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San Juan Mountains
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

International Women's Day Nonsense

I just found out that International Women's Day came and went without my even knowing it.  I didn't even know there was such a thing.  I should have suspected there would be such a thing since there is a day for every alleged victim class in this country.  I realize that what I just wrote is offensive to members of those victim classes.  That would include all groups of sissies who believe that folks like me are racist, anti-female, anti-black, anti gay, anti-lesbian, anti-trannie, anti-queer, and anti-asexual sorts of fellows.  So be it.  I went in search of what this day might be and I found a couple of articles written in celebration of the day on the internet.  They mostly said the same thing.  Women are oppressed by men, do not earn as much money as men and have fewer opportunities than men to become powerful citizens and members of the ruling class in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I disagree.  Indeed, while looking for articles about how much women are oppressed I found an article that proves just the opposite.  Let me tell you about it.
According to this website, women are integrally related to glaciers.  Now that is not something I would have immediately intuited.  Glaciers are huge and powerful.  If women are related to them then they must be huge and powerful as well.  That fact would argue against the thesis of the Women's Day proponents that women are universally oppressed.  I am not quite sure how women and glaciers are related but I have put my minuscule brain-power to the test and am seeking to understand just how this might be. 
The more I think about the relationship of women to glaciers the more I believe it could be true.  I hear men all the time talk about how the women in their lives "freeze them out," just like a glacier would do.  I also seem to recall some song from the 70s or 80s, by a band I do not remember the name of, called "Cold as Ice."  It was about a woman.  And I once saw a commercial for a product called "Icy Hot" that had a woman showing how much rubbing the magic potion on her leg helped her repetitive stress injury feel better.  Regardless, my point is that glaciers are really popular these days.  They show up in the enviro-wacko media all the time as examples of how global warming is going to drown us all some day.  I know for a fact that there are more glaciers in photographs on the internet than there are photographs of Welshmen.  So, to make a completely rational argument, if glaciers are female and glaciers are in the news all the time then it necessarily follows that women are in the news all the time, or at least some sort of woman/feminine creature is in the news all the time.  If women are in the news all the time they clearly cannot be subject to oppression by males.  And if women are not being oppressed by males the entire concept of a International Women's Day is utter nonsense.  Isn't logic wonderful?
I have to quote some of the information I found about how women and glaciers are related for you.  This stuff is truly fascinating.  What I read at the above website is the single best example of how feminist studies have become another branch of university life that is totally disconnected from the real world.  Why there should even be a feminist studies course in the first place is a mystery to me.  There are no Welsh studies classes.  There are no masculine studies courses.  The mere fact that women can get an actual  college degree majoring in themselves does a good job convincing me they are not really being repressed.  Who else can get a degree in himself? 
$412,930 of taxpayer dollars, some of which were mine, were given to the University of Oregon via a federal grant to study a variety of different topics that have no correlation to the real world and that would only be considered important on SDA college campuses.  Tops on the list of things to be studied was a topic entitled "gender and glaciers."  Here are some quotes from the report:
  • "The paper, titled 'Glaciers, gender, and science' and authored by University of Oregon professor Mark Carey, found that 'ice is not just ice' and called on scientists to take a 'feminist political ecology and feminist postcolonial' approach when researching glaciers and climate change."
  • "'Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change,' Carey wrote. 'However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers -- particularly related to epistemological questions about the production of glaciological knowledge -- remain understudied.'"
  • "'Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions,' the paper reads."
  • "'Most existing glaciological research -- and hence discourse and discussions about cryospheric change -- stems from information produced by men, about men, with manly characteristics, and within masculinist discourses,' the paper says."
Wow!  Can you think of a better use for almost half a million taxpayer dollars?  I sure can't.  I challenge any human being to interpret any of the things that Carey wrote in the above quotes.  Like I wrote in Monday's post to this blog, concerning Diversity at the University of Tennessee, I recognize that English words are being used but they are put together in such a way as to communicate nothing of substance.   What in the world is "feminist political ecology?"  What are "feminist glaciological frameworks?"  And what in the universe is a "masculinist discourse?"  One thing I do understand from the above quotes is that I want to do everything I can to avoid "human-ice interactions."  Those things are murder.  Just ask anyone who has tried to get through the ice fall on the way to the Western Cwm (a Welsh word by the can tell because it has no vowels) on the standard southern route on Everest. 
