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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Transvestite Agenda Advances

Several months ago, after the Supreme Court of Joker's decision granting heterophobic people special political privileges, I predicted that the next group of degenerate perverts to seek special government privilege would be the transvestites.  As expected, the Denver Post, immediately ran a series of weekly articles on how poor transvestites are misunderstood and abused by the evil citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika who do not take the time to give them a hug and endorse their lifestyle choices.  This week the next step in the agenda to advance the cause of perversion took place in North Carolina.  Let's think about it today.
According to the Washington Post, "A new North Carolina law that bars local governments from extending civil rights protections to gay and transgender people is provoking a growing backlash from businesses and others who say the law is discriminatory....In a statement, Gov. Pat McCrory said legislative action was necessary to prevent local governments from enacting ordinances that overstep their authority in a way that might allow a 'man to use a woman's bathroom, shower or locker room.'  He tweeted that he had signed the bill 'to stop the breach of basic privacy and etiquette.'"
Who in his right mind could possibly disagree with passing a law that says men must use men's bathrooms and women must use women's bathrooms?  Who could ever have conceived of the set of circumstances that would bring about the need for political rulers in this country to believe they even have to pass a law to establish basic standards of moral decency?  Is there anyone in this immoral land, besides committed sexual perverts, who thinks it is unreasonable for public bathroom facilities to be segregated by sex?  The North Carolina law is a simple, common sense, measure designed to forestall the onslaught of the transvestite movement in the state.  It is a wise precaution to at least attempt to slow down the inevitable moral decay that is soon to come.  Sadly, it is doomed to fail.
The reaction of the sexually perverted community was entirely predictable.  According to the article,  "LGBT rights groups said the legislation, which many lawmakers had not seen before it was introduced Wednesday, is blatantly discriminatory and condemned it as the most extreme bill of its kind in the nation.  With this measure, North Carolina becomes the first state to ban students and others from using restroom that match with their gender identify if it clashes with their birth certificates."  What world do these dementos live in?  Condemning a rule that says a man can only urinate, defecate and disrobe in a room exclusively limited to other men is now an "extreme" action?  Saying that men and women should not be forced to urinate, defecate and disrobe in one another's presence is an "extreme" action?  Can you think of any situation that more dramatically illustrates the moral decline of this country than this one?  I can't.
The article went on to quote a fellow by the name of Chris who self-identifies as the executive director of "Equality North Carolina."  He said, "Our community is angrier than I've seen them in a long time, and that's easy to understand, given that our legislature and our governor have just used our people as a political wedge issue."  What?  Am I missing something here?  Passing a law to keep sexual perverts from getting their jollies by hanging out in locker rooms with people of the opposite sex is a "wedge issue?"  Has everyone in the world gone insane?  The mere fact that the new law even made the news dramatically illustrates just how far we have ethically devolved.
As I wrote before, so I write again.  This is the next step in the radical pervert agenda.  The heterophobes have won their prized political protection and the trannies want theirs now.  The trannies will not stop until they win.  The trannie supporting media will not stop until the federal government creates a new law giving trannies special political and economic privileges.  When that is tested in court the Supreme Court of Jokers will uphold the law and trannies will have arrived at their political nirvana.  They will have the same privileges as their homosexual cousins.  Meanwhile, of course, Christians are either demonized or ignored.  Christian's opinions on the matter are irrelevant to the public discussion.  God's opinion on the matter is anathema.  But make no mistake, as sure as the trannies will not stop until they win, God will most certainly not be mocked.  The Lake of Fire is not a very pleasant place to spend eternity.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trademark Hypocrisy In the Federal Government

