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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Introducing Economic Dictator Trump

According to a report on yesterday, "The president-elect is showing a willingness to try to shape U.S. trade with China in ways that are politically more direct than previous administrations have been willing to discuss. On Sunday, he threatened — again — to use steep, blanket tariffs to stem imports into the United States.  He has repeatedly declared that exports should be a priority for U.S.-based companies, and has promised a tax structure that will help make them happen. His willingness to wield political influence over business matters isn't limited to trade. Over the last week, Trump has shown he isn't afraid to lean directly on U.S. companies that aren't behaving as he wants. On Tuesday morning, he used Twitter to pressure Boeing to charge less for a new Air Force One.  On Friday, he promised 'retribution' against firms that fire employees or build factories overseas. 'I was in Beijing a week ago, and at one point I said to an audience of government officials, it's going to be very interesting for you to work with an American leader who admires a lot of what you guys do,' said Ian Bremmer, a closely watched political scientist and founder of consulting firm Eurasia Group. When the officials showed surprise at Bremmer's mark, he explained what he meant: 'When you say, Jump to a company, they ask, How high? Trump would love that.'"
The now defunct Constitution of the United States of America never mentioned that the president has the power to approach profit seeking corporations and order them to "jump!"  Luckily for King-elect Donnie Trump the Constitution of the United States of America was suspended years ago.  Under the rules of operation for a King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika the King can do anything he can get away with.  The only thing stopping him from doing whatever he wants is impeachment and deposition from office by Congress or armed rebellion in the streets.
Look carefully at the things the blathering idiot elected to be our next King has said he will do.  King Donnie subscribes to the ridiculous and stupid economic theory that exports are good and imports are bad.  People who buy into that idiotic doctrine love to wail about the "trade imbalance" that exists in this country.  A trade imbalance, according to them, exists whenever the citizens of this country, operating freely and apart from government coercion, make the decision to buy more foreign goods than they sell domestically produced goods to foreigners.  For some inexplicable reason that is considered to be a bad state of affairs that requires government intervention, especially tariffs.
Donnie believes that foreign produced goods are evil and yet he also believes that domestically produced goods sold to foreigners (which end up being foreign produced goods to them) are good.  This is consistent with King Donnie's view that trade is an act of war with winners and losers.  It is difficult to describe just how stupid the man the majority of the voters elected to be King actually is.  It is also difficult to describe how harmful he could end up being for domestic profit seeking corporations.  His belief that he has the power and authority to conduct the affairs of profit seeking corporations in this country smacks of national socialism, also known as Nazism.  I am not accusing Donnie of being a Nazi.  He is not.  What he is, however, is one who adheres to many of the economic doctrines of the Nazis.  That is not a good thing by the way.
According to another report on on December 6, 2016, "Trump says SoftBank will invest $50 billion in the US, aiming to create 50,000 jobs.  Donald Trump said Monday that Japan's SoftBank has agreed to invest $50 billion in the US, aiming to create 50,000 jobs.  He announced the deal after meeting with Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, a Japanese billionaire and technology investor, at Trump Tower in New York. On Twitter, Trump claimed that Son said he 'would never do this' if Trump had not won the presidential election."
Am I the only one who sees the massive amount of hypocrisy on display by King Donnie in this? If an Amerikan company attempted to open a plant in a foreign land, thus creating 50,000 jobs in that foreign land, King Donnie would seek "retribution" against that company by imposing a 35% tax on all goods produced by it and sold in the SDA.  On the other hand, when a Japanese company does what Donnie despises he stands jubilant before the press and declares himself to be a master negotiator.  Why is Ford evil and SoftBank stupendous when they are doing the exact same thing?  The answer is the same as before.  King Donnie sees free trade as an act of war, with winners and losers.  He does not care about economic philosophy or moral principles.  He is a strict utilitarian who believes that winning, in his warped and demented world, is all that matters.  
Congratulations to the citizens of the SDA who voted for Donnie.  His economic hens will soon be coming home to roost.  Your wanted a megalomaniac who will "make Amerika great" and you are getting a madman who will do his best to destroy free trade, thus bringing harm to all the citizens of the world.  Don't blame me for what is about to happen.  I didn't vote.

Note: Given this is Pearl Harbor Day you might want to check out this link.  It tells the true story of how FDR sacrificed over 2000 lives to get what he wanted, namely, entrance into WWII.  What a despicable human being he was.


  1. Dear Mad Welshman: I am a Welshman citizen of the SDA (not panicking yet) who notices that you also describe yourself as a "pastor." Could you, kind mad sir, point me to some of your most excellent blog entries that are pastoral in content?

    Don in Winter Springs, Florida

    1. Mr. Don:
      As a Welshman you will appreciate the fact that anytime someone contacts me and does not immediately begin insulting me I suspect I am being set up. Nevertheless I will suppress my suspicions and extend my electronic right hand to you as a fellow Welshman. Should you ever be in the Denver area we should share a bowl of cawl together.
      Meanwhile, you inquire about my other blog entitled the Mad Welsh Pastor. Yes, I have worked as a pastor in the past and I am actively involved in my local church as an elder today. I would be happy to give you the link to that blog but first must warn you that the contents there are highly inflammatory and could, depending upon your theological inclination, result in you changing your opinion about the value of my opinions. Yes, it is true, I am an unapologetic Calvinist and my blog (like the Mad Welshman is dedicated to keeping folks like yourself from panicking) is dedicated to calling Evangelicals to repentance. There are 200 posts to that blog and I have not posted anything new in several months. The link is:
      Thanks for reading and for your kind and gentlemanly comment.