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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, December 12, 2016

Elise Metzger Expresses Her Concerns

Elise Metzger, of Glenwood Springs, is worried about many things.  In fact, she is so worried about so many things she took the time to write a letter to the editor of the Denver Post to express her concerns for readers like me to see.  Let's consider her concerns for a while today.  Here is her letter, in its entirety:
"It is great that we are predicted to get more jobs in the state, but construction jobs are not permanent.  Will the state have some type of plan to make sure that people coming in from other areas have work once the construction is complete?   Colorado's unemployment rate is currently one of the lowest in the country.  It would be too bad if that were to change due to the influx of people to fill these construction jobs.  Additionally, how does the state plan to keep up with this growth? Rent prices are high in most areas and there seems to be a shortage of places to live.  Where will these new workers stay?"  Let's consider some of Ellie's worries, comments and questions here today.
Elly, as her friends call her, is pleased to see that profit seeking corporations involved in building things in the geo-political zone known as Colorado have been hiring people to perform labor services for them.  Although she is pleased that new construction jobs have been created by the free market, she is very worried that these jobs created by the free market will not be eternal.  She knows that when profit seeking corporations no longer need labor to conduct their businesses the jobs associated with those activities will cease to exist.  This worries her.  She wants to know what should be done about the fact that jobs created by the free market are not eternal.
Elly puts her beliefs in the form of questions.  She does not ask why the profit seeking corporations do not create jobs that last forever.  Instead she ask the god of civil government what it is going to do about the fact that evil profit seeking corporations are unwilling to create jobs that are eternal.  She believes that by invoking her deity of civil government, and with unlimited taxpayer subsidies, it is possible for her god to create jobs for unemployed construction workers that will last forever.  I am putting Elly on the spot today not because I believe she is a weirdo.  I am putting Elly on the spot today precisely because I believe she is a perfect example of a citizen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  She believes that every person has a civil right to a high paying job that lasts forever and if that state of affairs does not exist it is the job of the people who rule over us to create them, at taxpayer expense of course.
Elly is pleased that the geo-political zone known as Colorado has an unemployment rate, determined by government paid economists, that is one of the lowest in the nation.  She is worried that that might change.  She believes that people with construction skills who migrate to Colorado to engage in a voluntary contractual agreement to provide labor for profit seeking corporations are going to end up on the government dole when those jobs expire.  So on one hand Elly is happy the free market has created jobs but sad that those jobs are not eternal.  I wonder where her belief that jobs should be eternal comes from?
Elly acknowledges that the free market is responding to housing market conditions by engaging in a plethora of new building projects.  These projects are being undertaken by profit seeking businessmen who desire to give consumers what they want....affordable housing options.  I am sure Elly is in favor of affordable housing options but, at the same time, she is very worried that too many people will move to Colorado and drive up the price of housing.  Elly is worried that all of the construction workers moving to Colorado will have no place to stay while they are working on the new projects.  She also seems to be worried that they will stick around after the jobs are complete and still have no place to stay.  Elly does not seem to realize that the free market is already responding to and answering her questions.
The free market is serving consumers as businessmen hire laborers to build homes.  That drives down the price of housing, or causes it to rise less quickly, and provides homes for people who want them, include the people involved in building them.  Elly is confused, frightened and worried because she is either unwilling or unable to conceive of how it could be that the free market can do such magical things.  She looks to her god, the god of civil government, and expects some sort of action to keep all of these bad things at bay.  That is the heart of worship of civil government and Elly is just like the great majority of the citizens in this ignorant, sad and immoral country.

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