All of this scholarly research that I have been reading recently is hurting my brain.  I need some time off.  I am heading to the desert to climb some mountains next week.  See you on March 21st, provided I do not get arrested by a member of the LGBTQIA community for failure to uphold their values or attacked by a postcolonial feminist armed with some dynamic ecological systems designed to injure my masculinist discourses. 

Criminal Negligence Without Harm

I opened my newspaper yesterday morning to discover, much to my shock and surprise, that a class-action lawsuit had been filed against Swedish Hospital alleging that the hospital "negligently put thousands of patients in danger by hiring a surgical technologist who the hospital now says may have exposed them to HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C."  For those of you who might not be aware of this story, let me bring you up to speed.
A surgical tech by the name of Rocky Allen had been working at Swedish Hospital, in Englewood, for five months prior to being fired in January of this year for stealing a syringe filled with fentanyl from an operating room.  According to, "Fentanyl is an opioid medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic.  Fentanyl is used as part of anesthesia to help prevent pain after surgery or other medical procedures."  As I would have predicted, Allen is a Navy veteran who was court-martialed in 2011 for stealing fentanyl.  After his release from military service, he was serving in Afghanistan and most certainly responsible for keeping me free, he was hired and then fired by four other hospitals for stealing fentanyl.  When Swedish Hospital caught him stealing fentanyl he was immediately fired.  Shortly thereafter Swedish contacted all surgical patients who had been under his care and informed them that the drug addicted and needle using Allen might possibly have infected them with some as yet unspecified blood-borne virus.  Yesterday the class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of three former patients, with many more expected to jump on the litigation lottery bandwagon in the ensuing months.
If this were just another case of hundreds of people following an immoral and greedy lawyer in an attempt to win the litigation lottery I would not have bothered to write a post about it.  In this case there is something more at stake that you need to be aware of.  According to the newspaper report, Swedish has offered free blood tests to 2,900 former patients.  Many people have taken the hospital up on that offer.  To date nobody has tested positive for any blood-borne pathogen contracted during surgery at Swedish. The three plaintiffs named in the suit have also been tested and all three are disease free.  Do you see what is going on here?  The low-life gutter-snipe of a lawyer prosecuting this case believes in the legal principle of criminal (or civil) negligence without harm being inflicted.  He believes that his clients have somehow suffered an injury worthy of millions of dollars while, at the same time, he admits that they have suffered no injury.  How can this possibly come about? Answer:  the system of law in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is immoral, corrupt and contradictory.
There is a precedent in criminal law in favor of the plaintiff's complaint.  DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol, is a criminal offense punished by law.  If a person is caught with a blood alcohol level above some arbitrary, and constantly decreasing, amount, he is guilty of driving while intoxicated even if he did no harm to anyone.  In all states within the Socialist Democracy of Amerika a first time offense is punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine up to $2000.  Additional offenses ratchet up the penalty until the person who has never done any harm to anyone or anything can lose his driver's license and face significant jail time and fines.  In addition to the civil penalties, the cost for insurance rises significantly when a driver gets a citation for driving under the influence, once again, even if no harm was done to anyone.  In other words, citizens of this country can be convicted of a crime in which nobody and no thing was harmed.  It should not surprise us that some greedy attorney would use that immoral legal precedent to try to feather his own nest.
