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San Juan Mountains
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another Day Of Meaningless Drivel

Friends of mine (yes, I have a few) tell me that I am a dinosaur because I am likely the only person remaining in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika who receives a paper newspaper each day.  Not only that, I still read it each day.  I also still prefer to read books that I hold in my hand and flip real paper pages than electronic versions of the same, but that is another post for another day.  Still, sometimes I wonder why I continue to receive a daily newspaper.  Let me tell you why.
On Friday, November 18th I sat down with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and my Denver Post.  The following six "news" stories were found on the first and second pages of the first section of the paper:
  • The headline read "Cost of sanctuary" and went on to describe the potential loss of federal taxpayer dollars if the City of Denver decides to become a "sanctuary city" and refuse to honor federal orders to deport certain people for various reasons.  Included in the story was this quotation, "Denver Mayor Michael Hancock echoed that position in an interview Wednesday.  'We are not going to do the job of the federal government.  What we are going to do is make sure we remain an inclusive city.'"  I remember when inclusive used to mean to include things.  Do you remember those days?  Inclusive is another word that has been stolen by the post-modern powers of this vague and ambiguous country and robbed of its content.  If I understand the meaning of the term correctly, and I probably do not, to be inclusive today means to have the civil government provide special privileges for illegal aliens, homosexuals, transvestites and assorted other sexual perverts.  Strangely absent from the list of protected persons are Christians and believers in the free market.  Mayor Hancock wants Denver to remain an "inclusive" city but he also wants to feed at the federal trough.  He can't have it both ways.  
  • An article found just below the fold on the front page was entitled, "Easy retirement?  A reality for only a privileged few."  "Privileged" is another word that has been stolen by the socialists, robbed of its original meaning and stuffed full of anti-free market propaganda.  Those who will be able to continue to pay their bills in their retirement years are able to do so not because they worked hard, suspended current wants for future needs, invested diligently and adopted a long term mentality.  No, they are rich because of some unknown force that caused them to obtain privileges they have no right to have.  It is now time for civil government to come along and take away the money sitting in the hands of the privileged and distribute it to those who are not privileged.  Those who are not privileged are those who, despite making good incomes and being able to provide for their financial futures if they had been willing to do so, squandered their current incomes on present wants and desires.  Now the responsible among us will be taxed to pay for their irresponsibility.
  • Another article just below the fold was about Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and her unwanted and counter-productive intrusions into the oil and gas businesses being conducted in the geo-political zone known as Colorado.  According to Jewell, "Colorado compromises hashed out over years for drilling in the White River National Forest will stick and the change of administrations shall make no difference."  She went on to describe her most important work of meddling in the affairs of the free market as, "What we have gone from is a project-by-project approval process that didn't step back and look at the big picture to one that takes a longer and smarter view.  That is what the American people expect us to do.  We have put in motion, through resource management plans, through environmental impact statements, through long-range planning......" I fell asleep at that point.  After bouncing my head off my bowl of Cocoa Puffs I awakened to realize that I am a member of the Amerikan people and what Sally has done to the free market oil and gas companies operating in Colorado is not what I would have wanted her to do.  I want her to leave them alone.  At least I am left with the comfort that Sally is smarter than I am.  I know she will only do good by me.
  • The top of the second page treated me to a story entitled, "Woman guilty of forging signatures."  The story informed me that, "A woman charged with forging names and signatures on election petitions in the Denver area for the failed U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Jon Keyser pleaded guilty in the case Thursday and faces up to six years in prison.  Maureen Marie Moss, 45, admitted to two counts of forgery, a Class 6 felony."  What in the world is a Class 6 felony and what distinguishes it from a Class 5 felony?  Remember when the law used to be knowable, or at least predictable?  I have no clue what any of the levels of violations of the rules are anymore.  A Class 6 felony does not sound very serious to me but the six years in prison poor Maureen is looking at would say otherwise.  I conclude that it is a good idea not to mess with the political apparatus of the god-like civil government. Doing so can result in spending years of your life rotting away in prison.
  • The headline on the second page said, "Dear case in a holding pattern."  Dear, for those of you who do not know, is the fellow who went into a Colorado Springs abortion mill and shot the place up last year.  According to the story, "Accused Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear remains incompetent to stand trial, the judge overseeing his case said Thursday morning, continuing the indefinite holding pattern in the prosecution against him almost a year after his attack."  Dear's case is on hold because the judicial system has determined that he is mentally incompetent.  What is the basis for their belief that he is mentally incompetent?  That question was answered in the story.  It said, "The 58 year old continued his trend of courtroom outburst during the roughly 45 minute appearance.  'Four thousand babies are murdered every day by Planned Parenthood,' he said while being led into court."  Well there you have it.  In the SDA believing that abortion is murder renders you mentally incompetent.
  • Another story on the second page informed me that, "Apartment renovation released asbestos."  You have to read this one to believe it.  "The company that owns Overlook at Mile High apartments and one of its executives have been charged with allegedly endangering the lives of Denver residents in early 2014 by releasing asbestos into the ambient air during a period of time when the Denver Broncos played two playoff games at nearby Sports Authority Field."  Wow!  That sounds terrible. What did the evil profit seeking businessman do?  According to the story, "subcontractors were sanding floors in Tower 3 and Tower 8 at the Overlook at Mile High, causing the asbestos spill."  Spill, eh?  What did they do?  Shovel piles of asbestos into the sky?  The story went on to describe the horrific scene, "We have no information that anyone suffered any harm and we have agreed to medical monitoring to make sure this never happens again."  The owners of the apartment complex have shelled out over $1 million to the civil government to settle the claim against them.
After two pages of the daily news I had to take a break.  I realized that the paper was chock full of nothing but meaningless drivel.

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