I know this is going to be hard for many people to believe but hypocrisy exists within the dedicated public servants who minister to us plebeians from the federal government level.  I was reading my newspaper the other day, over breakfast, when I came across a tiny article buried in a back section of the paper.  It was entitled, "Park fights to keep names."  The story is short enough for me to quote it for you here in its entirety:
"The National Park Service has opened up a new front in the fight over the names of historic hotels and other beloved landmarks at Yosemite National Park. The agency has asked a federal trademark board to cancel trademarks obtained by the company that previously ran the park's hotels, restaurants and outdoor activities, the Sacramento Bee reported Friday.  Those trademarks include the name 'The Ahwahnee," which was used on a luxurious stone and timber hotel with stunning views of the park's fabled granite peaks.  The park's previous concession company, Delaware North, is demanding the Park Service pay its $51 million for the names."
Let's review some basics first. A trademark is a special government privilege granting monopoly status and power upon some special interest group in exchange for a vote or cash compensation of some sort.  Monopolies are doled out by career politicians and bureaucrats in order to allow one group of people to exclude competitors from whatever it is they are doing, thus procuring for themselves artificially higher profits.   They are decidedly unfair and end up costing consumers more, as monopoly privileges always do, as well as reducing overall economic growth rates in the geo-political zones in which they are enforced.
The free market does not allow for the creation of a monopoly or monopoly privilege.  In the absence of an overarching coercive force it is impossible for any profit seeking company to obtain a monopoly over its competition.  Government, which hates the free market, has been highly successful in the propaganda war it has waged against the free market and most people today stupidly believe that monopolies only exist in the free market and that the government must exist, in part, to keep them from forming.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Monopolies are always creations of government as it seeks to hand out special political and economic privileges to groups that support it and encourage its expansion.
Trademarks are granted by the federal government of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to give political and economic protection to a group which believes it has something in written form that is of value for its future and that should be protected from competition by the government trademark.  For example, the Mad Welshman (not trademarked) is a highly valuable moniker, largely due to my efforts at this blog for the past four years.  Should I wish to do so I could trademark my name and sue anyone who uses it for trademark infringement.  I would claim that no one else has the right to use those words because doing so would cause me some sort of financial harm.  The idea is preposterous, of course, but it is what we are all told.  In the never ending attempt to garner more and more government privilege some people have gone so far as to attempt to patent their names or common words that are somehow associated with them.  Most of those efforts fail for now but who knows what the future holds?
Because of trademark law many companies have come into existence for the expressed purpose of doing nothing more than applying for and obtaining as many trademarks as possible.  Everything is thrown at the wall and whatever sticks is granted a trademark. Once the trademark  is granted the company then scours the internet searching for that word or phrase.  When it finds the trademarked word or phrase used somewhere a lawsuit is immediately initiated.  The company being sued inevitably settles for millions of dollars, all of which are passed on to consumers as a cost of doing business in this immoral country, and the lawsuit is dropped.  Apparently no career politician ever conceived of this quite rational logical consequence of trademark law.  Politicians seem to have a hard time understanding how immoral laws always create incentives for immoral people to exploit to their own advantage that always ends up hurting innocent consumers.
Now the table has been turned.  The National Park Service is being confronted by trademark law and it does not like it one bit.  In a perfectly legal, but immoral,  maneuver the former concessionaire at Yosemite National Park used the trademark law to protect the names of the buildings and restaurants it managed in the park over the years.  The trademark office granted the trademarks and that should have been the end of the matter.  Recently the Park Service at Yosemite NP, for reasons I do not know, decided to terminate its contract with Delaware North and hire a new concessionaire.  Quite properly and quite legally Delaware North wants to enforce its trademarks upon the park and its managers.  Therefore, the career bureaucrats at Yosemite National Park are forbidden from using any of the trademarked words or phrases unless they are willing to pony up $51 million to Delaware North for the privilege of doing so.  This sort of thing goes on all the time in the business world but now it is happening to a government bureau.  How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?
The response of the National park Service is entirely predictable. Rather than obey the law that every profit seeking business in the country has to obey it has gone to the trademark office and asked for special privileges and exemptions that will allow it to continue using trademarked words without paying the requisite fees. There is no word yet on how that request has turned out but we know one thing for certain.....the career bureaucrats at the National Park Service suffer from a serious case of hypocrisy. Why does that not surprise me?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tanque Verde Peak

