nonbelievers and operating under Sharia law.  The Bible-consistent Christian believes that civil government is the Beast (see the book of Revelation for the details) that exists to persecute and slaughter Christians throughout the period of time from the start of the Christian Church to the return of Jesus.  Muslims take up the sword and kill the enemies of their god and Christians are killed by the sword of the enemies of their God.  Muslims are called to kill.  Christians are called to be killed.
All of this is just introductory material to my primary point today.  Christians dream of the day when the last people-group on earth has heard the proclamation of the biblical gospel and had an opportunity to either repent or reject that truth.  We believe Jesus will return shortly thereafter and bring this entire process to a climactic close.  At that point Christians will no longer be sheep for slaughter and the Eternal State will have arrived.  Christian missionaries, armed only with Bibles and not with swords or guns, proclaim the Christian gospel around the world with that hope in mind.  I will leave it up to you to decide how successful they have been.
On the other hand, Muslim missionaries proclaim the Muslim faith around the world at the end of a gun or sword.  I believe it is fair to say that they are very successful at what they do, and they are becoming more successful every day.  Indeed, after listening to Bill, Donald and Hannity last week I am convinced that the Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries have won the battle.  Why do I come to that conclusion?  Consider this:
  1. Donald wants to build a wall around the country and thus refuse to allow anyone to come in.  He says that Mexicans and Muslims will not be allowed to enter until "we," never defined, "figure out a way to keep terrorists out."  I suspect it will take "us," never defined, a very long time to figure out how to keep terrorists out.  That brings me to Hannity's solution to the problem.
  2. Hannity says that the only solution to the problem of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries is for the citizens of the SDA to give up their civil liberties.  Because foolish and reprehensible people like me continue to believe that we should be free men the government finds itself with its hands tied and thus rendered incapable of performing the sort of surveillance required to "keep this from happening again."  Hannity called for a complete suspension of the Bill of Rights, not recognizing that that has already happened, and the granting of unlimited powers to the FBI, CIA and other government spy organizations to do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want.  Hannity told me that I just need to trust them to do the right thing.  Looking down the corridors of history I can see that his theory looks like a dandy idea.  Imbuing government agents with absolute power always ends well for those under that power.
  3. Bill solemnly declared that the solution to the problem of successful Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries is to declare war on them.  He called upon Congress to declare war upon the practitioners of Islam and to fight that war all over the world, including in the SDA.  The necessary result of Bill's call for a declaration of war is that martial law would be imposed upon all of the citizens of the SDA as the war is prosecuted.  Bill had no idea how long martial law would be imposed.  Just remember what happened in Boston a scant few years ago and project that out on a long-term national scale and you will have what Bill wants.  
None of the professional pundits analyzing the alleged problem of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries even bothered to address the issue of the SDA military presence as an occupying imperial force in the Middle East.  None of them stopped to consider that it is possible for the SDA to win this war against Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries simply by withdrawing military forces from their homelands and leaving them alone.   Instead of executing the relatively modest proposal of reducing the size of the SDA empire, all three of the men described above want to escalate the conflict and increase the size of the empire.  Their patriotism and love of government blinds them so that they cannot see that their plans are precisely what got us into this predicament in the first place.
I conclude that the Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries have won the battle.  The response to their missionary efforts by the best and the brightest the SDA has to offer is to attack our own people by taking away their freedoms and enslaving them in their own land in what would ultimately prove to be a futile and vain war. Look, quick, the enemy is at the doorstep.  What should we do?  Let's all shoot ourselves in the foot!  Brilliant idea Felicia. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Boycott Oklahoma

At some point in the not too distant past the state legislature of North Carolina passed a law that infuriated the majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Or at least the media portrayed the  law as being offensive to the majority. I don't know whether it is or it is not but it makes sense to me that most folks would find the new law offensive because we live in a post-Christian society that hates the God of the Bible and His perfect and holy moral law.
