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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Evil Empire's Nasty Plan For World Domination

In honor of the current Star Wars movie, I present to you a real world example of a true evil empire and its designs upon  world domination.  You must go to the following link and watch the seven minute clip found there before reading any of the commentary that follows.  Here is the link.
(If the link does not work, go here:
Thanks to Gary North for providing the above link.  As North wrote about it, "things can be hidden in plain sight."  This startling speech excerpt, available for all the world to see on YouTube, was delivered in 2007 and contains a complete summary of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika's plans for the expansion of the Amerikan Empire around the world.  Please go watch the link now.

The speaker is not some leftist liberal or some rightist conspiracy theorist.  He is, "Gen. Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO."  The gist of his speech is that the military forces of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika have been and will be used to attack "seven countries in five years" in order to capitalize upon the demise of the Soviet Union by expanding the Empire throughout the Middle East while the Russians are down. If you read some of North's commentary you will note that he adroitly points out that the plan has now backfired.  Syria was next on the plan for destruction, after destroying Iraq and Afghanistan, but the Russians, under Putin, rose up and became strong enough to thwart SDA plans in Syria just within the last year.  It does not take a genius to realize that the current anti-Russian propaganda streaming out of the military-industrial complex is a response to this reality.  It also does not take a genius to realize that King Donnie is a major obstacle in the way of the hawkish Neo-cons who still want to dominate the world.
The SDA warmongers desperately wanted to unseat President Assad and they were willing to sacrifice the innocent lives of a half million Syrian citizens to accomplish their goal.  The SDA did manage to murder a half million innocent Syrians but failed in its goal of taking over Syria, thanks entirely to the presence of a strong Russia under Putin.  Assad remains in power and the SDA is highly unlikely to engage in any military attacks in Syria now that Russia is strong enough to fight back.  It is not the Amerikan way to fight people strong enough to fight back.  No, the Amerikan way is to occupy and rule countries that are defenseless in the eyes of the Empire.
How would you, as a citizen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, feel if a powerful foreign government sent its military into your country in an attempt to overthrow your current King?  How mad would you become if that foreign military was responsible for the murder of a half million SDA citizens?  Would that make you angry enough to engage in a guerilla war against that occupying force?  If you said yes, you have now met the definition of a terrorist in the eyes of the SDA power brokers.  I realize you believe that you are a patriot for defending your country from a foreign occupying force but that is not the way the SDA defines a patriot. The SDA definition of a patriot is anyone who worships and adores the SDA military.
What is the constitutional basis for the Amerikan Empire? What is the moral basis for an offensive war against nations which have no intention or ability to attack the SDA?  Why are the taxpayers being legally required to finance these immoral wars of empire expansion?  Why are the soldiers who prosecute these immoral wars of empire building not charged with murder when they kill innocent foreigners who posed no threat to SDA security?  On the contrary, why are those same soldiers praised as heroes for their immoral acts of war against stinkin' foreigners around the world?  I know they all deserve to die for refusing to bow down before the Empire but please help me to understand....when did the American way become the way of Empire?  Who stole my country?  Is there any hope I can ever get it back?  I think not.


  1. Welshy,

    Being an agent for A.P.E., I have some old intel, which I believe has been declassified because of its age, which I can divulge.

    Back in 2002, the first lady wanted a lemur fur coat for Christmas. However, they were available only on the black market because the spotted wooly left-handed lemur were an endangered specie. Well, the first lady talked to the first husband, who ordered a military offensive on the island of Madagascar under the guise of looking for Russian spies on the island. Truth be told, the military was supposed to kill a dozen spotted wooly left-handed lemurs and ship them to a Chinese factory to be made into a custom coat for the first lady.

    A U.S. Naval destroyer anchored off Madagascar and sent a small boat ashore. They asked the natives where lemurs might be found, because Russian spies are usually found near them. The natives, knowing full well the intent of the soldiers, ruthlessly attacked the crew with poisonous blow-darts, poisonous arrows, and trained killer rabbits. Only one person made it back to the destroyer alive, and he with two fang marks on his neck. The boat quickly weighed anchor and returned from whence it came.

    For reasons you can understand, this story never made the papers.

    Lancelot Link

    1. Mr. Link:
      As I was writing that post I wondered if you might have some inside information about what really happened. Yours is a perfect tale of how the Evil Empire believes it can do whatever it wants all over the world. I suspect you were embedded with those soldiers that day when the plan went awry and you only survived by ingratiating yourself to the natives. You are a quick witted chimp Mr. Link.