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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Republicans Don't Riot, Or Wear Safety Pins

I have watched the news with amazement the past couple of days.  Since Donnie won the right to be the next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika there has been an outpouring of hatred for him and those who elected him.  Ironically, most of the hatred has expressed itself in the form of people claiming they are marching, screaming and, occasionally, destroying private property in the name of love.  This isn't the first time I have seen crazed zealots denounce hatred in the name of hatred and I suspect it will not be the last.  What did capture my attention however was the fact that when the Republicans lose an election for King they don't take to the streets in protest, whereas the Democrats seemingly always do.  Now why would that be?
I do not recall any Republican demonstrations after the coronation of Kings Clinton and Obama.  On the other hand, I recall significant public demonstrations after the coronations of Kings Reagan and Bush II.  When the Democrats won the White House Republicans licked their wounds and tried to figure out some way to get the Kingdom back.  When the Republicans win the White House Democrats cry like spoiled little children.  There has to be some reason for the difference in behavior and I think I have figured it out.
Republicans have become, politically, what the Democrats were when I first registered to vote in the mid 1970s.  Since then Democrats have also moved to the left and become avowed socialists.  The Republican move to the left was purely a utilitarian move as they recognized they could never out compete the Democrats in promising to give things away.  So they adopted the "vote for me and I will give you free stuff" attitude that was so successful for the Democrats.  Meanwhile, the Democrats actually adopted a political philosophy and abandoned their utilitarianism.  They tapped into the political beliefs of the majority of the citizens in this country and they all become socialists.
Socialism is a secular religion.  It has doctrines that must be believed by the faithful and religious rituals that must be performed by the members.  Socialism is grounded upon the anthropological reality that all men are sinners who suffer from massive amounts of envy.  As a result, the doctrines of socialism assert that anyone who has income and wealth is evil whereas those who have lesser amounts of income and wealth are noble beings.  The dividing line is 50%.  Those in the top half of the income and wealth populations are evil people who should be punished for exploiting the poor working people under them.  Special vitriol is reserved for those in the top 10% of the income population and those in the top 1% of the income population are deemed worse than Hitler.  It is impossible, in the eyes of the socialists, to ever do anything immoral to a person in the top 10% of the income population since they are all reprobates who deserve whatever they get.  It is impossible to steal from them, no matter how much of their income the government takes from them.  They are the perfect patsies.
What does this have to do with the Democrat response to King-elect Donnie?  Everything.  Democrats truly believe they have a moral claim on the money of people who make more than them.  Democrats truly believe that people who make more money than them are immoral simply because they make more money.  The only exception to this rule is Democrat celebrities who are given a free pass because they campaign for their socialist heroes.  Democrats truly believe that it is a moral behavior to use the power of the vote to elect career politicians who are committed to taking massive amounts of income and wealth from the top 49% of the income population and giving it to the lower 51%.  In other words, Democrats do not believe it is possible to steal from the rich, whoever they are.  They see themselves as altruistic Robin Hoods, scurrying about doing good by using government coercion to steal from the rich.  They also believe that they have been done real harm when some of their wealth and income transfer programs are scaled back.  They see that as an act of theft.  Ironic, isn't it?
Now what happens when the elected King is one of those evil rich people?  Even worse, what happens when the elected King refuses to acknowledge the moral propriety of behaving like Robin Hood?  Their entire world comes falling down upon their envy filled little heads and they run about crying out for a savior who will restore things to the way they used to be before, when the rich were properly exploited.  Rather than adapting to the new rules and regulations, as the Republicans did under Clinton and Obama, they take to the streets in protest where they find a lap-dog media more than willing to sympathetically report their story.
The day after the election a friend of mine called me to tell me that the building in which he was working, which housed a DNC office, was filled with people crying streams of tears as they reported to "work," or whatever it was they were doing for the DNC.  They were mourning as if their god had died and indeed he, or she, had.  The transfer of power to the Republicans scared them beyond belief.  They are all such devotees of socialism they could not conceive of a world in which the government would not be called upon to provide cradle to grave security.  The idea of personal responsibility frightened them so much they huddled together in little groups and cried upon each other's shoulders.
Several poignant news stories showed images of college students, women mostly, standing around shedding rivers of tears while wearing baby-pins on their shirts.  When queried about the meaning of the baby-pins they tearfully replied, between sobs, that they represented "safety" in an unsafe world.  These were college students!  Meanwhile, in other nurseries....oops......I mean on other campuses around the country, college students gathered in safe rooms to discuss their feelings about the change of King.  They all expressed their collective fears for the future and most of those fears centered around the idea that King Donnie is going to destroy their lives forever.  Steeling themselves against those anticipated fortunes they then gathered up enough courage to take to the streets in protest.
After looking at the differences and similarities between the two groups I conclude that both Democrats and Republicans are worshipers of the almighty State.  The main difference between them, however, is that Republicans are emotional adults and Democrats are emotional children.  As a free man who worships the God of the Bible I find it all quite amusing.

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