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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You Must Watch "Dateline"

I will readily admit to being a fan of the television show Dateline.  It is on Friday night and usually features a story of one spouse murdering another, usually for money and almost always due to an ongoing adulterous affair.  That, however, is not the reason I find the show so mesmerizing.  I watch the show to witness, first hand and in real life, the immoral operations of the cops and the district attorneys responsible for administering justice in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  If you are still unconvinced that the judicial system in this God-hating country is corrupt to the very core, you need to watch the show.
Last Friday's show was a case in point.  In a rare move, the show was divided into two one hour segments.  After watching the show I seriously suspect that that was done on purpose as a means to illustrate just how evil the cops and district attorneys in this land are.  The first story was a follow up on a man who was convicted of murdering his wife, on slim circumstantial evidence alone, who had served 15 years of his prison sentence when he was finally given a new trial, his fourth, and found not guilty.
The murdered wife was never found.  No murder weapon was ever found.  The only evidence against the husband was a small amount of blood on a carpet in the hallway that the DA claimed was evidence of massive blunt force trauma to the head of the deceased.  While doing their sterling detective work the cops assigned to the case ignored the testimony of a man who said he saw another man fighting with the wife just prior to her death, outside the family home and near where her car was found the next day.  He provided a solid description of the man and corroborating witnesses confirmed that the wife had been drinking heavily and playing sexual games with the man that night at a bar, as well as the fact that they left the bar together.  That man has long since disappeared.
Immediately after the woman was declared missing the cops swept in upon the husband and began their usual ritual of the psychoanalysis of his behavior.  According to them he did not behave the way a bereaved husband should behave.   Rather than doing some actual police work they harassed him and attempted to construct a circumstantial theory revolving around the blood on the rug that could get him convicted in a court of law.  The usual jury of dimwitted individuals intent upon seeing themselves on the news as members of the jury in a high profile case were selected.  And as usual, the jury found him guilty and sentenced him to prison.  He appealed two separate times and both times he was sent back to prison.  Finally, he appealed once more, using some legal maneuver that I did not understand that granted him the ability to do so, and agreed to waive his "right" to a jury trial.  The same evidence was presented in the same fashion as before and it took the judge about 20 minutes to declare him not guilty and set him free.  Fifteen years of his life had been stolen because the cops were lazy and the publicity seeking DA wanted a high profile conviction.
The second story is the reverse of the first.  You had to see it to believe it.  An air-headed prostitute, pretending to be a realtor, marries a convicted con man and they set up their home in a prestigious south Florida community.  The man is seriously trying to go straight and pay off the debts he owned from his prior conviction while his wife, the lisping air-head, is trying to hire a hit man to kill him so she can get his condo and his cash.  The situation becomes known to the police and they video her on several separate occasions attempting to hire a hit man for the job.  Eventually a cop posing as a hit man takes the job.
In a very fun series of events the woman comes home from her morning Orange Theory class to discover that her husband had been "killed."  She plays the role of the grieving wife to perfection, not knowing that her husband is alive and well and waiting for her at the police station.  She is taken to the station and the plot is revealed.  Rather than confessing her guilt she continues to assert her innocence and then proceeds to concoct three different stories, one for her original defense and two more for each appeal, about what had actually happened.  She was convicted all three times.  It was hard not to.  The evidence was considerably more than circumstantial.
After telling three different stories she is finally able to get another trial, I don't remember how that happened, in which her scum bag lawyers finally came up with a winning lie.  It just so happened that the television show Cops had filmed the entire scene as it went down.  Her story was now that she was a victim of a police set up.  According to her, the police set her up to have a good story for the television show to record.  She claimed that all of the video evidence was falsified and that she was a "spiritual" person who "loves God" tremendously.  Her lawyers made the same profession of faith.  She screened her jurors carefully and filled the box with more air-headed fools who believed her preposterous story and cut her loose.  It is hard to imagine anyone could be so stupid as to believe her story but it happened and a woman who attempted to murder her husband for cash is now walking about freely.
The SDA judicial system is in shambles.  Innocent people are being sent to prison based on nothing more than circumstantial evidence and a good story spun by aggressive DAs looking for the spotlight.  Meanwhile, low-life clumps of human detritus, known as defense attorneys, are getting clearly guilty people off scot-free by making up bizarre and unbelievable stories that play well to stupid jurors.  If there is one lesson to be learned from Dateline it is this....never talk to the cops, always lawyer up immediately, never consent to a search or an interview and do your level best to give the primary players in the judicial game absolutely no information about yourself or the circumstances you find yourself in. As they say, any information you give the cops will be used against you, even if it is only used to fabricate a preposterous story about how you murdered your wife.

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