In a bizarre and ironic twist, when a person operating an automobile, whether driving drunk or not, kills another person the sentence in Colorado is 4-12 years imprisonment followed by 5 years of parole.  You can see that when an actual crime is committed, in this case murder, the criminal is handled with kid gloves and given a light sentence.  Let's be clear, if a person is driving drunk and kills another person he is guilty of murder and should be executed by the civil authorities for his crime.  The fact that he was driving drunk is irrelevant.  Humanistic law, however, is harsh when no crime has been committed and lenient when it should be harsh to the perpetrator of an actual crime.  God will not be mocked.  God commands all men, whether they profess to believe in Him and His Word or not, to obey His commandments.  Those who do not will be punished eternally in the Lake of Fire.  
Driving drunk is not a crime when no harm is done.  Indeed, it is not a crime even when harm is done.  The crime is the harm to the person or property of someone else.  It does not matter what mental condition the perpetrator was in at the time he harmed someone else's person or property. The biblical legal principle that negligence can only exist when harm occurs is clear and obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense.  To claim that another party has committed a tort against me when no harm has been done to me is something that could only come up in the legal system of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  That is one reason why anyone who professes to be a Bible believing Christian should have nothing to do with the corrupt and immoral legal system that has been imposed upon us by career politicians, career jurists, career enforcers of the rules and anyone else associated with what is called a legal system in this land.  Any Christian who conducts himself as a lawyer, judge or any other accessory to the system that believes criminal and civil (itself an unbiblical distinction) offenses can exist in the absence of harm is fighting against God Himself.  In case you do not know, that is not a prudent thing to do.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fornicating Teenagers Want My Cash

Fornication is a regular practice among teenagers in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Related to that truth is the fact that teenage pregnancy is also a common occurrence in this immoral land.  Most teenage girls who find themselves pregnant go to the local taxpayer funded abortion mill and murder their babies before their parents can find out what has happened.  In some cases however, the teenage girls keep their babies.  This being the age after the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, the male teenagers who impregnated these girls are nowhere to be found and completely left off the hook for the consequences of their actions.
I opened my Denver Post yesterday to be treated to a story about how a group of teenage girls has gone to the Colorado legislature to lobby for a new law that will allow them to steal some of my money to pay for the expenses associated with having a baby.  I flew into an immediate rage.  After picking my granola pieces up off the floor, at least the ones the dog did not get to first, I settled down to consider the matter.  What follows are my thoughts about this ridiculous and immoral proposal to steal even more of my hard earned cash.
I have lived in Colorado for decades.  Although Colorado has a relatively low rate of income tax when compared to many other states, the career politicians and bureaucrats in Denver still manage to extract approximately 3% of my annual income from me.  That means that I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to the State of Colorado over the years in exchange for all sorts of government services I neither need nor want.  As is the case with most states in this profligate land, Colorado somehow manages to run deficits even though the state constitution mandates a balanced budget every year.  It takes a lot of money for the career politicians who infest the state house to continually buy new votes for themselves by creating new spending programs designed to get the constituency hooked on government money.  They are "pushers" in the classic sense of the term.  Now these low-life pushers are seeking to addict teenage girls to their favorite drug, the drug of government/taxpayer money.
The article in the newspaper, written by Ann Schimke, stated that, "Right now, if you are a teen mom in Colorado, there is a good chance you have to clear a big hurdle to get state financial help to pay for child care:  that is, going to court to seek child support from your son or daughter's father."  Imagine that.  The law, as it currently reads, asserts the belief that the parents of a child should be held responsible for paying for it.  What a novel idea that is.  If a deadbeat dad refuses to pony up the cash to pay some of the expenses associated with the rearing of his child, he should be forced to do so by the civil government.  This is actually one legitimate function of civil government and it is not a difficult one to enforce.  A simple paternity test can prove who the parents are and once that has been determined they should be held responsible to pay the expenses of that child, whether they are married, living together or have moved on to another sex partner.
