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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Russian Obsession

Neo-cons (Cheney, Rumsfeld), warfare statist Republicans (Romney, Rubio, McCain), vote-seeking moderate Democrats (Hillary, Kerry)  and the military-industrial complex (nameless faces at the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, etc) all love Russia.  More precisely, they love to hate Russia.  It seems like everybody hates Russia, and its charismatic leader Vladimir Putin, except King-elect Donnie Trump.  Even the present King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, Barak Obama, now hates Russia.  At one point in the not so distance past, four years ago to be exact, King Obama liked Vladdie, even telling him that after he won the next vote contest for the Kingship he would be able to move forward with cordial relations between his country and ours.  Now all of that has changed since the various spy organizations that operate on SDA taxpayer dollars have declared that Russia influenced the last election.  It does not matter that they have produced absolutely no evidence in support of their claim (just trust them, they tell us).  All that matters is that King Obama now hates Russia as well since, according to him, the evil Putin kept Hillary from becoming the first Queen of the SDA.
I find all of the firestorm surrounding the allegations that Russia influenced the SDA Kingship elections most amusing.  Even though there is absolutely no reason to believe we are being told the truth, I will grant that Vladdy was able to use his amazingly expert computer skills and hack into the DNC servers.  But, as the cops like to tell me all the time, "why not let us look around if you have nothing to hide?"  Hillie certainly would not have voluntarily allowed people who did not support her to look around her emails so Vladdy did us all a favor and revealed them to us on her behalf.  Once again I must ask, why all the brouhaha if Hillie and the DNC had nothing to hide?  Most folks in the SDA have abandoned and abolished the 4th Amendment based upon the belief that nobody should complain about being searched by government agents unless they have something to hide.  Clearly Vladdy is not the problem here.  The problem is the content of Hillie's and the DNC's email messages.  Why should Vladdy be blamed for what Hillie said and did?
Did Vladdy "influence the outcome" of the SDA voting contest?  Absolutely, if you believe revealing information about the various candidates that is true can be responsible for influencing how people will vote.  I am not privy to the information contained within the heads of hundreds of millions of SDA citizens but I can conceive how it is possible that many millions of them decided to vote against Hillie because of what they read in her emails.  But it was not Vladdy who changed their minds since he was simply the conduit for the information.  It was Hillie who changed their minds.  Her arrogance and elitist attitude could easily have turned off many of those who might have voted for her if she had been successful at keeping up her public image intact while distracting folks from what she is really like.
I find the media to be somewhat less than morally pure on this topic.  Conservatives, moderates and screaming liberals alike are maligning Vladdy for what he allegedly did.  Do they also expect me to believe that the "news" they reported to me during the election cycle was unbiased and not designed to favor a particular candidate?  Give me a break.  The only difference between what Vladdy did and what Fox News, CNN and MSNBC did during the last election cycle I think about it.....I can't think of any difference.
JFK refused to go to war with Cuba, angering the hawks in Washington DC beyond belief.  He was dead a scant couple of years later.  Donnie refuses to go to war with Russia, even daring to befriend Vladdy over the protestations of the hawks in Washington DC.  Donnie would be wise to watch his back.  I can easily see how those in power who need to continually foster a hatred for Russia could be persuaded that it is good for one man to die so that the rest of them might continue to prosper.  (Note to the FBI agent reading this blog, oh how I flatter myself, this is not a threat.  Nobody should ever take up arms against their rulers.  Read the other posts to this blog to see that I have continually preached this truth.)
Those of you who hate Russia, I have a couple of questions for you:
  1. Why do you hate Russia, and Vladdy?  What has he ever done to you?  Be specific, what has he really done to you?
  2. Why are Russia's excursions into Ukraine and Syria any of our business?  If they are our business, please explain why it is not our business to defend the citizens of North Korea.
  3. What is the constitutional basis for the argument that the SDA has a responsibility to police Russia as it operates around the world?
  4. Since the only reason I can think of to vilify Russia as an enemy is directly tied to the belief that the SDA is morally required to be the biggest and baddest empire the world has ever seen, please explain why it is morally proper, or required, for the SDA to be the biggest and baddest empire the world has ever seen.
  5. What difference does it make if Russia becomes the next great world empire?  So what?  Who cares?  Why not let Russia deplete its economic resources maintaining a world-wide empire as we are doing today so the SDA can go back to business and produce things that people around the world want to purchase?
  6. Do you really and truly believe, as my Dad used to tell me, that we have only two choices:  either live in the greatest and most brutal empire the world has ever seen or suffer deprivation, torture and death under the rule of a communist dictator?
I predict that if the SDA withdrew militarily from all parts of the world not contained within the 50 states that make up the SDA we would never be attacked or harassed by Vladdy in any way.  Of course my prediction will never be tested.  The one thing all Amerikans agree upon is the primary importance of the protection and expansion of the Amerikan empire.  Shall we admit this truth this Christmas season?  Shall we joyfully proclaim peace on earth and good will towards men provided they first bow down before us?

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