If you have read the last two posts to this blog you are aware that I spent last week in Phoenix.  The early part of the week was dedicated to getting out into the local mountains and the highlight of the trip was my attempt at Tanque Verde Peak.  I would like to tell you about that trip today.
Tanque Verde Peak dominates the southeast skyline of Tucson.  Its long SW ridge gently rises from the desert floor, eventually topping out at a little over 7,000 feet in elevation.  The peak is in the eastern branch of the Saguaro National Park and there is an excellent trail to the top. I first made a run at the peak last May but failed to summit due to poor conditioning and lack of desire.  Although technically a simple hike the trail does require 18 miles of walking with about 4,500 vertical feet of elevation gain over the course of those 18 miles.  Even for a strong hiker it is a full-day trip.
My partners in crime on this hike were a Mad Russian of about 35 years and two retirees, each in excess of 70 years of age, from the Tucson area.  They are pictured below.  The crazy Russian is in red on the left.  The man squatting below the trail sign is a long time friend and sharer of many mountain summits over the decades.  He was with me when I failed last year and was willing to come along while I gave it one more try.  The man in the middle is a snowbird who I had never hiked with before.  He ended up being a powerful hiker, just like my friend.  We were on our way up the trail at 7:15 in the morning after stashing a car at another trailhead, thus giving us the option of coming down another, longer, way. 

From the trailhead we proceeded steeply for about a mile up to the ridge itself, which we would then follow about 8 miles to the high point, which is Tanque Verde peak.   By the time we got to the ridge line I was already panting and soaked in sweat, while my companions were walking along causally discussing the local flora and whatever else might pop into their fruitful minds.  I think I heard discussions about various operas and nuclear physics over my heavy breathing.  The day was sunny and warm, peaking at over 80 degrees by the time we returned to the car that afternoon.  Once on the ridge it is a simple walk to the summit, which is not visible in the shot below because of a number of steps that must be negotiated prior to getting to the high point.

The gently rolling ridge creates opportunities for fantastic views, both north into Tucson and the Santa Catalina mountains (which were resplendent in the morning sunshine) and to the south towards the Santa Ritas and the infamous Mt. Wrightson.  If you are not familiar with Wrightson, "Google" Wrightson + Boy Scouts for one of the most tragic and downright sad stories you will ever read.  It chokes me up just thinking about what happened on that mountain.  The photo below shows the upper portion of the ridge just starting to come into view.  The summit is not yet visible but a national park campground (for backpackers) is in the flat off to the right in the picture below.  It is called Juniper Campground and in my two trips to it I have not seen anyone camped there.  Although well made and easily followed the trail is relatively sparsely traveled, I suspect because of its length and elevation gain.  We did meet two fellows coming down the trail as we went up carrying backpacks.  I would guess they had overnighted at Juniper.

We took a short rest at Juniper Campground and regrouped.  The remaining two miles to the summit would be new to me as I had turned around at the campground the previous trip.  I had an image of where the trail would go and where the summit would be but, as usual, my image and reality were starkly different.  Shortly after leaving the campground we came across this chain-fruit cholla.  Or at least that is what I think it is.  It was in full spring bloom.

The final two miles were neither as long nor as steep as I had anticipated.  Before long we were within striking distance of the summit.  It was difficult to determine where the actual summit was since there were numerous piles of rocks on the ridge above us and any of them could have been the actual summit.  As it turns out the Russian was correct when he pointed to the proper pile of rocks as seen in the photograph below.

Several minutes later we had climbed the short 3rd class stretch that leads to the summit and we were standing on Tanque Verde Peak.  Views in all directions were spectacular.  The photo below captures the view due east, into the heart of the park and into the heart of the Rincon mountains.  It is a special place to visit. I hope to come back and do Rincon peak at some point in the future.  It is out of view to the right/south in the picture below.

A couple of minutes behind us were the two older folks.  Pictured below is my long time friend climbing the last pitch to the summit.  Like a mountain goat he was on top in mere seconds. 

Last year I posted a piece to this blog describing my adventure on Culebra Peak, in the Sangre de Cristo range of southern Colorado.  That peak was my 60th, and final, fourteen thousand foot peak.  I also shared that summit with the man in the above photograph.  Tanque Verde peak is a special peak for me also because it constituted the 500th peak that I have successfully climbed over the past 40+ years.  I had hoped for a nice physical challenge for my 500th peak, as well as great views and superb companions.  The day could not have been any better. Here I am on the summit, using my amazing miming skills to indicate that this peak was my 500th.