The story goes on to tell me that, "more than a dozen high school students visited the state Capitol last week to press for a law change that would eliminate that requirement for teen parents....Proponents say the measure would remove an intimidating obstacle that is limiting access to child care and forcing teen moms to drop out of school."  Well there you have it.  These teenage girls made the adult decisions to have sex, to get pregnant, to not murder the unborn baby and to not put it up for adoption.  After having made that series of adult decisions they now believe they are legally and morally qualified to use the coercive power of civil government to force taxpayers like me to pay the bills associated with raising their children.  The "intimidating obstacle" that is allegedly causing these immoral louses to run to the government for protection is the requirement to get a court order to force the deadbeat dads to pay their share of the expenses.  What an outrage!  After doing all of the other adult things associated with this process they find it impossible to confront the boys they had sex with and force them to pay a part of the bill?  I have never heard of such nonsense in all of my days.  What is next?  Will they claim that changing a diaper is an intimidating obstacle and run to the Colorado legislature for a law forcing taxpayers to pay for full-time diaper changers for them?  Grow up you spoiled little brats and assume responsibility for your actions.  What a bunch of silly little wimps these girls are.
The advocates for this new law believe it is necessary so the teenage girls will not have to drop out of school.  I am afraid I do not see things that way.  Dropping out of government school would be the best thing for them. What have they learned in government school so far?  They have learned that it is fun and cool to have sex with boys.  They have learned that it is a bummer to get pregnant.  I assume they have learned of the relationship between having sex and getting pregnant.  And they have learned the most important lesson of all.....when things get tough in your life turn to your god.  Turn to civil government and ask it to make laws to make you a victim and give you access to taxpayer funds.  Wonderful. 
I would like to ask these teenage girls a couple of questions.  Where do you obtain the moral right to take some of my money to pay for the expenses associated with the baby you decided to have?  Why is it an intimidating obstacle to get a court order to get your boyfriend to pay his share of the costs in light of the fact you have already had to face the music with your parents about this child, an obstacle far more intimidating than shaking down your boyfriend for some cash?  Do you think it is possible that this new law you are lobbying for will create an incentive for other teenage girls to commit fornication and have babies because they know that taxpayers like me will be forced to pay the bills associated with raising their children?  Why do you believe theft my majority vote is a moral behavior?  Do you ever think about anyone besides yourself?
The article cast these teenagers in the role of victims yet I do not see how anything that has happened to them is the result of anything other than their own free will decisions.  The only victims that exist in this scenario are those that will be created if the new law passes.  Then all of the taxpayers in the State of Colorado will become victims as they will then be legally required to pay the bills associated with raising illegitimate children all around the state.  It all boils down to the simple truth that fornicating teenagers want my cash.  It is up to the career politicians who rule over me in this state to see if they are going to get any of it. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

And The Oscar For Best Cinematography Goes To....

I watched about ten minutes of the Oscar presentations last week.  I noticed several things about them.  The first thing that really jumped out at me is how insecure most everyone associated with the movie business seems to be.  They spend a good deal of their time giving each other awards, in vain attempts to bolster their respective self esteems.  I don't think it is working.  The second thing I noticed is how there were no black people receiving awards, although most of the presenters and entertainers that evening were black people.  I was not surprised that the black folks providing the backdrop for the awards spent a good deal of their time insulting the white folks.  And I was not surprised that the white folks seemed to take great pleasure at being insulted.  I guess it helped them ameliorate some of their white guilt.  Who knows, it might have even helped to build up their self esteem.  Good for them.
The section of the program that I witnessed was devoted to a lot of the technical aspects of movie making.  I saw the awards for costumes, hair design, editing and other stuff like that.  It was then that I realized how non-diversified the winners were.  I was shocked as I saw one Brit after another mount the stage and give thanks to the Academy for their awards.  I think some of them also took the opportunity to thank the Queen, as a backhanded slap against the racist Academy giving them their awards.  Where is the diversity, I thought to myself?  The awards were clearly rigged to promote the Brits.  I was appalled.
One award that I did not see was for best cinematography.  I am not sure what that means but I think the person who does the best job with his camera at capturing whatever it is the director wants him to capture is given that award.  As I thought about who should win that award I realized that the two best candidates for it had not even been nominated.  Let me tell you their stories.
