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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Will, Will Not and Might Happen Now

It sure was fun last night.  Sure, I lost money betting on Hillary to win but it was worth it to watch the talking heads on MSNBC and Fox News goes through a roller-coaster of emotions as the chances for each of their candidates to be the next King/Queen rose and fell.  For people who claim to be fair and balanced in their coverage of political news they sure went through a lot of emotional states.  Meanwhile, a friend who works at a building that housed some of the Democrat political machinery just called me to tell me that many of the folks who worked there have been arriving at work today in tears.  Boo Hoo.  It sure hurts when your god disappoints you, doesn't it?  Anyway, today I will tell you what will, will not and might happen now that Donald, King Donnie as he likes to be called, Trump is our next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.

What Will Happen:
  • Despite the fact that the Republicans now control both houses of Congress and the all-mighty White House, acrimony and bitter feelings will reign supreme.  Many of the people populating the Republican controlled Congress were part of the anti-Trump movement.  His victory is not going to change their minds.   So as much as I despise not having a divided power structure, this is as close to a divided power structure as we can have with the Republicans in control of everything.
  • The stock market will rise in 2017 by a higher than average amount.  Expectations for King Donnie are so low the stock market futures in this country plunged by 4-5% last night as it became obvious he was going to win.  In a normal year that would happen if the Democrat candidate won.  Given the terrible economic policies expounded by King Donnie what happens next economically can only be better than expectations.  That will cause the markets to rise.
  • King Donnie will sit down with King Putin and work things out.  The only truly good thing about King Donnie's win is his lack of saber rattling and calls for expansion of the Empire during the election.  If he doesn't completely mess things up Donnie has the ability to dial back the rate of expansion of the Amerikan Empire around the world.   That would be a good thing.
  • A leopard does not change its spots.  Given the fact that most of the men inhabiting the Oval Office have succumbed to the enormous power they wield, as well as their testosterone, and had sex with women who were not their wives, how can a man who praises himself for his sexual exploits be expected to not do the same?  Expect sexual scandals.
What Will Not Happen:
  • Despite having total control over the federal government legislative apparatus the Republicans will not repeal the civil right of Amerikan women to murder their children simply because it is inconvenient to have them around.  Four years from now, when King Donnie will be on the way out, over four million more children will be dead.   
  • There will be no wall built along the border with Mexico.  Mexico will not spend any of its pesos on any construction projects in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
  • Hillary will not be imprisoned.  Neither will she be put on trial.  Neither will she be indicted.
  • Amerikan citizens who are Muslims will not be deported.   
  • Perhaps most significantly, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the host of militarized law enforcement agencies around the country and the military/industrial complex will not be dismantled.   Your 4th Amendment rights will continue to erode and disappear and the SDA will continue on its path to a police state.  The Patriot Act will still be in effect and daily life will be dominated by worship of the military and the Empire.
  • The majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika will continue to worship government and career politicians.  That will never change.  When one god fails another pops up to take its place. 
  • The top 49% of the income population will continue to pay almost all of the federal income taxes in this envy-filled country.  The members of the bottom 51% of the income population will continue to say that the top 49% are "not paying their fair share" of the taxes, whatever that means.
  • The LGBTXYZ agenda will continue to advance and, at the same time, the impact of the Christian Church will continue to be marginalized.
  • I have to stop somewhere so I will stop here.  Most of what is currently taking place will continue to take place.  Very little will change under King Donnie, just as very little ever changes under the rule of any King.
 What Might Happen:
  • King Donnie might be able to get together with the Republicans and repeal Obamacare.  It really does not matter if they do or they don't however.  If they repeal Obamacare they will replace it with some form of Republicancare and the show will continue to go on.  What most certainly will not happen is a movement for free market health care.  
  • King Donnie might be able to appoint some justices to the Supreme Court but that makes little difference in our country these days.  Even self-styled conservative justices vote for the progressive agenda.  Go here for the story.
  • If you are a believer in conspiracy theories, as I know so many of you are, and you believe that the CIA, under the command of King George I, had JFK executed for his refusal to expand the Amerikan Empire (most notably in Cuba), is it not possible that the same thing might take place with King Donnie?  Note to FBI, CIA, NSA:  I am not advocating anything here.  I am simply asking a question that seems reasonable.  If the Neo-Cons are sufficiently upset with King Donnie for sweet-talking King Putin, is it not possible they would use their henchmen to take him out?
  • King Donnie might be able to get some sort of anti-trade bill passed.  I don't think it is likely in a Republican controlled Congress but Republicans keep their fingers to the wind like all other career politicians.  They see that King Donnie got elected by promising the unwashed masses jobs.  He promised to create jobs by shutting down all freedom of companies to hire outside the SDA.  Just like Obama promised a new cell phone for each citizen, King Donnie promised a job to each unemployed miner, automobile and steel worker.  That promise cannot be fulfilled but the mere act of trying might be enough to buy a lot of votes.  Republicans will take note of that and many will be willing to jettison their professed belief in free markets in exchange for a vote, especially in the mid-term elections.

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