The new law passed in North Carolina declared that men are not permitted to use the public bathrooms and locker rooms designated to be used by women.  I assume that vice versa was included in the law as well, although I have not heard of any women who want to go into the men's room.  Apparently it struck nobody as strange or odd that a state would need to pass a law requiring men to do something that everyone in the universe except for a small group of perverts already understands to be proper.  From the day we all become sexually aware we understand that men and women should not be sharing bathrooms or locker rooms or showers.  The fact that I am even writing this stuff is the best proof of how far we have degenerated from biblical morality.
After the law was passed the moral paragons who lead and rule over us pronounced their outrage at the legislature, people and arbitrary geo-political boundary known as North Carolina.  Politicians want North Carolina to be subject to a complete loss of federal funding until the law is changed to permit men to use women's locker rooms.  Other career politicians want to send in the National Guard and force women to share their toilets and showers with men.  The social luminaries known as celebrities, musicians and sports figures who guide us along the way also weighed in with their opinions on the matter.  Concerts were cancelled, sporting events had their venues changed to locations in other states and Hollywood intellectuals informed those of us who believe men should not use women's bathrooms that we are Neanderthals deserving of death.  I guess tolerance only goes one way these days.
Cries arose from all quarters of this country calling for a total boycott of all things North Carolinian.  It is imperative, so I was told, to bring the sub-humans of North Carolina to their knees because of the biblical position they have taken on public bathrooms and showers.  Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, something truly subversive and immoral was going on.  Let me tell you about it.
According to a story found here,  "You may have heard of civil asset forfeiture. That's where police can seize property and cash without first proving a person committed a crime; without a warrant and without arresting them, as long as they suspect that the property is somehow tied to a crime. Now, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a device that also allows them to seize money on prepaid cards. It's called an ERAD, or Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machine, and OHP began using 16 of them last month.... 'We're gonna look for different factors in the way that you're acting,' Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said. 'We're gonna look for if there's a difference in your story. If there's someway that we can prove that you're falsifying information to us about your business...If you can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And we've done that in the past,' Vincent said about any money seized."
Did you get all that?  The story as written above does not tell the whole story.  The "prepaid cards" referred to also include debit cards that many people use to access their bank accounts.  In other words, you could be pulled over by an Oklahoma state trooper and suddenly find that your bank account has been emptied.  The State Patrol of Oklahoma gets to keep 7.7% of all the funds they confiscate.  They use those funds to throw parties for themselves and treat themselves to expensive retreat vacations.  Talk about a perverse incentive!
Civil asset forfeiture was already immoral and this new law takes the principle behind that corrupt and immoral idea to another level of debauchery.  Imagine a scenario in which you find yourself pulled over by a jack-booted thug in Oklahoma.  You were not doing anything wrong and you were not violating any traffic law.  When you ask him why he pulled you over he tells you that he thought you were swerving and he wanted to make sure you were not drunk or texting.  At home you have a bank account with twenty or thirty thousand dollars in it.  He tells you to hand over your wallet and he takes every card you have in it out and scans it through his ERAD device.  When he discovers you have $30,000 in savings he asks you why it is there.  Your wife has already been removed from the car and taken to a separate location where she is being interrogated about the joint savings account.  You can't tell the cop that it is none of his business as that would be a suspicious act and allow him to confiscate the money.  You can't tell him you just want to have that much savings because he can't understand why anyone would want that much savings and you have just committed another suspicious act if you tell him so.  Finally you tell him you are thinking about buying a new car for cash.  He does not consider that to be suspicious and he walks back to his patrol car.
As you were floundering for an answer that would allow you to keep your $30,000 your wife was being interrogated in a similar fashion.  In desperation she finally said the money was savings for a first class cruise to Hawaii she was planning on taking with you.  When the two cops consult with each other they discover that your stories don't square up and they confiscate your $30,000 and there is not a single thing on earth you can do about it.  You were guilty of no crime.  You did nothing giving the cops probable cause to detain you.  You were not arrested.  The only thing you were doing was driving on a road in Oklahoma while you had money in the bank.  The 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, a decrepit and archaic document from the history of the SDA, has been effectively abolished.  You have no security in your papers, possessions and person.  The state can do what it wants with you and your property at will. 