We ended up parting company for the descent.  The Mad Russian, who had developed a nice case of blisters, and I elected to return via the up route and our two older, and presumably weaker, partners elected to take the longer loop route back down.  That added an additional 2 miles to their trip, making it a 20 mile day.  Like I said, those guys are amazing.  I can only hope to still be doing, more than a decade from now, what I am doing today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Founders Cup Follies

I attended the Founders Cup tournament last week in Phoenix.  I had gone to Phoenix for a spring break trip, planning on spending most of my time hiking around the local hills.  When I got there I discovered that the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) was holding a tournament in my back yard.  Well, not quite in my back yard but very close.  Due to the extreme generosity and kindness of a wealthy benefactor I was given the privilege of spending a week, free of charge, in a home on the Wildfire Golf Course in northern Phoenix. That just happened to be where the ladies were playing golf.  When I initially drove into the neighborhood I thought the tournament was just wrapping up but, as it turned out, it was actually just beginning.  Having had the privilege of watching the men's tour on several occasions, as well as the senior tour on one occasion, I looked forward to seeing the women play.  My residence for the week was on the 11th fairway and I could splash around in the pool and watch the ladies' tee shots land, followed by their second shot toward the green on the par 5 hole.
Just a couple of years ago the LPGA was struggling mightily.  The total number of tournaments had been seriously reduced and Amerikan fans were having a hard time following a group of women who were primarily Asian.  It seems as if many, if not most, of the women on the tour these days hail from Korea and most all of them seem to carry the surname of Kim.  Given the fact that all Asians look alike, call me a racist if you must, it is admittedly difficult for Amerikan fans to distinguish between them and form the all important bond of fanship for them.  I have watched enough women's golf on the television that I no longer suffer from that problem and, apparently, so do more and more golf fans.  The ladies' tour has seen dramatically improved fortunes since the end of the Great Recession.  According to the guidebook I picked up for the tournament, "When 13 women joined together to form the LPGA in 1950, they simply could not have imagined where their courage and perseverance would take women's golf.  Today, the LPGA is truly golf's global tour -- with players form 30 different countries and weekly television coverage that reaches more than 170 different countries.  Today young women from every corner of the globe have an opportunity to compete against the world's best for a record level of prize money (over $63 million), television coverage and fan viewership."  The Founders Cup was held in honor of those 13 women.
Like the PGA, the women usually arrive on Monday, play a practice round on Tuesday, participate in a pro/am tournament on Wednesday and begin competition on Thursday.  I spent the early part of the week hiking and climbing a couple of mountains and planned on procuring a ticket for Thursday's opening round on Wednesday afternoon.  The Wildfire Golf Course is owned by Marriott and is a part of their Wildfire Resort.  It was a two mile walk from the home to the clubhouse so Wednesday afternoon my wife, a friend and I headed off to purchase tickets for Thursday's round.  I have played the course (there are two 18 hole courses and the women were using the Faldo course) several times in the past so I knew exactly where to go.  As we approached the parking lot next to the clubhouse we noticed that the women were finishing their practices rounds and generally milling about talking with each other.  That was different.  The PGA will not allow fans into the player's parking lots.  I noticed Inbee Park, Michelle Wie, Christie Kerr, Julie Inkster, Laurie Davies and a bunch of Koreans who's faces I recognized but could not put a name to (they were probably all named Kim) quietly talking with each other.  I walked extra slowly through the lot so I could soak it all in.  What a pleasure it was to be in the presence of the best lady golfers in the world.  They were kind, polite, relaxed and seemed to genuinely enjoy being with each other.