This news story, from the Los Alamos Daily Post, tells the sordid tale of a puppy mill.  You know what a puppy mill is, don't you?  It is the term used by people who oppose freedom in general and breeding dogs for profit in particular.  Dog breeders that don't make any profit and who breed for environmentally conscious purposes and goals, whatever that means,  are known as dog breeders.  Dog breeders who breed dogs to sell to satisfied customers for a profit are called owners of puppy mills.  Many a rookie newsman, and his associated cameraman, has made a reputation for himself by secretly recording what goes on inside these puppy mills.  Here is a part of the story as reported in the paper,  "After receiving a series of complaints from individuals who adopted from and/or visited McIntoch’s Southern Roc puppy mill, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) sent an undercover investigator who captured video, which confirm the allegations.  The ALDF filed a complaint against the breeder with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) identifying numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) readily visible in video footage taken on their premise."
Well there you have it.  Some evil profit seeking businessmen were breeding dogs and some business-minding do-gooders decided that they did not like the way the dogs were being bred.  So they trespassed upon the property of the company breeding the dogs and, without the knowledge or permission of the company, secretly taped what was taking place.  Once they had their video they ran to their god, the federal government, and presented a case that the Animal Welfare Act had been violated.   As you would expect, the animal rights activists in the area are praising the brave cameraman as a hero.  He braved enormous risks to obtain the footage of abused animals.  He could have been stung by a bee, bitten by a dog, stepped into a pile of dog do-do or shot at by the owner of the company.  Certainly the man who shot that video should have been nominated for an Oscar.  If his story had been properly told I am certain he would have won.
Now let me tell you the tale of another cameraman who secretly recorded the goings on at another privately held company.  This story can be found here, in the Christian Science Monitor.  It says, "The accusers are now the accused in the case of the hidden camera videos that purportedly show Planned Parenthood staff in Texas discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue – a crime in the United States if done for profit. The anti-abortion activists who captured the controversial footage last year now face criminal charges.  A grand jury in Harris County cleared Planned Parenthood's Gulf Coast affiliate and indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, in a courtroom twist that surprised many. Both are charged with using fake driver's licenses, and Mr. Daleiden is charged with violating Texas' law against the purchase and sale of human organs – the same law he accused Planned Parenthood of breaking – based on his email to Planned Parenthood in which he sought to buy fetal tissue. Their lawyers say they have done nothing wrong....Planned Parenthood made prosecutors aware that Daleiden and Ms. Merritt supplied fake driver's licenses in April 2015 when they entered a Houston clinic claiming to be executives from a nonexistent company as they secretly captured conversations on film in the facility. That revelation is what led to the charges that they used fake government documents with the intent to defraud."  I suspect most people are aware of this case.  If you have not seen the video, you can see it here.
There are so many absurdities in this story I hardly know where to begin.  Note that using aborted fetal tissue in a way the government describes as "not for profit" is legal but doing the same thing with someone who wishes to make a profit is a grave immorality.  In that case the abortion mill is very similar to the puppy mill.  Also note that Planned Parenthood really has no clue on how to defend itself from the charges brought by the anti-abortion group with the sinister video footage.  Why do they not come out and declare what they believe to be true?  A baby is not a baby until it is born.  As long as a baby is in the womb it is tissue, nothing more and nothing less.  Selling tissue should not be an issue with anyone.  Isn't it strange that the pro-abortionists never make that argument?  I wonder why?
So let me get this straight....the anti-puppy mill people obtain video footage showing dog abuse illegally and they are heroes.  The anti-abortion mill people obtain video footage showing murder and the sale of human body parts illegally and they are felons.  You can watch the video for yourself.  There is no doubt about what was taking place.  The folks at PP were willing and able to sell parts of dead babies to anyone who wanted to buy them.  Furthermore, even a pro-abortion body of federal law still classifies the act of selling baby parts as a crime.  There is no question that the PP people were involved in a conspiracy to break the law.  But when the video was presented to a Grand Jury for the purpose of obtaining an indictment against PP a very strange thing happened.  Instead of bringing an indictment against PP, the Grand Jury indicted the cameraman for illegally filming the meeting where the conspiracy to commit a felony by selling human body parts for a profit was hatched.  What did he do wrong?  He used a fake ID to get into the room.