The fascist patrolman quoted above said, "If you can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you."  So much is wrong with that statement it is hard to know where to start to criticize it.  Why the citizens of Oklahoma, and the rest of the SDA for that matter, are not up in arms about the use of ERAD is inconceivable to me.  You are pulled over without just cause.  You are deemed guilty until you can prove yourself innocent.  Your money is considered to be state property until you can come up with some story that will satisfy the lying thieves who are attempting to rob you blind in order to be permitted to keep what is yours.  The new law in Oklahoma that allows and mandates the use of ERAD is unconstitutional, unethical, immoral and unbiblical.  Oklahoma is a "bible-belt" state, why are the citizens of that arbitrary geo-political boundary not up in arms at what is happening to them?
I have decided that I will, insofar as I am able, never visit Oklahoma again.  I hope you will do so as well.  My goal is not to punish the sheeple living in that state.  My goal is to avoid having my savings stolen.  It is far too risky to travel through Oklahoma and I hope all of you who love freedom will avoid going there if possible.  I have a suggestion for you.  Why not vacation in North Carolina this summer?  It is a beautiful state with gorgeous mountains.  Mt. Mitchell is a favorite place of mine.  Maybe I will take a road trip, go around Oklahoma, and stop in North Carolina for a couple of days where I promise to engage in the horrendously offensive practice of using bathrooms designated exclusively for men.  

Update:  June 17, 2016

A reader of this blog sent me a Fox News report that contradicts some of the things I have written above.  I suspect the Fox News report is accurate.  Here is some of what it says, "The card readers, which are said to be used in at least 25 other states, have reignited debate over civil asset forfeiture -- a legal tool used by police and prosecutors across the country to take millions of dollars in cash, cars, homes and more every year."  Apparently Oklahoma is not the only state that has abolished the 4th Amendment.  I don't know what the 25 other states are but avoiding all of them probably makes no sense.  The article went on to report, "On Monday, Oklahoma authorities also held a press conference to dispel rumors about the devices. 'We can do nothing with someone’s bank account. We can do nothing with someone’s debit card,' said Oklahoma Highway Patrol chief Col. Ricky Adams."  
On the other hand, the article also reported, "Oklahoma State Sen. Kyle Loveless, however, said he has major concerns over the system's use and the potential for abuse. 'The manufacturer in its patent and promotional videos said it can get information from any card with a magnetic strip,' Loveless told 'The issue is if it can take money from one card, it can take money from any card.'"  So there you have it....conflicting opinions about what ERAD can do.  I report, you decide.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Hero And A Coward

Two people died last week.  One of them was a hero, the other was a coward.  But don't take my word for it.  Take the words of these people:
Brent Rouse of Canon City wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post last week.  Here, in part, is what he had to say, "I was saddened by the recent passing of such an incredible athlete, ambassador of goodwill and a hero to so many.  I must also say how angry I was to see flags at half-staff in his honor in Louisville, Ky.  Muhammad Ali was a draft dodger, period.  I know the Supreme Court later reversed his conviction, but that does not change the fact that he did it.  That is a real slap in the face to the real heroes who fought and died for this country.  Men who died fighting to preserve his right to be a coward."
Meanwhile, in another part of the state, Prince Hickenlooper was delivering a eulogy for the Blue Angel's pilot who was killed when he crashed his jet while practicing for an upcoming air show.  According to an article in the Denver Post, "Marine Captain Jeff Kuss was killed while practicing for an air show near Nashville, Tenn., on June 2....Governor John Hickenlooper ordered flags to be flown at half-staff to honor Kuss....Hickenlooper earlier praised Kuss for his Colorado values (he was from Durango, ed).  'Here is a guy who is a legitimate hero to the whole state,' Hickenlooper said Friday afternoon."
Muhammad Ali fought in the heavyweight category of boxing 61 times.  He won 56 of those fights and lost the other 5.  Every time Ali climbed into the ring against an opponent he faced a legitimate chance at suffering serious physical injury.  His opponents had only one goal in each render him unconscious.  He once fought an entire fight, against Ken Norton, with a jaw that was broken in the first round.  When he fought George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle (1974) many fight analysts seriously thought that Foreman might kill him in the ring.  Ali won that fight in a decisive fashion, knocking out Foreman.  His professional career does not sound very cowardly to me.
