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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Real Globalism Problem

King-elect Donald Trump, or Donnie as he likes to be called, made a speech yesterday at some place in Indiana.  The Carrier Corporation, which makes heating and air conditioning systems I believe, had just been given a huge state tax break in exchange for a promise to keep some jobs in Indiana as opposed to shipping them to Mexico.   According to, "Trump's deal with United Technologies includes $7 million in financial incentives provided by Indiana to keep 1,100 jobs at Carrier, the company's heating and air conditioning unit, in the state. However, Carrier still plans to move roughly 1,300 other jobs to Mexico and close another facility in Indiana."  So the taxpayers of Indiana are financing the less efficient domestic business operations of Carrier by being forced by their political rulers to cough up $7 million dollars so Donnie can look good for the people who voted for him.  If I lived in Indiana I would be angry.
As future King Donnie said in a speech to the folks whose jobs he had just "saved", ""Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Not going to happen. It's not going to happen, I'll tell you right now."  Well now we know what the consequences will be.  During the campaign Donnie repeatedly told unemployed workers that he would force domestic profit seeking corporations to bring jobs back from foreign countries.  He also delivered strongly worded statements that he, as King, would not allow companies to ship jobs overseas.  The rank and file citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika liked that idea and cast their votes for Donnie.  Yesterday we saw the first fruits of the new King's policies.  King-elect Donnie is a crony capitalist of the worst kind.  He cuts special deals with special groups using taxpayer money and then he takes all the credit for "saving jobs."  What an idiot he is.
King Donnie believes it is a good idea to use millions of taxpayer jobs to "save" hundreds of jobs that need to be shipped overseas if the consumers are to be served.  The consumers get it both coming and going under Donnie's policies.  They are forced to pay higher prices for inferior goods produced in the good, old SDA and then they have their tax dollars transferred to those companies producing the inferior goods.  Nothing good ever comes from government intervention into the marketplace but envy-filled citizens of the SDA do not have the economic eyes to see the damage that is being done.  They will get precisely what they deserve.  Meanwhile, Donnie continues his crusade against economic globalism.
Jennifer Rubin is a conservative columnist for the Washington Post.  She wrote a column a week or so ago crying about how classic conservatives have been replaced by jingoistic populists parading around in conservative clothing.  In the course of her whining she made several comments about globalism that caught my attention.  She wrote, "Trump showed that much of the base of the party was driven far more by resentment of elitist arrogance, by a rejection of globalism, and by economic and cultural insecurity than by a commitment to conservative economic or political principles."  I believe she is spot on in her assessment.  Globalism, as the term is being used these days, means profit seeking corporations attempting to increase profits by using the cheapest labor available, wherever in the world it might be found.  Economic protectionists like King Donnie believe that is immoral and use the coercive power of civil government to prevent the free market from operating in the best interest of the consumers of this ignorant land.
Rubin continued, "The solution, however, is not nativism or populism; the former is contrary to the ethos of America, and the latter is sheer bunk.  Trade does not destroy millions of jobs, immigrants are not stealing our country, and the world is not going to get along without us if we shirk our international obligations."  Jennifer shows her true colors as a warfare-statist Republican in this comment.  She is correct, as warfare-statist Republicans usually are, when she writes about economics.  Free trade does not destroy jobs, it creates them.  Hindering free trade does not save jobs, it destroys them.  She is horribly wrong when she writes about international relations.  Jennifer believes in Amerikan exceptionalism.  As a devotee of that religion she believes that the government of the Amerikan empire has a moral duty to stick its nose into the domestic affairs of just about every other country in the world.  Jennifer believes that the SDA military has something called "international obligations."  She also believes that foreign nations cannot survive if we do not rule over them.  Now that is the real globalism problem.
Amerika as been at war with foreign countries for 216 of its 240 year history.  None of those wars was defensive in nature, making all of them immoral.  According to, "Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant 'Little Americas' to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined."  According to, "The US has killed more than 20 million people in 37 'Victim Nations' since World War II."  Amerikan economic sanctions against Iraq in the mid 1990s killed an estimated half million children.  Anytime anything happens anywhere in the world the King of the SDA has to say something about it, as if any of those things are his business.  Everywhere the Amerikan Empire, and its military arms, goes there is death, destruction and mayhem.  It never does anything morally good.  
Allowing profit seeking businesses to operate with liberty is a good thing.  Hindering their operations with government rules and regulations is always bad.  It is a good time to consider the idea of following the dictate of Thomas Jefferson and engaging in free trade with all nations and having entangling alliances with none.  That would be a brilliant foreign policy.  Do business with the good folks who live in foreign lands and leave our bombs at home.  It is never good business to kill your customers.  The SDA military, running willy-nilly around the world and murdering foreign nationals at will, is the real globalism problem.  Don't believe me? Ask any stinkin' foreigner and you will get the same answer....the Amerikan Empire is evil to the core.  

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