We soon came to the entrance to the large tent that had been erected to hold the ticket office, a restaurant and a clothing shop.  Temporary barriers had been installed which funneled us through an entrance to the enclosed area.  It was then that it happened.  I was a man on a mission to purchase tickets so I did not notice them at first.  I walked right through the entrance and proceeded toward the white tent to buy our tickets.  Before I could get very far I heard a cop harassing my wife and our friend, who were just behind me.  As they followed me through the entrance two cops, who were sitting in a golf cart and sneering at the men and leering at the women who entered, had asked them for their "credentials."  Credentials are little cards you wear around your neck to prove that you are associated with the player, the media or some other group that has the right to fraternize with the players.  I stopped and turned around to see what was going to happen next.  My wife informed the cop who had stopped her that we were only there to buy tickets and the only way to buy tickets was to walk into the area in which we were now standing.  I took a quick look around and saw a large sign placed in a conspicuous place announcing that the practice range, which is where we were standing, was open to the public all week.  The cops certainly were aware of that fact and quite obviously just wanted to harass a couple of ladies who were doing nothing more than minding their own business.
After telling the cops that they were there to buy tickets the cops announced that the ticket office was closed.  That was the only thing they got right.  My wife soon extricated herself from the jack-booted thugs and joined me.  We entered the large tent only to discover that the ticket office was unmanned.  Here we were, on a Wednesday afternoon prior to the start of the tournament, and nobody was manning the ticket office.  The sign indicated a daily pass cost $25 and I was willing and able to purchase three of them.  I asked around and found one lady in the clothing shop who went in search of the ticket sales representatives, whom she assured me were supposed to be on their posts.  She returned a couple of minutes later and told me that I could only purchase tickets on-line.  I was incensed.  I was outraged.  The only thing that soothed my anger was standing outside the tent and watching the women hit their practice shots on the range.  Beautiful and graceful swings filled my vision.  Balls were launched into the air with a precision I could only dream of.  We marched home with me mumbling under my breath about the bush-league nature of the LPGA.
Thursday morning dawned and, after the previous day's experience,  I had vowed not to set foot on the golf course.  Any group that would not sell me a ticket was a group I did not want to support.  After breakfast I wandered down the road a couple hundred yards and walked on to the golf course.  I went up to the marshal manning the 11th green and asked him if I could watch.  He said that would be okay with him.  I then told him where I was staying and that under normal circumstances I could walk anywhere I wanted to and he informed me I was free to go anywhere I wanted on the course.  He told me that nobody would check me for a daily pass and I could watch the tournament for free.   That was all I needed to hear.  I went back to the house, grabbed my wife, and we headed for the course.
The rest of the day was pure pleasure.  It was in the upper 80s with a slight breeze.  I saw just about all of the big names in ladies golf.  More than that, I was able to see, firsthand, precisely how the women play the game.  They are incredibly precise and consistent.  They do not have the power or the length that the men do but they rarely hit a mishit.  All aspects of their games are executed with grace and precision.  They seem to be always near the hole and their putting was incredibly good.  I learned that they use the men's middle tees and their distance off the tee is the same as mine when I hit a perfect tee shot.  It seemed as if their drives were always in the fairways and their balls were always on the green in regulation. 
Crowds were nonexistent.  Occasionally a golfer would have a small band of maybe a dozen people following her around.  One Canadian golfer had such a contingent, all vocal and armed with Canadian flags and colors.  She ended up finishing tied for 4th.  Paula Creamer had a small band of young girls following her, all sporting aviator sunglasses and pink clothing.  It reminded me of the following of young boys always associated with Rickie Fowler.  Paula also ended up finishing tied for 4th.  A Korean, who I did not know, ended up winning the tournament with a record score of -27.  The last time I played the Faldo course, in January of this year, I shot a 101.  The winner shot a course tying record 62 on Sunday.  I think the ladies are a little better than me, and a whole lot more fun to watch.
I can't conclude this little tale without telling you about the next time I saw the two cops. They spent the four days of the tournament driving around in their golf cart, waiting for people to come up to them to thank them for their service and praise them as heroes.  They drove past my backyard too many times.  While I was sitting on the 13th fairway on Thursday, watching some ladies preparing to hit their approach shots, the two cops came screaming down the cart path and crossed the fairway right in front of the players.  Nobody else is allowed to interrupt play but these two thugs apparently thought that the players could wait on them.  Typical public servants, I thought to myself.  I concluded my experience by thinking that the lady golfers are exceptional, the LPGA needs a little work with infrastructure and the cops who provide security need to go home. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Difference Between Left and Right