Ali won the Olympic gold medal fighting in the light heavyweight category in 1960.  After winning the medal he proudly displayed it as he paraded around his hometown of Louisville.  Many stories have been told about how he would put the medal around his neck and then walk into a restaurant that would refuse to serve him because he was black.  According to those tales he would simply display the medal and walk out.  Messing with white folks in Kentucky in 1960 was a good way to get oneself killed.  Ali did it with regularity.  That does not sound like the action of a coward to me.
When Ali was drafted and expected to go to Vietnam to fight in a war of empire expansion on behalf of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika he refused to do it.  Ali refused to be inducted in April of 1967 and was immediately stripped of his heavyweight title.  He was also expected to go to prison as a draft dodger, although he managed to avoid serving any time.  What did he have to say about his decision?  "I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong,” was his response.  In saying that he recognized the simple truth that Amerika is an empire and that Vietnam was a war being waged for the purpose of expanding the empire.  He realized that killing Vietnamese people was an act of murder and he refused to do it.  He suffered serious personal and professional consequences for the stance he took.  That does not sound like a coward to me.
Jeff Kuss was a celebrated and adored pilot of a theatrical fighter plane team used by the military of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika as a recruitment tool.  He lived his entire professional life on the taxpayer dole.  Although he died prior to his retirement date, it is highly likely he would have done what almost all military pilots do.  They retire with huge taxpayer financed pensions and either dedicate themselves to playing golf or take up another career as commercial pilots, thus drawing two salaries for one job.  The pilots who fly for the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels are adored by the public.  Their flyovers never cease to generate goose bumps upon the skin of patriotic Amerikans as they imagine what it must be like to fly over foreign countries dropping bombs upon stinkin foreigners who deserve to die because they do not bow down to us when we order them to.  After Kuss died the people who commanded him bemoaned the fact that they had lost a powerful recruitment tool.  As it turns out, the millions of taxpayer dollars spent on useless military displays generates a lot of interest in the minds of unemployed 18 year olds who want to see the world and enjoy the thrill and pleasure of legally killing someone.  Try as I might, Kuss does not sound like a hero to me.
One man faced personal danger his entire professional life, eventually succumbing to an illness created by the physical blows he suffered.  One man faced up to racism and lived to tell the tale.  One man refused to be a slave to the state and repudiated the government's wars of imperial expansion.  That man is labeled a coward.
Another man lived a life of luxury and public adoration.  He rarely worked and never faced any significant danger.  He knew that all he had to do was put up with public adulation for twenty years and then he could retire at taxpayer expense to a life of continued luxury and adoration.  He dedicated himself to an activity designed to convince the young and impressionable graduates of SDA government schools that going into the military is a noble career path.  Who knows how many young men have joined the military only to go off and either kill or be killed for the Empire as a result of his actions?  That man is labeled a hero.
A hero and a coward died last week.  I will leave it up to you to decide which was which.

Update:  June 18, 2016

The Vietnam war is over but the war of words over the actions of Muhammad Ali when he refused induction continues in the Denver Post.  Ordinarily I would not update this post to simply quote another government loving socialist but today's paper has a comment that is most illuminating, and sadly typical of the citizens who populate the SDA.  Sam Hobbs of Arvada wrote, in part, "As for Muhammad Ali, he had the right to decide if he wanted to serve or not.  As far as I am concerned he was a draft dodger....Whether the Vietnam War was just or not has no bearing on his refusal to serve."  Did you catch that?  Sam worships the Amerikan Empire and the career politicians and military commanders who lead it.  Sam clearly and unequivocally states that patriotic citizens are morally required to go and fight in immoral wars.  The Vietnam war was unjust.  Those members of the military who killed, or attempted to kill, the Vietnamese people are murderers, attempted murderers or complicit in the act of murder.  Nevertheless, Sam believes anyone who refused to participate in the murdering is behaving immorally.  Talk about being blinded by state worship!