I do not need to describe this event in any more detail.  If your God-hating conscience is so seared you cannot see the bitter irony in this there is no hope for you and you are bound for the Lake of Fire if you do not repent.  Those who still have some semblance of a moral conscience can immediately see what has happened here.  Dogs are far more valuable than humans and cameramen who record dog abuse are heroes while cameramen who record human abuse are felons. That is precisely the way things should be in the immoral Socialist Democracy of Amerika.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Diversity at the University of Tennessee

I was sitting in my rocking chair, watching the final round of the World Golf Championship tournament at Donald Trump's golf resort in Doral, Florida yesterday afternoon, when I was assaulted by a news report informing me that about 150 students at the University of Tennessee had staged a protest at a basketball game.  According to the local newspaper some students were very upset about recent changes at the university.  According to the newspaper report, here is what happened, "Dressed in black and carrying signs, roughly 150 University of Tennessee students filled a portion of the student section of Thompson-Boling Arena at the men's basketball game on Saturday. During the second half, they walked out, chanting 'UT diversity matters.' The protest was organized to support funding for diversity on campus, but also to include more minority students, including student athletes, in speaking out, students said....On Wednesday, the state Senate Education Committee approved a budget amendment that would transfer $8 million out of the budget for UT's Knoxville campus and allow the Office for Diversity and Inclusion to be funded only by federal money. According to UT officials, the office receives no federal funds.  Students from the UT Diversity Matters coalition have blasted the vote. Saturday was the first time they'd taken their activism to an athletic event.  'Most of the athletes are students of color, particularly the basketball team. They're black, and I think that they're also experiencing this,' said Kristen Godfrey, a graduate student....Student organizers said the game offered a way to get their message out. 'It's obvious that everyone else is living different lives on this campus,' said JT Taylor, a UT senior. 'We just want people to feel where we're coming from. We feel like everything is backward right now.'"
I made a mental note to look into the matter today, to find out just what horrific things are actually going down in Tennessee.  I expected to discover, after an intensive internet research session, that blacks were being lynched in Tennessee and black students were being forced, despite Bernie's promises to the contrary, to pay back their student loans.  What I discovered was quite the opposite.  Let's consider my findings for a while today.
As it turns out the terrible things happening in Tennessee had everything to do with government money being given to a different group of people while the group of people previously receiving the taxpayer dollars were being cut out of the state's budget.  You can see the basic facts in the newspaper report.  The Tennessee Senate voted to defund the UT-Knoxville Office for Diversity and Inclusion, leaving it the beneficiary of federal funds alone.  The problem is, the feds don't send any taxpayer dollars to the office, leaving it flapping in the breeze with no taxpayer funding whatsoever.  Although I considered that to be a good decision on general principle alone, I wondered what vital service the Office for Diversity and Inclusion was performing for the students.  Intrigued, I decided to find out more about this Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
According to this website, the "The Office for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to advancing efforts to create a welcoming and accessible campus community. Our leadership drives inclusive excellence, leads to new discoveries and affords all students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to realize their full potential."  Not only that, the office has a vision.  It is, "To be a recognized leader in equity, diversity, and inclusion endeavors."  Good for them.  Now I have a question....does anybody know what the two above quotes mean?  Neither do I.  It is kind of like what happens when I read Shakespeare.  I recognize that English is being spoken but I have no idea what is being said.  So I continued my search.  I found a list of "Values" that I hoped would tell me what this office is all about.  Here are some of the values that the office holds to:
  • Access – committed to making the university accessible to a wider range of people than have traditionally been included.
  • Accountability – holding the university and ourselves responsible for advancing diversity and inclusion.
  • Advocacy – promoting and supporting strategic diversity initiatives and inclusive practices.
  • Authenticity – being truthful and exposing realities.
  • Proactive – being on the forefront of progress and change.
  • Courage – moving forward despite adversity and risk.