If you read the title line for this post you might be thinking I am about to wax philosophical about the differences between the political left and the political right.  The political left consists of those worshipers of the State who believe it primarily exists to take money from the top 49% of the income population and give it to the lower 51% of the income population, in exchange for a vote.  The political right consists of those worshipers of the State who believe it primarily exists to wage wars of empire expansion all around the globe.  Although people like to claim there are significant differences between the two groups they are united in their common love for the State/Beast.  I consider them to be two sides of the same coin.  But that, however, is not what today's post is about.
A friend of mine told me a story yesterday about something that happened to him on his recent visit to Japan.  He was touring a temple or castle of some sort and there was a sign, written in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, informing visitors to stay to the right as they walked up the pathway to the top.  He took a photograph showing everyone going up the left side.  Now as I understand it, only the Brits and their associated cultural groups practice left side dominance.  Everyone else in the universe agrees that people should confine themselves to the right side of the path or road as they make forward progress.  Given the almost universal acceptance of the principle of right side dominance, why do so many people ignore it?
I spent the last week in Phoenix, visiting some summits and watching the ladies of the LPGA play a tournament quite literally just outside the backyard of the home where I was staying.  During the course of the week I was once again impressed by the fact that Phoenix area Yuppies put Denver area Yuppies to shame.  Phoenix area Yuppies are far more obsessive, far more driven, far more prone to drive aggressively and rage me as I am driving cautiously along and far more likely to behave like the selfish jerks they are.  I had the displeasure of witnessing one Yuppie confrontation that left me flabbergasted.  My rental car was low on gas so I made the couple of miles trip to the local gas station for a fill-up.  I had to make a left turn to get into the gas station which meant I had to get in the left hand lane of a four lane road to make the turn into the gas station.  The speed limit on that stretch of road is 45 mph.  I was doing 70 mph, being passed by numerous Yuppies on the right side, and arrived at the station in short order. 
While I was filling up my gas tank I overheard, it was impossible not to, an argument between two Yuppies.  A Yuppie woman in her BMW was yelling at a Yuppie man in his Lexus.  She exclaimed, "You were driving 80 mph in a 35 mph zone!"  He yelled something back at her that I could not discern.  She then upped the ante by yelling, "You were doing 80 in a 35 zone and you could have killed my child!"  He mumbled something back at her and she finished her diatribe by saying, "You are a class act, aren't you buddy?"  I could make out his response this time as he said, "Yes I am lady."  Don't you just love Yuppies?
One of the best examples of their selfishness took place multiple times as I entered and exited various buildings during the course of the week.  When I approach a double-door, living in a land with right side dominance, I make it a practice to go in the right side door, leaving the left side door unmolested so anyone wishing to come out is free to do so.  It seems like a rational arrangement to me as it maximizes traffic flow and intuitively fits into my conception of the way things should run in this world.
Now maybe this has happened to you before.  I had numerous experiences where I approached the right side door and noticed that someone was on the inside preparing to come out.  I moved far to the right so as not to impede their progress, or the progress of their door as they opened it, so that all would go smoothly and efficiently.  As I opened the door however, the people standing inside made no effort to open their right side door but, quite to my surprise and annoyance, they would immediately dart out the door I had opened, as if I was their personal doorman.  Sometimes they would acknowledge that I had held the door for them but most of the time they were Yuppies with their eyes glued to their PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) and totally oblivious to the world around them.  I was incensed and outraged at their behavior.
Today's blog post is devoted to Yuppies around the country.  Now hear this....I am not your personal doorman.  I derive no pleasure opening doors for you when you are quite capable of opening your own doors.  I experience great displeasure when you violate the inviolable principle of right side progress by taking the easy route provided by me on your left side.  Figure out the difference between the right and the left and stick to the right.  Mr. and Ms. Yuppie, I know this is impossible to believe, but the world does not revolve around you.  Unless you have hired someone to be your personal servant, those of us who live in this same world with you are not here to serve you.  I realize no Yuppie will ever read this blog post but I feel much better now.  Thank you for allowing me to vent my outrage.