  • Persistence – staying engaged even in the face of obstacles.
  • Justice – treating those with whom we come in contact equitably and fairly.
  • Principled – holding ourselves to a moral compass.
  • Compassionate – showing care and concern for others, especially those who have been marginalized.
Although I cannot disagree with these values as they are stated, I still have a problem.  I have another question for you....does anybody know what those values are about?  Neither do I.  Who can disagree with being truthful and seeking after reality?  Who can be opposed to moving forward and taking on risks?  Who in his right mind would ever think that being held to a moral compass is a bad idea?  But I still have no idea how those values apply to diversity and inclusion.  And I still have no idea what diversity and inclusion are.  So I kept looking. 
I clicked through to a page about one of the programs previously sponsored by the taxpayers of the State of Tennessee.  This particular program is called "Safe Zone" and this is what the website said about it, "While issues related to sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression have become more prominent in society, individuals who identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, questioning/queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) continue to face harassment and discrimination. Safe Zone Network is a voluntary network of faculty, staff and students who believe that every member of the UT community should have an equal opportunity to grow, learn, and work at a safe and welcoming campus.  The program is designed to improve visibility and support of LGBTQIA students and employees."  Intrigued, I continued reading.  I learned that the office was sponsoring a workshop and that, "After completing the SZ 200 workshop, students will have the opportunity to join the Safe Zone Network and receive a button and wristband showing that they are supportive of the LGBTQIA community."
Being Welsh, I am usually a little slow on the uptake but it did not take long for me to figure out what the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is all about.  Most of the programs sponsored and conducted by the office were for blacks, women and sexual perverts.  In every case, the blacks, women and perverts were cast as victims of some terrible intolerance by white males.  I searched in vain for any examples of the university refusing to admit a black, woman or sexual pervert.  Apparently the office does not have any examples of that sort of oppression.  I searched for examples of blacks, women or perverts being beaten up on campus and I could find nothing there as well.  In fact, I could not find any example of any actual immoral, criminal or socially oppressive thing taking place against blacks, women and sexual perverts at the university.  It was then I realized that the Office for Diversity and Inclusion was spending $8 million per year to inform the victim class known as blacks, women and sexual perverts that white males were guilty of thought crimes against them.  Yes, I know it is impossible to believe but many white males like me go around thinking that blacks are not victims of institutional racism, women are not subject to the glass ceiling and sexual perverts are not behaving morally.  This will not do!
My how things have changed since the time I was in college.  I understand having a "safe zone" for kindergarten children in cases where some bully on the playground starts throwing his weight around but we are talking about adults here.  We are also talking exclusively about the thoughts that are in the minds of people who do not agree with them and their anti-Christian opinions and beliefs.  These government protected victim classes want to have some of my taxpayer dollars to finance their activities in support of their position that I am guilty of thought crimes and need to be reeducated.  My sin and my crime is having an opposing opinion. And when I express my opposing opinion I am an evil person engaging in an attack upon them, forcing them to flee to their safe zone where they will be told how good, valuable and inclusive they are.  Afterwards they all get a bracelet to wear on their wrists that informs them how good they are.  Meanwhile, I am called a criminal and an evil person for simply holding an opinion about them that differs from their own.  Who is the real aggressor here?
I am writing about the example at UT today but what I have written about what is taking place there is actually endemic at public universities all around the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The mere fact that people acknowledge and universities create wacko nut job groups like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion dramatically demonstrates how far the college experience has degenerated into nothing more than politically correct, government sponsored mind control.  The total destruction of the English language is evident in everything the office writes and says.  I listened to one air headed student, both a woman and a black, drone on and on about diversity and inclusion without saying anything of substance.  Her words were content-less.  She was doing nothing but emoting and what she was emoting about was her strong desire to obtain taxpayer dollars because she is a member of a self-proclaimed and government protected victim class.  What an utterly disgusting state of affairs the entire thing is.  My only hope is that future golf tournaments, dominated by white males by the way, are not interrupted by tales of student protests in favor of diversity and inclusion.